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Patricia, Jacqueliae (Mrs.

), Barbara and John Hasty

BY the fall of 1956, John P, and Mrs. Jacqueline Hasty expect, the Lord willing, to enter into the work of Cebu Bible Seminary, in Cebu, The Philippines. At present, he is ministering to the Christian Church, Emden, Illinois, tak ing graduate work in New Testament at Lincoln (Illinois) Bible Institute; and

tatively set for mid-October or early

November 1956.

Brother Hasty holds a Bachelor of

Science degree from Milligan College, a

Master of Letters degree from The Uni versity of Pittsburg, a Bachelor of Arts degree in New Testament from Lincoln

also acting as instructor in Biology in

the Institute.

Bible Institute, where he expects to

graduate in June 1956 with a Master of Arts degree.





by the elders of the church where he

serves, his home chmch which is Boule

Speaking dates may be arranged by writing to the Hastys at Box 17, Emden,
Illinois. . -

vard Church of Christ, Toledo, Ohio,

and ali^n

Mrs, Mary Knight,

pledged, but two churches are consider ing the matter at this time. They will

Livinglink support has not yet been

be available to speak after June X956

during the summer and iintil sailing, ten- >ty rflWllIy

1925 in Toledo, Ohio the son of

graduated from Woodward High

5s from 19441946.

ryfu lie giauuaiea rfOm tviinigan College, Tennessee with the

Bachelor of Science degree. During his student days at Milligan, he be came a Christian, being baptised by Fred W. Smith, First Christian Church, Elizabethton, Tennessee. He was also ordained to the ministry
in May 1948 by the elders of the Elizabethton church. He also studied

two years at University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania graduating with the M. L. degree in 1950. Entering Lincoln. Bible Institute, Lincoln, Illinois, he graduated with the B. A. degree in 1953 a'nd is completing work for the M. A. degree with the 195556 school year. From 1950 to 1956 he also taught Biology in Lincoln Bible Institute; and from 195556 he also taught Psychology at Lincoln.

Mrs. Hasty was Jacquelyn Louise Lyons before her marriage to John August 27, 1950. Her parents were Floyd and Mrs. Louise Lyons of At lanta, Georgia. She attended Grant Park Christian Church in Atlanta; was baptised into Christ there in 1946. The Hastys have two daughters: Patricia (born April 7, 1953) and Barbara (born March 14, 1952).

Brother Hasty has ministered with congregations at Monongahela (River Hill Church of Christ and Pittsburgh Observatory Hill Church of
Christ), Pennsylvania; and at Rochester andEmden, Illinois.

Elders from the following churches have given references: Emden,

Illinois; Rochester, Illinois; River Hill Church of Christ, Monongahela,

Pennsylvania; First Christian Church, Elizabethton, Tennessee; Boule vard Church of Christ, Toledo, Ohio; Christian Church, Lincoln, Illinois; Hartsburgh, Illinois; Mount Pulaski, Illinois; Broadwell, Illinois. "The Medical Group," Springfield, Illinois has examined the entire
family and found them in excellent health, and fit for a hot and humid


The Emden Christian Church, Emden, Illinois The Church of Christ, Downey, California The Greenview Christian Church, Greenview, Illinois The Attica Christian Church, Attica, Indiana


Cebu is an island in The Philippines. Of all the 7,000 islands that

make up the Philippines, the island of Cebu ranks 9th in size. It is a bit larger than the tiny state of Rhode Island. There are however, about two million people living in this small Mea. Of all the provinces in the Philippines, Cebu is the most thickly popxilated. Its chief city is Cebu
City, with a population of more than 200,000. HISTORY OF THE FIELD In 1941, the Vemon Newland and Ray Carlson families arrived in

Cebu and evangelized until they were interned by the Japanese for three years. At the conclusion of World War II the Newlands returned to the United States. The Ray Carlson family remained working in the area of
Cebu until 1954, at which time they too came back to this country.

lAiss Betty Yarbrough, a graduate of Atlanta Christian College, came in November of 1952 to strengthen the teaching staff of the Cebu Bible Seminary. She is now on furlough in the United States taking a course in
special nurses' training. Brother and Sister Elston Knight arrived .on the field in August of

1953. They helped in general evangelistic work as well as in the Semi nary before leaving the Islands April 22, 1956.

We are planning, the Lord willing, to sail from the West Coast on December 1, 1956, expecting to arrive in Manila before Christmas.

1. We are going to Cebu because the Lord in His Word has instructed us to take the Gospel "into all the world." As yet there are many in the Philippines who have not heard the Gospel of Christ even for the first time. We are going in obedience to our Lord's command. 2. We are going to the mission field of Cebu because we have received
the "Macedonian call.. .come over and help us."Thelast missionaty has left Cebu. As far as we are concerned, Unless We Co, There Will Be No One To Fill In This Gap and continue the work there. There are over 40 New Testament churches in the area, plus one Bible Seminary.

Without doctrinal leadership, they might well suffer or perish. Someone

is needed to teach in the Cebu Bible Seminary. We see in Cebu an op

portunity to make our life count the most for the Lord. 3. We are going to the mission field of Cebu because we believe that this represents the front lines in the ideological warfare between the
free world and communism! Communism is atheistic and godless. It threatens to close the door to missions unless Christians rise up and

meet it. We are going to teach the people about Christ and the freedom
that comes to the individual through Him.

4. Last, but not at all least, we go because we know the peace and joy that comes from a complete surrender to Christ and the acceptance

of Him as our Savior. WE WANT OTHERS TO KNOW THIS JOY i^SO.

There are millions in this far off country who are lost in the superstitions and fears of heathen cults and sects. We go to tell them of their Savior.

SUGGESTED WAYS THAT YOU CAN HELP US Cebu Bible Seminary. My primary responsibility will be the direct ing of the Cebu Bible Seminary, a Bible college for the training of a native ministry. At present, the school has about 20 students. Many of them need financial help iri order to come to school. The school needs support so that it may adequately train Md house these students.

We are praying that at least 20 Christian groups will see this need and pledge $10 a month to the support and expansion of the school. Amphibious Airplane or Heliocopter. The missionaries acquainted with the work in Cebu have strongly recommended that a light am phibious plane or heliocopter would greatly facilitate the work of evange lism among the many islands in the area. Other uses of such a plane
would be: a. More rapid and cheaper communication with the more than 30 New Testament chtirches already established in the islands; b. Better
communication with the other New Testament mission fields in the

Philippines; c. Flying the sick out from unhospitalized areas to areas where there are medical facilities, thus gaining the confidence of the people.

We have established a special fund for the purchasing of some type

of aircraft.

Professional Tape Recorder for Radio bfoadcastihg-$325^

Other supplementary radio equipment; microphone, etc.$75.

Weekly support for 15 minute radio program$10 per week.

Used religious books for Seminarylibrarycommentaries. Restoration
literature. Send list of what you can give to prevent diq}lication.

Duplicating machine for Seminary work$160.

Portable Sewing Machine$80.

Gas Cooking Stove-$130.

Gas Water Heater$100.

Xs^Most of all, we request that you pray for us!