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Assignment Brief Small Business Management

Assessment Brief

1. Unit and Assessment Details

Course Title: HND Business

Unit Name: Small Business Management
Assessor: Aamir Saeed
Internal Verifier: Miss Sadaf Ijaz

Assessment Title: Analysis and Recommendation Strategies for

Small Business in Peshawar
Assessment Method: Report
Assessing in: Group of 3
Number of Words: 2500 words
Outcomes Covered: 1,2,3,4

Issue Date: April 9, 2009

Due Date: June 20, 2009

Group Members

College No. Learner Name Learner Signature

Learner’s Declaration: I confirm that the work submitted for this assignment is my own.

Outcomes Covered

Outcome Description
1 Analyse the Performance of Small Business
2 Propose changes to improve Management and
Business Performance
3 Revise Business Objectives and Plans to incorporate
proposed changes
4 Implement changes in all areas of the Business.

Page 1
Assignment Brief Small Business Management

NOTE: Attach this page as first page of your report

Purpose and Aim

The purpose of this assignment is Know about the Problems of the Small
Business, along with the Opportunities it provides to the Entrepreneur. Students
should have to monitor and analyze different strategies that are in Practice of
different Small Business Enterprises. Students should also have to mention the
strategies for the growth of Small Business firms.

Another important aim is to develop the common skills that learners require in
practical life. These skills will be observed closely by the respective lecturers.

Approved list of businesses is attached with the brief.

You are required to do following tasks:
 Selection of the firm that is categorized as a Small Business by the Local
Authorities based on the Market share or the Number of Employees.
(SMEDA in Pakistan) and Describe the Profile of the business you have
selected for your assignment in detail (Outcome 1.1)
 Study the strategies in practice of the Firm you have selected and review
its Performance. (Outcome 1.2)
 Analysis of Strength and Weaknesses the Small Business Enterprise
Selected. (Outcome 1.3)
 Based on the Analysis in Outcome 1.3, recommend the appropriate actions
to overcome the Business Weaknesses. (Outcome 2.1)
 Investigate the Recommendations that you have mentioned in Outcome
2.1, to assess its impact on the Performance of the Business. Also how
your recommendations could be maintained and strengthened in the small
business firm that you have selected for your assignment. (Outcome 2.2)
 Suggest ways in which the business could be expanded (Outcome 2.3)
 Review the Current Objectives and Plans that the Small firm have or
trying to achieve. Outcome 3.1)
 Review the current Plans of the small Business firm that you have selected
for your assignment, and Recommend the changes in their current Plans
that you consider important for achieving the objectives. (Outcome 3.2)
 Prepare the Action Plan to implement the changes that you recommended
in the Outcome 3.2. (Outcome 3.3)
 Assess the impact of changes, that you are recommending to the small
Business firm, on the Personnel and on the Business of the firm. (Outcome

Page 2
Assignment Brief Small Business Management

 Explain the how the changes that you are recommending will be
implemented and managed in the Small Business firm. (Outcome 4.2)
 Monitor the Improvements in business and Management Performance.
(Outcome 4.3)

Grading Statement (For Report)

Criteria Pass Merit Distinction

P1 Describe the Profile of Study different Monitoring
the Business departments of the Strength and
P2 Review the Performance small firm, weaknesses of the
of the Business M1 Centralization and D1 firm based on
Identify the Strengths decentralization Opportunities and
P3 and Weakness of the issues in decision Threats in the
Business making, with the External
workload, and Environment.
importance of
departments Study the
D2 history that have
changed their
Threats in
P4 Recommend Appropriate Recommend the Suggest the
actions required to actions to overcome Expansion
overcome Business the Business Strategies with the
weaknesses weaknesses along aid of Ansoff
P5 Investigate the ways in with the impact on Matrix, and Product
which existing the different line, Mix, and depth
performance could be departments of the extensions, along
maintained and M2 organization, and D3 with the need of
strengthened. the cost Benefit financial and
P6 Suggest new areas in ratio. Human resources
which the Business could required for
be expanded. different

Page 3
Assignment Brief Small Business Management

P7 Review Existing Review the existing Mention the Cost

Business Objectives and Plans of the firm in Benefit ratio of
Plans. the coordination Existing Business
P8 Revise Business Plans to with the Mission Objectives and
incorporate appropriate M3 statements and D4 Plans, Recommend
changes Vision of the the changes along
P9 Prepare Action plans to organization. with the cost benefit
implement changes Revise the Plans ratio, and prepare
and mention the the action plans for
impact on different the implementation
areas of the of the
organization and recommended
mention the changes, with the
resistance of aid of different
change. charts like PERT
P10 Assess the impact of What changes you Consider other
changes on the business expect that will related organization
and the associated result based on your that have
Personnel. Recommendations? implemented your
Mention changes proposed
on multiple suggestions and
departments of the monitor the results
M4 organizations, D5 due to the proposed

P11 Explain how the resistance from the Monitor the

implementation of Personnel and improvement of the
changes will be managed Strategies to business that results
in the business motivate the in your proposed
P12 Monitor improvements in M5 Personnel to D6 changes through
Business and implement the Time Series
Management changes. analysis and
Performance. comparisons of the
before and after

Resources Required:
• Small Business Management Slides.
• Small Business Management Bible by David Frey.
• Small Business Management by David Strike
• World Wide Web

Common Skills Covered

Page 4
Assignment Brief Small Business Management

Common Skills Criteria Evidence

Communication • Receive and The format of the report, visually
respond to a aids used, quality of expression
variety of and use of technical terms,
information Presentation of the report to the
• Present class.
information in a
variety of visual
• Communicate in
• Participate in
oral and non-

Working with and • Treat others’ Team meetings and minutes of

Relating to Others values, beliefs meetings,
and opinions Group coherence as a team and
with respect solving problems,
• Relate to and Respective responsibilities of the
interact group members and meeting the
effectively with deadlines together through
individuals and mutual cooperation
• Work effectively
as a team

Applying Technology • Use a range of The report in Microsoft Office

technological (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
equipment and usage will be considered

Managing Tasks and • Use information Team work will be observed and
Solving Problems sources how do you handle different kind
• Deal with a of information from different
combination of sources. This area will be
routine and non assessed on your team meeting
routine tasks minutes and discussion with
• Identify and lecturer.
solve routine
and non-routine

Applying Design and • Apply a range of The development of MIS

Creativity skills and Package will be observed to see

Page 5
Assignment Brief Small Business Management

techniques to the design and creativity aspect

develop a of a student
variety of ideas
in the creation
of new/modified
services or
• Use a range of

General Instructions

• The copy of this assignment brief should be attached with the assignment
as annexure
• The team meetings should be held by the group and minutes of meeting
must be attached with the assignment as annexure
• The calls for the meetings should be attached with the assignment stating
the agenda of the meeting, time and venue of the meeting. A copy of this
letter should be provided to the respective lecturer
• The group should identify its leader and responsibilities of each individual
in the team. This statement should be attached as the annexure and a copy
should be provided after one week of assigning tasks to the respective
• Books and online resources can be used at the college library and Central
Computer Lab
• Proper referencing should be given in the Harvard Style.
• Visits need to be arranged and made to the organizations, meeting the
respective managers, the college will provide a reference letter for the
project and the manager of the organization is welcome to contact the
administration at the college.
• The college has strict penalty for plagiarism and the assignment will be
cancelled if the assignment is observed for this.

Internal Verifier Assessor

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