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Printed in The Netherlands
Vol. 9 No. 1 February 1984
Erwin W. M. Straus, M.D., Ph.D. (h.c.) LL.D. (h.c.)
in memoriam
(October 11, 1891-May 20, 1975)
Issue Editors: Stuart F. Spieker and Edmund D. Pellegrino
Frontispiece [Photograph: Erwin Walter Maximillian Straus]
'Back to the Origins': Erwin Straus- Philosopher of Medicine,
Philosopher in Medicine
Edmund D. Pellegrino and Stuart F. Spieker
Descartes, Consciousness, and Depersonalization: Viewing the
History of Philosophy from a Strausian Perspective
Medicine and Paradigms of Embodiment
Drew Leder
Pregnant Embodiment: Subjectivity and Alienation
Iris Marion Young
The Corporeality of Shame: Px and Hx at the Bedside
Fritz Hartmann (translated by Martin Hartmann)
Immobility and the Self: A"Clinical-Existential Inquiry
Ellen W. Bernal
Ability, Dis-Ability and Rehabilitation: A Phenomenological
RobertS. Williams, Jr.
Bibliography of the Works of Erwin W. Straus (compiled by
S. F. Spieker)
Book Review:
Kosmos Anthropos: Entwurfe zu einer Philosophie des
Leibes, by Heinrich Schipperges
Donald Moss 121
Sponsored by the joseph and Rose Kennedy Institute of l:'thics,
Georgetown l 'niversity, tt'ashington, D.C., L'.S.A., 20057
This quarterly publication has been established under t ~ c auspices of the So_ciety .for Health and. u m ~ n
Values to explore the shared themes and concerns of philosophy and the mcdtcal sciences. CcntraiLssues tn
medical research and practice have important philosophical dimensions, for in treating disease and promoting
health, medicine involves presuppositions about human goals and values. Conversely, the concerns of philos-
ophy often signifiCantly relate to those of medicine, as philosophers seck to apprehend the nature of kn()Wl
edge and the human condition in the modern world. In addition, recent developments in medical technology
and treatment raise ethical problems which overlap with philosophical interests. The .fvurn,ll of .\fedicim: and
Philosophy aims co provide an ongoing forum for the discussion of these themes and issues.
In general each issue of the journal will be centered on a theme determined and announced in advance by
the Editorial Board. Themes for issues now-in preparation include:
Problems in Medical Decision-making
Lay Medical Ethics
Genetic Engineering
Images of Man in Medicine
Philosophy of Medicine
In addition to issues of the journal centered on selected themes, the editorial policy also provides for the
publication of nonthematic issues. While a certain number of papers arc invited for thematic issues, un
solicited papers may be addressed to the preannounced topic of a specific issue or to any significant topic
in the relationships of medicine and philosophy. Especially suitable for nonthematic issues would be com-
mentaries, critiques, and responses to previously published papers. In this way the Editorial Board hopes to
establish an active forum for a continuing dialogue on fundamental philosophico-medical questions to which
any scholar may contribute. Unsolicited papers should be sent to:
Managing Editor,
The journal of Medicine and Philosophy,
The Kennedy Institute of Ethics,
Georgetown University,
Washington D.C. 20057, U.S.A.
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The collected works of E. W. Straus, M.D. are contained in the Simon Silverman
Phenomenology Center of Duquesne University Library, Pittsburgh, PA.
The 'Bibliography' includes entries. In addition, Straus published
two volumes of collected papers: (1) Psychologie der menschlichen Welt
(Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Gottingen, Heidelberg, 1960), hereafter PmW and (2)
Phenomenological Psychology (Basic Books, Inc., New York, 1966), hereafter
PP; the Spanish translation, Psicologia fenomenologica (Editorial Paidos,
Biblioteca Psicologias del Seglo XX, Vol. 25, Buenos Aires, 1971), is also in
print. These volumes are not registered within the numbered series since each
paper in the two collections has its own entry number.
As the founder of the 'Lexington [Kentucky J Conferences on
ology: Pure and Applied', Straus edited the proceedings of these Five
ences, which were eventually published by Duquesne University Press. At each
conference Dr. Straus delivered his own paper, and they are noted as entries 69
(Vol. I, 1964), 70 (Vol. II, 1967), 79 (Vol. JII, 1970), 80 (Vol. IV, 1970), and
83 (Vol. V, 1974). The year of each Conference and its publication do not jibe,
since publication was often delayed.
Heinrich Schipperges: 1981, Kosmos Anthropos: Entwiirfe zu einer
Philosophie des Leibes (Cosmos Anthropos: Sketches toward a
Philosophy of the Body), Klett.Cotta, Stuttgart, Germany, 484 pp.,
DM 140;approx. U.S. $95.00.
The present day interest in holistic health, wellness, yogic cultivation
of the body, and the so-called "organic" life styles, all of which seek
a balance among body, mind, and surrounding world, provides the
backdrop for Schipperges' historical and philosophical inquiry. In this
work, Schipperges attempts to salvage those forgotten perspectives in
the pre-modern understanding of the body, which disclose a holistic
view of the human being, comprising in one entity man and world,
body and person. For Schipperges these lost perspectives comprise an
autonomous philosophical anthropology, an integral philosophy of
man's existence, embodiment, and cosmos.
Schipperges' volume commences with an historical survey which,
however brief, is crucial in establishing the context and themes of
the more detailed analyses which follow. The remainder of the
volume develops the themes of health and illness, medicine and
the healing arts, and man's body and cosmos, as found in the works
of Paracelsus, Novalis, and Nietzsche.
Initially Schipperges traces the older implicit philosophy of the
body historically, finding signs of it in the healing arts, codes of life
conduct, and religious systems of ancient civilizations, transmitted
in a continuum of traditional practices and beliefs comprising a
"regimen sanitatis" over three millennia. Schipperges criticizes the
history of medicine for Its excessive focus on the "history of great
doctors," and calls for attention to the "life-world of health" - the
domain of everyday attitudes toward sickness and health, folk
remedies and advice, and the underlying concepts of embodiment
Donald Moss, psychologist in private practice, 16521 Taft, Spring Lake, Ml 49456, U.S.A.
The journal of Medicine and Philosophy 9 {1984), 121.