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Vol. 11 No. 7 May 2009

In This Edition:
10-year Celebration 2

Swearing-In of 2009 Board 4

Class 21 Practicals 6

Class 21 Driving Training 8

Class 21 Crime Scene Practicals 9

Class 21 Graduation 11

RRPD Awards 13

Year End Report 15

Upcoming Speakers 19

Warrant Round Up 20

Chris Wilson Profile 21

May 2009 Page 2

On November 18, the RRPD hosted a 10-year celebration

to recognize the Alumni’s Decade of service to the
department. Those in attendance enjoyed a slide
presentation of the Alumni’s activities during the past 10
May 2009 Page 3
May 2009 Page 4

Our 2009 Alumni Board was sworn in at our January meeting by Sgt. Bob Horton.
This year’s officers are:
President Mike Flicinski Secretary Pam Flicinski
1 VP Frank Gargano Treasurer Paul Cecil
2nd VP Edie Heuss Sgt-at-Arms Jeremy Sheard
May 2009 Page 5
May 2009 Page 6
May 2009 Page 7
May 2009 Page 8
May 2009 Page 9
May 2009 Page 10
May 2009 Page 11

Congratulations to the graduates of CPA Class 21!

Twelve graduates have applied for membership in the
Alumni -- the necessary paperwork will be completed in
the near future.
May 2009 Page 12
May 2009 Page 13

Numerous police department

employees were honored for their
dedicated work at the department’s
annual award ceremony.

Our very own Paul Cecil was

honored as Volunteer of The Year for
his efforts in revamping the Training
and Recruiting Department’s file

Receiving Departmental Commendations were awarded to:

TCO Courtney Adams Sergeant Andy McKinney

Officer Craig Cargill Officer Aaron Mitchell
Officer Dee Carver Admin Tech Chasity Rojas
Brenda Craytor Officer Tony Rojas
Heath Douglas Sergeant Dwight Schmidt
Ivonne Duran Logistics Officer Jennifer Soto
Admin. Tech Diane Gargano Officer J.J. Strong
Officer Tom Hau Officer Doug Teiber
Don Heflin TCO Deborah Thatch
TCO Gary Janousek Management Analyst Sherrill Voll
Officer Jimmy Keyes TCO Angela Walker
Admin Tech Jan Kubsch Officer Jim Weber
Admin Assistant Tricia McFerran Officer Sandy Wright

The Unit Citation Award was presented to:

TCO Courtney Camden Report Taker Supervisor Damaris Morales
Officer Vincent Cherrone Records Technician Joyce Peacock
Management Analyst Brenda Craytor Detective Dean Peterson
Heath Douglas Officer Brian Quick
Officer Ross Harris Detective John Rowe
Officer Tom Hau Detective Tim Stevenson
Records Unit Supervisor Stacie Hancock TCO Ann Treffer
Rubi Janousek TCO Tracy Wardlow
Sergeant Bob Mata TCO Angela Walker
May 2009 Page 14

Exemplary Service Awards

were given to:

TCO Rebecca Rodriquez

Report Taker Damaris Morales
Officer Daniel Kilpatrick

A Meritorious Service
Award was presented to:

Officer Chris Wilson

Officer Greg Brunson
Officer Jason Watson

Outside Agency Commendation were given to:

Crime Scene Specialist Ed McKinstry

Accreditation Manager Joseph F. Teiber
Detective Shawn Scott
Officer Tony Rojas

Supervisor of the Year

Sergeant Andy McKinney

TCO Ann Treffer

Civilian Employee of the Year

Admin Tech Chasity Rojas
May 2009 Page 15


By Volunteer Services Coordinator Stan Simpson

2008 was an eventful year in Volunteer Services. The year was spent reviewing, re-
organizing, and refocusing to get volunteer groups on track and stay active. During the past
year, I have met with each organization on a regular basis to maintain an open dialog for
topics such as procedures, goals, projects, membership involvement, recordkeeping and
timekeeping. I have achieved my goal to work closely with the leaders and board members
to look for opportunities that utilize their skills.

During the 2008 fiscal year, the Volunteer Services contributed 9523 hours, which is an
increase of 2076 hours over the 2007 total of 7447. The volunteers, who support the RRPD,
provide valuable services for the community. My goal for 2009 will be to continue working
toward awareness and cross-training among the various volunteer groups as well as working
with department leaders, and exploring areas and activities that could be performed by
volunteers. In this time of National recession, volunteers will become a valuable resource to
the PD and the City of Round Rock.

Once again, in 2008, we found that capturing an accurate figure for volunteer activities
challenging. Many volunteers, who give up their time to support our cause, do not realize the
importance of submitting the timesheets, or choose not to bother with the recordkeeping. In
order to help resolve this situation, we have implemented Activity Time Sheets which event or
team leaders provide at activities, that allow volunteers in attendance to simply initial in order
to capture volunteer time. This procedure has helped with the recordkeeping within several
of our organizations and I will continue to work with organization leaders to stress the
importance of recordkeeping.

Another recordkeeping change which had an impact on volunteer hours, involves the
procedure for recording “on call” rather than “active” volunteer hours. When I began as
Volunteer Coordinator at the end of 2007, I discovered that “on call” volunteer hours were
being recorded as active hours. While we agree that this time should be recognized within
individual groups, it is Department Policy that we do not include “on call” as active volunteer
time. It was agreed that Volunteers “on call” will received 4 hours of work credit for 40 hours
of “on call” since PD staff received $30 for each 7 days for “on call.” Basically, it is believed
that any of our volunteers may be called upon outside of their specific meeting or scheduled
event times, and they would respond. Therefore we feel that the total number of volunteer
hours recorded for 2008 accurately reflects volunteer time for active participation. In order to
maintain a realistic count of active volunteers, I have removed files for people that have
resigned or fail to maintain a working status.

One of the highlights for the last quarter of 2008, was the Senior Luncheon, which was held
on December 16th at the Sirloin Stockade. As one of the most popular annual events, 65
seniors braved an ice and cold weather, aided by some caring PD staff that provided
transportation, to attend this event. Once again this year, the seniors came with crutches,
nurses, and oxygen, focused on this event. Sgt. Darin Bayles welcomed the seniors as POA
May 2009 Page 16

hosted the event. Volunteers from SALT, TAP, CPAAA, Chaplains, Blue Santa, and VA
enjoyed the buffet selections. As a special surprise, the seniors were treated to a gift from
Jack & Judy Hardison of Austin, who prepared, inside a mug, a festive arrangement of candy
and a stuffed animal (provided by Blue Santa).

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANCE/SERVICES consists of citizens that volunteer time to

provide administrative and clerical services to support PD staff. During 2008, we added
several new volunteers to support the staff with recordkeeping, file maintenance,
correspondence and general administrative work. There are 14 active administrative
volunteers who collectively volunteered 1,502 hours, up from 861 in 2007.

Another new initiative we added in 2008, was the implementation of a Train-the-Trainer

position to the volunteer group. In order to overcome the obstacle of overworked staff having
to spend time training volunteers as new workers sign up, Mike & Pam Flicinski have agreed
to undertake the training aspect. During the last quarter of 2008, they have spent time to
learn several of the major administrative tasks in order to take new volunteers under their
wing to train future volunteers.

BLUE SANTA is another volunteer group that exceeded the previous year’s volunteer hours
with 1255 hours volunteered to wrap & distribute holiday cheer, showing an increase of 257
volunteer hours from 2007. Blue Santa was able to pick up the slack as the community
sponsored families and children decreased. Blue Santa program serviced 513 families and
37 seniors. The total number of children we assisted was 1303 which equates to 4173
wrapped and delivered presents! Kudos to the dedicated Blue Santa volunteers under
President Vinnie Cherrone!!

CHAPLAIN PROGRAM. Chaplain Services provide counseling to PD staff and families and
victims of emergency situations and accidents. In 2007, 11 chaplains volunteered 332 hours
of active duty. Under the care of Tom Hau, this organization experienced some changes in
order to improved service. In 2008, 6 chaplains donated 1,375 valuable hours in active

CITIZEN’S POLICE ACADEMY. Ofc. Lloyd Bird is in charge of the CPA classes. I met with
Lloyd in reference to the December class. The class has been postponed until March 3,
2009. The CPA class was revised to include more “hands on” and interactive activities, and
received high praises by current members as well as past members.


has completed the CPA class and has been formed to support the PD. In December, the
group celebrated the 10 year anniversary at the PD, as the staff, alumni, and city council
members join the party. The Chief gave words of praise for the support of the group to the
PD over the years, and encouraged them to continue their fine work. Although the number of
projects was limited this year, the group still managed to donate 3105 hours to support the
PD staff under the direction of President, Laura McManus.
May 2009 Page 17

One of the projects that the CPAAA has been involved with for the past 9 years is the
Warrant Call Project. This project consists of volunteers making phone calls to individuals
who have outstanding warrants, and reminding them of their civic and legal responsibility to
take care of business. Under the Lead Committee chair person Sheila Offutt, this effort
resulted in the collection of 186 warrant resolutions and a collection of fines in the amount
of $74,977 for 2008. After 9 years of service Sheila has announced her retirement from that
position. We will miss Sheila, and we want to thank her for her years of service. We are
happy to announce that 2 of our CPAAA members, Steve and Lisa O’Connor have stepped
up to the plate to take over the duties.

EXPLORERS. 2008 was a good year for this group, as Sgt Jess Eckard, Sgt. Scott Dunnam,
and Ofc. Norman Ainsworth, continue to work with the group. Utilizing designated leaders or
“sergeants” timekeeping and other administrative tasks stayed on track. The group activities
increased from the previous year, where 19 members provided 604 hours (up from 209
hours in 2007), and participated in many worthwhile projects. One Explorer, Josh Lake,
graduated from this program and has accepted a position as an Explorer Post Advisor. He
also completed the CPA class and is currently an active member of the CPAAA This is the
kind of success story that Jess and Scott are looking forward as the class matures.

Family Services. This group, under leadership of Mark Northrup, began in early 2007 for
support of families, continues to stay ready to assist. Fortunately, 2008 was a quiet year in
terms of officer deaths, and with the return of officers that were deployed in Iraq, the only PD
staff member on active duty remains stationed within the US boarders. This good news
resulted in a decrease of volunteer hours from the previous year. A total of 50 hours were
logged for 2008.

SALT. Seniors and Law Enforcement Together continues to rebound. From near extinction in
2007, these seniors have come to life with projects and fund raisers. Plans for this group in
2009 include partnering with other volunteer groups (including CPAAA), for social value as
well as combined workforce efforts. Volunteer hours for 2008 totaled 311 hours up from 280
for the previous year. With the assistance of the Public Service Officer, Diane Gargano, the
Lock Box program is current with all applications filled and boxes installed. To date, there
has been 73 lockboxes installed. The Peep Hole project is also alive, and installations are
being coordinated by SALT member Karrick Davis. Both of these projects are a valuable
service, providing security and safety to our elderly population.

TAP Telephone Assurance Program is designed to check on the welfare of our Senior
Citizens. Under Co-Chairs Jo Bryant and Gayle Cogdell, daily phone call ensures that
individuals are safe and can answer their phones, and the human contact provides a social
outlet for some of the seniors. A total of 470 hours were spent providing this valuable
service for 20 elderly clients, which was and increase of 149 more hours than last year.

Victims Assistance This volunteer group designed to provide emotional support in the time
of crisis. This small group commits many hours for “on call” service ready to react to a page
out in response to a crisis situation. After reviewing the program last year, it was determined
to limit the logged volunteer time for this group to “active participation.” With Sgt Darin
May 2009 Page 18

Bayles of the PD with Deborah Tahiri, volunteers logged 475 hours of active duty/training
volunteer, and a 901 hours of recordable volunteer hours and credited on call hours.

PACE CAR PROGRAM Have introduced the program to CPAAA and SALT group and have
recruited 10 new members. Will continue to promote the program, and will meet with traffic
enforcement patrol to monitor the success.

POLICE RETIREES Potential members were identified, contact information obtained, and
a dialog began to identify focus and priorities for this group. In late 2008, I sent out survey to
obtain information and obtain ideas for the group. A consensus suggests that an alumni
association, rather than “retirees” be formed to include more personal and perhaps a more
active group. A request has been made for this group to assist in the History Project at the

RESERVE POLICE OFFICER I met with Ofc. Lloyd Bird and Reserve Ofc. Kyle Haass, to
determine needs and identify improvements with this program. This year an addition of one
new reserve, Josh Simpson, has been added to the list. I will keep the reserves informed of
training and department requirements regarding education training opportunities. A
discussion has begun to identify 3 types of Reserve Officers within the RRPD, based on skills
and abilities of individuals applying to the program. I will work closely with Chief Williams,
A/C Ryle, Capt Babin, and J Tieber regarding requirements within CELEA standards.

CITY INSURANCE BOARD REPRESENTATIVE 2008 began a new year of insurance

programs. Once again, we will fall under the Aetna insurance company. A new program will
enable us to qualify for free prescriptions from the Wal-Mart “generic medicine list.” We are in
the process of securing a secondary insurance for RRPD retirees and city employees eligible
for Medicare. We are investigating options for insurance that would cover personnel while on
duty volunteering for the city.

TCPAAA Convention!

The 2009 statewide TCPAAA Convention will be held in at the Embassy Suites
Hotel in San Marcos. Dates are July 30 – August 1. The $100 registration fee
covers all class sessions, membership in the state organization, 1 lunch and the
banquet. Class sessions currently include: the Terry Shivo case, Gangs, Dating
violence, Credit Card abuse, VIPS, Hostage Negotiations and The Body Farm.

The 2010 TCPAAA Convention will be held in Bryan/College Station on August

11 – 13.

The 2011 TCPAAA Convention will be held in Galveston August 21 – 24.

May 2009 Page 19



Our guest speaker will be Jim Clifton, Senior Special Agent/Investigator with TCLEOSE, who will
give a presentation on that agency's function in Texas law enforcement. The mission of the Texas
Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education is to establish and enforce
standards to ensure that the people of Texas are served by highly trained and ethical law enforcement
and corrections personnel.


The guest speaker will be Sgt. Danny Foley of the National Guard. He will give an overview of how
the National Guard integrates with law enforcement.


Our guest speaker will be Paul Mohler, Training Coordinator, Juvenile Crime Intervention, Criminal
Prosecution Division Texas Attorney General's Office, who will address Gangs and the Internet.


Our RRPD Public Information Officer Eric Poteet will speak on whatever he feels like!


The guest speaker will be Machelle Gaconnet from the Paws in Prison program at the Lockhart Prison.
Paws in Prison brings together rescued dogs and inmates and gives both a second chance at life.
Homeless dogs are provided with training and socialization and the inmates are given a chance to give
back to the community and build self-confidence to allow them to lead productive lives.
May 2009 Page 20

Round Rock Police Department, along with numerous other agencies in Central Texas
held their annual warrant round-up on Saturday, March 7, 2009.

Our troops were there bright and early at 5 am for briefing, and were led by:
Team #1: Sgt. Bob Mata and Lynn Carmichael (our cheerful leaders)
Team #2: Kevin McBreen and J.J. Strong
Team #3: Jeff Uhrig and Chris Kress
Team #4: Robert Saucedo and Aaron Mitchell
Team #5: Jim Bell and Bodie Warren (who brought in the 1st arrest @ 5:24!)
Team #6: Joseph Claypool (who was on his own as his partner Mike Kincaid
was a no-show. Joseph was a transporter for the other teams.)
Team #7: Sgt. Justin Carmichael and Shelby Ingles
Team #8: Martin Flores and Jeff Gogolewski

I led our CPAAA volunteers in assisting all of our officers, providing support in the
courtroom. Our volunteers consisted of George Joos at the front door, Frank Gargano
at the check-in and he were later joined with Morris Norren – they were firm yet fair to
all. Then inside all were greeted with the smiling faces of Diane Ducre and Linda
Zamarripa to hand them their phones and tissues.

Total arrests of the day were 20 and 1 walk-in. The total amount collected due to the
arrests was $14,155.80, and the total collections reported on 3/7/09 were $29,274.91
(this includes any warrants paid on Friday afternoon; all collections on Saturday due to
arrests, walk-ins and cash bonds posted). We had 5 arrests by 7 am and 10 arrests by
8:15. The biggest arrest (in dollar amounts – over $2,000, was by Jeff Gogolewski) and
that was a chance meeting as she left all dressed up for an outing. Little did she know
where her outing would take her! Officer Gogolewski was happy to add to her jewelry
and even give her a chauffeured ride there.

We also stayed for when Judge McNery came and he was very generous and gave all
either a payment plan or community service. All left with smiles on there faces! It was
a long day with lots of fun stories told, donuts galore shared and a lot dollars brought
in. We were glad to serve our community and officers and look forward to next year.
Introducing one of Round Rock’s Finest
Officer Chris Wilson
Written by Laura McManus, RRCPAAA
March 2009

Officer Chris Wilson is from northern California and is

the fifth oldest out of seven children. He graduated
from Ukiah High School in 1989 and was active in
wrestling and the rodeo. Learning he was from the wine country, I had to
ask what his favorite wine was, and he said “any red one”. After graduation,
he joined the Army and is currently a Senior Drill Sgt. in the Army Reserves.
“I always wanted to be a soldier and a cop. Everyone in my family is a
soldier and my brother is a cop in California”. In 1997, he visited a friend from the Army who
lived in Gregory, Texas which is 14 miles from Corpus Christi. He decided to move there and
got a job at Gregory PD as a K-9 officer. Gregory had a total of 5 police officers including the
chief! One of his most interesting calls occurred just a few months after he started. He
responded to a “man on the ground of his front yard with a large butcher knife sticking out of his
chest”. The man lived. The fastest he drove his ’92 Crown Vic was 120 mph while chasing a 16
year-old driving a stolen Corvette.

In 2000, Officer Wilson was hired at RRPD and spent six of those years as a K-9 officer and
“loved it”. He got married that same year and they now have three daughters and live in Hutto.
Officer Wilson shared “people might be surprised to see what a softie I am with my kids, and I’m
not afraid to take my 3 girls to the mall or anywhere else by myself”.

On the lighter side of Officer Wilson, I learned that his favorite

cartoon characters are Quick Draw McGraw and his sidekick
deputy Baba Looey (Bobbaw Luey in case you are one of the
many that is pronouncing it wrong). Additionally he loves The
Three Stooges and John Wayne. His favorite music consists
of classic country and 80’s rock and especially likes Willie and
Johnny Cash. His favorite cop
shows are COPS, NYPD
Blue, and The Shield. His
favorite food is Italian, and likes to drink diet Dr. Pepper, tea, and
coffee. His favorite sports teams are the UT Longhorns for
college football and the Houston Astros for baseball. He is also
a NASCAR fan, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. is his favorite driver. To
relax, he enjoys golf and fishing.

Officer Wilson feels the best thing about being a cop is the variety. “I like having a mobile office
and not being in a cubicle all day. I want a hands-on type of job, not just paperwork. Being a
cop was an easy transition from being in the military”. Anything else? “We are all adrenaline
junkies!” Just don’t forget to pet the cat.

When I asked what his goal was, Officer Wilson quickly stated “to retire by age 50”! Since you
have a few more years to go, I hope you spend it here. We are honored to have you serve both
our country and at the RRPD!
May 2009 Page 22

Current Members
Andrea Johnson
Crista Burzynski
Dalton Pugh
Dana Goggin
Dana Mueller
Diane Ducre
Diane Gargano
Edie Heuss
Frank Gargano
Alumni Uniform Shirts: RRCPAAA Con tacts Gary Gillespie
George Joos
Our new uniform shirt (red polo Michael Flicinski, President
Huyau Chen
shirt with the logo that is on the Jeremy Sheard
front page of The Informant) John Guiling
can be ordered by contacting Frank Gargano, 1st Vice President John Hughes
Ronnie Mueller. Cost is $30 per frank_gargano@rrcpaaa.org Joshua Lake
shirt, payable upon delivery of 246-8120 Judy Anderson
the shirt. Orders are filled by Kim Gross
Edie Heuss, 2nd Vice President
EmbroidMe-Plano and are edie_heuss@rrcpaaa.org
Larry McManus
usually delivered within 7 to 10 924-4259 Laura McManus
days of Sgt. Horton emailing Linda Zamarripa
the order. EmbroidMe-Plano Paul Cecil, Treasurer Lori Peterhans
Paul_Cecil@rrcpaaa.org Michael Flicinski
rebates 5% of the purchase
price of each shirt back to the Michael Johnson
Pam Flicinski, Secretary
RRCPAAA. Mike Goggin
244-5496 Morris Noren
Pam Flicinski
Please email Ronnie at
Jeremy Sheard Paul Cecil
Jeremy_Sheard@rrcpaaa.org Ray Thibodaux
and place your shirt order
Rick Scott
today! Stan Simpson, Liaison
Ronnie Mueller
218-5520 Steve O’Conner
Tammy Arrington
Ofc. Lloyd Bird, CPA Coordinator Tracy Auldridge
lbird@round-rock.tx.us Walter Klingemann

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