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And when the souls (Nufuus) are paired (probably with their respective bodies) 81:7 What!

when we are dead and become (part of the) soil, (will we then be raised to life again)? That is a return far (from probable). (The answer) We indeed know that which the earth reduces from them and with us is a protected record. 50:3-4. The Nafs of Allah (SWT) 5:116, 6:12 is different from that of ours 58:7. Attention is defined as Concentration of Consciousness i.e. Nafs. The Person, Face i.e. the Attention of Allah (SWT) is everywhere, on everything all time 2:115. Allah (SWT) is everywhere, on everything, all the time 2:115, Allah (SWT) is Immortal, Ever living 28:88, 55:27, 25:58, He never sleeps and does not get tired 2:255, whereas we human beings get tired, sleep and die 39:42, 3:185. The Nafs or consciousness of Allah (SWT) is universal 4:126, 65:12. Consciousness and the universal force of gravitation: It is stated in the Holy Quran : Allah certainly holds together the skies and the earth lest they get separated .... 35:41. According to science this holding together of the heavenly bodies is due to the natural force of gravitation acting between them. It is further stated in the Holy Quran:- .....and certainly in them (i.e.the rocks) are those which fall down due to the fear of Allah (Khash yat-i-llaah) 2:74. We know that rocks fall down due to the force of gravity of the earth. In view of this, is the universal force of gravitation due to the universal fear of Allah (SWT)? Consciousness counter acts the force of gravity. We are able to stand or walk against the force of gravity of the earth only when we are alive and awak i.e. conscious, the moment we lose consciousness we succumb to the force of gravity of the earth and fall down. The force of gravity is implosive, centripetal acting towards a common center, therefore consciousness which counter acts gravity might be explosive, centrifugal, acting in directions away from a common center. Is this common center the Arsh The Throne 21:22? Is the fear of Allah (SWT) in the form of the universal force of gravitation counter acted by His own universal consciousness maintaining the observed balance in the universe? Will the universe come to an end the moment this balance is disturbed by Allah (SWT) Himself? Gravity and sleep : Gravity is associated with mass and consciousness with life. At night, which is made for our rest i.e. sleep 6:60, 25:47, the forces of gravity of the earth and the sun get added up and act in the same direction with respect to us 91:4, 92:1 whereas during the day these forces act in the opposite directions with respect to us. Do we, in general, fall asleep at night due to the added forces of gravity of the earth and the sun which reduces the degree of our consciousness and do we keep awake when the forces of gravity of the earth and the sun act in opposite