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Day 1: (a) Have TURKEY VISA ready at hand from INDIA/TRIPOLI. Reach Istanbul Airport at around 1500hrs. Cross the Passport control and collect the baggage. Note: Istanbul is very cold, keep your luggage ready accordingly. You can book your main luggage directly from Tripoli to Delhi and keep a handbag for tour to Istanbul. That will help for easy movement. (b) After collection of baggage, exchange your money to local currency TL . Do not keep excess TL as this will be difficult to convert back during return. You may be requiring around 300 Euro( 800 TL) for one night tripexcept marketing. Do not forget to collect lower currency notes from exchange countervery usful. (c) After exit the airport gate , turn right & go straight. Go to down stairs for Metro station which is inside the airport building. M is marked all along. (d) You can but Fixed trip ticket ( 24TL for 6 trip) , or Istanbulcart ( like our metro card) . For Istanbulcart, you first purchase the card for 20TL from vending machine attached at station and then recharge by 10TL. It is sufficient. After purchasing the ticket from vending machine , go down stair and take the metro for city trip. (e) It is better to stay near Metro line area for communication purpose. I stayed in HOTEL STAR CITY at Aksray ( last station of metro line). The hotel is 20 meter distance and just opposite to Metro station on the main road. You may specify this to GDG before booking. This station is having advantage of the being last station of metro as well as having tram line ( for self city tour)only station. Rooms are very small, but neat and clean. Purchase water from outside before entering the hotel. 500ml water is 2TL in hotel where as 0.5TL outside. They do not provide any drinking water as done in India.. (f) If you book at Hotel Star City , Aksray, then take metro from airport and get down at aksray station . It will take around 50 minutes. Check in the hotel .. It will be around 5PM if your flight is not late. (g) On the same night you can visit Turkish traditional show including belly dance. You have to book through internet in advance . http://www.sultanas-nights.com/ .The best show is called sultania 1001. It is supposed to be the best belly dancing show in Istanbul as the famous belly dancer DIDEM performs here for 30 minutes a day. If you book through internet directly from their site ( no agent site please) they will pick u and drop from your hotel free of cost. This facility is not available if u book through other means. They will pick u at around 730PM and drop around 1300AM night. Charges are 70 euro for non-veg /veg unlimited food, drink and drop in-out facility. There are also choice of 60 euro trip.

ALTERNATIVELY After taking some rest take the tram from YOUSUFPASA station which is at the back side of the hotel. Get down directly at EMINONU stoppage. That is the place where u will get direct cruise ship without the interference of DALAL. Cost is genuine for direct ship counter. Purchase ticket for BOSFORUS CRUSE with or without dinner as per your choice . It will be around two hours with Turkish belly dancing show.. This show is not as good as SULTANIA, buy OK. After return , take a taxi or by tram ( if u return before 1155PM). Metro & Tram line map is essential in hand. Pls get it printed from net. http:// www.urbanrail.net/as/tr/istanbul/istanbul.htm H) Go back to hotel and have a nice sleep or alternatively Aksray is very very good place for nightclub etc. , you can enjoy if u want. DAY 2 1. After taking breakfast , check out from the hotel ( as check out time is 1200) and keep your luggage at hotel counterstart positively by 0900 AM. a) Go to tram station YOUSUFPASA , backside of hotel, and get the tram, then get down at SULTANAMET station. Then your walking tour starts. All the below trip can be done through Tour operator also who will charge you 60 euro.. or you can do by own as I have experienced b) First go to BLUE mosque first near SULTANAMET station as it closed at 1115 for prayer. Stay for half and hour. Entry free. c) Come out and enter HAGIA SOFIA complex--- entry fee 15 TL. Fantastic mosque and only one in the world where Christianity and Muslim are praying together. Take 1 hour d) Come out and enter TOPKAI palace complexentry fee is 25TL and 15 TL for HAREM.. wonderful museum it will take minimum 3 hours e) Take LUNCH f) Catch tram and go to BEYAZIT station. For famous GRAND BAZARWorlds largest covered market---around 50000 shops under one cover. g) Look at your watch and come back to HOTEL by 1600 h) Collect your luggage from hotel Take METRO positively by 1630. i) Reach airport in 45 minutes and CHECK in


I strongly recommend to stay for two nights at ISTANBUL where additionally you can see both BOSPORUS DINER CRUSE and SULTANIA 1001, EGYPTIAN SPICE BAZAR, CAMILCA HILLS, TWO SIDES ASIA AND EUROPE OF ISTANBUL , other mosques etc as per your interest.