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concrete production you want a partner who can offer you customized plant concepts and state-of-the-art machine

made in Germany

For your precast

Precast Success

Reaching out from Weinsberg right across the world: Vollert systems are based in Baden-Wrttemberg, in the south of Germany. An area known worldwide for its inventions and creative genious.

Expertise, innovative power and experience

made in Germany
Vollert is an internationally acknowledged expert in precast concrete production and leading partner for building materials manufacturers, building companies and building contractors. We have a passion for designing intelligently conceived plant engineering and machine concepts that are optimally customized to meet our customers requirements. It is this passion which drives us ahead, day-by-day. With this in mind, we advise our customers on the latest precast construction technology in the area of residential and industrial building, and develop turnkey plant solutions. From straightforward start-up concepts through to highly automated multifunctional systems, we should be the first point of contact for your next project, as we have experience from over 300 precast concrete plants worldwide. we continuously develop our machine technology to make the precast concrete plants of tomorrow even better, more economical and safer. we have a highly trained team of civil and mechanical engineers as well as project managers who are very committed to working to develop the best solution for you with an international presence and at your service anywhere. We provide the expertise, engineering knowledge and technology that keep you at the forefront of your market. This is what we call Precast Success. Yours

Tradition, innovation and global presence since 1925.

1925: Foundation of the company by Hermann Vollert, the grand father of the current generation of managers 1954:  Expansion of rail transport systems for brick works and companys rise to become market leader in conveying systems in the fine ceramics industry 1962: Delivery of the first concrete bucket conveyor 1971: Commissioning of the first pallet circulation system for a precast concrete plant in Germany

We know what makes precast

concrete plants successful.

As one of the technological leaders, we offer solutions for the production of plane and structural precast concrete parts. High performance tilting tables and battery moulds for stationary production, automated circulation systems for the production of walls and floorings or special moulds for beams, columns and precast stairs whatever your requirements, we will provide the best concept for your project. The precast concrete plant of tomorrow aspires to the latest machine technology, with optimized workflows and new production methods. Innovations ensure more rational operations, lower material and labour requirements as well as higher-quality precast elements. From the first draft to a turnkey, forward-looking plant concept, we are the partner you can rely on. We address each customer requirement individually and provide customized solutions. This is what makes our solutions successful on a long-term basis.


1996:  Development and patenting of the first compaction system with innovative pendulum technology 2003: With its partners, Vollert delivers and installs the largest precast concrete plant in the world in Bangkok 2011:  Establishment of the first subsidiary, Vollert India, based in New Delhi; further subsidiaries follow in Brazil, China and Russia


2012:  Vollert as a pioneer: the first automated circulation systems for the production of precast concrete parts start operations in Singapore and India Acquisition of formwork specialists Nuspl and enhancement 2012:  of the portfolio with stationary specialized moulds
made in Germany

Hans-Jrg Vollert

Bjrn Brandt

Alexander Kaspar 2012

Innovative plant engineering concepts "made in Germany", offering the necessary investment security for your project.

Precast Success

HQ Legal & General Group, London Architects: Architects David Walker, London Source: decomo

Precast construction setting worldwide trends in residential

Plant solutions for plane solid concrete parts

For many years, plane solid concrete parts, with or without insulation, have been the classic precast concrete elements in use in residential and industrial buildings worldwide.

Plant solutions for plane semi-finished precast concrete parts

Market demand for semi-precast systems, such as floor slabs and double walls is increasing in more and more countries.

and industrial buildings

Precast construction is setting new trends in residential and industrial buildings worldwide and shows what is architecturally possible nowadays. From one-family homes to multi-storey apartment buildings, through to multifunctional industrial buildings and high-quality, sophisticated faades the sky is the limit. Moreover, precast constructions are considerably less expensive and, above all, faster to build than conventional construction technology. As your expert partners, Vollert and Nuspl provide broad engineering expertise with regards to current technologies for plane and structural precast concrete parts and the most cost-effective production processes.

Sandwich wall Sandwich walls are characterized by an insulating layer which is enclosed by concrete on both sides. On one side is the load-bearing layer, with the required static reinforcement; on the other side the visible layer, which is frequently made of coloured concrete or may have different surface textures.

Double wall The double wall is made of of concrete slabs, with a thickness of 5 7 cm, each held together with truss-type reinforcements. After installation, the remaining void is filled with in-situ concrete resulting in a monolithic, dense and extremely solid concrete element.

Solid wall/solid flooring Solid walls and floorings consist of 10 50 cm-thick solid concrete elements made of standard or lightweight concrete incorporating static reinforcement, and are frequently used for interior walls of cellars and for ground floor and upper storey walls (load-bearing/non load-bearing). In-situ concrete is not required; large-format concrete elements mean rapid construction is guaranteed.

Floor slab The floor slab is a reinforced concrete slab with a thickness of 5 7 cm, depending on the concrete covering and reinforcement content. The torsionally stiff reinforcement to give stiffness once installed as well as the flexural tension reinforcement lengthways and crossways, are generally pre-installed. With the addition of in-situ concrete, the floor slab becomes a solid and monolithic reinforced concrete floor.

Office & Business Park in Munich (former AGFA estate) Architects: Architects Hild und K, Mnchen Source: decomo

Ministry of the Interior, Kingdom Relations/ Ministry of Security & Justice, The Hague Architects: Prof. Hans Kollhoff Architects, Rotterdam Source: decomo

Faade element Faade elements are industrially manufactured solid walls characterized by a wide variety of surface designs. The spectrum is enormous and ranges from traditional exposed aggregate concrete to brick structures and matrix structures through to marble surfaces. The reinforcement necessary for static rigidity is also included.

Double wall with insulated core Core-insulated double walls have internal insulation between the concrete slabs. This combination offers a completely new range of applications and almost always guarantees compliance with heat insulation regulations for buildings.



From conception to the turnkey plant solution

with Vollert you rely on investment security

We develop a plant concept customized to your requirements from the first 3D simulation and calculation models through to the plant configuration with state-of-the-art machine technology. This is because the best solution is always customized, and depends on the produced precast concrete parts, the level of automation, the amount of investment and the required level of system flexibility. At the same time, we offer you maximum customer benefit, from straightforward stationary solutions through to highly automated circulation systems.

Stationary plant solutions

made by Nuspl
Battery moulds and high performance tilting tables from Nuspl for the stationary production of solid, sandwich and faade elements have proven themselves in the market over many years. Solutions for the production of structural concrete elements such as column and beam moulds, as well as stair moulds and special moulds, for lift and light shafts for instance, complete the wide range of products and services that we offer with the long-established brand.

Automated circulation systems

for maximum plant productivity
Today, automated circulation systems from Vollert set the technical standard worldwide in the field of modern precast production. Pallet circulation systems with Vollert technology provide cost-effective production processes combined with an optimum degree of automation. State-of-the-art machine technology ensures rational work processes from CADCAM-controlled shuttering robots, fully automated concrete spreaders, innovative turning devices for double wall production, through to intelligent loading and lifting technology. SMART SET shuttering robot

Battery mould

High performance tilting table

Beam mould

Loading beam

Curing chamber/ storage retrieval machine

Turning device for double wall production


"You want a partner that offers various production methods for the best solution. Alexander Kaspar

State-of-the-art formwork from Nuspl

for each requirement
With the long-established Nuspl brand, we offer stationary solutions for plane precast concrete parts and multifunctional moulds for structural concrete elements in both pre-stressed and reinforced configurations. Battery moulds High performance battery moulds for the vertical production of single layer, large area wall/flooring elements. A relatively large mould surface is available on a comparatively small base surface. The initial shuttering work is minimal and the use of space is maximized.

Column and beam moulds Multifunctional moulds for columns and beams, pre-stressed or reinforced in hydraulic or mechanical configuration, as a mono or duplex mould. The lengths can be freely selected and the production heights and widths can be adjusted to almost all applications.

Special moulds Special moulds for all uses: for light and lift shafts, towers or special parts, for example. Stair moulds

Technology for state-of-the-art stair production in exposed concrete quality whether vertical or horizontal, overhead or for extra wide stairs. The tread is continuously adjustable from 220 350 mm, the rise from 150 220 mm, with stair widths from 900 1,500 mm.

Tilting tables High performance tilting tables for the flexible, horizontal production of plane wall/faade elements and special parts. Production widths of up to 5 m and lengths of up to 100 m are possible with a surface load of up to 1,000 kg/m2, configured individually or as tandem solution.

Concrete plant equipment A wide range of accessories and equipment for modern precast concrete plants from shuttering pallets, concrete spreading systems and loading traverses through to transport vehicles and racks.

"You are looking for a partner for your precast concrete production who offers the best cost-benefit analysis. Philippe Marri

Machine technology from Vollert for

Concrete spreaders and compaction systems Concrete spreaders ensure the precise application of the concrete crane operated, as a bridge or portal concrete spreader, with a dosing screw, gate valve or belt out-feed, fully or partially automated. Modern compaction stations with patented Vollert technology for a superb surface and edge quality.

automated circulation systems

Preparation operations Ultra-modern pallet and shuttering cleaners, CADCAM-controlled large plotters and lasers for optimum work processes in the preparation of concreting work.

As a pioneer in circulation technology, Vollert offers expertise from over 300 automated precast concrete plants and the most up-date machine technology on the market.

Turning devices for double wall production Floor-bound and overhead pallet and vacuum turning devices. Synchronous compaction, without associated movement, prevents the separation of the concrete in the reinforcement area. Curing chamber and storage retrieval machines Fully/partially insulated rack systems for the curing of freshly concreted precast parts. Ultra-modern storage and retrieval equipment ensures fully automated storage and retrieval of pallets from the curing chamber.

SMART SET shuttering robot SMART SET shuttering robots ensure the highest efficiency in the plotting and positioning of shuttering profiles and insert parts. Maximum precision is combined with the highest performance values at speed and acceleration.

Surface finishing technology The latest surface finishing technology for exposed concrete quality: using smoothing machines and rollers, extractors and washing and blasting stations.

"In each country the construction technology is different. You want a partner for your precast concrete production that knows about that. Igor Chukov

Shuttle systems Shuttle and transfer cars for the delivery of loaded transport racks to external areas for loading.

Intelligent control technology and cost-effective production processes

Today, sophisticated circulation technology, combined with intelligent control engineering systems, are key factors in modern precast concrete plants. Their configuration requires a high level of expertise in terms of workflows and the different production methods. Circulation technology State-of-the-art circulation technology for efficient production processes and maximum plant productivity. Intelligent transport and conveying technology, combined with innovations such as overtaking systems avoid downtime or waiting times.

Tilting stations for loading processes/ lifting platforms Lifting traverses/ loading traverses Traverses for the safe loading of precast concrete parts for transport to the building site. Control and management systems Order management, storage and retrieval processes, the process machines as well as pallet transport in the production line are all controlled and visualised. Analyses give a clear indication of the circulation systems cost-effectiveness and production rates.

Hydraulic tilting stations for the vertical stripping of pre-demoulded wall elements. Lifting platforms ensure safe loading processes.

"You want a partner for your concrete sleeper production that supplies you customized technologies. Steffen Schmitt

Machine and plant technology for state-of-the-art concrete sleeper production

Nowadays, railways and railway networks are equipped with concrete sleepers. To respond to the demand from private industry and the public sector, manufacturers of precast concrete parts and building companies are making ever-greater investments in highly automated production systems. We have been automating concrete sleeper production plants for over 30 years, becoming a trusted industrial partner in the sector. For pre-stressed concrete sleepers and low-vibration tracks, we offer complete mould circulation systems for many different production methods and sleeper types for mono-block sleepers, bi-block sleepers, late demoulding processes or immediate demoulding processes. From upgradeable start-up concepts, with low levels of automation, to the largest concrete sleeper plants in the world, Vollert is active all around the globe.

The pre-stressing process is initiated to destress the tension spindles and transfer the wire pretension to the concrete. The sleepers are knocked out of the mould by a turning device, with subsequent, quality-controlled final assembly of the rail fitting.

Mould manipulator for fully automatic handling of the sleeper moulds in and out of the stock areas in the temperaturecontrolled curing chambers.

Plant solutions for sleepers using the immediate demoulding process or late demoulding process Plant solutions for different types of sleepers and fixing systems Circulation systems and stationary production lanes General retrofitting, plant relocation, servicing and maintenance

Concrete preparation: Oiling, cleaning, positioning of inserts and reinforcement, pre-tension of wires.

Concrete spreader with worm-type material discharge to provide uniform, semi-automated filling of the concrete sleeper. In addition, the mould will be simultaneously vibrated for concrete compaction.



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