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The Delineate on Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khans surprising Biographical Report & his Personal Informations < Personal

Informations > (Part -07) By: Naima Haque Momo Source- Telecomyou

(II). Personal Informations (II). Personal Information about Dr. Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan:

Non-standard evaluation policy to identify good person: A shameless, without backbone, qualities shemale & coward who - apply to the apology way by the feet of his wife his wife appreciated person between him, so this opposed funny & shemale Behaviour, how comical & amazed activities, shame!! Very shameful!!! (Everyone maybe understand the wife category, personality & her family background) the coward, irresponsible, nonsense & shameless he never called anyone as THOU (bangle language alike-you) so that he is very? Very?? innocent, not at fault I would like to say that I am doing work and Syukur Alhamdulillah All mighty Allah give me the capability, ability & opportunity to earn handsome amount & I have been providing my income tax properly last 10 years, just as a example ( while a man & dog never comparable !!! ) But few people has our society they look like human the same as outside looking mainly mentality and unlimited shameful behavior become him/her like a dog, the said coward (good person- are lower than a dog) In my 09 years married life my husband never take not a single penny from me & as of my hand, from my earning amount, he never spent me not a single penny for my family expenditure, even when we go anywhere he never give me the opportunity for expense as a rent of rickshaw, CNG taxi, rent, I willingly spent only for my 02 sons & my little cute childs requirements from my earning & some time , occasions & special memorable day I buy shirt , watch & etc for my husband and give him as a gift, definitely to my own choice I am proud of my husband individuality, this is call personality, house rent , house furniture I cant never think to buy through my own earning, this really amazing & foolish illiterate finding policy , definitely a fantastic wonderful evaluation for judge a good person only he never called anyone thou, & his wife can abnormal behave with this coward( husband) & husband family , this quality less wife done a uncommon & violent situation at her father in low house with take a knife in hand and attempt to hit everyone at night 12.30( Aprox) time, her father in law said that my son life already spoil by this thick lady (told his doughier in law; s brother) How funny what is the

fantastic policy for identified & advertise the good person evaluations system by illiterates , lower class family, & strange this coward person and stupid blame other person, this type of activities may be never occurred bastard area, & addicted person, this coward become a father, but that time he has not a single penny for relies his wife & child from clinic, he is not only a coward also nonsense rascal bastard, everyone has to create a found for this upcoming situation, kick the good person, who unable to bring his own family responsibility , duties, but with dancing he can get married, irresponsible stupid shemale, Strange Degree holder: Worldwide elevated quality-selfish, shameless, characterless, drug dealer, rapist- announces his graduation degree (personally I am confused regarding his graduation degree) equal to 10 masters degree holders, How comical thinking, (Ha.haha)!!! In my estimation that he is not only a uneducated, unskillful, unethical, uncultured also great & real goats, now logically arise a questions all of readers this great illiterate goat why assume this kind of laughable announcement ? Is it? Because in his graduation curriculum Include quite a few mathematics as a fundamental course for an brainless & dim presuppose this mathematics courses so hard subject- as a result brainless & goat assume himself that I studying so tough serious subject but this is normal for medium quality student, he is lower than medium standard student & brainless, accordingly brainless illiterate guess his graduation is equal to 10 masters degree, (As his lower class sense of hummer, who never eat mango how can he describe the test of mango, like this who didnt study or admit in master degree course how can he evaluate the proper value of highest level of regular education standard- I wish to ask a question the illiterate Rapist- A person who completed honors in mathematics as your opinion he is the equal to 100 master degree holders but a literate and intelligence normal person never announce this type of funny announcement because they are normal, brilliant and bring genuine quality thinking, ) And you are illiterate, characterless, drug dealer, & Rapist, With confident I wish to my clear opinion that basically he (Rapist) is the equal to 10 million goats, the illiterate dont know a certified financial consultant how much mathematical courses have to complete that compulsory for operate company decision making, feasibility check, risk analysis, & so on, below some elucidationI feel "Mathematics is a tough hard rough subject for fool or brainless, dense, unintelligent persons, every day a lot of different types of maths go into resolving our troubles like- First of all, being able to calculate both fast and correctly in your head is of great value in the consulting world. Youll deal with large sets of numbers on a daily basis and being able to calculate these numbers without cranking out a calculator every time just saves lots of time. It will also help you get a sense of the magnitude of these numbers: The second example involves the compensation of managers. Naturally, a good manager near the bottom is worth less to the firm than a bad manager near the top, and therefore the compensation function should now depend on the managers level in the hierarchy as well as his KPI (or better). Equally naturally, the numbers coming out of the compensation

spreadsheet will under no circumstances arise through an externally conducted study of their psychological implications or any similarly unpredictable device. The numbers will result from nothing but the deep understanding of the organization possessed by the top management. Mathematics need for consulting services on below: Design and analysis of experiments and surveys. Statistical and probabilistic methods in petroleum engineering and geology. Statistical modelling and general data analysis. Multivariate statistical analysis. Time series analysis and forecasting. Study of stochastic processes. Financial methods and risk analysis. Actuarial methods. Methodological research. Understanding statistical methods and presenting results in technical papers. Help in use of statistical software like SPLUS, SAS, MINITAB, SPSS, R. Note: this is not for a Rapist, illiterate, drug business person, Identity-less, and bastard maker, he is totally disqualified to understand that, who couldnt just 04 line agreements letter in English or Bangla than Wahid provide him in his so busy time, how he realize this them of report, my associate tea boy enough knowledgeable, well personality than this Rapist & bastard maker, but the said goat (Rapist) is always goat the brainless goat (Rapist) assume himself, base on his graduations he is equal to 10 masters degree holders, however Mr. goat do you never assume yourself how quantity Rapist equal to you, may be not, because you havent any class so that you think you are like angel & only one intelligent nobody cant make out your play, I assume on behalf of this illiterate , rapist basically equal to 10 billion rapist, he is the silent murderer, ethic-less, limitless non-sense, stupid, Below real story would be again & Finally proved his (Ass-Rapist) class, character & identityless, status this Rapist took money from Wahid ( come to ground floor to Wahids office building and phone call to Wahid and apply to Wahids for come to ground floor, and meet with him <Rapist> that time Wahid shocked after saw his face, expressions generally effect Wahid mind , heart, sympathy & emotion ( this is Wahid mistake never think anyone only yourself that stupid family members proved after few year when everything taken from Wahid, not only that also announce his his whose who's excellent family tradition, after all why the cheater interfere Wahids matter for Money? Assets...Strange!!!) & his family with create a dramatic situation, just day before yesterday in Eid-UlAdha that money allocated- for the celebration of Eid al-Adha, Muslims commemorate and remember Abraham's trials, by themselves slaughtering an animal such as a sheep, camel, or goat. This action is very often misunderstood by those outside the faith (For and sacrifice korbani).

And completed the whole cheated, & repulsive tricks, and just next day of Eid al-Adha he went to out from Dhaka city and stay hotel with professional lady, (illegal, unethical, rubbish mentality behavior psychology disorder psychology ill stupid) this is call literate? Is this call character? And identity? lower class mentality, rapist, and for kind information Pregnant aged woman come to rapist house with 0s moth that time similar to next day of EID what is the lower class mentality, any literate & cultured person can explain junk Matter, just go to hell, he has a Identity ? This rapist equal to 10 billion rapists certainly has a social identity Rapist also he is not looking like A semi elephant mainly like Medium size elephant both characterless duos (Current) Other than Pregnant which a pregnancy symptom means .??? . Shameless rapist take it easy, without hesitation she move in front of everyone, if he has any personality if will be gone from home before the proper stable situatio0ns otherwise both was suicide for this sosohappened in our country , society and Islam, this is Rapist main social identity , too shameless Rapist, Model (unethical) Mother role: role I believe that a relationship is a connection between two or more person and objects. If we look up to the world, it would declare the status of being connected or the status in which two or more perception, people, or objects are connected. We came to know about what a relationship is? How about we converse concerning the different kinds involving people. In a social there are different kinds of relation such as Father/Mother/Sister/Brother, friends, & etc. but a Mother - Who does so much for their childrens devoid of expecting any return. The children of this real Mother express their deep love for their mother and for her immeasurable contribution in their life. I would like to introduce this section A good player ethic-less, sympathy-less (Mother) woman (Greedy selfish Mother) before explain the stupid mother mentality, behavior, & performance I wish to make up my personal feelings, mind-set as a Mother - that make clear beneath, As a mother role my view: After completed my professional responsibility with full of dealing when I come back to my house with feel so tired sleepy & lethargic but when I see my 02 sons face, I forget my professional tension, also gone my Entire working day tired sleepy & lethargic, that time I feel I am living in my own haven with my childs, only a mother can understand what is the feeling is this? None of a mother cant understand this things, this feeling not only me nobody cant depiction that, my best moment is when my children playing, laughing, & watching TV with take a seat with my both side, that time I forget every things in my world, I feel I cant pass my whole life to see their face, this is entitle mother mind-set, I follow my mother also she doing this when I gone to my fathers house, I follow my mother deeds, here important that no need to education for become a actual mother, no need to act for become a mother role, a real mother sub-consciously approach his feeling,

Now I introduce to one woman (Mother) she is the disgraced the entire mother in the world, this stupid greedy money hunger mother spotted, defamed the all of mother also she is illiterate & nonsense just one example I wish to compose at this point - that the stupid mother told her son , if every rickshaw driver get married why you cant married, that time her son job some unavoidable circumstance,( this circumstance, create this mother & her characterless ,,,(!!!) with all of cheater bastard family members) this nonsense unable to understand that rickshaw driver doing work , through driving rickshaw he earn money, she want to sale his son, but that son is not without backbone & greedy, coward her real , he ignore the ugly proposal, after ignore the proposal this son become painful for her, without the son he living her junk haven, but a parent duty not only arrange a foot for their child also have another responsibility, without maintain any responsibility they earn money through their children, the stupid disgraced spotted,& defamed woman should be aware that a illiterate poor-man, even farmer parent (father & mother ) has common sense, sincerity and heart they can sale or morgues every things for established his son/ Daughter career, in this sacrifice parent never failure for complete the responsibility although against this forfeit they will return more & more from their child, although they has done his duty as a parents not for retune, also they can sacrifice their own life for their childrens, after discussion the actual parents manners, As a mother I heat this 02 parson & other cheater kidnaper greedy from the base of heart, mind, sympathy, compassion, shame, very shameful character in the world, The closing stages I would like to pronounce all of fraud - rascal scoundrel, cheaters, family members, & rental kidnappers, excellence quality friends of their 03 son all stupid friends are angel in the judge of stupid parents, too ugly mentalities-stupid-characterless, parents drug dealers of business man, of selfish stupid group after living earth hell, all of cheaters next spot will be hell, I pray this in the name of Allah, who never tolerate cheater, characterless, thief, & rapist, definitely everyone will be get punishment, In my 37 year age, if I say 100% perfect person that is Mr., Wahid, above stupid greedy, selfish adopted parents never realized that Wahid is the that son ( although adopted) who can sacrifice every things for his parents, even his life, but the parents and their motivate abnormal persons done a ugly game total 21 years with Wahid, nobody if he has a personality, qualities, & has backbone, Wahid has the all of superior quality, that he had proved by providing his entire earning, so no need to kidnap him if all greedy stupid want from him Wahid gave them without any questions, I cant challenge the characterless family members that Wahids memory unbelievable strong,, he always fulfill his commitment, he never cheating with anyone, as my formulate he(Wahid) always straight to fulfill his target he can take any kind of risk where his life is nothing, I am sure corrupted police officer, rental kidnaper and all of heaters person they all are captured by force Wahids assets, money, debit card, stock market share sale and deposit khans account and withdraw by account debit card, not a single paper broker house & related main thief show that Mr. khan authorized to sale any share, that amount approx more than more than 02 core,( Wahid buy few share at-22 tk that become 300 to 500 tk in

the point of view 02 core cheating) each everyone will get high quality teach & life time unforgettable lesson, and 03 S. person main cheater bastard get legal punishment, because they are not only cheater, greedy, also international drug dealer, 03 S = 01. Shameless selfish 02. Shameless scoundrel 03. Shameless scalawag Above all are characterless, illiterate, selfish, mischief thief, bastard, drug addicted (proficient) all 03 are cheating business partner, 02 persons are brother but 01 woman is perform as a wife for 02 brothers, Wahid & me unambiguous announce above 03 > S are not only bastard also psychologically ill. We are capable to proper treatment for all, free of cost, and create & provide well identity as human being, now they are sub- human being, if want to form well human, if not we? Dont bother because complete of the Wahids aim it is not necessary for 03 > S bastards - wish, hope, inclination is not imperative, Wahid & me will make them (03 S > Rapist, characterless, bastard, & gardener thief) naked and thrash them (03 Rubbish, non-sense bastard) it is vital for our society & country and future generations The closing stages > I would like to pronounce all of fraud-rascal, scoundrel, cheaters, family members, & rental kidnappers, also mediocrity quality-less friends of their (stupid parents) 03 sons all real cheater friends are like- Angel, Base on lower class rubbish non-sense - judgment of stupid money hunger parents & create funds, to become riches for get social status, but lower class illiterate family & all members always hang about worse class illiterate, blame other person or others parents sons because they are aware only money make, save, create assets or spent only secure for their future, how can this lower class illiterate assume the good or bad persons they only know money..money & money not for else, their unable to furnished appropriate coached their childs, as a result their childs become Rapist, thief, greedy, cheater, & selfish, in the point of examination also lower class- this rascal parents are living prove through the illegal business guy 03 sons earn money via drug business so that all 03 son & 03 sons friends are archangel to them (stupid parents), shameless stupid brainless dim, shameso shameful parents no one can give them any title, also me, Too ugly mentalities-stupid-characterless parents of drug dealers business man, selfish stupid group after living earth (this is also hell circumstances) all of cheaters next spot will be hell, they all are cheater, selfish, characterless bastard but their greedy parents forget their adopted sons status & his all friends of adopted sons are more & more better also incomparable with their genuine 03 sons & 03 sons Friends, cheater, selfish, characterless bastard parents forget their adopted sons (Wahid) quality, personality, character that was proved, & his all friend status are more superior and incomparable with their genuine 03 sons, & their lower class illiterate friends, lower category stupid, & illiterate unable to recognize (their adopted son Wahid) is a proper educated with bring strong personality, not a single person never motivate to Wahid,

What is call character, personality, responsibility all of this manner - Wahid is living proved, his adopted parent couldnt attached & motivate to Wahids as a stupid drug dealer whilst profession and failure to sale Wahid in rich-man person through marriage as his daughter, At this juncture questions how out-side persons motivate to Wahid? Cause nobody assume Wahid is extra ordinary brilliant & his memory amazing-remarkable, Wahid confident about his thinking, and he able to control himself from all of ugly , characterless activities, other than I am also Wahids Friends my Identity, professional position , country & social; status will be recognize recently, and I believe Wahids all of Friends are definitely superior person and working first-rate job, lower class stupid parent always blame other person or others parents sons because they are aware only money take, save, create assets for future, how can this lower class illiterate suppose the good or bad persons, who can identify who is the rascal ? Adopted son friends? & their 03 sons friends? Or 03 sons friends social status, family background, & educational positions nothing, I Just 01 example for each real son of the stupid parents I believe reader will understand the dissimilarity of stupid real 03 sons & adopted son Wahid 01. Elder sons Cocktail Khan (Dog) has a friend when his age is 48 that time he want to marry a teenager girl that time who studying in HSC, than that was ignored by the girl and her family, but strange the stupid parents elder sons Cocktail Khan (Dog) encourage him( 48 yeas old characterless) by technically besides Cocktail Khan (Dog) stimulus his youngest real sister because the teenager girl was classmate of Cocktail Khan (Dog), youngest real sister, all of this he(48 years stupid) searching female (as a bride) one after another, through match maker but still his thinking, expected attitude approach & thoughts like a teenaged boy (psychologically ill) once a place (business fair) he seem a girl choose, & wish may love as first side like (cinema them) same as cinema but that time her (choose girl) father was stay with her in that Fair, the nonsense (48 years stupid) provide his visiting card to her (choose girl) father that indirectly proposed, those father kick out him, few day latter he call for conversed one after another lady at his office via match maker, and act ugly behavior with all of lady, at last he got married a private medical student and spent long time with her, one night he found his previous match maker proposed lots female photo before private medical student married & on spot ( at night) he found from match maker provide photos that refuted some how- that refuted female was so beautiful attractive than current wife, as a result he ignore & separate the relation with this wife within 01 month, how much lower class mentality, character, & unsocial, shameless & thick of this bastard without any hesitation he could this and for all this performance Cocktail Khan (Dog), with him, His (48 years psychologically ill) business already closed due to his ugly deeds in office, if he spent 100 tk he will thinking 100 thousand time, if he bound to spent it his heart will be broken like 100 Pieces, this is cocktail khan ( Dog closed Friend) at last he get married with lots of condition because his previous history is not good, also unusual, in the mean time

he become a father but his father in low has been spending his daughter school monthly study fee, (salary) just one example is enough for judge the cocktail khan mentality status and his stupid closed friend, I consider this characterless old man (already over 48 years when 50 crossed psychologically ill) is the fathers of CONSPRICY same thing build in cocktail khan (Dog) mentality, both are teacher each other & both will be world champion for family politics & spoil anyone life, base of jalousie

02, thief, selfish, shameless get married but after 3 moth 11 days later he can tolerate his wife because she is not good-looking as his judge, so separations, at last done this inhumanities work, at this point- Important is ground this inhumanities divorce create some unavoidable circumstance so that nobody agree to move to divorce wife home as a witness, it is necessary that wife accept the divorce and signature the divorce paper that time Wahids one of the friend went that house on behalf of thief & thief family, but professionally drug businessman & local broker thief forget this performance of Wahids Friends , Financially, academically, social status, professional status each every area is more & more better than thief, basically fox & tiger shouldnt compare, thief is real fox, However his (thief) best friends generated a friendship relations with his divorce wife both are living same area also .!!! (wonderful friends), after divorce this thief provocation his family for just 01 month, within this time he want to marry otherwise he will suicide after create a violent occurred, and this 01 month he continuing friendship with an professional woman, also she ( professional divorcee woman ) has 03 Childs each everyday evening he gone some where .purpose !!! his fixed Rickshaw driver was carry on them & arrived with them in every evening of regular place his (Rickshaw driver) name is Nasir Wahid saw & found the ugly relations and position Wahid is witness- and Wahid cut the ugly relation by alternative way, through arrange again marriage for thoughts social & family situations, I would like to say that was Wahids another one mistake from lots of mistake, Wahid give the family member lots of thing, provide lots of support in problematic situations, but that time his adopted family member & parents doing cheating with him, and Wahid known & suffer but he couldnt silent himself, this is the mind heart & sense of Wahid 03, Rapist, hotel guy with friends, doing drug business with bastard friend, terrorist and arrest as a boom blast case, in Motijheel police station (Thana) in 1997, & stay central jail long days, Rapist hotel guy ( modern prostitute/ prostitution) mentality person judge every building housing are HOTEL I pray to all mighty ALLAH , who never tolerate cheater, characterless, thief, & rapist, definitely everyone will be get punishment, In my 37 year age, if I say 100% perfect person definitely that is Mr. Wahid, above stupid greedy, selfish adopted parents never realized that Wahid is the so as to type son (although adopted) who can sacrifice every things for his parents (adopted), even his life, but the parents and their prompter abnormal persons done a ugly game total 21 years with Wahid, nobody accept that also Wahid competent with everyone very, very well feedback against the preplanned cheating tricks including all,

Wahid has a personality, qualities, & has backbone only this type of individuality tolerate that although his heart was broken day by day, Wahid has the all of superior quality, that he had proved by providing his entire earning, therefore no need to kidnap him if all greedy stupid want from him Wahid provided them without any questions, but last kidnap game who is create that not acceptable, Rapist, Illiterate, Non-sense, his elder brother drug Business partner Cocktail Khan ( Dog) was told Rapist can able to no communicate with his father in law house, but how long only 03 month, every things forget, this is proved that Rapist & everyone of the Rubbish Family members has no personality, qualities )

Conclusion & purpose: purpose Purpose: Purpose in this part I would like to make clear the main reason why I write down this report & profile, why Wahid nominated & authorized me with short depiction, he not only nominated me also he give me another chore base on the our true & real friendship in humanities & ethically I have to bound to accept this with absolutely do this, that another chore or role after read that I am perfectly astonished surprised amazed that I am not only authorized to operate his Business& Firm as a owner also after his death I am authorized to collect his body his family ( Adopted & cheater) or anyone of relatives wouldnt see & touch the death body nobody to interfere about this issue, you & your husband have to maintain my request strictly, Because Wahid already got several times of proof through various way his family members has been try to kill him indirectly at last 03 years when failure than family member hire professional killer & kidnaper, for kidnap Wahid & kidnap Wahid too takeover from his living house & living flat by force, also using family ugly tricks, although this house constructed Wahid provide financial & physical labor, it is surprising the family members abnormal rubbish elder son, thief who made duplicate key not only a flat, also Wahids room, steel file cabinet, & Almirah this thief judge himself he is intelligent basically fool & non-sense example- on his marriage day he has arrange only 5000 tk in 21 century 2007 not only strange it is remarkable non-sense that would be Guinness book of world record as a selfish, ethic-less, nonsense, characterless & greedy foolish, ready to wedded depend on Wahid and Wahids keep up this responsibility properly by his own legal & honest earning, & 3 rd one is Rapist characterless, middle size elephant also thief related this unwanted occur for captured Wahid assets, cash money, bank deposit money through duplicate key of Almirah, Result: Result: for kidnap and mental & physical hammer more than 01 month he didnt sleep, food, even any medicine although he is a high blood pressure Patient, rubbish family members think their win ( but looser) Allah will know every things, for irregular life, food,& mental shocked every thing modify him from regular life, only for family cheating now he suffering major disease that is l Liver disease what inform to police stations police come to his home and he got 03 person witness but that police officer didnt take any action against the cheater, also he earn money both side, ( Wahid & cheater drug business related family members) in this part I want to say that who know about Wahid only he/ she realized what category person ,brilliant ,asset , may be gone from us,

the all of cheater collected some pages of check book,& debit card, in addition Wahid has been suffering more than 18 years by the classless, selfish, cheater, greedy, characterless, ethic-less, family members, This is real that Wahid is extraordinary brilliant, genius, talented, shining, person, accordingly give his debit card, signature to check book, & signed each every documents, Wahid used his brain power and break their killed plan, at this unforeseen unpredicted surprising & unexpected happened - Wahid known he is not real son, he is orphan, adopted parents may be expense 15 years for Wahid in living lower middle class situation & provide food, but Wahid expend more than 15 years provide lots of sum than their expense, for the family & cheater, selfish familys members, and upgrade the family status, identity, beside Wahid continue his education expense own ( not only me all of Wahid friends aware Wahid frame of mind, sacrifice for his family) N: B- I am so emotional just today I have reply & objection the whole cheating occurred through this way, a enough maturate , self dependent, & living separate persons is free from all of retraction, a characterless, cheater, rubbish , liar, nonsense old man never become or demand himself as a guardian of anyone, because maturate person not living or staying under him, also he is not protected or cherished by anyone also characterless, cheater lair old man & rubbish all of rubbish classless family member, his nominate & authorized person bring full of responsibility , after all authorization approval by the law & notary public,

Reference: 01. Wahids website 02. Wahid profile from various site & articles directory 03. Wahid Pen Name articles 04, conversation with Wahid

(To be continuing)