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RESEARCH EDUCATION: INTERVIEW SKILLS Assessment Instructions There are TWO parts to this assessment: PART I: REPARATION FOR

INTERVIEW AS A GROUP You are required to complete Worksheet 1: You are to write the names of 2 persons you intend to interview, with a brief description of their profiles which includes: a brief background of interviewees: eg. profession/ age/designation/gender/name of company (Your interviewees can be professionals, relatives, friends and classmates). reasons for your choice of these interviewees. You are to compose a set of 10 interview questions which are relevant to your topic.

An Interview Field Notes template has been designed for you to use as a guide when you conduct your interview. (A sample letter has been included, should you require it) PART II: ROLE-PLAY You will simulate an interview with your group, your teacher-mentor observing (or acting as the expert) before you carry out the actual interview. Interview/Transcript/Evaluation: After the interview, you will write a transcript of the interview and evaluate the usefulness and success of your interview. Assessment submission will include: Worksheet 1: Title/Focus of Topic, background of interviewees, 10 questions. Transcript of interview and/or tape recordings. Interview Field Notes Template and Evaluation of Interview

Deadline: The above is to be submitted to your teacher mentor in Term 2 Week 2

Worksheet 1: Interview Skills Name: Class: Secondary 1 Title of Research Study: ( ) Date___________________

Focus of Research Study:

Pre-interview stage 1: Exploration 1. What gaps of information are there in my knowledge of the topic? 2. Can knowledge gaps be covered more effectively by: No a) library research b) questionnaires (social survey) c) interviews 3. What is the purpose of my interview? 4. Who is/are the best person(s) to interview? 5. State reasons for the choice of interviewee(s). 6. How do I contact him / her / them? _______________________________ Name(s) of interviewee(s): Telephone(s): Email(s): Address(es): 2 Yes

Proposed date(s) and time(s): Venue(s): Pre-Interview Stage 2: Preparation for the interview 1. State what you wish to find out about the topic from the proposed interview:

2. Write 10 questions which will enable you to find out what you wish about the topic during the proposed interview: Q1-










INTERVIEW FIELD NOTES TEMPLATE Name(s) of Interviewee(s): ___________________________________________ Date(s) of interview: ______________ Position(s)/ Profession(s): _________________________ Age(s): __________ (optional)
(To be filled just before the interview)

Time(s):_____________ Gender: F/ M

Relationship(s): _______________________________(optional)


Darren: Mr Leo

Do you think that the amount of time spent on Facebook actually does affect our exam results? Yes, I think so. It all depends on how much time this person actually spends on Facebook, and whether it has come to a point ..

Note: Do not edit for grammatical errors or change the sentence structures of your interviewees responses. You should transcribe the interview verbatim (ie word by word exactly).
Post-Interview Stage: Analysis and Evaluation: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________


- Summarise what you have found out from your interview - Implications of these findings - Conclusion Keep to a maximum of 600 words for this section. In-text citations and references not required.
(Sample letter to the intervieweemodify it to suit your need)

John Tan 250, Middle Road Singapore 032956 Hp 92344380 10 Mar 2008

Mr Philip Lim Product Manager Red Horse Company Pte Ltd 211, Defu Lane Singapore 031245 Dear Mr Philip Lim, Request for Interview Concerning the Miracle Claims of Red Horse We are students of Secondary One from Raffles Institution. Included in our curriculum is a Research Education (RE) project. This project is compulsory and aims to expose pupils to research methods and lay the foundation for more group research opportunities at the upper level. Under this project, a group of pupils must carry out a project work in four areas: library research, social survey, interview and presentation of scientific data. For the interview component, we would like to look at the Red Horse health tonic and how it attempts to achieve its claims. We would be very grateful if you could assist us in our investigation by granting us an interview at a time convenient to you. We would be calling you in a few days for your reply. 5

Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours sincerely, ---------------------(John Tan) Group Leader