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The Delineate on Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khans surprising Biographical Report & his Personal Informations < Personal

Report > (Part -06)

By: Naima Haque Momo Source- Telecomyou

(Personal Report) Personal Report on Dr. Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan: Khan:

Outline Mr. Mohammad Wahid Abdullah khan is an energetic and entrepreneurial person too he has high dynamism and is not afraid of taking on challenging and complex assignments; Professionally Mohammad Wahid Abdullah khan is a vigorous and industrial person too he has high dynamism and is not afraid of taking on challenging and complex assignments; he easily motivates the people around him, he is very capable in developing relationships with his followers and his clients. He is really an intelligent & razor-sharp consultant. I found him to be greatly professional in his approach to the work, even as at the time center on the revelation - across all key functions, Mr. Wahid has a good sense of humor as well as a hard worker and excellent trainer, His personality and co-operation facilitates award him to oversee many important phase of strategy promotion. As My personal identify may be he is only one person in Bangladesh who certified specialist every side in any business organizations, I found him to be greatly professional in his approach to the work, challenging and excellent in providing the deliverables on time and on budget. He has the capability the see the big picture even as at the time center on the surprise - across all key functions. He is also helpful & has a nice personality in actuality greater person; He appreciates opposition and is more than up to the challenge of accomplishing whatever mission or target that is at hand. Actuality he likes responsibility Mr. Wahid is not only a great professional but also a great person. I have always been impressed Mr. Wahids knowledge and I have been further impressed for expertise In all area of business Finance, Accounts, Marketing, Human Resource Auditing ( Internal & external,) with his strategic knowledge of the industry skills. Training & Team member instruct in international guidelines this is not an easy task. In addition to he is useful, intelligent, experience, & has a wealth of ideas, and stands up for what he believes in, he is sympathetic and practical I appreciate Wahids aims, I hope he will be successes his 100% logical recent & new journey. I wish for a vast success in his innovative, appropriate target, I consider Wahid is very capable of organizing populace running and arrive at the logical targets step by step with well-built, thickset, with perfectly which would ready to lend a hand his planet & target easily and get & furnish more

return. He is enthrone on each and every one portions against all of illegal & ethic-less activities,

Introduction: Introduction: This is not Mr. Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khans personal statement" this is Personal Report on Mr. Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khans" during this particle I have explain & share with people- regarding Dr. Khans personal life & professional career, Dr. Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan is my greatest friend; I have had the respect of Dr. Khans exact & faithful friendship with me for over 20 years to till now, He has modernized & smooth the progressed of up-in my life. No body cant imagine how much big heart, mind & sacrifice arena he has, I hunt out that any kind of sympathize & kindness, happened touching his emotion in that case he can execute any things I am source of proved that Wahid done this concern as his highest level of afford this is really stern in our regular life, I well-known Wahid from my student life to right currently, at my student life he gave me lots of support during monetary, mentally & academic each part after my father died otherwise may be that time I couldnt continued my education and fulfill my educational vision, I never forget his support in my entire life, I found Wahids has a good sense of humor as well as he has incomparable personality he is really an intelligent, talent, brilliant & sharp guide. As My personal Recognized Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan; is not only a great person but also a great clever one, too helpful individual, he has a nice personality in actuality superior one too a great knowledgeable, informed & proper educated, since our fair & honest friendship that beginning to right now my personal observations & chase as of near to him I have cool, calm and collected in this personal informations/report I am totally incapable to description during write down regarding Wahids person report/informations properly, I believe nobody (human being) in the world cant believe the life history of (personal-informations/report) Wahids that occurred among by several of - Ruthless, Trickster, Selfish, Nondescript, Rapist, Thief & bastard, As a result Wahids frustrated, irritated & appalling circumstances all I saw in the closed with Mr. khans dreadful situation, & this entire horrible situation produced by the whole family members by hideous & long time preplanned persons while beginning to end using strange abnormal uncharacteristic politics & conspiracy for their own benefit & advantage (once a time where Wahid was lived Wahid incapable only? He cant oiling like others scoundrels cheater, selfish & shameless family members) Wahids full history (last over 20 years) in really hearted my mind all moment in time subsequent to know every things (Including very recent kidnapping by professional killer, capture his assets & funds

occurrence, Cheating, also ignore his contribution for above fraud) but in cheaters areas most of the people & neighborhood familiar about Wahid & his high-class mentality, Character status, & Identity, only visiting card is not Identity, which is valuable that visiting card made by worldwide reputed company for made this card need excellence, qualifications & prospective Example- A familiar & habituate persons never think proud to buy put in carrier the Worlds Famous expensive Majestic Mango juice also never try to eat juice (fruit drinks) including bottle or pack or box habituate persons well known after open the Cork than he must eat the real inside, But unfamiliar uncultured person unable the proper way where the position to open the Cork upper or lower part of the various types juice (fruit drinks) pack, how to exit the juice & method for eat, when it should be required, Furthermore - if an lower class uncultured got the expensive one juice (fruit drinks) pack as a donation this is large concern for him than normally he will try to upgrade himself through showdown this expensive juice (fruit drinks) pack bring in front of everyone, this is different behavior between 2 categorys (01 familiar & habituate cultured person easy to buy & put in his/her carrier another 01 lower class uncultured actual beggar. face-off ) both are opposite each other is funny for literate cultured familiar person & pompous for illiterate uncultured person lower class beggar, I would like to introduce this lower class bring visiting card like this expensive things, this is really incapable to understand level of nonsense & shameless positions the visiting card holder who showing because he is remarkable a characterless & Rapist, Identity-less, Although beside extra ordinary educated & habituate person sated in front of everyone with a large amount valuable professional, social & education Identity, Advanced part I would like to well-expressed the advance (main) part of this evaluation & estimation with the purpose notes down Speculative that completely truthful astonishing, narrative. situations that has generated by a quantity of criminals (as criminal law,) all Criminal & immoral dishonored and all quantity of criminals group leader is a Psychology Disorder one the criminals group leader (Abnormal/ psychologically ill) has been taking psychological treatment from more than 13 years, this leader ( cocktail khan is un-smart, lower class mentality, limitless greedy, boundless jalousie, cocktail khans (Abnormal/ psychologically ill) hasnt any personality & if any association organize base on international shameless, selfish, cheater, liar & dangerous conspiracy competition or hostility without any doubt- cocktail khans (Abnormal/ psychologically ill) will be grasp Unbeaten 1st position in the worldwide Cocktail khans dark mentality & selfish tricks murder a superior persons life time dream, he & all members of this ugly group members killed an high-quality person, the all of selfish & cheater illiterate group including cocktail khan (Abnormal/ psychologically ill) unable to realized, (I). what is call commitment?

(II). what is the logical ground to finish a person aim in life? If that aim is completely accurate and he has carry-on the country, society, family responsibilities also he is qualified to achieve his goal moreover he has the mentality, personality & highest level of give up mind that Will be prove after accomplished Wahids academic & professional object, But cocktail khan (Abnormal/ psychologically ill) mainly suffering various psychological disorder like 01. Physical Disorder, 02. Mental Disorder, 03. Behaviour Disorder. 04. Personality Disorder, 05. Uncultured disorder. 06. Jealousy disorder, Not only cocktail khan (Abnormal/ psychologically ill) also Wahid adopted selfish parent and all member of this family are mentally ill, I can take the challenge I will prove all are abnormal , characterless, greedy selfish sub-human being, Trivia Issue: Wahids adopted parent (also Character-less family member) employ entirely fake and illogical view that was proved after completed Wahids education, but why this cheating game? without difficulty they was clear their view that time because- they think they couldnt get benefit from Wahid in future, shame, very shameful parent, .!! But Wahid definition is Wahid, he is not Cocktail khan, cheater, characterless & greedy, a Dog & tiger never evaluate like cocktail khan (pet) between Wahid I know Wahid he bring more & more high quality personality between cocktail khan (Dog), Wahid always advance each every side because from his (Wahid) academic life passed upper class friends also attached various institutions, Associations and Wahid was worked high quality reputed organizations, naturally he Wahid become good human, cultured & remarkable personality, Like as - after used a shirt when Wahid mark it useless than above shirt come to our country after 01/02 years as latest fashion, that time cocktail khan searching & try to upgrade himself but interesting this cartoon cocktail khan ( Dog) never become smart, cocktail khan ( Dog) dont know what is the different between fashion & style, both are different base on personal selection and latest fashion trends, by born this cartoon cocktail khan ( Dog) always look like real cartoon by born, also cocktail khan ( dog) is stammer, he cant talk properly how he attend an cultured society, 100% unrefined ( this is not smart this is call exceptional full-size goat) Main mask

Bastard.cheating and pre-planed already proved and happened un-believable inhumanities tricks, through their all of ugly acted, cheated & violate to their commitment, with unlimited shameful opinion, that is - you can do anythings & earn money anyhow if it illegal or legal, cheating or unlawful way no problem and take the family responsibilities including no 01 rubbish, animal cocktail khan (Dog), familys member & parents ultimate attitude - we are (stupid, selfish, shame-less) never provide any support to you( Wahid), I judge personally - that every parents & elder persons of any family members responsible to support junior & each other, this is parent & families tradition also main responsibilities, as well I consider just only arrange food and provide limited live situation not only enough of a parents duty , but this stupid rubbish ethic-less parent outlook education is not important that only money is important for us ( Family ) their main aim save money, build assets, after 13 years later that have proved education is not important no need to education if you can earn money, and a illiterate rapist become a drug dealer and earn money through illegal way that is not important , important is money, this ethic-less parent & family members & Cheater group open the door (base on take illegal money) as a result a professional, ugly, aged female reached the ugly, greedy mentality parents house as a sister in law with more than 06 month pregnancy , also her age more than her husband, wonderful magnificent astonishing, saving money, build assets how much important this really rear in the world, cocktail khan become said professional ugly female concierge because this drug business operate by cocktail khan in hidden positions but he catch his portions properly so that fully active drug dealer become angel to stupid parent & cocktail khan, but selfish shameless cocktail khan take some advantage from family after married and become father he go to out of country, overlook his all responsibilities to his stupid parent, that is not possible any human but cocktail khan proved himself he is not human being he is lower than a dog and through finished the unethical way,.(!!!) nothing to say the rubbish parent, cocktail khan & other family members - only Fie Fie Fie and shame!! Very Shameful!!! Naturally readers mind arise question why everyone of an family member convinced by because the Cocktail khan through liar, fake, cheating & drama he try to everyone of this ugly familys members emotional blackmail, Cocktail khan, (Abnormal/ psychologically ill) khan motivates all stupid, nonsense illiterate family members, otherwise an abnormal person never motivates anyone, if they are educated & normal, moreover they all are abnormal & characterless, cheater, shameless, I cant imagine how every one of an family members became like this unlimited Shameless, also all of selfish cheater inhumanities like harmful starving animals, they all are lower than animals, although all are consider themselves they are high class people in society, but they dont know what their social status, & identity, not a single person has a proper (legal & social ) all are Identity-less, other than bastard maker by force and mass certificate holder but illiterate ( Ex- graduate degree equal to 10 masters degree ( this illiterate characterless, semi-elephant are rapist, and criminal ) strange! Very Strange..!!! International interesting jokes, Background:

In the young age Mr. Khans Dream was to become a high scholar Financial Advisor person through higher education to establish his career, speared his knowledge & status to the society, as well raise his reputation in the business sector and building his network & developing Mr. Khans business career too, through help others people in not only our country (local) but also in international area but he couldnt fulfill his ambition, nobody encourage, support, or provided confidence, support him, too some inhuman heartless coldblooded & cheaters tried to block his bright career too future & they done (that time Mr. Wahid <Although he is orphan,> lived with the cheaters family), Mr. Wahid had to drop lot of enormous opportunities that was his main aim in life, nobody cant imagine how much academic & professional opportunities gone from Mr. Wahids life, what hurtled his heart in the past still it is horrendous by him. Mr. Wahid has been suffering more than 21 years for interference of a number of cheaters, greedy persons, ungrateful, coward, shameless selfish, jalousie, & shemale- By the nearest person (where once a time Wahid was lived) also stupid, selfish, cheater & greedy adapted parents, above all are not Wahid s family members, Because I judge family members means a relations that relations carry on from mind, heart with blood, if have any relations with Mr. Wahid between this ugly & stupid people ( Each person in an Family) they couldnt done this type of ugly, harmful, cheating tricks with Wahid, even an unsafe, risky hungry - animal never cant done this type of tricks with same another one animal, (I). Mr. wahid Speech Already golden time gone from my life by the lower than rubbish dog cocktail khan & member of rubbish, liar cheater, I never fulfill that in my future/life already 21 years light time gone from my life nobody can back my bright 21 years, but till now I am trying to complete my different dream through a pack of wishes and hard work, at least I will fulfill my only one dream in my life already I have proved I have the quality, capability, & brilliancy, everyone be alive for his family, future aim, & himself but I alive only for fulfill my last dream of my life and definitely I will do that through lost every things if needed I will end my own life, that I will teach the perfect lesson of all of Kidnaper cheaters, characterless, thief, bastard maker, illiterate, rapist through take legal action against them and open the mask all of false identity holder, rapist, over smart & liar-fake Hajji (II). Main storyline In my Personal & conjugal life I am Happy with my husband & 02 sons, I am proud mother of 02 little cute child, thanks to (Syukur Alhamdulillah) all mighty Allah give me the satisfactory life, I hope Allah will be give us (My husband & me ) the common sense that we both ( me & my husband) will be keep it until our death, may be in my life at first time I pray to Allah from the base of my mind for allow me and fulfill my only one appeal right as your judgment because Allah (you are) the best justice please dont tolerate the fake Muslim, cocktail khan( ugly dog) & all of cheater characterless rapist give them perfect punishment & destroyed cocktail khan (Dog), including his personal family Allah give cocktail khan( ugly dog) will get greater than punishment by cocktail khan Dog sons & daughter in

law, & everyone I believe confidently on Allah he will not tolerate on the ugly planning, cheater, characterless, rapist, thief, abnormal greedy selfish, behavior, But over after completed Wahid recent little aims, why this ultimate aim has taken? I am speaking out the secret story on behalf of Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan, each everyone in our society who done- doing cheating on after another they will gets his/her punishment by all mighty Allah , but stupid, characterless, selfish, rapist, greedy unable to understand the punishment because they are happy for their current achievement in that case he/she or their family member, child, or in conjugal life they are surely not happy but they are cant understand, this is ultimate punishment this is fitment & may more famishment waiting for them when abnormal greedy cocktail khan son become maturate than cocktail khan understand what he done for own, benefit, jalousie, and conspiracy, but I cant challenge with confident cocktail khan & his 14 generations has anyone equal to or 50% quality and brilliancy too high quality character cocktail khan & all are bastard cheater never become a equivalent to Mr. khan, Wahid already proved what is call identity, I wont to build clear about this, reason I just exposes that Wahid kidnapped by the rental professional kidnapers for capture his assets, money from bank account ( through made duplicate key of Wahids flat & room after absent of Wahid cheater collected bank cheque cash , debit card, & made duplicate key of Mr, Khan flat & room they all are crock even as lower price item furniture, & this ugly cheating game done by everyone of family (where Wahids was lived once a time), the kidnaper, criminal, cheater, thief, psychologically & mentally ill peoples and their naked activities & tricks have been doing before long! Long!! Days ago, not only Wahid aligned with the innocent people in our society, too destroyed & damaged few female life and their family through these ugly activities & conspiracy, Also I extremely dislike entirely the family & society politics & conspiracy; what spoil not only a person life also ended any family in our society, this said inhumanities Abnormal, selfish, cheater, illiterate & greedy sub-human beings, can create an unwanted situation that poles apart angle of our regular life, After all these tragedy (kidnap, cheating, fake & dramatic situation allow just for time being), Wahid came back in matter-of-fact life through a pack of wishes and hard work for execute his target to teach all of bastard, not for illegal way same to the cheater group for pose kidnaper by rental fee, because Wahid has the capability to teach the each every way, Wahid has been working , business & a consultant for long years with lots of world reputed organizations & prominent person accordingly he has a standard Social Status & Professional status He complete his educational (Current) for attend his recent goal, and organize to teach all to bastard good lesson base on country law, rules, regulation, I will agree to position with Wahid as friend, sister, and I want to see the garbage person quality( quality only mouth conspiracy & cheating) Financial capacity, Identity ( all document will be prove the identity) & G.D quantity by the lower thinking person, my law associates peon, security grad know better than her, the ugly face is ugly mind she is the correct example, & Identity less bastard maker office, where operate drug dealer business this is not office that is call, hell, I am sure with confident he dont know what is the meaning of office,

But Identity less bastard maker still dont know where business preparation will stops & office exertion will be start and incapable to understand official affair, office doesnt mean table, chair, telephone, & space, through mobile phone (hand phone) now we can contact everywhere in the world, also via this mobile we can operate mail & so on, base on mobile phone we can get, better business by conversations, even we can received money from client through mobile, so that any kind of service provider can operate his business through mobile phone, in this current business world is so fast & complicated-at this point office space is not for important, vital is - A person interpretation in the foundation of knowledge, understanding & brain power in the area of business, work & service provider he should be attentive professional manner and always try to follow the professional cryptogram of ethics, principles, moral, code- alongside business man sound realize which kind of banter is appropriate & not appropriate, illiterate brainless, characterless, ethicless, inferiority judge table and chair & space means a office and big business man, the real Ass only thinking this type of philosophy because he disqualified to work, only illegal drug business & become addicted ( all over) proper , capable & appropriate educated professional person never thinking this type of idea, A lot of the darkest and ugliest planners, cheaters, dirty mentalities, sub-human being, Degrade family (all members are greedy, selfish, frauds, & psychologically ills) has persuaded me to write about it. I am glad that Wahid proved his big heart again, but as a gentle man he wish to take legal action by proper way , by judge & court , he living, & spending alone. By ignore all greedy, selfish, frauds, & psychologically ills people, because they have proved they all are waste in our society, country, & so on