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Cisco CCNA Security, chapter 8 Exam.

Questions and answers 100% correct.

1. What are two benefits of an SSL VPN? (Choose two.) It supports all client/server applications. It supports the same level of cryptographic security as an IPsec VPN. It has the option of only requiring an SSL-enabled SSL web browser. The thin client mode functions without requiring any downloads downloads or software. It is compatible with DMVPNs, Cisco IOS Firewall, IPsec, IPS, Cisco Easy VPN, and NAT. 2. When verifying IPsec configurations, which show command displays the encryption algorithm, hash algorithm, authentication method, and Diffie-Hellman Diffie Hellman group configured, as well as default settings? show crypto map show crypto ipsec sa show crypto isakmp policy show crypto ipsec transform-set transform 3. When configuring a site-to-site IPsec VPN using the CLI, the authentication prepre share command is configured in the ISAKMP policy. Which additional peer authentication configuration is required? Configure the message encryption algorithm with the encryptiontype ISAKMP policy configuration command. Configure the DH group identifier with the groupnumber ISAKMP policy configuration command. Configure a hostname with the crypto isakmp identity hostname global configuration command. Configure a PSK with the crypto isakmp key global configuration command. 4. Which action do IPsec peers take during the IKE Phase 2 exchange? exchange of DH keys negotiation of IPsec policy verification of peer identity negotiation of IKE policy sets 5. A network administrator is planning to implement centralized management of Cisco VPN devices to simplify VPN deployment for remote offices and teleworkers. Which Cisco IOS feature would provide this solution? Cisco Easy VPN Cisco VPN Client Cisco IOS SSL VPN

Dynamic Multipoint VPN 6. Which two statements accurately describe characteristics of IPsec? (Choose two.) IPsec works at the application layer and protects all application data. IPsec works at the transport layer and protects data at the network layer. IPsec works at the network layer and operates over over all Layer 2 protocols. IPsec is a framework of proprietary standards that depend on Cisco specific algorithms. IPsec is a framework of standards developed by Cisco that relies on OSI algorithms. IPsec is a framework of open standards that relies on existing algorithms. 7.

Refer to the exhibit. Which two IPsec framework components are valid options when configuring an IPsec VPN on a Cisco ISR router? (Choose two.) Integrity options include MD5 and RSA. IPsec protocol options include GRE and AH. Confidentiality options include DES, 3DES, and AES. Authentication options include pre-shared pre key and SHA. Diffie-Hellman Hellman options include DH1, DH2, DH2 and DH5. 8. With the Cisco Easy VPN feature, which process ensures that a static route is created on the Cisco Easy VPN Server for the internal IP address of each VPN client? Cisco Express Forwarding Network Access Control On-Demand Demand Routing Reverse Path Forwarding Reverse Route Injection


Refer to the exhibit. A site-to-site site site VPN is required from R1 to R3. The administrator is using the SDM Site-to to-Site Site VPN Wizard on R1. Which IP address should the administrator enter ter in the highlighted field? 10. What is required for a host to use an SSL VPN? VPN client software must be installed. A site-to-site site VPN must be preconfigured. The host must be in a stationary location. A web browser must be installed on the host. 11. What are two authentication methods that can be configured using the SDM Site-toSite Site VPN Wizard? (Choose two.) MD5 SHA pre-shared keys encrypted nonces

digital certificates 12. Which UDP port must be permitted on any IP interface used to exchange IKE information between security gateways? 400 500 600 700 13. Which requirement necessitates using the Step-by-Step Step Step option of the SDM Site-toSite Site VPN wizard instead of the Quick Setup option? AES encryption is required. 3DES encryption is required. Pre-shared shared keys are to be used. The remote peer is a Cisco router. The remote peer IP address is unknown. 14. Which IPsec protocol should be selected when confidentiality is required? tunnel mode transport mode authentication header encapsulating security payload generic routing encapsulation site site VPN? 15. Which statement describes an important characteristic of a site-to-site It must be statically set up. It t is ideally suited for use by mobile workers. It requires using a VPN client on the host PC. It is commonly implemented over dialup and cable modem networks. After the initial connection is established, it can dynamically change connection information.


Refer to the exhibit. Based on the SDM screen, which Easy VPN Server component is being configured? group policy transform set IKE proposal user authentication 17. A user launches Cisco VPN Client software to connect remotely to a VPN service. What does the user select before entering the username and password? the SSL connection type the IKE negotiation process the desired preconfigured VPN server site si the Cisco Encryption Technology to be applied 18. What is the default IKE policy value for authentication? MD5 SHA RSA signatures pre-shared keys RSA encrypted sconces 19. When using ESP tunnel mode, which portion of the packet is not authenticated? ESP header ESP trailer new IP header original IP header der


Refer to the exhibit. Under the ACL Editor, which option is used to specify the traffic to be encrypted on a secure sec connection? Access Rules IPsec Rules Firewall Rules SDM Default Rules 21.

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is troubleshooting a GRE VPN tunnel

between R1 and R2. Assuming the R2 GRE configuration is correct and based on the running configuration of R1, what must the administrator do to fix the problem? change the tunnel source interface to Fa0/0 change the tunnel destination to change the tunnel IP address to change the tunnel destination to 209.16 change the tunnel IP address to 22. How many bytes of overhead are added to each IP packet while it is transported through a GRE tunnel? 8 16 24 32