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Master Program/PhD Program inPharmacology and Toxicology, Tzu Chi University

*The foreign students can apply to Office of International Affairs for full fellowship. The fellowship will cover the tuition fee and dormitory fee and provide a monthly stipend for living expenses.
Summary of the history of Master Programand PhD Program in Pharmacology and Toxicology: 1.Date of granting the M.S. program for the Institute of Toxicology: 1998 2.Date of changing the name to the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology: 2001 3.Date of granting the Ph.D. program: 2006 4. Date of merging with School of Medicine and changing the name to Master Programand PhD Program in Pharmacology and Toxicology, School of Medicine: 2011

Because of the progressive worsening of the drug abuse condition and

contamination of the environment by a variety of chemicals in our nation, submitted to the Ministry of Education in 1996. The proposal was granted in 1998. Since toxicology and pharmacology are intimately related and, in order to strengthen and expand our research activities, the institute was granted to change the name to Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology by the Ministry of Education in 2001.With the expansion of our faculty

the proposal to establish an Institute of Toxicology in our University was

member, the solid experience of training master degree students, and the achievements in research, the doctoral program was granted by the Ministry of Education in 2006.

Currently the program has 7 full time faculty members and 5 faculty members with joint appointment, consisting of 6 professors, 1 associate professor and 5 assistant professors. Our program also includes 1 adjunct professor. The students can select one of the faculty members of the

Program as a major research advisor according to their research interest.

The students can also select one of faculty members (including clinical doctors) in School of Medicine as a co-advisor. Our research activities use cell cultures, in vitro preparations and animal models to study drugs of abuse, environmental toxicants, anticancer drugs, natural drugs and

cardioprotective agents. A few topics involved the cooperation of clinical research on topics such as pharmacogenetics. To find out more the and bibliography. research field of each faulty member in details please refers to his/her CV

The purpose of our program is to train master and doctoral students in the fields of biomedical sciences, in particular, pharmacology and toxicology. We welcome any comments that you may have for our program.


Master program and PhD program in Pharmacology and Toxicology, School of Medicine 1. 61 ( )


The score report of English prociency test must meet the inter Requirements national standard or governmental standard, which is equal to TOEFL: 500 (PBT), 61 (iBT). This is exempted for the students from English speaking countries. 2.

Have taken biology related subjects

Documents to be submitted 1. Autobiography and research proposal 2. Transcript and / or GPA 3. Copy of diploma 4. Any other documents pertinent to the application To be determined by the Admission Committee None

Evaluation criteria Remarks