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Hell Minus One From Child Abuse Wiki


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Note: This article describes abuse in detail.

Hell Minus One is Anne Johnson Davis’ memoir of her story of being subjected as a
child to satanic ritual abuse. Anne’s story has been confirmed by physical
evidence and by the written and verbal confessions of her mother and stepfather.

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Anne was abused from the ages of 3 to 17 sexually abused, tortured and forced to
hurt her siblings in satanic rituals.[1][2][3] At the age of 17, she ran away from
home.[1] Anne went public with her story in 1995, during the time a study by the
Utah Attorney General's Office on ritual abuse was taking place.[1][4][2] Anne
recovered her memories of abuse outside of therapy in her 30's.[3] Her mother and
stepfather also agreed to pay for her therapy bills.[4].


Both Anne’s mother and stepfather confessed in writing to Matt Jacobson,

Lieutenant, Detective, Utah State Attorney General’s Office and his partner Mike
King, with Jacobson stating “we found the contents of their confession letters to
be true.” [5][1][6][2][4] Her mother and stepfather also confessed to the leaders
of the church they went to.[2][4] There was also physical evidence that proved
that she was physically abused.[4][3]

Paul Murphy: One woman who came forward to tell about ritual abuse brought
something no one else has - a confession from the perpetrators. “Jenny” was only
three years old when her parents started sexually abusing her. The bruises in this
picture show she was physically abused as well.”

Jenny: “They would go through these very formal satanic rituals and I would be
abused and tortured and threatened with my life and used as a sacrifice.”

Paul Murphy: “And most people would be skeptical of Jenny’s story of satanic
ritual abuse, except for one thing - her parents confessed. In these letters the
parents ask for forgiveness and describe the abuse in detail. Her mother wrote:
‘He cut off your nightclothes and panties. A dog was hung by the back feet, throat
cut and disemboweled and hind legs cut off. You were hung by your feet after being
bound.’ Others have told similar stories, but had no physical proof.”

Paul Murphy: Her father wrote: ’I performed the same sexual acts on you at home.
The sexual acts on you at home. The sexual abuse in our home was a repeat of the

Paul Murphy: “Confessed, and even paid up. The parents settled out of court to pay
Jenny’s therapy bills.”[4]
Her mother and stepfather also wrote letters confessing to each of their children
“confirming everything in explicit detail.”[2]

Media coverage

Anne's story has been discussed in the media several times.[1][2][4][7][8] She
testified to investigators of the Ritual Abuse Task Force of the Utah State
Attorney General’s Office investigating ritual abuse. [5][1][6][2][4] The Ritual
Abuse Task Force of the Utah State Attorney General’s Office investigating ritual
abuse 59 page report found that ritual abuse existed in Utah, but it was difficult
to prosecute.[4]

“And I’m Kimberly Perkins. The report is final. Ritual abuse exists in Utah, but
its hard to prosecute.”

Randall Carlisle: “After spending three years and $250,000 the Attorney General’s
office has finished its probe into ritual abuse. Now the 59-page report says
investigators found evidence of ritual abuse, but nothing that can be prosecuted
at this time.”

Kimberly Perkins: “The lack of prosecution of such reports does not mean that the
reports are fictitious.”[4]


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External links

* Hell Minus One website http://www.hellminusone.com/

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