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Maas prays for the needs of the crowd along with Pastors Prasanna Kumar
and Ch. Timothy at our crusade in Vishakhapatnam, India


For over 30 years, we have included in our Giving Sheets, which our
regular sponsors receive each month in our mailings, a place where requests
for spiritual, physical, and financial needs can be listed. We will now start e-
mailing your requests to our prayer warriors India at the end of each month,
so our prayerful family in India can remember your needs directly in prayer.

We are living in very difficult economic times, which may affect your
employment, your emotional and physical health, and your family members.
Please feel free to share with us your needs, and we will agree with you that
your needs will be supplied. We believe that the Lord hears and answers
prayer, and has a special miracle for you. The prayer of the Apostle John was
that you “prosper, and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” (3 John 2)
Our pastors and dedicated staff in India have pledged to join with our
American staff to pray for all of your requests. We will send them a monthly
e-mail listing your current requests, and they along with the children in our
Homes will remember you in their prayers. We have seem many miracles in
India as a result of earnest and fervent prayers—healings, material
blessings, and spiritual anointing.

It has been a custom among the devout Christian family in India to

spend every Saturday in fasting and prayer. The pastors gather their
congregations and the Children’s Home children and staff into the church
sanctuary to pray that souls will be saved, blessed and healed during the
Sunday services. It has been my privilege through the years to join these
precious times. I have experienced the hallowed presence of the Lord in the
midst of His people.

Now you may share in these deeply-spiritual times as our family in India
will pray over your requests. And I can promise you that the Lord is faithful,
and as you join your faith with the saints in India, that you can expect real
and marvelous answers to prayer.

Please list your prayer requests in the form below, and mail them to me.
Or you may e-mail your requests to the e-mail address listed on this site. At
the end of the month, I will send your requests to our pastors in India, and
we will remember each request in prayer. And expect a special miracle from
God. He is your loving Heavenly Father, and cares for you greatly.

Wishing you and your loved ones God’s richest

blessings—Dr. Johannes Maas