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Crab Soup Ingredients: 2 litres of fish stock, 2 medium-sized crabs, 100 gram ginger, 50 gram scallions, 50 gram Indonesian

parsley, salt, pepper to taste. Direction: Make fish stock by boiling fish bones in 8 cups of water Remove these bones after a few minutes. Wash crabs, split into several parts Cut ginger into very thin slices Cut scallions and Indonesian parsley Reheat stock for about 5 minutes, put everything into the stock Add salt and pepper to taste Baby corn soup Ingredients: 5-6 ears of baby corn, 5 spoons of milk, 1 spoon of butter, 1 spoon of flour, salt and pepper. Direction: Boil baby corn and let it cool Grind/powder corn with a blender Heat butter, put flour after it melts, mix evenly Put in powdered corn with salt, pepper, and milk Let it sit for five minutes in medium heat Soto Madura Ingredients: 500 gr beef or internals, 100 gr bean sprouts, 80 gr rice noodles, 60 gr Indonesian parsley, 60 gr scallions, 60 gr ginger, 1 lime, salt and pepper. Directions: Boil meat until done. Drain and cut into bite-sized slices. Remove the tails of bean sprouts, boil until half done Boil rice noodles separately Keep these in separate plates Cut Indonesian parsley and scallions Grind shallots, and brown it for a little bit Skin and cut ginger Make beef stock using beef bones boiled in water for about an hour. Remove bones, and put in salt, pepper, ginger, and shallots. Serve the soto by putting the beef, bean sprouts, noodles into a bowl. Pour soup into it. Sprinkle with Indonesian parsley and scallions. Gado gado Ingredients: Lettuces, A small bunch of long beans, Young cabbage, 1 cucumber, Tofu, 100 gr soyabean cake, 2 eggs, 5 pieces of red chili pepper, 5 pieces of small chili pepper (jalapeno or scotch bonnet), 3 pieces of shallots, 100 gr. peanuts, lemon, brown sugar, and salt.

Direction: Fry an egg and soyabean cake Cut into small pieces Boil one egg and slice it Boil young cabbage, long beans, and slice them Peanut sauce: Fry peanuts Slice shallots, and brown with chili peppers Mix and grind all these with brown sugar, lemon, salt and pepper, and boil with a little bit of water. (Use this sauce with satay as well) Sweet and sour shrimps Ingredients: 1/2 lb of medium sized shrimps, 5 pieces of garlic, 3 oz. flour, 1 piece of egg, 2 spoons of tomato sauce, 1 lime, 1/2 spoon of sugar, salt and pepper. Direction: Clean the shrimps, remove the heads, keep the tails Clean garlic, and slice thinly. Sprinkle over the shrimps. Make a mix of the flour, egg, with enough water, salt, and pepper. Heat oil on a pan. One by one, put the shrimps into the pan by first dipping it in the mix above. Fry until golden. Put on a plate, pour tomato sauce over them. Tomato sauce: Heat tomato sauce, add sugar, and lime juice Opor Solo Ingredients: 1 chicken, 4 cups of coconut milk, 6 pieces of shallots, 3 pieces of garlic, 120 gram candle nut, 10 gram corriander, 5 gram jintan, 3 helai bay leaves, 1 batang daun sereh, 100 gr lengjuas, salt and pepper. Destination: Cut chicken into pieces Grind shallots, garlic, candle nut, corriander, and jintan Brown for a little bit. Boil chicken with 2 cups of coconut milk, put in sereh and galanga. When chicken is about done, put in more coconut milk along with the spice mix above. Add salt and pepper to taste

Perkedel Ingredients: 1 chicken, 250 gr of bread flour, 40 gr of sagu, 80 gr of onion, 8 pieces of shallots, 1 egg, salt and pepper. Direction: Remove bones from the chicken, cut very thinly Cut onion into very small pieces Grind shallots Evenly mix all the above with bread flour Add salt and pepper Make mix into small discs about 2-2.5 inch in diameter Heat oil on a pan Put each disc and fry until dark golden Beef Semur Ingredients: 1 lb beef, 6 pieces candle nut, 5 cm of ginger, 5 pieces of shallots, 3 pieces of garlic, salt, pepper, soy sauce. Direction: Slice beef thinly Peel shallots and garlic, slice thinly Slice ginger and grind candle nut Brown shallots, garlic, ginger, and candle nut Put in beef and mix them evenly Add salt and pepper Add 2-3 cups of water so beef will cook evenly Rendang Ingredients: 2 lb of beef, 20 pieces of shallots, 10 pieces of garlic, 150 gram red chili pepper, 50 gram ginger, 10 pieces of clove leaves, 60 gr kunyit, 300 gr candle nut, 5 helai salam, 8 cups of thick coconut milk, 8 cups of thin coconut milk. Direction: Cut beef into several-bite sized pieces, and boil until half done Skin shallots, garlic, and mix with chili, ... Brown this spice mix for a few minutes Boil beef and this spice mix in the thin coconut milk Put in daun Boil until dry Add thick coconut milk, boil until coconut milk dries while mixing it occasionally Sambal Goreng Petai Ingredients: 7 eggs, 4 strings of "petai", 3 cups thick coconut milk, 250 gr ground beef, 4 pieces garlic, 6 pieces of shallots, 6 piece of red chili peppers, 20 gr javanese lemon, 1 tea spoon sugar, salt and pepper. Direction: Remove the yoke of the eggs (use just the whites) Skin petai

Slice shallots, brown a little bit. Mix ground beef with 2 egg whites, mix with sald, pepper to taste. Form small balls. Let the javanese lemon sit in a cup of water The rest of the egg whites put in a place holder, and steam cook Cut into cube sized pieces Grind chili, garlic, and add sugar Heat pan with a little cooking oil, add shallots and the garlic mix above, followed by the petai a few minutes later. Put in the javanese-lemon water, followed by the ground beef balls, add salt and pepper. Let simmer for a while, then add the rest of the coconut milk and the eggwhite cubes. et simmer for another 3 minute.