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Invertis Institute of Engineering and Technology Bareilly


Under the guidance of:

Submitted by: Nilotapal Kumar B.tech (cs) 4th yr. (1119110902)




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PROJECT PROPOSAL..3 PERFORMA FOR APPROVAL3 GUIDE RESUME..4-6 TITLE OF PROJECT.7 INTRODUCTION.9-11 TOOLS/PLATFORM, HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION...12-17 Technology Overview of .net 2005 with c# 2.0 ,.. SQL SERVER 2000 , SDLC ANALYSIS (DFDs, ER Diagrams, Class Diagrams etc. As per the project requirements)22-31 A COMPLETE STRUCTURE OF THE PROGRAM.32-38 . . . . Number of modules and their description. Data structures for all modules. Process Logic of each module Report generation.

10. 11. 12.



This is a great opportunity to acknowledge and to thanks all those persons without whose support and help this project would have been impossible. We would like to add a few heartfelt words for the people who were part of this project in numerous ways. I would like to thanks to my project guide .., for his indefatigable guidance, valuable suggestion, moral support, constant encouragement and contribution of time for the successful completion of project work. I am very grateful to him, for providing all the facilities needed during the project development. At the outset, I sincerely thank all faculty members of my institution for his extra effort to make our session on line inspire of all ideas. I thank my Counselors for his indispensable support and encouragement thought the project. I must also thanks to respected Mr. for his valuable suggestion while working on the project. I would like to thank all those who helped me directly or indirectly. Last but not the least, I would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of my parents and my family members, whose patience and encouragement during these long days and night have been paramount in making this project a reality. Thank you Mr

This is to certify that project entitled ONLINE MUSIC PORTAL submitted in partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Computer Application to the Invertis Institute of Engineering & Technology ,(Bareilly) through Subhash Academy Chhibramau done by Shruti Goyal under my guidance. The matter embodied in this project has not been submitted earlier for award of any degree or diploma to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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This is to certify that project entitled ONLINE MUSIC PORTAL is done by me is an authentic work carried out for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering under the guidance of Mr. .. The matter embodied in this project work has not Been submitted earlier for award of any degree or diploma to the Best of my knowledge and belief.

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: :

ASP.NET(With C# 2.0) SQL SERVER 2000






: : : :

P-IV(1.80 GHZ) 128 MB 40 GB 52X24X 1.44 MB FDD



: :


A feasibility study is conducted to select the best system that meets performance requirement. This entails an identification description, an evaluation of candidate system and the selection of best system for he job. The system required performance is defined by a statement of constraints, the identification of specific system objective and a description of outputs. The key consideration in feasibility analysis are :
1. Economic Feasibility: 2. Technical Feasibility: 3. Operational Feasibility:

Economical feasibility It looks at the financial aspects of the project. It determines whether the management has enough resources and budget to invest in the proposed system and the estimated time for the recovery of cost incurred. It also determines whether it is worth while to invest the money in the proposed project. Economic feasibility is determines by the means of cost benefit analysis. The proposed system is economically feasible because the cost involved in purchasing the hardware and the software are within approachable. The personal cost like salaries of employees hired are also nominal, because working in this system need not required a highly qualified professional. The operating-environment costs are marginal. The less time involved also helped in its economical feasibility. It was observed that the organization has already using computers for other purpose, so that there is no additional cost to be incurred for adding this system to its computers. The backend required for storing other details is also the same database that is Sql. The computers in the organization are highly sophisticated and dont needs extra components to load the software. Hence the organization can implement the new system without any additional expenditure. Hence, it is economically feasible The result of the feasibility study is a formal proposal. This is simply report-a formal document detailing the nature and the scope of the proposed solution. The proposals summarize what is

10 known and what is going to be done. Three key considerations are involved in the feasibility analysis: economic, technical and operational behavior. 2.3.1 Economic Feasibility: Economic analysis is the most frequently used method for evaluating the effectiveness of a candidate system. More determine the benefits and the saving that are expressed from a candidate system and compare them costs. If benefits outweigh costs. Otherwise, further justification or alterations in the proposed system will have to be made if it is to have a chance of being approved. This is an ongoing effort that improves in accuracy at each phase of the system life cycle. 2.3.2 Technical Feasibility: Technical feasibility center around the existing computer system hardware etc. and to what extent it can support the proposed addition. For example, if the current computer is operating at 80% capacity - an arbitrary ceiling then running another application could over load the system or require additional hardware. This involves financial consideration to accommodate technical enhancements. If the budget is a serious constraint then the project is judged not feasible. 2.3.3 Operational Feasibility: It is common knowledge that computer installations have some thing to do with turnover, transfers, retraining and changes in employee job status. Therefore, it is understandable that the introduction of a candidate system requites special efforts to educate, sell, and train the staff on new ways of conducting business. 2.3.4 C h o i c e o f P l a t f o r m ? In any organization a lot of data is generated as result of day-to-day operations. In the past, all kind of data be it business of a company. Since the task was performed manually, it was time consuming and error prone. With the advent of computer, the task of maintaining large amount of data has undergoes a sea change. Today computer system have become so user friendly that even first time users can create their own application with the help of tools such as MS-Access, Fox-Pro and SQL Server. These tools are very

11 visual and hence user friendly. They provide a point and click environment for building applications that can interact with large amount of data

Technical Feasibility
It is a measure of the practically of a specific technical solution and the availability of technical resources and expertise The proposed system uses Java as front-end and Sql server 2003 as back-end tool. Oracle is a popular tool used to design and develop database objects such as table views, indexes. The above tools are readily available, easy to work with and widely used for developing commercial application. Hardware used in this project are- p4 processor 2.4GHz, 128 MB RAM, 40 GB hard disk, floppy drive. These hardware were already available on the existing computer system. The software like Sql Server 2003, iis,.net framework and operating system WINDOWS-XP used were already installed On the existing computer system. So no additional hardware and software were required to purchase and it is technically feasible. The technical feasibility is in employing computers to the organization. The organization is equipped with enough computers so that it is easier for updating. Hence the organization has not technical difficulty in adding this system. Operational Feasibility The system will be used if it is developed well then be resistance for users that undetermined No major training and new skills are required as it is based on DBMS model. It will help in the time saving and fast processing and dispersal of user request and applications. New product will provide all the benefits of present system with better performance. Improved information, better management and collection of the reports.

12 User support. User involvement in the building of present system is sought to keep in mind the user specific requirement and needs. User will have control over there own information. Important information such as pay-slip can be generated at the click of a button. Faster and systematic processing of user application approval, allocation of IDs, payments, etc. used had greater chances of error due to wrong information entered by mistake. Behavioral Feasibility People are inherent to change. In this type of feasibility check, we come to know if the newly developed system will be taken and accepted by the working force i.e. the people who will use it.

Data Flow Diagram Overview

DFD is an important tool used by system analysts. The main merit of DFD is that it can provide an over view of what data a system would process, what transformation of data are done, what files are used and where the result flows. The graphical representation of the system makes it a user and analyst. DFDs are structured in such a way that starting from a simple diagram which provides a broad overview at a glance, there can be expanded to a hierarchy of diagrams giving to more and more details Square: -Source or destination of data (External or Internal)

As the name suggested does not fall within system boundary,

hence they are defined as source or destination of data. Rounded rectangle/Circle: Process


This can be defined at place where transformation of data takes place; this transformation includes additional modification deletion or accumulation of data. Open ended rectangle/parallel lines, data store.

This symbolically represents place where data is stored the data can be stored for future procession (or) it can be processed for future return any place where data is stored is called data stored.

Data flow can take place : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Between process File to process External entity to process Process to external entity Process to file

Information Flow of Data for Testing

Software Configuration

Test Results

Evaluatio n


Error Rate Data

Debu g

14 Expected Results

Test Configuration

Reliabilit y Model Correction

Information Flow of Data Testing

Work Flow of Music Online

0s Level

15 project Manage and create Administrator


Searches and play music

Music Online

Music Search

Music information Database

1st Level
Song searching, Playing, Uploading and downloading


Search For Search For Music Music

Applying Applying Searching Searching Criteria Criteria

Showing Showing Search Search Results Results and Play and Play Music Music




Download Download Or Or Upload Upload Music Music


Sign In Sign In Or Or Sign Up Sign Up

Show Show Downloa Downloa dd Page Page

c ce Ceh or n r F Ch k i Fo ig k Lg on Lo



Module Details of Music Online

Module:Table Entity Relationship of Telecom


Table Structures
Database Design In Music Site about 6 database tables are used such as

Table Name: User Login Description: used to store user information.

Table Name: User Info Description: used to store user information.

20 Table Name: Singer Master Description: used to store Singer information.

Table Name: Music Master Description: used to store all Music information.

Table Name: File Master

Table Name: Actor Master Description: used to store Actor information.



Output of Music Online Pages












Maintenance of the project is very easy due to its modular design and concept any modification can be done very easily. All the data are stored in the software as per user need & if user wants to change he has to change that particular data, as it will be reflected in the software every where. Some of the maintenance applied is: -



The maintenance is applied when an error occurs & system halts and further processing cannot be done .At this time user can view documentation or consult us for rectification & we will analyze and change the code if needed. Example: - If user gets a error report width is larger than paper size while printing report & reports can not be generated then by viewing the help documentation & changing the paper size to A4 size of default printer will rectify the problem.


PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: User does this maintenance at regular intervals for smooth functioning

(Operation) of software as per procedure and steps mentioned in the manual. Some reasons for maintenance are: (a) Error Correction: - Errors, which were not caught during testing, after the system has, been implemented. Rectification of such errors is called corrective maintenance. (b) (c) New or changed requirements: - When Organization requirements changes due to changing opportunities. Improved performance or maintenance requirements: -Changes that is made to improve system performance or to make it easier to maintain in the future are called preventive maintenance. Advances in technology (Adaptive maintenance): - Adaptive maintenance includes all the changes made to a system in order to introduce a new technology.



The security measures imposed in the software are: A login password is provided in the software. User activate the application. User cannot change the password. To change password he must contact the administrator. The user/password are given through SQL Server2000. If this is installed on NT 4.0 then it is highly secured. If it is installed on Windows 98, then run in degraded mode. Data security, correctness integrity is checked up before saving, update or delete if errors found the procedure is aborted. data. When user tries to delete the data then this first check for its reference used by other data, if found the deletion aborted. I am also providing various securities at user level or at forms. A primary key & foreign key concept is implemented for avoiding incorrect data entry or intentional or accidental delete or modification of must login to

I am giving security at LAN with the help of status Of user .


Future Scope
On the basis of the work done in dissertation entitled Music Online, the following conclusions emerge from the development. 1. This project has achieved the objective of replacing/augmenting the conventional system of arranging manpower as could be conducted by a typical telecom dept. 2. The development of this package has been achieved by using C#.NET, which is very conductive to develop the package with regard to time and specific need to the user. 3. This package is highly user friendly, required an optimal minimal input from user while providing highly relevant and focused outputs. 4. Fully automated, avoiding human intervention. Hence it provides a very rapid cost effective alternative to the conventional manual operation/procedures; the visual outputs are more reliable than the audio forms of manual communication. 5. The system can further extended as per user and administrative requirements to encompass other aspects of connection management for telecom dept.