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Nowadays we are at the dawn in the area of diagnosis of infectious agent through available nucleotide sequence.

Next generation sequencing technique provides an excellent basis for application of genomics and computational techniques at this field. Since I was a child, I have always been interested in becoming a scientist in area of microbial world. Understanding how these small living entity work are the most intriguing topics that have encouraged me to study in field of infection biology and later virology. I studied biology at XXXXX and now I am involved at a Ph.D program in Microbiology at the XXXXX. My experience in the field of biology has grown during the passing years. I have been able to work on both diagnosis and genomics of viruses. I am interest in the diagnosis and identification of viruses through DNA microarray. Our group have successfully diagnosed the first case of Newcastle disease virus in sheep (Arch Virol. doi: 10.1007/s00705-012-1317-8.2012) and reported a mixed infection of bovine viral diarrhea and bovine herpes virus in cattle (Current microbiology,DOI: 10.1007/s00284-013-04489.2013). I know that no education is complete without discussion with other scientists. Therefore I think

that The 15th EMBL PhD Symposium, entitled 'Competition in Biology - The Race for Survival from Molecules to Systems', is a so interesting option not only for interacting with great researchers and professors who are doing great research but also to learn so much about infection biology current advances. For this reason, I really feel that my attendance to this event would help me progress in both my scientific career and my personal development. However, funds for scientific research are very limited and in a developing country like India, it is even more so. Being a Ph.D. student it is very difficult for me to raise funds to attend to your prestigious event from any national organizations. Owing to limited resources, I will not be able to attend The 15th EMBL PhD Symposium as I lack the necessary funds. So I would be grateful to be provided with sponsorship to attend The 15th EMBL PhD Symposium and your scholarship will be immensely helpful. I consider myself to be a good candidate for your scholarship because I am young, energetic, hardworking, visionary, and motivated person who believes that I can make a contribution to science. From my point of view, my research matches well the topics of this event. So I believe I can contribute positively to enrich the contents of these symposium as well as to extract

useful knowledge that I can employ in my ongoing research. Thank you very much for your consideration.