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HR Questions

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Give a short intro about yourself? Why Systems career after MBA?(IDC, Marketing, Business Development etc)? Why do you want to join the firm? What are your expectations from the internship? Questions from your CV , POR etc (be very sure about what you have written in the CV. Prepare detailed answers) What do you know about the role? Why MBA after XX years of work ex in IT (specific to those who have IT work ex)? Strengths, Weaknesses & ambition? Why are you interested in this role and why do you think youll be a good fit? Questions on previous work experience, work and responsibilities? Describe your daily schedule at IIMA? Tell me about your hobbies? Questions on your summer projects Favorite subject in IIM and why?

Tech Questions
Operations (Amazon)
1. An online retailer company is experiencing high shipping costs (higher than normal). How would you diagnose the problem? 2. A work flow related problem from OM-1 3. Inventory management problem 4. EOQ and EBQ 5. Designing a warehouse 6. Transshipment problem 7. Transportation problem , how to setup a transportation system for white goods in a city, factors considered, implementation issues Advices : Be clear on operations concepts, study OM 1

Tech Sales and Marketing (Google, SAP, Microsoft)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Negotiate with a senior employee? (Amazon) Write an Email to negotiate with a colleague? (Amazon) How to set up a customer service network for a new product launched? (Amazon) How does Google make money? (Google) Make a sales pitch for Adsense (a Google product)? (Google)

6. Make a sales pitch to ICICI Marketing manager?(Gave me 3 issues which the ICICI manager faced, which as to be resolved)(Google) 7. Who is the main competitor of Google? (Google) 8. How will you design an online marketing campaign for Pepsi? (Google) 9. Discussion on Google+, why Google+ cant reach the stage of Facebook ? (Google) 10. A case on Adwords publicity and launch in SMB hotel industry?(Google) 11. Guesstimate on number of Gmail users in India?(Google) 12. Guesstimate where I was asked to calculate the number of bags that arrive at Ahmedabad airport?(Google) 13. What are CPC (Cost per click), CTR (Click through rate), CR (Conversion rate)?(Google) 14. Suggest some improvements in the existing products of Microsoft and how to bring about those improvements?(Microsoft SMSG) 15. Technical questions about virtualization, cloud computing, and SAP (SAP) 16. The interviewer showed a poster from a newspaper about a pharmaceutical product and asked the student how he would ensure good sales of this product in the market?(SAP) 17. What are your views on the company and the problems that SAP might be facing in the Indian context?(SAP) 18. Compare SAP ERP with any other ERP package. (SAP) 19. What do you know about SAP products? (SAP) 20. Sell an accounting product to me?(SAP) 21. Segment the Camera market in India and do a market size estimate of cameras in India?(SAP) 22. Our client is a rotor manufacturer for Gas turbines. He wants us to estimate the market size of rotors in India and Bangladesh?(SAP)

Advices: Be updated on recent happenings in technology domain. Basic knowledge of marketing (4Ps and any other Ps and Cs and basic knowledge of the firms)

E-Marketing & E-Retail (Flipkart, Cleartrip, Infibeam)

1. Data about 4 airlines was given and related to that questions were asked. One of that was: which airline should be used (most profitable) for the travel site(Cleartrip) 2. A guesstimate about hotel occupancy in Mumbai(Cleartrip) 3. A guesstimate on the air travel market in India(Cleartrip) 4. How would you motivate the delivery people? (Flipkart) 5. Guess estimations for Indias Internet Population?( Flipkart) 6. Guesstimate for number of parking required for New Delhi International Airport(Groupon) 7. Presented various scenarios like timely delivery, product offering on website and asked to find ways to improve them? (Infibeam) 8. How can you convince people that shopping online is safe?(Infibeam) 9. What is the growth potential of the eRetail sector? (Infibeam)

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

What are the new avenues Infibeam should look for in the eRetail sector? (Infibeam) Design a marketing plan for a new product (Infibeam) Questions on how to manage inventory(Infibeam) How should Makemytrip use IRCTCs sites inadequacies to its advantage? (Info Edge) How would you stop fake profiles from being registered on jeevansathi.com? (Info Edge) Suggest 5 new offerings that Makemytrip could come up with? (Info Edge) What should be done to improve Yahoo mail to match Gmail? (Info Edge)

Advices: Be updated on recent happenings in technology domain. Basic knowledge of marketing (4Ps and any other Ps and Cs) and basic knowledge of the firms & general knowledge on eRetail. Practice a few guess estimates.

Program Manager Role (Microsoft IDC, Yahoo)

1. How would you design a spam filter?(Microsoft) 2. Give an algorithm to find a substring of a string of numbers (numbers can be both +ve or ve) having highest sum? (Microsoft) 3. Design a restaurant ordering system? (Microsoft) 4. Design a dictionary? (Microsoft) 5. Find the maximum length substring in a given string? (Microsoft) 6. Design a cookie vending machine for children. How should it look like and what should it do? (Microsoft) 7. Design a mail client app for mobile platform? (Microsoft) 8. Design an algorithm such that whenever there are duplicates in 2D array, the rows and columns of the duplicates are set to zero? (Microsoft) 9. Given a word write an algorithm to find all possible sub-words within that which can be found in the Dictionary? (Microsoft) 10. Explain the case analysis which was submitted to the firm?(Yahoo) 11. How does YouTube make money?(Yahoo) 12. What is the business model of Facebook?(Yahoo) 13. Why is Yahoo outsourcing its search?(Yahoo) 14. 2-egg Puzzle: You are given 2 eggs and have access to a 100 storey building. Figure out the highest floor from which the egg can be thrown without breaking. Generalize the solution for N storey building(Microsoft) Advices: Be up to date about the recent technologies and the business models. Practice few puzzles before the interview.

Technology Consulting (Quint Consulting, CTS)

1. Questions on how to interview clients and on understanding their needs?( Quint Consulting) 2. Questions on making reports and analysis?( Quint Consulting)

General Questions
1. 2. 3. 4. Explain the business model of the firm? Questions on recent technology like cloud etc and how it affects the business models Questions on competitors and their products/services? Questions on recent events like euro crisis etc