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Corporate Profile

Reno Gold is a Mineral,mining exploration company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "RNGG" . Reno Gold's flag ship property is the Good Hope Gold Project located in Nevada where, to date, it has completed over 35,000 metres of diamond drilling. (To open, NASDAQ PRE-IPO LISTING )

Significantly advanced flagship Good Hope Gold Project in Nevada Reno Gold has an option to earn a 60% interest in the project. Upper Plate quartzite at the centre of the Good Hope property, looking Northeast towards the Owyhee desert Excellent potential to expand the resource both along strike and down dip The project is a volcanic and sediment-hosted,epithermal precious metal property, which includes or is adjacent to mines with historical production, situated in the Tuscarora Mountains of northern Elko County, Nevada. Geologic mapping, geochemical and geophysical survey have outlined several favourable target areas, which are ready for drilling. Historical production of 712,216 ounces of gold during period of low gold prices (2004)

Strategy Marketing
Dividend Monthly 20 Days 5 / Weekly Bonus Sponsor 6% - 10% Bonus Binary Sales 6% - 10% Unilevel 6% - 10%

Package Dividend Monthly % Sponsor Introducer % Binary Bonus % Unilevel Bonus %

Gold (5g - 99g) Diamond (100g - 499g) Platinum (500g - above)

5 Level 3%

7 Level - 3%




10 Level - 3%

Dividend Monthly
Your dividends will be within 20 days / 5 days a week will receive fixed monthly dividends according to the quantity in grams of gold [Gold Package] 5g - 99g:. 6% Per Month [Platinum Package] 100g - 499g: 9% per month [Diamond Package] 500g and beyond: 12% Per Month
The Company will issue a monthly profit based on the quantity of your capital in gold-gold account i. Customers can choose to convert their gold into cash at any of the withdrawal form at any time.

Example Dividend Getting :

Example: 20g [Gold Package - 6% Profit Monthly] 1st January: Customer Apply 20g

February 1st: 20g x 6% = 1.2gram gold New quantity I Gold Account = 21.4gram
1stMac: 21.2g x 6% = 21.272gram gold New quantity - i Gold Account = 21.272gram
Customers can choose to withdraw their monthly profits at any time or keep it in the i-Gold Account to receive more monthly profit. Your capital can not be withdrawn. Only your dividend and bonus.

Bonus Sponsor
According to a number of customers have the i-Gold account, they will receive a referral bonus (Bonus Sponsor) in percentage % . Following 5g - 99g: Customers will receive a 6% of purchase. Referred 100g - 499g: Customers will receive a 9% from next purchase. Referred 500g : Customers will receive 12% referred from purchase.
All bonus paid in units of grams of gold, which can then be converted to cash for withdrawal.

Examples Bonus Sponsor Getting


Client A 20grams

Client B 100grams

Client C 500grams

Example : 20grams [Gold Package - 6% sponges or Bonus] Sponsor Bonus (20g + 100g + 500g) X 6% = 37.2gram Sponsor Bonus will be issued directly to the i-Gold Account

Pairing Binary Income

According to a number of customers have i-Gold account, they will receive a bonus in percentage pairing. Following 20g 99g : Customers will receive a 6% of sales.

100g small groups - 499g : Customers will receive a 8% from subsequent sales.
500g above : Customers will receive 10% sales.
All small bonus paid in units of grams of gold, which can then be converted to cash for withdrawal.

Examples of pairing bonus:

Example: 20g [Gold Package - 6% Pairing Bonus] Pairing Bonus: 800g X 6% = 48g
Pairing Bonus will be issued directly to the i-Gold account.

Limit and Minimum Pairing Bonus

According to the quantity of gold, i-Gold account customers, there daily limit of how much the customer can get in a day. Minimum : information on pairing must 100 gram . If the Group A left and Group B right, left 50g are not eligible for getting bonuses pairing . 5g - 99g max pair for package Gold= 500g daily limit 100g - 499g : max pair for package Diamond = 1000g daily limit

500g above : max pair for package Platinum = 5000g daily limit
As long as customers do not exceed their daily limit pair bonus, there's no greater flushing group sales.

Income Unilevel Bonus

According to a number of customers have in their i-Gold account, they will receive a bonus level Gold Group in the following percentages. 5g - 99g : Customers will receive a 5 level of 3% of their sponsored group pairing bonus income. 100g - 499g : Customers will receive a 7 level of 3% of the group that sponsored them paired income bonus. 500g : Customers will receive 10% of the 10 Level group sponsored income.
All bonus pairing their bonuses paid in units of grams of gold, which can then be converted to cash for production.

Example Unilevel bonus


Group A


20g [Gold Package = 5% Bonus uniLevel 3 Level group]

Group B Customers will Receive 3% of sponsors are solely for partner group
Bonus income up to 3 Levels on package. this is NO LIMIT for group-level bonus!

Group C

Group D

Group E

Calculation UniLevel Bonus


Group A Income : 200g

Group B Income : 500g

Group C Income : 1000g

Example: 20g [Gold Package - 3% Bonus uniLevel 3 group level) : (+500 g 200g +1000 g) X 3% = 51g
Bonuses will be issued directly to the i-Gold account .

How to Upgrade account ?

All Client Package and bonus calculation based on the quantity of gold in I-Gold account you. Example Account Upgrade
Example : January 1st Purchase 20g [Gold Package (6%)] You (20gram)

Sponsor Bonus Income : 50g

Pairing Bonus Income : 80g

Unilevel Bonus Income : 50g

1st February: (20g + 50g + 80g + 50g) = 200g (Upgrade to Platinum Package) Therefore, Monthly Profit: 200g X 6% = 12g New Gold Quantity in i-Gold account = 212g
After your account upgrade will get new date register to 2 years

How payouts bonus and profits

Bonuses when active sponsor and receive payment only able to continue sponsoring the igold account Bonus pairing and group bonus levels will be calculated in every weekend ie on every Friday.

Profits and bonuses are calculated and paid in grams of gold into the i-Gold account.

Limit withdrawals and withdrawal fees

Physical gold Production Customers can request a withdrawal at any time physical gold will be issued to customer 30 days after receiving the application 8% of charges incurred (including costs shipping, insurance items and 2 Sub) Minimum to withdraw physical gold only 100gram, 500g, 1000g only. Cash Withdrawals: Customers can exchange gold for cash based on the price of production days The minimum withdrawal amount is 200USD, 5% charge bank management. Production Requests may be made any day of the month. Depending on the bank in the period . Normally 3-5 working days .....
Transfer Credit Please note : Fees 10% trasnfer to others member