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Sept Oct 2013

Serving the Residents and Employees of Creek County since 1989 Encourage Educate Equip

Meet CCLPs 2013-14 Board of Directors

Voting took place on Tuesday, August 20, and the results for the Creek County Literacy Program Board of Directors was announced last week. Board members serve for a two year term. They include:

Barbara Fuente President HireRight, Inc.

Derald Buckley Vice President Retired Educator

Shawna Ellis Treasurer American Heritage Bank

Connie Jones Secretary Sapulpa Head Start

Ian Danziger Danziger Photography

JoBeth Force Artist/Teacher

Richard Fulton Retired Executive

Art Johnson Drumright Adult Learning Center

Barbara Morris Retired Educator

Harry Nelson Retired

Lois Thurston Retired

Laura Yost Kellyville Elementary School

Not pictured: Yvonne Allen, Retired; Scott Gordon, Calvary Baptist Church; Cynthia Holtwick, Retired; Martha Stalker, Bartlett Carnegie Library; John Mark Young, Young Law Office; Melissa M. Struttmann, Executive Director For more information on serving on Creek County Literacy Programs Board of Directors, please call Melissa M. Struttmann at 918-224-9647 or email mmuncy@creekliteracy.org. A special thank you to Danziger Photography.

CCLP Receives Four iPads

In August, CCLP received three iPads through a grant from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. The Tutor -Learner teams have implemented the iPads into their weekly tutoring sessions with great success. Bristow Indian Community Enterprises also donated an iPad to Creek County Literacy Program in August. The iPads are easy to use, very accessible, intuitive and similar to the smart phones most of our Learners own, explained Melissa. CCLP is a non-profit organization and is able to offer reading instruction, testing and tutoring at no cost because of grants and individual private gifts such as these.

CCLP Receives Generous Gift from Sapulpa Walmart

Free 16-Week Technology Class

Beginning September 3, CCLP will offer a free 16-week technology workshop. Topics will include ios, android, smart phones, tablets and laptops. Class size is limited to five participants, but will be offered four times a week to ensure everyone will get individual attention. Executive Director Melissa M. Struttmann and Board Member JoBeth Force proudly accepted a $1,000 gift from the Sapulpa Walmart. CCLP was one of four recipients at Walmarts recent Grand Reopening.

CCLP Participates in Creek County Convoy of Hope

In mid-August, the Convoy of Hope made a stop at the Creek County Fairgrounds. This community outreach gave away more than $1 million dollars in goods and services to needy residents. In addition to free health screenings, groceries and haircuts, there were free back-to-school backpacks, supplies and shoes for the kids. Creek County Literacy Program distributed well over 500 books to children and adults.

The Mission of the Creek County Literacy Program is to encourage, educate and equip aspiring readers to overcome the barriers of illiteracy.

Caring Grands Needs You!

Senior Citizens! YOU Can Make a Difference

Mark Your Calendar for this Informative Fire Safety Class

Creek County Literacy Program, in conjunction with the Sapulpa Fire Department, is hosting a Free Fire Safety Class Thursday, October 10 at 4:30pm. Open to the public, this class will offer families a great refresher on general safety tips. Topics such as stop, drop and roll, how to locate a fire exit in your home, the best location for a meeting place, how to deal with cooking fires, and tips on smoke alarms will be covered. Bring the kids out to see the fire truck, have your questions answered, and apply for a free smoke detector! For more information call Creek County Literacy Program at 918-224-9647.

Creek County Literacy Program needs tutors for one-onone reading with 1st and 2nd Graders. You may be the deciding factor between success and failure for a young, struggling reader. With your dedication and one hour a week at a local elementary school, you will leave a legacy for years to come. We want caring people like you! Training is free. Books are free. The fun is free! Please call 918-224-9647 for more information.

CCLP Cost Breakdown

Curious about the costs associated with Creek County Literacy Program? Here are some figures and how your contribution makes an impact: $10 One Reader-Friendly Edition of Holy Bible $15 One set of Phonics cards $25 One tutor training resource book $55 One student study set (one level) $90 10-pack Pleasure Reading Paperback Pack $120 Three cases of copy paper $175 Printing and postage for one issue of newsletter $200 Assessment/Intake for ten new Learners $200 Materials for an Adult Learner Book Club meeting $250 Tutor Training for ten Tutors $300 Four color Ink Cartridges for one staff computer printer $500 iPad and protector/cover for computer lab $600 300 childrens books $1,500 Sponsorship for annual Spelling Bee for ten threeperson School or Public Service teams

Creek County Literacy Program 15 North Poplar Sapulpa, OK 74066

Donate Used Toner Cartridges

Heres an extremely easy and environmentally friendlyway you can help Creek County Literacy Program. Bring your empty ink and toner cartridges by CCLP and drop them in our collection box. Thats it! Sapulpa Cartridge World makes a donation to the Literacy Program for the empty cartridges, AND they are able to reuse them, which is a win-win for everyone! Call the office for more details.

Calendar of Events
September 9, 16, 23, 30 Tai Chi Library Annex10:30a 16 Book Club & Potluck Dinner Library Annex5:30pm 10 Fire Safety Basics 18 Book Club & Library Annex4:30pm Potluck Dinner Library Annex5:30pm 21 Book Club & Potluck Dinner 19 Board Meeting Library Annex5:30pm Library Annex5:30pm

Free Tai Chi Program Offered

CCLP is offering a free Tai Chi program through October 21. The one hour session is held Mondays at 10:30am at the Library Annex. Tai Chi is designed to improve ones balance and reduce the likelihood of falling, according to Instructor Gina Wozencraft, who is with the Creek County Health Department. Space is limited. For more information call Creek County Literacy Program at 918-224-9647.

24 First Aid & Poison December 17 Board Meeting Control Dos & Donts 3 Christmas Party Library Annex5:30pm Library Annex5:30pm Library Annex5:30pm October 7, 14, 21 Tai Chi Library Annex10:30a 8 Board Meeting Library Annex5:30pm November 6 American Heart Saver CPR Class Library Annex911:30am or 4-6:30pm 17 Board Meeting Library Annex5:30pm January 21 Board Meeting Library Annex5:30pm

How You Can Help Creek County Literacy Program

Financial contributions from individuals and organizations are vital to the ongoing work of the Creek County Literacy Program. With your help, we can continue to reach the increasing number of residents and employees of Creek County who need basic literacy services. CCLP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible. Here are some of the ways you can help: Financial Contributions To make a tax deductible contribution, please send your check to: Creek County Literacy Program 15 North Poplar Street Sapulpa, OK 74066 Through Special Events CCLP hosts several special fundraisers throughout the year. We also encourage organizations and businesses to sponsor special events that benefit CCLP. These include book fairs, silent auctions, and other creative ideas. With In-Kind Products or Services We are always in need of educational and office supplies including:

11x17 copy paper Mailing Labels Postage Stamps File Cabinets Answering Machine Postage scale Paper Products for kitchen & bathroom Bottled Water
If you wish to donate business products or professional services, please contact Melissa Muncy, Executive Director at 918-224-9647 or mmuncy@creekliteracy.org.

The Economic Impact of Literacy

Do you want to help the economically disadvantaged? Support adult literacyit makes a HUGE impact! Adult literacy and basic education programs are crucial to alleviating poverty and putting Americans back to work. A report recently released by the AP indicates that 80% of American adults struggle with economic insecurity. 30 million American adults struggle to read, write, and do basic math at a third grade level, are unable to fill out a job application, read a simple book to their children or grandchildren, or understand a prescription label. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, individuals who are at the lowest level of literacy have a higher unemployment rate and those with less than a high school diploma are more than three times more likely to be unemployed. 90% of welfare recipients are high school dropouts.


Creek County Literacy Program 15 North Poplar Street