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Rack & Cabinet Ground Bonding Kits

Ground Bond Racks, Cabinets and Cable Trays

Datacenterequipmentissensi vetoelectricaldisturbances. Whileminimumgroundingrequirementsaredesignedfor personnelsafetyandrepreven onpurposes,datacenter down meanddamagetoequipmentasaresultofinadequate groundingcancostanorganiza onmillionsofdollars. Propergroundingisthemostimportantfactorinreliable
networkequipmentperformance.AccordingtotheIEEEthe typicalACthirdpronggroundisalmostneversucientto preventdamagetonetworkequipment.

Metalliccomponentsinneedofbondingareracks,cabinets, ladders,surgeprotectors,cabletrays,routers,switchesand patchpanels,eachbondedtotheTGBorTMGBusinga minimumsizedconductorofNo.6AWG.

supplementarybondingnetworkgroundedtothe Telecommunica onsGroundingBusbar(TGB)or Telecommunica onsMainGroundingBusbar(TMGB).

According to insurance industry data, improper grounding of communication systems leads to $500 million per year of damage to property and/or equipment due to lightning

LugOp ons:Twoholecompressionlugsof0,45and 90angleop ons. LugCrimp:Eachlugisdoublecrimpedusinghydraulic compressioncrimpingtoolstoensurelongtermintegrity ofthegroundingsystem. An oxidant:.16oz.5cctubeofan oxidant,toensurea bondbetweenthecableandthegroundingclamp. Cable:Highquality19strandNo.6AWGTHHNGRN 600Voltforincreasedstrengthandexibility. StandardLengths:24,36and60.Forcustomlengths call(866)6314238. GroundingClamp:Groundinggrid,pipeoroorpedestal clamp(op onalequipment,purchaseseparately). Screws:Kitincludestwothreadformingscrewseachsize; 1032x,1224x,M5x12mm,M6x12mm. Cap veStrip:Eachsingleluggroundingkithasacap ve stripendforeasytermina onwithagroundingclamp.

Ensure electrical continuity!

Rack Ground Bonding Kits

Direct damaging current away from sensitive electronics

Perfect for grounding racks, cabinets and cable trays.


PDU Cables uses an electric hydraulic pump that generates 10,000 psi of pressure to run our crimping tool to guarantee a secure crimp on each lug to eliminate the chance of the crimp coming loose over time. We also utilize a custom designed jig that allows us to consistently and uniformly apply a double crimp on four sides of each lug, one each equally spaced around the diameter of the lug at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock positions. A uniform process and the use of specialized tools allow us to make a quality grounding cable each and every time. That way our 100th crimped lug of the day is as solid and secure as the first; something that can't always be said of ground bonding cables being made in the field.