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May 2009

Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor
wanderer with shelter — when you see the naked, to clothe him, and
not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? Isaiah 58:7

Dear Friends, The people of Parramos inadequate for basics such

are a mix of indigenous as food, and electricity.
We have had an amazing
Mayan kakchiquel Indians Education is free for all Prayer Needs
first 2 months here in the
and people of ladino de- children in state schools,
town of Parramos, Guate-
scent. It is a very poor but the schools are inade- • FOR ONGOING FINAN-
mala. The Lord has really
town and many people are quate, standards are low CIAL PROVISION
blessed us and has been
trapped by poverty, de- and many families cannot • THE RIGHT DOORS AND
our constant companion in
spair and hopelessness afford to buy the compul- OPPORTUNITIES TO
some difficult situations
after years of occult and sory uniforms or text OPENED AS WE COMMIT
and we have had a warm GOD
religious oppression. books and so do not send OUR PLANS TO
welcome from the people
Many families are em- their children to school. • FOR REVOLUCION
of Restaurando a la Fa-
ployed in agriculture, but Private schools, where JUVENIL - THE YOUNG
milia Church.
the wages are low and conditions are better, are PEOPLE IN PARRAMOS

unaffordable for most. WHO ARE HUNGRY FOR

After school children often
work to bring some much • PROTECTION AND
needed money into the BLESSING ON FAMILY IN

home. One of the projects THEUK, PARTICULARLY

we would like to start is to
provide a place where the DREN
children from poor families
can come to and have help Why Mission Threads?
with schoolwork, access The name was given to us
the internet and learn during our trip to Guatemala
some basic English. Food in July 2008. There were
women weaving the most
is expensive here and as
amazing cloths on long
the children sometimes do looms. The results are very
not have good diets at beautiful, detailed and
home. We would like to intricate fabrics. It was while
feed each child. Please watching this that God
Message from Pastors Abner and Ana Gomez pray for this. revealed the importance of
those tiny threads in the
outcome of the picture. It is
Greetings from Guatemala them fulfil their destiny in please continue to pray for easy to look at the world and
in Jesus name! God and to disciple them to them. God Bless you all, think that our little threads
be leaders in the Church. Abner and Ana. won’t make any difference to
It is a honour for us as a the world around us, but we
They have already started
church to be connected with believe that those threads
to work with the young peo-
you by the Spirit of God, will and do make a difference
ple in Parramos and are if we give them to God for his
and share with you, through
doing a very good job. use and Glory. Be
Simon and Sarah, our vision
Their focus at the moment is encouraged that God will use
to rescue and restore fami- everything we give him, no
to learn Spanish, which is
lies in our town Parramos, in matter how small or
difficult for them, but God
Guatemala and the Na- insignificant we feel it is. He
will honour them with this. takes our threads and weaves
tions. Our desire is to see
Thank you for your support, them into the bigger picture!
Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor
wanderer with shelter — when you see the naked, to clothe him, and
not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? Isaiah 58:7

We have been able to start work with the young people in We visited a small
the Church. There is no youth leader or specific youth work church in Guatemala
but there are many young people who are hungry for God city in an area of the
city that is very danger-
and willing to stand up and be counted, to make a change in
ous and controlled by
their families, schools and in Parramos. We are so excited to
gangs and organised
be able to do this, what a privilege to encourage them and crime. We helped to
be part of this new ministry! We have had 2 meetings now minister to the people
and plan to meet every Saturday. The group have decided and pray with them.
to call themselves Revolución Juvenil ! God really touched peo-
A revolution is defined as an activity or movement designed ple and we saw people
to bring about change or a fundamental change in the way being filled with the
of thinking. The group want to serve in the church, to serve the Holy Spirit for the 1st
people of Parramos and to show time and giving their
the love of Jesus through the way lives to Christ!
they live their lives 1 Timothy 4:12
says Don’t let anyone look down
on you because you are young,
but set an example for the be-
lievers in speech, in life, in love,
in faith and in purity. Watch out

Living right in the centre ering death and the promise The Lord has Contact and
of Parramos is an incredi- to every believer of eternal shown us over the past few
ble opportunity to witness life through a relationship weeks, Acts 3:6 - Silver or Support
to people with our lives with the living God! Gold I do not have but what I
(speaking is still a little People are hungry for have I give to you. This has If you would like to receive
difficult at the moment!). God , for the truth. They helped us to share with people a copy of this newsletter
We have many people want to see change in their in difficult situations. Only days either by email or post,
coming to our home who lives and in this country. after we arrived, a young please contact us at the ad-
need to know that they Please pray that we will be mother (Jenny, 31) died at dress below or email us on
are loved by our Lord able to continue to reach home, very suddenly. We
who is alive! We have the families and children we were able to help with funeral
been able to pray with preparations and pray with If you would like to support
are in contact with.
many people and fami- her distraught young family. us financially through a gift,
lies. There is much reli- We visited Jenny earlier or on a monthly basis please
gious oppression supersti- in one of the public hospi- contact our home church,
tion, occult practice and tals which was in an ap- who are handling our fi-
false doctrine here, par- palling condition and nances.
ticularly at this time of barely able to provide Mission Threads,
year, Semana Santa. The basic care. Public health- New Life Baptist Church, 52-
parades were very col- care is very poor & many 54 High Street, Northaller-
ourful and beautiful to families are unable to ton, North Yorks, DL7 8EG,
see, but much of it is reli- afford medication. Jennys U.K.
gious ritual without any children are doing well Your support is invaluable to
reference to the true but please pray for them. us, no matter how small and
meaning of Easter, a we would like to thank you,
The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on
celebration of Jesus dy- God Bless,
those living in the land of the shadow of death a great light has
ing for our sins, conqu- dawned Isaiah 9:2 Simon and Sarah.
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