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Alyssa Gunsch, Sandfox18@gmail.com Ms. Bell English IV 02 September 2013 Captain America When most people think of super heroes they usually think of Batman, Superman, or even Spiderman, but the true American hero is Captain America. Almost everyone has heard of Captain America. He saved America during World War II and has had many other victories in his time. He was a hero of his time and everyone loved him. Steve Rogers, or otherwise known as Captain America, was born in 1922. He was orphaned at a young age. Once Steve was old enough he went to enlist in the U.S. Army to help fight in World War II. Steven wasnt built for the Army though. He was very scrawny and small. He got rejected several times from the Army. Later on he was chosen to be a government experiment called Operation Rebirth. When the experiment was done and the doctor asked, How do you feel? Steve replied, Taller. Not only was he taller, but stronger and faster than he ever was. Steve was given a weapon for battle; a shield. This shield was indestructible. From there on Steve was known as Captain America. Down the road a few years, Captain America got a partner, Bucky Barnes. Together they would make a super team. Captain America and Bucky were soon sent on an operation to stop a Nazi plane. They found out the plane was just a flying bomb. As quick as they got on they were sent flying off. Bucky was killed in the explosion, but due to Captain Americas super solider formula he was able to save himself. He ended up in the

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Atlantic Ocean, frozen. Now Captain America has several different stories to what happens after he is found frozen in the ice. In one comic, Captain America is found by the Avengers. He joins them then helps to save the world again. Of course he was found years later so he still had to take time to learn of the new world he lives in. In other comics he is found by other people and that is where his new story begins. Captain America was found years later by the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistic Directorate. He was in need of a stabilizer shot, without it he will die. Captain America didnt realize he needed this shot. He took off and ended up in the middle of New York City. He was extremely confused. Everything was so advanced and high tech, he didnt know where he was at and what everything was. It was all so new, so different for him. He wandered around lost until one guy finally noticed that he was the real Captain America. The guy was Rick Jones; he sat and talked with Captain America about how things are different. Soon a group of guys from the Strategic Hazard Intervention came for him, but as most heroes, and epic battle broke out. At that moment everyone nearby was in shock to see the real Captain America standing there. He passed out though from not having enough strength. While passed out he was taken and given the shot that he needed. After that he wanted to go out and learn about his new country. He left and went on to be the amazing super hero that he is. Captain America has an amazing story behind it. Its filled with so much action and history. The man that created this super hero was Jack Kirby and Joe Simon .Kirby wasnt only a comic book writer, but also an artist. He helped with the drawings and the writings. Kirby and Simon teamed together to make the very successful super hero Captain America. They wanted to make an American hero. Coming up with a name for this amazing character was one of the hard parts. They wanted something that didnt have the word super in it. Also Super America just

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didnt sound that good. Then it came to them Captain America. There had never been a Captain before and they knew that this would be the name. Simons and Kirby did a great job with coming up with a name and hero. Simons recently passed away due to heart problems. He was a very successful man; he not only created Captain America, but also helped with many other comic books. Kirby passed away a few years back. Just like Simons, Kirby also helped with many other comic books in his time. Both men did an amazing job in making a true American hero. The comic book Share Your Universe: Captain America was written by Clayton Henry and Scott Gray. These two men also did a fine job in carrying out the super hero Kirby and Simons had created. The comic book itself is a part of the Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics is pretty much the leader of the comic books. Almost all super hero comic books are published by Marvel. According to Marvel the Captain America comic was The first to show its hero bashing Hitler on the premier cover. In many other comics of Marvel Captain America is teamed with other super heroes. Most people think they can only buy marvel comic books, but now of days they can download an app on their smart phones and get Marvel comics for free on that. Of course there will be some that have to be paid for. Later in other comics, Captain America returns as part of the Avengers. Captain America has several different stories behind him. Captain America has become a universal super hero. Almost everybody knows who Captain America is. The day Captain America hit the big screens the popularity of him skyrocketed. Captain America is the super hero that saves the world, sure he fights the typical bad guy, but he mainly ends up saving the world. Captain America is very different from other super heroes. He technically doesnt have any super powers. Hes just a normal person but with a little work done to him to make him bigger, faster, and stronger. The only weapon he has is a shield,

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which is also used for protection from enemies. Other than that he has just his strength. The shield that he carries is indestructible. The shield almost sounds more super than Captain America himself. The shield is a part of Captain America, when people see the circular shield with a star and the colors red, white, and blue, almost anyone would know that that is Captain Americas. Captain America might not be everyones favorite super hero, but he is definitely one of the best. The fact that he doesnt have actual super powers, but he can keep up with super heroes that do have powers is amazing. Yes, he does have super strength, but he is still like a normal person. When he does get hurt he doesnt have super healing powers, he still bleeds. Captain America is just another guy, but he just so happens to be a hero and a great one too. Captain America has come a long way. He started off as scrawny Steve Rogers and became a super hero. He got to live in two different times; from living back in the day during World War II, up to more present times. Making such a drastic change was extremely hard for him. He lost all of his friends that he had. There was nobody there for him, and because he had been gone for so long not a lot of people would know of him. He was literally a person coming back from the dead. Captain America once said, I am loyal to nothing, except the dream. He was being questioned on his loyalty, but he will be loyal to the dream; the dream of saving America and always keeping it safe. That is his job, it is what he lives to do. He keeps the world safe and somewhat in peace. Even though, that moment of peace will never last in the world. Captain America is a hero. It doesnt matter which way a person looks at it. He saved the world and that is exactly what super heroes do. He went through so much in his life; from being orphaned as a child, to getting rejected by the Army, to ending up with super powers and winning World War II, then to being frozen in the ocean for years until he is found. Then he has another chance to save the world from the bad guys. Captain America will forever live on in

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peoples hearts. He is an American hero. One that would do whatever it takes to protect America from evil, or from another war. This comic book character not only touched the hearts of many people, but also my own. He is a true hero; one that most wouldnt ever expect to become a hero. He started as the underdog and made his way to the top. Captain America will always be one of my favorite super heroes because he is still an average guy. He cant read minds or shoot lasers out of his eyes or hands. He is strong and has a shield and with those together he can save the world. I have read a few comics about him and watched a few movies that he is in. I absolutely love what he is in and what he stands for. He stands for freedom. Just like America itself. America is a free country and in the comics Captain America is the hero to keep it that way. Even though the comic I read was after he came back from the dead, it was still a good comic. It really shows how confused and lost Captain America was after coming back from so many years of being frozen in the ocean. It also has that worry factor in it because he needs a shot to live and if he doesnt get it he will really die this time. I was glad to see that he did get the shot, because I like Captain America and I wouldnt want to see him die for reals this time. He lives though, and will get to continue to save the world. Captain America is the good guy and will always be the good guy to save the world and help those in need of it. He is a hero that will live on forever and will continue to save the world and fight crime. He is Captain America.

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