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- Full Name


-Date of birth : December 22nd ,1989 -Place of birth : Quang Ngai city. -Marital status : Single -Health condition -Contact Address -Gender -Hobbies -Mail Address -Mobile : Very good for working and study. : Ho Chi Minh City : Male : Reading books, chinese chess,billiard . : caokyhan@gmail.com

: 0905-094-008

CAREER OBJECTIVE Look forward to work in dynamic environment to gain application knowledge and practical experience. Determined to become an expert on IT.


- From 1995 to 2000 city.

: Studied at Nguyen Nghiem Primary School, Quang Ngai

-From 2000 to 2004 city - From 2004 to 2007 - From 2007 to 2012 University of Technology -From 2/2012-4/2012

: Studied at Nguyen Nghiem Secondary School, Quang Ngai

: Studied at Le Khiet High School, Quang Ngai city : Electronic and Telecommunication Student of Da Nang

: FPT University Web design Course

-From 1/2012-6/2012

: EAC Center Office informatics

-From 6/2010-10/2010

:TTG Training Center CCNA Training Course ACHIEVEMENT

-Got first prize in Mathematics of Quang Ngai Province -Got encourage prize in Mathematics of Viet Nam National - Got third prize in Mathematics in Calculator of Quang Ngai Province

KEY SKILLS Soft skill: - Effect communication and presentation skill - Gifted in math and good logical thinking : Win the best award in the math contest of Quang Ngai provinces Student in 2006 Consolation prize in the math contest of Vietnam National Student in 2006

Third prize in Casio calculator of Quang Ngai provinces Student in 2006 -Able to work my own initiative as well as team-work. -Ability to work hard and attentively. -Experienced problem solving skill - Fairly English Language Computing skill -Expert in using Microsoft Office: Word, Excell, Powerpoint, Typing well -Programming softwave : DEV C++,Matlab 07, -Designing Softwave : Orcad,proteus -Programming language: C/C++, Android, openGL, j2me, batch script, matlab, assembly, verilog. -Softwave : SVN,Cs5,Quartus, Wave Simulator, PIC 16 Simulator. Foreign Language skill -Intermediate English reading & writing skills Personalities -Intelligent,creatives and sensitive -Sense of responsibility -Self-motivation -Carefullness WORK EXPERIENCE - Experience from some basic projects such as:

VIC0009 Project : Project Description Write an application for SL6087 and ADXL 345 accelerometer to read the NMEA message which used for indicating location This is project of Sierra Wireless Technology was used: C language Using Software :Developer Studio 2.3.0 Decode Project : Project Description Decode frames through some protocol in core network such as : BSSAP,BSSMAP,DTAP This is project of Astellia Technology was used: C++ language ,Python language Using Software :Visual Studio 2008,Notepad++,Excel 2007 Puzzle game Project: Project Description Write a simple game for mobile phone on the J2me platform. This project of the University Technology was used: java Using Software: eclipse Hook Technique: Project Description Write program to get value from virtual keyboard(calculator of window system) and write to text file This project of self study Technology was used: C# language ,API

Using Software: Visual studio 2010 4G development solution project: Project Description Design and simulate the relay technique which is improve bandwidth in 4G Network This is graduate project of University Technology was used: Malab 2010

Microprocessor and microcontroller project Project Description Design and simulate CPU structure of MIP32 This is project of University Technology was used: Temperature control Project Project Description Design and execute a system to control temperature of Heat furnace using AT89C51 and LM35 sensor ,ADC0804 This is project of University Technology was used: Assembly language Using : Orcard Software FM wave transmitter and receiver project: Project Description Design and execute a radio circuit to transmit and receive the FM wave This is project of University Technology was used: Verilog and Assembly

Using : Orcard Software,Quartus Software

-2 month training in Gameloft Company -3 month internship in the operating of clusters of airports -Openning specialty restaurant from 1/2012 ->5/2012 -9 month work for Saviwave (from 6/2012->3/2013). REFERENCES Mr.Vinh: Head of optimization team in the operating of clusters of airports. Tel: 0914080304 Mail: vinh97dt1@yahoo.com