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Merlin Gerin Command and control products

Economically lighting stairwells and hallways up to 2300W, with switch off warning.

Datasheet: LO6


Stairwells and hallways need to be well lit but only when people are present. A considerable amount of energy is wasted if the lights are left on permanently, with no one present. Equally people do not wish to find that the lights suddenly go out without any warning.


Persons entering the stairwells and hallways switch the lighting ON as normal. A relay in the lighting circuit maintains the lighting ON until, after a pre-set time, the lighting level is reduced to 50%. After a short time period at this reduced level the lighting is switched OFF. Should persons be present during the 50% light level period there is adequate warning, and light, to reach a switch and put the lighting level back to full.
This circuit arrangement is suitable for 220/240V 50Hz single phase incandescent lighting loads up to 2300W, excluding ELV halogen lamps. The time period that the lights stay on FULL after a switch is pressed, can be set from 1 to 7 minutes. The 50% lighting period can be set from 20 to 60 seconds. A retractive, pushbutton type switch should be located wherever the area may be entered. These switches can be standard 86mm square format or grid / modular arrangement. All switches must have their normally open contacts wired in parallel but there is no restriction on how the looping is achieved or how many switches are in the circuit. Neon indicators (or other indication up to 10W total per circuit) may be connected across the switch contacts to help locate the switches in the dark. Standard light switches must not be used. The switching circuit only carries current during switching so considerations of cable rating or cable bunching are greatly simplified. Calculations for the main circuit are also much easier as only the main cable run has to be considered. For lighting circuits protected by a 6A or 10A MCB the circuit would be wired in 1.0 or 1.5mm2 cable. There is no need to provide control circuit protection if the switch circuit cable is the same size as this main cable. The relay has an override switch on the front allowing the lighting to be switched ON permanently for maintenance periods.


2000W of lighting left on for 8 hours every night consumes 5840 kWh per year at a cost of 408 assuming 7 pence per unit. Most of this cost can be saved every year if the lights are only on for short periods of time, as required. The original equipment cost will be paid back well within the first year. This part of the installation would be eligible under the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme.

Technical details


Note: The switch on the side of the MIN timer must be set to position 4.

To luminaires

Switch circuit

Timer Relay type: MIN s Relay suitable for 220/240v 50Hz s Time setting: 1 to 7 minutes in 15 second intervals s Contact breaking capacity: 16A at pf=1.0 s Maximum load of incandescent lighting: 2300W at 240v 50Hz s Terminal capacity: up to 6mm2

Timer PRE s For use with MIN timer relay s Time setting (50% light level) 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 seconds s Terminal capacity: up to 6mm2 Note: This equipment is not compatible with fluorescent or ELV halogen lighting.

Ordering information

Symmetrical DIN rail mounted devices for easy installation. Description MIN "Staircase" timer PRE pre warning device Reference 15363 15376

The MIN timer relay plus the PRE occupies the same space as a double pole miniature circuit breaker and may be fitted on to the DIN rail portion of an Merlin Gerin type A or B Multi service distribution board. Alternatively the relay may be fitted in an individual enclosure. Description IP rating Reference surface mounted enclosure for one or two relays IP30 13392 Many other enclosures of different sizes and IP ratings are available. Please ask for details. Suitable switches for these circuits MK Logic Plus: K4878P WHI (plus neon K3041 if required), Architrave K4848P WHI.

Application Overview

Schneider Electric are producing a series of Merlin Gerin command and control application guides. They will provide economic and innovative solutions to electrical control problems commonly found in the course of building design and contracting work.
It is intended that these guides stimulate specifiers and design-build contractors to think differently about the way that circuits are designed. In many instances the addition of components in the distribution board can save considerable wiring time on site. Contractors will be given ordering information, wiring diagrams and guidance on installation of the equipment recommended. Each application guide will normally apply to a single circuit so that the solutions are kept simple and easy to understand.

Subjects covered will fall into the following main categories:


Energy management. Lighting control. Time management. Control circuit techniques.

M Measurement.

The guides will cover:

s The problem or difficulty. s The solution, explanation and possible options. s Technical information. s Wiring diagrams and/or photograph. s Product ordering information including recommended enclosures. Please submit suggestions for these application guides, especially if you have a problem for which you require a solution. If you have a problem and require a solution, please fax: 01902 303400.


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