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With warm regards,

Chairman & Managing Director
My dear colleagues,
It is the unique beauty of monsoon; incessant rain,
overflowing rivers and chilled winds constantly lashing
us. The farming community prays for good crops and
makes special delicacies. The nature has been
unusually benevolent this year as the heavy downpours
steadily fill the reservoirs, which is a harbinger of power
security and sufficient water for agricultural sector during
the coming season. FACT too joins the farmers in
celebrating the joy of monsoon, as Indian agriculture
still continues to be a gambling on the monsoon.
FACT being the main source of nutrients for the
agricultural sector in South India, our responsibility also
goes up along with rise in the rain chart. Our production
plants are being brought back to normalcy after a slew
of adverse factors compelled us to temporarily suspend
production. Though the production rates have not
reached the expected levels, earnest efforts are being
made to augment production. I request the cooperation
and support from all of you in achieving our production
Though FACT is basically a fertilizer company, which
will continue to be so, our development dreams will not
take wings if anchored on the same shore. I am happy
to inform you that earnest efforts have already been
initiated to expand and diversify our activities into new
pastures so that this company will recoup the lost glory
and image by the year 2020. I hope all of you have
noted the recent media coverage, which focused on
the development dreams of FACT. As our Hon'ble former
President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam often points
out; we have to have dreams, that too big dreams, for a
better tomorrow. FACT also has begun to dream
really big dreams. The coming days are crucial for us;
we have to coordinate our efforts aimed at specific
targets to make our dreams turn into reality.
We have to unlock our key assets to speed up
development schemes in such a way that each unit of
FACT becomes self-sustaining and also a source of
strength for the parent organization. FEDO and FEW
have to augment their efforts to canvass business even
crossing the borders. Trading of fertilizers has immense
potential, which has to be tapped to the fullest extent.
The new projects, as illustrated elsewhere in this issue,
have to be followed-up strenuously and implemented
on a time-bound manner.
Dear colleagues, there is no substitute for hard work
which is sure to yield rich dividend. Let us fasten our
belt to bravely face a tough tomorrow golden days
await us.
A demonstration building using FRBL
panels was put up at IIT, Chennai, which
was inaugurated by Shri T K A Nayar,
Adviser to the Prime Minister. The
photograph shows CMD Shri Jaiveer
Srivastava, Shri T K A Nayar, alongwith IIT
officials, among others. (Top) The demo
Achieving a Turnover of `
7000 crore and Profitability
level of ` 400 crore
Fertilizer production of 20
lakh MT
Fertilizer trading level of 10
Lakh MT
Revi tal i ze FEDO to be
countrys l eadi ng
Engineering & Consultancy
Revi tal i ze FEW by
leveraging resources and
tie up with industries in
shi ppi ng / Chemi cal s /
FRBL- The joint venture
with RCF for making load
steps to enhance the total
fertilizer production to 20 Lakh
MT by the year 2020.
Capacity enhancement of NP
plant by adding a 1000 TPD
stream at Cochi n Di vi si on,
setti ng up a 2800 TPD
Ammoni a-3500 TPD Urea
project at Cochin division are
the major projects planned in
this regard. These plans form
part of the 12
plan proposal
submitted by the company to
Government of India.
Trading of imported fertilizers is
one area wi th hi gh growth
potential. Company has plans
to achieve a trading level of
1 Million tonnes of fertilizers by
the year 2020. Company has
entered into an arrangement
with MMTC to import two lakh
tonnes of complex fertilizers and
Potash to suppl ement own
producti on and thereby to
enhance FACTs presence in
the market. FACT has been
appoi nted as the pool -
handling agent for Urea at
Cochi n port. FACT has
sought allotment of one lakh
tonne of urea for the current
fiscal. Trading activities will
increase the turnover and
revenues of FACT.
FEDO and FEW, the
engineering and fabrication
di vi si ons of FACT, are
gearing up to diversify their
activities with entry into new
areas and strengthening the
core sector, whi ch are
projected to generate extra
FACT 2020
CMD Shri Jaiveer Srivastava unfurls a roadmap for the growth and diversification of
FACT at the press meet held at Udyogamandal Club, aimed at catapulting the
company to a trajectory of steady growth and development by 2020
bearing Gypsum panels, is
focusing on revolutionizing the
building construction field not
only in urban areas but also in
rural India.
Converting Ambalamedu Guest
House i nto a Centre of
Excellence for various types of
Conventi ons, Management
programmes and a state of art
Intellectual Centre.
Unlocking of own assets and
land resources, for continuous
revenue generation.
Develop own properties with the
latest infrastructure in South
Greening the operations by
converting to LNG as feedstock
& Fuel
To venture into export oriented
activities like vegetable farming
Agri - food commodities etc.
FACTs immediate focus is on
maxi mi zi ng producti on.
Company has already initiated
FRBL- The joint venture with
RCF for making load bearing
Gypsum panels is focusing on
product positioning to achieve
capacity limits and planning
to expand for maxi mum
utilization of Gypsum.
Change over from Li qui d
feedstock/fuel to cleaner LNG
will help in greening the
operati ons of FACT by
reducing the carbon dioxide
emission levels.
Since FACTs infrastructure
facilities are comparatively old,
thrust is being given to make
them on par wi th l atest
developments in this field.
Export oriented farming is an
area in which FACT can easily
take up a big share by utilizing
the land and the proximity to
Airport. Preliminary studies are
being done in this direction.
Editorial Committee:
D Nanda Kumar, GM(M)
Managing Editor
A V Jayakumar,
DGM(HR&Admn), Editor
V P Appukkuta Menon,
M(PR&Admn), Dy. Editor
N.M. Prabhakaran, AM(PR)
Asst. Editor
Jacob Kurian, JGM, CD
T.K. Jos, CE(Elec.), FEDO
Rejeni Mohan, CDM
R. Dileep, Dy.CE(Mech), Acid
Siby Michael, Dy.CE(Design),
K.B. Biju, Dy.CSP (NP), CD
B Premchand, M(Hindi)
N.M. Vijayan, AM(HR), HO
Edited, printed and published by
A V Jayakumar, for and on behalf of
The Fertilisers And Chemicals
Travancore Limited.
Printed at M/s Niseema Printers,
Kochi - 18.
For private circulation only.
The views expressed here are not
necessarily those of the management.
Ambika I S JGM(Mat)
Ashok Kumar P JGM(CP)
Sarkar P K Chief Regional Manager (Delhi)
Muraleedharan M K Manager (Finance)
Babu M Manager (HR)
Sreekumar M JGM(UC)
Jeyachandran R JGM(Maint)/UC
Muraleedharan A P DGM(OP)/UC Co-ord
K S Suresh Kumar DGM(T)/UC Co-ord
Ajithkumar T P CSP(UC)
A R P Sen CE(Civil)
Mohana Rao N N Manager (Production)
Kuriachan K P Mgr Prodn Co-ordination (UC)
Mohammed Jamal V Mgr Prodn Co-ordination (UC)
The national meet on Women in Public Sector held at
FICCI Auditorium, New Delhi, turned out to be a refreshing
experience to the delegates from all over the country. FACT
had a good representation at the meeting with the presence
of Smt. Rejeni Mohan, CDM, Smt. Essy Antony, CM(HR),
Smt. P V Sunitha, M(PP), and Smt. K V Nima, DE(FEDO)
who actively participated in the deliberations. Theme of the
meeting was "Women-Organisation Reciprocity"
The programme included talks by professionals and
interaction between the delegates and the speakers.
Deliberations were on the following topics:
Organisational initiatives for creating equal opportunities
for women
Leveraging organisational opportunities for professional
Organisational remedies for barriers to inclusion
Growing despite organisational constraints-insights from
role models
Managing stress from multiple roles and womanhood
Taking charge
of ones health
and well-being
Effective use of
programmes in
the professio-
nalisation of
Diversity as a
stereotypes to
strategic space
in organisations
The program
provided a
platform to
discuss the various
problems faced by
women in their
Essy Antony, CM(HR)
Cont'd on page 7.
FACT Corporate Office has been reorganised incorporating
all the General Managers including GM(F&F), GM(CF) and
GM(M). Shri K George Joseph, GM(Mat), has been posted
as General Manager in charge of international trading. Shri
J P Pradeep, GM(CD), is the new GM(HR& Business
Development). Shri D Pradeepkumar, GM(UC), is
redesignated as GM (Corporate) to look after production
and Corporate Planning. Shri D Nanda Kumar,
DGM(OP)UC, is promoted as General Manager and posted
in charge of Marketing Division.
J P Pradeep,
George Joseph K
GM(Intl. Trdg.)
D Pradeepkumar
D Nanda Kumar
Cont'd on page 16
Circa 1986. I had just joined FACT
as Management Trainee and was learn-
ing the ropes. We had a staff strength
of 9000 at that time and October was
the month when inter-division sports
took place. FEDO had hundreds of
young engineers at that time most of
them excelling in one sports or other.
FEDO cricket team could have played
in the A division of the district,
Udyogamandal or HO or Marketing did
not have a chance against FEDO indi-
vidually. So all the three were combined
together and pitted against FEDO in the
inter-division cricket match. FEDO in-
cluded at least two former Renji play-
ers, Mohankumar and RVK(Maru)
Thampuran. In the combined team there
were a couple of Management Train-
ees inlcuding yours truly and some
sportsmen from UDL division who
hardly played cricket. But we had some
one from Estate Department named
Balan Pandit.
I had my first look at Balan on the
Saturday afternoon. He was almost 60
rotund in appearance and was of me-
dium height. He wore spectacles and
walked with effort. He only spoke a few
words, that too in clipped English. I
later found out that he was the highest
scorer for Kerala in Renji Trophy, was
brought up in Bombay and played for
Dadar Union in Kanga League, twenty
years before Gavaskar. He also played
in English County League with Ted
Dexter and Pataudi. He also kept wick-
ets for Kerala.
FEDO won the toss at UDL ground
and elected to field. A former univer-
sity fast bowler named Chidambaram
opened the bowling and in the first over
itself we were zero for two. Balan was
padding up and I was to go next. Balan
told me I am not yet ready, if you don't
mind you can go to which I muttered 'I
do mind I am not at all ready' and
stoopped to tie my leg guards at a most
exaggerated manner. So Balan went in
and became the non-striker. Within the
next two balls we lost another wicket
and we were a royal zero for three. And
I walked to the pitch in a trance, shiv-
ering and sweating. The helmets were
yet to become a part of the protection
gear at that time. The first ball went off
my bat to fine leg and I ran for a single
which will break the duck. But Balan
at the non-striker's end said, sorry I can't
run, go back. I did not see the next two
sixth ball he will place the ball acutely
between fielders and 'walked ' for a
single which will protect me. By 7th
over, I was able to take a single and my
sigh of relief was audible all over
Balan was out on the 12th over, a
ball trickling on the stumps from his
pad. We were nearly 70 then and yours
truly contributed exactly three. Balan
ponderously walked back, the whole
stadium standing up and applauding.
Taking a leaf out of him, I began
attacking and pulled my first four off
Maru Thampuran. Getting support from
Pavaratty Antony, a volleyball player, I
played out overs and was last out at the
score of 120.
Balan kept the wicket when we
bowled and I could not remember a bye
in the whole innings. Though we fought
tooth and nail, we lost narrowly, but
held our heads high.
Balan came to me after the match
shook hands and said, I will be retiring
soon. This may be my last match.
In 2008 or 2009, FACT honoured
all the sportspersons who were still
around. Mony, Jafer, Balakrishnan,
Mohammad, Sadasivan etc. who were
in the legandary football team were all
around. Dr. Ramanujam, former doc-
tor of FACT, pushing 80s, who was also
a state TT player was looking for Balan
Pandit. He was in England, after leav-
ing FACT and watched lot of cricket.
He said Balan was the best in leaving
in the ball outside the offstum includ-
ing Sunil Gavaskar. The only Indian
cricketer who is equal to Balan in this
regard was Sanjay Manjrekar. I point-
edly asked about Rahul Dravid, but the
good doctor was emphathetic, Balan
was far ahead. If only he continued in
Bombay, we could have seen a class test
Me, Sreekumar of Materials and
Raju of PD decided there and then to
visit him. Some how that trip did not
materialize. And we saw the sad news
in obituary columns last week.
Adieu, Balan Pandit.
balls and of the last ball, I drove to long
off and went for a single. Again Balan
sent me back with sorry, I can't run. I
was fuming by that time and let go a
few expletives under the breath.
Next over Balan was to face
Chidambaram. The first ball was fast
and on the good length. Balan played
forward and defended. The next second,
the ball raised to cover boundary.
Chidambaram and FEDO fielders stood
transfixed. I remember a flick to leg
which reached the boundary near the
stage that the ground still has on. The
last ball of the over was placed between
square leg and long leg and he began
walking towards me. Then only I real-
ized Balan was going for a single and
I responded with alacrity.
Next few overs were a lesson to all
especially to the non-strikers. The grass
singed when Balan square drove on the
off and when a fast bowler bounced he
went back and pulled into mid wicket
for six. Cuts began scudding past point
and fielders at cover and the third man
looked on helplessly. Every fifth or
Hitha secured A+
in all subjects in
higher secondary
examination under
Kerala syllabus
2013. She is the
daughter of Shri P
J David, P D Lab.
Neethu, Daughter
of Shri I Mohanan,
CM(Trg) and Dr.
Remadevi, Head of
the Dept. of Applied
Science, Model
Engg. College,
Thrikkakara, secured 97% marks in the
ISC examination 2013. She is the top
scorer in Udyogamandal MES School.
Jithin, S/o Shri K
K Mohan, AO
(Traffic), PD
secured A1 in all
subjects in the 10th
level examination
2013 conducted by
CBSE. He studied at Vidyadhiraja
Vidyabhavan, Ankamaly.
FACTUdyogamandal Division
was awarded third prize by The
Kerala State Pollution Control Board
among very large industries for
substantial and sustained efforts in
pollution control in 2012. The award
was presented on 5
June 2013, the
World Environment Day by Shri
C.N. Balakrishnan, the Honble
Minister for Co-operation, Khadi &
Village Industries and Pollution
Control at a function held at
Kanakakunnu Palace
Thiruvananthapuram. The award
Udyogamandal Division bags
Pollution Control Board Award
included a cash prize of `25,000/- in
addition to plaque and certificate of
Shri M. Sreekumar, JGM (UC)
received the award from Shri C.N.
Balakrishnan, Minister for Co-
operation, Khadi & Village Industries
and Pollution Control. Shri
K.Muraleedharan, MLA. Shri
K.Sajeevan, Chairman, Kerala State
Pollution Control Board, among
others, attended the function. Shri
Manuel Zacharias, JGM (FEW) was
also present.
FEW has once again proved its
expertise in the field of fabrication of
heat exchangers by successfully
completing the fabrication and supply
of one Economizer for Udyogamandal
Complex. This unit has 130 cast iron
gilled 'U' tubes. The overall height of
the Economizer including shell is about
6 metres with an approximate weight
of 2 tonnes. The design, drawing
preparation and fabrication were carried
out under the approval of IBR. The
economizer has been despatched to
UDL for erection and commissioning.
Sahil P, S/o
M Pocker,
Electrical, CD,
who has been
Fide Rating in
D/o Shri K M
Ba l a k r i s h n a n ,
Bagging Plant, CD,
has scored A+ for
all subjects in
Kerala VHSE
examination 2013.
D/o Shri C N Shaji,
Mech. maint. PD,
has scored A1 for
all subjects in the
10th standard exam
of CBSE 2013.
Afnitha C A, D/o Shri
C M Abdulrahiman,
Mech. Maint, UD
and Smt. Bulciya,
scored A+ for all
subejcts in the SSLC
examination 2013.
P Aravind, S/o Shri
P R Prahladan, AO
(P D Stores) and
Smt. K Sreekala,
LIC, Aluva, has
secured A+ in all
subjects in the Plus
II examination (Kerala syllabus) 2013. He
studied at Model Technical School, Kaloor.
chess. He is a class X student of
Rajasree SMM H S, Kadungalloor.
FEDO has been assigned the work
of Technical Audit/Inspection of SSP
manufacturing units in the states of
Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil
Nadu & Karnataka by Department of
Fertilisers (DoF). Out of the total 82
SSP manufacturing units spread over
different states, 30 units are being
audited by FEDO. DoF has come up
with a suggestion to conduct surprise
inspection of SSP units by a third party
inspection team comprising senior
retired officers from FACT/NFL/RCF
to ensure the quantity of SSP produced
and quality of SSP supplied to the
farmer community is as per FCO
norms/NBS policy.
In this connection, a training session
was conducted at FEDO on 17
2013 for the retired officers of FACT
who had got empanelled by DoF for the
third party inspection. The training
session was led by Shri S.C. Gupta I.A.S,
Joint Secretary to the Ministry of
Fertilizers and Chemicals. Shri Neeraj
Singhal, Director (Fertilisers) and Shri P.
B. Sahu, Under Secretary (DoF) were
also present. Smt. K.T.Mariamma,
JGM(FEDO) the Nodal Officer for third
party inspection, welcomed the gathering.
Shri V. K. Anil, Director (Technical) and
Shri K. V. Sukumaran, GM(F&F)
participated in the discussions.
Training session was organized to
brief the role of third party inspection
team to ensure that the quality and
quantity of SSP manufactured and raw
materials consumed are meeting the
standards prescribed by DoF, and to
assist DoF in controlling the outflow
from exchequer byf fertilizer subsidy.
As part of its Business
Development initiatives, FEDO has
empanelled Architects for its
architectural services. FEDO is
expected to receive some prestigious
orders for the design and construction
of various infrastructure projects like
Tourism Centres, Residential/Office
Complexes etc. in near future. This will
help FEDO to professionally carryout
various projects with architectural
blend to carve a niche for itself in the
growing infrastructural construction
scenario of India. The empanelment
will certainly help FEDO to speed up
its design and planning process.
professional lives and how they
succeeded in overcoming them. Sharing
of experiences gave insights into how
women professionals aiming to reach
heights should strategise by deciding
their priorities and then moving towards
the goals.
Testimonies of woman achievers
were showcased which served to inspire
the participants to strive for excellence.
Cont'd from page 4.
Smt. K T Mariamma, JGM(FEDO), speaks at the training session held at FEDO. Shri S.C. Gupta IAS, Jt. Secretary,
Dept. of Fertilisers, Shri V.K. Anil, D(T), Shri Neeraj Singhal, Director (Fertilisers) and Shri P.B. Sahu, Under Secretary,
Dept. of Fertilisers are also seen.
National Meet on Women in Public
Sector: FACT delegates at the
conference venue in New Delhi.
Message from CVO
Dear Colleagues,
As all of you may be aware,
our organization continue to
tread a difficult path and this is
the time for all of us to stand
together and put in our best
efforts to bring the company out
of its rough patch. Several new
initiatives are being taken up
which have the potential to
successfully alter the entire
business model that FACT has
been following decades. From
the way things are, all efforts are
for improvement must be whole
heartedly encouraged.
What is sad is the fact that
production has been
intermittent in all our Plants
including the Caprolactam Plant
which has been shut down for
several months now. It is to be
remembered that keeping the
Plants running and producing
to the maximum capacity
should be the primary aim and
foundation on which all other
efforts are based. With
considerable public support and
local interests in the affairs of the
Company, it is hoped that we
are able to effect a turn around
in the current year. While we
thus embark upon reinventing
ourselves, this is also the time to
put our efforts to follow the best
practices and rules that we
already have in place. My
simple suggestion would be to
read the Manuals. As far as I
have seen, be it Purchase
Procedure or Operational
Manuals, there is hardly
anything to reinvent in the basic
procedures which are laid down
and successfully used over
several decades. As officers, we
must ensure that every
employee working under us
have actually read and
understood the provisions of the
Manuals, which they use. As
employees, let us take a decision
to thoroughly read our guiding
Manuals at least once in the next
two weeks to re-familiarize
ourselves with what we are
doing and how we should do it.
In the recent months several
cases have been noticed
including in Scrap disposal, or
violations in Purchase
Procedure where mistakes were
committed, not with malafide
intentions but due to ignorance
and reluctance to follow the laid
down procedures. Thus, let us
set a new beginning by re-
reading our Manuals and
deciding to follow them as
closely as possible in the coming
Many of you may have
listened to the inspiring words
of Padmabhushan Dr. E.
Sreedharan on 18 June,
exhorting us to come out of our
difficulties through
diversification, leveraging the
extensive assets we possess and
basing our efforts on
Punctuality, Integrity and
Hardwork. Shri E.Sreedharan
embodies the best of the values
that Indian Railways presents,
punctuality, unwavering
dedication to the task and
determination to succeed. Let
us emulate him and work
together to turn this
organization around.
Jai Hind,
J. Vinayan I .R.T.S.
Lets Beat the Stress
Stress is word we hear almost
everywhere we go these days. It is a
set of reactions that takes place in your
body in response to an event. It cover
a huge range of phenomena from
mild irritation to the kind of severe
problems that might result in a real
breakdown of health.
What causes stress?
Any event that triggers a stress
reaction in your body is called a
stresser. It can be a physical demand
such as to run for a bus, or to cope with
the illness or death of a loved one. Even
good things, like getting married or
going for a vacation can be stressful
How can stress affect your health?
Your body first react to stress as if
it were in fight or flight situation. Your
heart speeds up, your breath faster, and
a hormone called adrenaline is pumped
in to your blood stream to give the
energy You need to fight or run. All
these changes help you deal with a
stressor last only for a short time. But
if these changes last a long time, these
these changes can harm your health.
How can stress affect your work?
When you are under too much
stress at work, you may
Cont'd on page 10
A one day workshop on
Procurement and Stores was conducted
on 2
May 2013 at Udyogamandal
board room. About 60 officers from
Corporate Materials, Stores
departments of UC,CD and FEW
attended the Workshop.
CMD Shri Jaiveer Srivastava
inaugurated the programme. In his
Inaugural address CMD appreciated
the initiative taken by FACT Vigilance
Department in conducting such
awareness programmes aiming at
system improvements. CVO Shri
J.Vinayan IRTS, Director (Technical)
Shri V.K Anil, Director (Marketing)
Shri P.K Chandrasekharan also
addressed the participants. General
Manager (Materials) Shri George
Joseph welcomed the guests and
participants and Smt I S Ambika, DGM
(Mat) proposed a vote of thanks.
In the second session Shri P.
Sreekumar DGM (Vigilance) made a
presentation on the back ground of
conducting the workshop. He
explained that it was only an endeavour
for experience sharing and case studies
presented were with an intention of
avoiding such issues in future and not
as a fault-finding mission. He
explained in detail how the written
down procedures would help all,
especially those working in materials
department, to do their job in an
objective manner without fear of
ending up in vigilance cases.
In the session which followed, Shri
Balakrishnan M.S gave a brief
presentation on Central Vigilance
Commission- Roles and functions of
Chief Vigilance Officer. He explained
the concept of Vigilance Angle and
also gave an outline of various
important directives from CVC.
In the post lunch session Sasikumar
Vigilance Workshop on Procurement & Stores
CMD Shri Jaiveer
Srivastava speaks at the
workshop on Procurement
and Stores conducted at
Udyogamandal Board
Room. Shri V.K. Anil,
D(T), Shri P.K.
Chandrasekharan, D(M)
and Shri J. Vinayan,
CVO, are also seen.
T.R, Dy.CM(Vig) made a presentation
on various stages in procurement viz,
Pre bid, to Post order and probable
areas having vigilance angles at each
stage of the procurement activity citing
various case studies from FACT and
also from other reported cases. The
CVC guidelines on various related
issues were also discussed.
In the last session of the day Shri
Balakrishnan M.S made presentation
of stores activities right from receiving
and inspection and up to disposal of
scrap. He explained various areas in
stores having vigilance angle quoting
a number of cases studies.
All the sessions were very
interactive and the final session was
extended up to 4.40 p m (beyond the
scheduled time). CVO interacted with
the participants during the session and
clarified many doubts raised by them.
J Vinayan, I.R.T.S.
Chief Vigilance Officer
Sasikumar T R
Dy.Chief Manager (Vig)
Balakrishnan M S
Dy.Chief Manager (Vig)
P Sreekumar
Dy. General Manager (Vig)
FACT Vigilance contact numbers & E-mail ids.
Hot Stove theory in regard to Disciplinary
Action-Douglas McGregor (Management Expert)
Hot stove Disciplinary Action
When stove is lighted there is a glow and the flame
indicates that it is hot.
When the Management announces the Conduct Rules
(CDA rules/Standing orders), it informs all the,employeees
the DO's and DON'T's of ethical conduct and behavour.
If somebody goes near the hot stove he/she feel the
intensity of heat. It gives advance warning, not to
Management warns that violation of the Conduct
Rules attracts action and those who violate it have to
suffer the consequences and these consequences are
clearly spelt out in the penalties.
A person who touches the hot stove gets his/her
fingers burnt immediately and instantaneously.
If anyone violates the Conduct Rules, action has to be
taken immediately and in publicly.
Hot stove does not discriminate between persons who
touch it. It does not consider even for a moment
whether he/she is rich or poor, young or old, man or
woman, senior or junior, politically connected or not.
The stove does not take into account the
environmental features, like it being a cold day or a
windy day.
Disciplinary Authority should be impartial and
objective, consistent in his action. No discrimination
on grounds of status, power or position and influence.
DA should not yield to external pressures, factors or
other consideration. Justice shall not only be done but
also appear to have been done. He should not take the
easy way out by giving the benefit of doubt in each
and every case.
Hot stove does not have any feeling of happiness or
unhappiness for the person whose fingers are burnt.
The stove is merely following the laws of nature.
Disciplinary Authority should not feel happy or
unhappy about the decision taken by him/her whether
it is punishment or exoneration-should be impersonal.
He is merely carrying out his responsibility to the
orgnization and society.
Feel rushed and helpless
Get angry or upset easily.
Find it hard to concentrate
Make more mistakes
Find it hard to make decisions.
Waste more time
Be less creative
Find it hard to get along with co-
workers and your boss
Be less courteous with customers
Miss work more often
The important thing to understand
is that we all need some level of stress
in our lives. Like food stress is an
important source of energy. However
too much stress (or too little) can be
harmful .In general the more stress you
are under the longer you are under it.
The more likely your health and work
will suffer.
With thanks to Jwaladhwani-Voice
of Kochirefineries. (will continue in
next issue on some tips to overcome
If the hand is in contact with the hot stove for a long
period, the greater will be the pain and the damage to
the hand.
If the violation of the rules is blatant and for a longer
period the punishment must be commensurate.
Lets Beat .....
Cont'd from page 8
Srivastava, CMD, having discussion with Shri V.K. Subburaj,
Adnl. Secretary and Financial Adviser, Dept. of Fertilisers.
Shri P. Muthusamy, D(F), Shri V.K. Anil, D(T), Shri P.K.
Chandrasekharan, D(M) and Shri K.V. Balakrishnan,
Company Secretary are also seen.
Vist at Udyogamandal Complex, Kochi
Visit at Petrochemical plant control room
at Udyogamandal in Kochi
Shri J.P. Pradeep, GM(CD), receives Shri V.K. Subburaj, Adnl.
Secretary and Financial Adviser, Dept. of Fertilisers, at Cochin
Division, Ambalamedu, Kochi
Visit at FACT installations in W.lsland, Cochin Port.
Visit at FRBL, Ambalamedu, Kochi
Dr. E. Sreedharan,
Principal Adviser to
DMRC, who came to
inaugurate the
activities of FACT
Technical Society,
calls on CMD,
Shri Jaiveer Srivastava,
at Corporate Office
Dr. E. Sreedharan inaugurates the activities of FTS
at Udyogamandal Club.
CMD, Shri Jaiveer Srivastava, speaks at the function.
Shri M. Sreekumar,
JGM(UC), receives the
award from Shri C.N.
Balakrishnan, Hon'ble
Minister for Co-operation
and Pollution Control, at a
function held at
Shri K. Muraleedharan
MLA, Shri Manual
Zacharias, JGM (FEW) are
also seen among others.
Area Managers'
Conference at
CMD, Shri Jaiveer Srivastava
speaks at the sales review
Shri P.K. Chandrasekharan,
D(M) is also seen among
A State-level workshop on
strategies for drought mitigation, both
long term and short term, was held by
Kerala Agricultural University in
association with FACT at the Central
Training Institute, Mannuthy.
Dr. V S Rajasekharan Pillai , ex-
Chairman, UGC and ex-Chairman
IGNOU, inaugurated the workshop.
Dr.E Rajendran, Vice-Chancellor,
Kerala Agricultural University,
presided. Shri P K Chandrasekharan,
D(M), was the Chief Guest.
Technical sessions were held on
various crops to identify both short and
long term strategy to be adopted for
overcoming the drought situation in
Kerala. Recommendations of various
technical committees were presented.
A consolidated report on short-term
strategies for overcoming drought was
submitted to Government of Kerala.
Soil Based Plant Nutrient Management Plan forAgro-Ecosystems
The State of Kerala falls under the
humid tropical belt with high rainfall
and temperature, which are conditions
conducive for soil weathering process.
The continuous downward trend in
crop production noticed in Kerala has
been a matter of serious concern.
The Kerala State Planning Board
initiated a project on Soil Based Plant
Nutrient Management Plan for Agro-
Ecosystems of Kerala in 2010. The
project implemented by the
Department of Agriculture was
organized as a multi-institutional
Project of the State and Central
Institutions involved in agricultural
research and development in the State
under the leadership of NBSS & LUP,
Bengaluru and co-ordinated by the
Kerala State Planning Board.
FACT was associated with the
project from its inception as the lead
fertilizer supplier (LFS) of Kerala
The project aimed at collecting
more than 2 lac soil samples from
individual farmers fields covering all
the 1000 Grama Panchayats of Kerala.
The samples were analysed for major,
secondary and micro-nutrients. Soil
health cards are to be generated and
issued to individual farmers using the
soil fertility data generated from the
above study.
This study has identified the following:
Fertility constraints of Kerala Soils
General trends based on soil
Excessive use of high input acid
forming fertilizers and near absence of
the practice of liming has resulted in
soil acidification to unacceptable
Majority of the soils are strongly
to moderately acidic warranting
regular application of lime
Available P is high in majority of
the soils due to high input of
phosphorus fertilizers
Magnesium deficiency is of wide
Zinc deficiency appears in limited
Boron deficiency is of wide
Interventions required:
Regular liming practice based on
pH to combat acidity and alleviate
calcium deficiency
Reduction in P application to the
extent of 50 per cent of the
recommended POP dose
Magnesium Sulphate / dolomite
application to alleviate deficiency
Zinc Sulphate application in solid
or as foliar application
Borax application in soil or as foliar
The formal launching of the above
soil based nutrient management plan
and issue of health cards was held at
Trivandrum on 5
June 2013. The
Cont'd on page 16.
Dr. V S Rajasekharan Pillai, Ex-chairman, UGC, inaugurates the workshop held at Mannuthy. Shri P K Chandrasekharan,
D(M), is also seen.
event was inaugurated by Shri K P
Mohanan, Honble Minister for
Agriculture and Animal Husbandary.
Shri P K Chandrasekharan, D(M)
Shri D Nandakumar, GM(M), along
with Shri Daniel Madhukar, CSM, Shri
M Velumony, SRM and Shri
Surulirajan, SRM, visited a potato farm
in Hassan, Andhra Pradesh, to have
first hand information of the farming
activities and feedback about FACT
fertilisers. The farmers who welomed
them expressed very high appreciation
The farmers told FACT delegates that
they used to apply FACTAMFOS as
base fertiliser for Potato sowing. It was
a satisfying experience for the FACT
team to see brisk agricultural activities
undertaken by the entire family
including children in the villages.
Shri D Nanda Kumar, GM(M), Shri Surulirajan, SRM, Shri M Velumony, SRM
and Shri Daniel Madhukar, CSM, along with farmers at a potato farm at Hassan.
participated in the function. It was
pointed out that firm recommendations
regarding reduction in dosage of
fertilizers, including phosphatic
fertilizers should be subjected to
further research and field trials.
Project on Soil......
Cont'd from page 15.
Shri P K Chandrasekharan, D(M), who visited Trichy office, is seen here with
Shri Anil Raghavan, AM(TN), Shri Jeetendrakumar, SRM, among others.
A five-day training programme for
Sales Officers was held at Agricultural
University Training Centre, Mannuthy.
Sessions were held on production
technologies for paddy, coconut,
vegetables, sugarcane, integrated
nutrient management, use of bio-
fertilisers, soil testing, pest
management etc.
Shri P K Chandrasekharan, D(M),
presented certificates to the
participants at the valedictory function.
Sureshkumar K A Mgr Prodn Co-ordination (UC)
Murukesan N Manager Maint (Electrical) (UC)
Ravikumar N Manager Maint (Mechanical) (UC)
Jacob Kurian E JGM(CD)
Anilkumar S DGM(OP)/CD
George Paul DGM(T)/CD Co-ord
Sathish R CM(W.I.)/CD
Rajan G K Manager (QA)
Vasudevan Nair B Manager Maint (Mechl)
Rajee C George JGM(SA)/Mktg.
V O Raveendran CSM (Caprolactam)
T Palani Assistant Officer
Krishnaiah P Sr. Depot Officer
Mani S A Sr. Depot Officer
Rajamohanan Nair G Sales Officer
E B Kamalasanan Sales Officer
J B Sajeev Sales Officer
K E Hussain Sales Officer
S Ravindranath Sales Officer
S Ravishankar Sales Officer
L Kishan Sales Officer
Sukumari P C Marketing Asst. (Typing)
Thomas Varghese K Sr. Driver
Mariamma K T JGM(FEDO)
Manuel Zacharias JGM(FEW)
Cont'd from page 4
xn J |iMi
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Poh{]h\sf Do]nnpp.
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e`yX hn-n-p-p.
Irjn, hfp- arK ]cn- ]m- e- \w,
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Ab honse tamfn-sb G]n-mWv
t]m-Xv, Ahv hgptm-sb--v
Adn- bm hnfn- mw..... _mKv Xpdv
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tacn B \cntev hnfntm Ueo
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_m_n tUm sImp- h- c- Ww
Ah sImn--d-p. F-s\bpw
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sXmsSpptm X\nv Nppw _kv
Imp- \np- - h- cpsS Ims- cp-
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sbdn p. agtaL t_
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Im-cn- Dasb hnfn-p ]dp. Rm-\n-
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hm \apv Hcpanp- t]m- Imw....
tacnbpw Dabpw _v Imp \np-
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Ipam- cn- I t_ PwKv j- s\bpw
tImtfPv tdmUn-s\bpw \b\ at\m-l-
c-am-n-sm-n-cp-p. Fp ktm-
j-tm-sS-bmWv Ah \Sp \op-
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F{X ]dmepw F{X Nncnmepw aXn
hcmsmcp Imew. Iymkv hnp h
Sot\Pv Ipam-cn-Isf t\mn tacn ]d-
p. \appapmbncpnt..... CXp
t]m- semcp Imew s]mbv t]mb
Hmsb kvacnv tacn ]d-p. kn.-
Fw.-Fkv tImtfPv Iym-kns aIp-S-
amb Ipn sNcn- hn ]- enp
\np Nqf- a- c- XWense Hm-
IfpsS ]p- In- Sn- bntev tacn
Dasb B\- bn - p . \o Hmp -
ptm... B cmtPjns\....? ]pncn
Hfn - n - p- sImv tacn tNmZn - p.
tIm an \np DatbmSv
tacn hopw B tNmZyw Bhn-p.
Rms\- n\v cmtP- jns\ HmWw
Dnse tZjyw adv Da tNmZn-p. \o
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tImgv kv t]mepw ]qn- bm- msX
AXv \mSv hnp, Ctm Hpw Adn-
bm--Xp-t]mse..... Hcp tNmZyhpw ]d-
nepw . Da Aaj-tmsS ]d-p.
Asnepw \n\smpw Adnbn. \o
Adnbm B{Klnncppan. cmtPjv
A\p`hn thZ\bpw hnclhpw Ah\v
am{Xta Adn-bm-hq. \ns a\v amdp-
Xv Rm ImWp- p- m- bn- cp- p.
AXp-sImv \ntmSv Rm Fmw ad-
p-h-p. Ah \ns-p-dnp tNmZn-
p-tmsgmw kvt\l-m B angn-
I \\-bp-Xv F\np ImWm-am-bn-
cp-p. \ns cmtP-jn\p Poh-\m-bn-cp-
p. \o Hmp- ptm tImtfPv
tUbvv cmtPjv Knm-dn hmbn
^nenw Syq? GXm-bn-cpp GXm-
bn- cpp B ]mv tacn DXv I- Wv T-
tbmsS Dasb t\mn tNmZnp. \n\v
AXdnbm AlXbnsnepw Rm
]dbmw Da Hm-bn \nv Hp
aqfnsbSpv AXv Be-]np XpS-n.
Fnpw \o Fs Adn-n--tm.....
F B \b-\- XpS-n--tm....
F B hn]-nI X{n-I aonb
kp c cmKsamp tIn - - tm. . .
kvt\lhpw Zp:Jhpw hnc-lhpw XpSn-
p Bm- hn s hmp - I
Ahbvv `mhw ]Iv Da tacnsb
B{Z-ambn ]mSn tIn-p. Am-Zy-
ambn tacn- bpsS angn \\- p. F{X
kvt\l \n`camb hmpIfmWv tacn
B CuWnepw ]Zfnepw \ndp
\np- Xv . \ntm- Sp kv t\lw
am{X-a Ahs Bm-hns thZ\
IqSn AXn AS-n-bn-cp-p. Fm-h-
tcbpw t]mse \obpw Av ssIbSnp
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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. Cu ]qcw {]knamWv.
2. Hc-h-Xm-cw.
5. Hcp Btbm[\ Ie.
7. Ctlw tIcf Khdpw cm{]
9. \mephihpw XpeyambXv.
1. amth- en- bp- ambn _- s Hcp
3. CXv Cy ]me- sans Hcp
4. tk^vn emv Ip]nSn imkv{X
5. hnhm-l-a--]w.
6. {]ikvXbmbncp Hcp \Sn.
8. Hcp imkv{XimJ.
10.Imhn\nv Dev ]m- Zn- n- p
Hcp elcn ]Zmw.
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13.CXv kv {Xo-]p-cpj Pohn-X-nse
Hcp hgnncnhmWv.
Dc ]nIv dntejkv
Hm^okn e`nt Ahkm\
Znhkw Pqsse 31, 2013.
]Z{]iv\w 12\v
km\mlamb Dc
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4 8 7
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Iq \q [ \n I I S Xm an X gv
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Wn S
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2 3
10 11 12 13

t]cv :
_mUvPv \ :
Unmpsav :
Unhnj :
Hv / XnbXn :
R e t i r e m e n t s
Shri P Muthusamy, D(F), presents the
Companys memento to Shri Thomas Isaac
who retired as ED (HR&CP)
Shri V.K. Anil, D(T), presents a memento
to Shri Thomas Isaac at a farewell meeting
held at Corporate Office
DtZymKa t^mkvt^v mnse Sn cmaIrjvW
sbpw cabpsSbpw aI IrjvtWphpw sNnIpfw
hdn s]cppn hon \mcmbW \mbcp
sSbpw caWnbpsSbpw aI AcpIpamdpw
FACT NEWS wishes you all a happy retired life
DtZymKa sam\n sabn\knse ]n.Fw.
Ass- \m- dn - sbpw kPn - X- bp- sSbpw aI
APojbpw Icp\mKn kpss\\aknen _jo
dnsbpw PaoebpsSbpw aI {]ho _jodpw
(Fn\ob, _ldn Uns^kv t^mgvkv)
DtZymKa \yqkt^nse ]n. cmtP{Ipamdn
sbpw cm[bpsSbpw aI cmJnbpw Aa\S ]pfn
bmv lukn N{tiJcsbpw hnPbevanbp
sSbpw aI A\q]pw (Zp_mbv)
EK Valsalakumari
Mohanan PK
Abdul Azeez K H
Karim PA
MC Money
K Asokan
M K Prakashan
T A Saidumuhammed
Babu VS
KK Gopalan
KK Sebastian
Gopakumar G
Nair M-Fert-UC
N E Somasundaran
Kumaran K V
KM Janardhanan
Rajendran B
Mohammed Ali OA
T J Joseph
KG Raveendran
B Prasad
N P Mathai
P Rajappan Nair
UP Purushothaman
P S Velayudhan
R Alagumani
G Saraswathy
C Leela
K A Mohammed
A R Mohanan
P K Sasi
R Sreekumar
A Raghupathy
Rudolf Gerard
Chothi Thevan
Shri A V Jayakumar, DGM (HR & Admn)
presents the Companys memento to Shri S
Rajan who retired as GM (M).
RN 7922/66
Vol. 46 April-June 2013
Shri P. Muthusamy, D(F), administering the
pledge at Corporate Office. Shri V.K. Anil,
D(F), Shri P.K. Chandrasekharan, D(M),
Shri Thomas Isaac, ED(HR&CP), Shri S.
Hariharan GM(CF) are also seen among
others. Pledge was taken at the
divisional level also.
Prof. K.V. Thomas, Hon'ble Union Minister for Food and Public Distribution, visited FACT Cochin Division to explore the
possibility of putting up a Rail side Warehousing facility at Ambalamedu FACT campus, and also to take stock of the new
projects being considered by FACT. He held discussions with FACT CMD, Shri Jaiveer Srivastava, Directors Shri V.K. Anil
and Shri P.K. Chandrasekharan. Rail Side Warehousing Corporation MD, Shri Vinod Hasthana, Joint Secretary, Shri Prasanth
Trivedi, among others, also attended the meeting.
Mr. Yossi Raz, President, N D Raz Projects and Business
Development Company, Israel, who came to Ambalamedu
to explore business tie-up with FRBL/FACT, seen with CMD,
Shri jaiveer Srivastava.
Mr. Yossi Raz along with his Indian team watching a
presentation on FRBL. Shri Jaiveer Srivastava, CMD, Shri
V.K. Anil, D(T) and Shri P.K. Chandrasekharan, D(M) are
also seen.