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Chapter 1 Welcome home Diary 28th June 2010 The story of my miserable life began when I went back

k home, if only I knew that going back was going to change my life, I would have never returned Scarlet's POV I was finally going back to home, back to my world where I belong. I had been living in human's world for seven years. I was finally going back to my world, the underworld, where all the supernatural belongs, that's right, I'm a vampire. My parents had sent me to human world for my safety because I had special powers; they didn't want anyone to know about my powers so they sent me here. I quickly packed my stuff; my maid Laura was helping me. I lived in a huge mansion where my parents had left me with Laura ever since I was ten. My parents were with me everyday or two then they had to go back because of their jobs. My mother was the head of the vampire council and my father was in the vampire army, he was a general. But I always had my sister by my side, my elder sister Juliet was always by my side. She was my best friend and I shared everything with her, there were no secrets between us. Even though she had to go back to study, she always used to call me everyday if I was ok and not upset of her leaving. I missed my parents for seven years, but then they always were here with me, they came to visit me 3 or 4 times in a week. They never let me come to underworld until now that I'm old enough. "Come on, hurry up. Your father will be here any moment" Laura said running around packing my stuff. "Laura, everything is done lets just go downstairs" I said We both went downstairs and sat down, waiting for my father to pick me up. Laura sat next to me and hugged me "Don't forget me, I'm goanna miss you" She said crying "Hey, don't cry. I will ask dad to shift your job to our house in the underworld, then we'll be together again, ok" She moved back and smiled "Ok but till then do call me" "I won't forget you Laura, I will call you daily, I promise" Just then the doorbell rang "Well, I guess your father is here" She got up and opened the door, my father walked in. My dad looked in his early thirties even though he was hundreds old. His brown hair like mine and green eyes like my sister. He was muscled, he had to be cause he was the general.

"Daddy" I ran up to him and hugged him. His muscled arms squeezed me If you didn't know I was my dad's favorite, actually I was everyone's favorite because I was the smallest in the family. "Hey my little angel, you ready?" he said letting go of me I smiled "Yup, ready" He smiled "Ok come on" We walked out; our driver had already put my stuff in the car. I quickly hugged Laura and Samantha. Samantha was my cook. "Take care of your self" Samantha said crying "I will, you too take care of yourself" "Maybe we'll see you soon" Laura said "I smiled "Maybe we will" I then walked up to my bodyguard Lucien. He always kept his face blank, never smiled or showed any emotion but today he smiled at me, a sad smile. He ruffled my head "Take care of your self kiddo" I smiled "You too" I hugged him, he was shocked but then he awkwardly patted my back "Ok off you go" I smiled and then bid my goodbyes and sat in the car. Today I will be at my house where I always belonged. "So, how's the underworld like?" I asked My father smiled "Don't you remember?" "Not much, seven years is a long gap. I bet the underworld has changed" "It has, it's mostly like the human world but instead it's supernatural" I smiled "Proud to be" He chuckled "So you're ready to be back?" "As ready as I can ever be" "Good"

We reached the forest, my dad stopped the car on the circle and then we were suddenly in the vampire world, cool right. I looked out the window; it was same as the human world except supernatural walked around. I grinned, I'm goanna enjoy living here. In the evening, we reached our house or should I say mansion. It was very big; I remember playing around my house when I was little. "Come angel, your mother and sister are waiting for you" Dad said getting out of his side. I was very excited; I quickly got out of my side and walked in with my father. As soon as the doorbell rang, my sister opened the door and leaped on me with a bear hug. "I'm so happy your back, we're goanna have so much fun together at my wedding" That's another reason for my comeback. My sister has finally found her prince charming and they have decided to marry. I've met Lysander, my sister's future husband. He's very funny and very kind, he's like a brother I never had and I love him for that. We both jumped up and down and were giggling like little girls, just like when we were little. "I'm excited too; I mean I'm the bridesmaid" "You know what that means, right?" She asked "SHOPPING!" We both shouted, my dad smiled and shook his head. My mother came running out, her eyes full of tears "My baby, she's finally back, my baby's back" My mother hugged me "Hey mama, don't cry. I'm here aren't I so why cry when we can celebrate" I said smiling at her "Celebrating we are, that's why your father has kept a party of your arrival today. A welcome party" She smiled "Can't wait" I said excitedly They all laughed "Now come on in, you must be tired of the journey" "Come I'll take you to your room and get you ready" My sister said dragging me upstairs We went down the huge hall and then to my room. It was changed, the smaller bed that I had has been replaced by a king size bed, a dressing table. My laptop on a desk in the right side and a walk in closet and books which I totally adore but one thing was still same, the wall paint which I adored, it was still purple. I grinned "who changed my furniture"

"Me of course, do you like it?" "I don't like it, I love it. Thank you, it's beautiful" I said hugging her "Wait, till you see your closet but not now, the guests will be arriving soon, we have to get you ready" She said and dragged me and made me sit in front of the mirror. "Can I put a little make up on you?" She asked showing her puppy eyes. I was always the simple one, I didn't like too much makeup, and people told me that I look beautiful simple but if I put makeup, I look sexy. I sighed "Ok but not much" She grinned "Ok, let's start" She curled my long brown hair, it looked very nice. Then she applied my makeup, my big purple eyes, yes they are unique, they are different because of my powers. She applied red eyeshade and black eyeliner, making my eyes look bigger. Then she applied luscious red lipstick and finally some light red blush, my pale skin brightened and glowed. I didn't look like a whore as I thought I would instead I looked decent. I smiled at my sister "Wow, thanks Juliet it's awesome." "I told you so. Anyways, come on. I picked out a dress for you" She again dragged me to my closet. I gasped at the sight; every single cloth was a dress, only some jeans and shirts. I love dresses; my sister knew that, that's why she's filled my closet with new cloths. I hugged her "Oh my, thank you thank you thank you" I repeated again and again She laughed "Chill out Scar, I knew you would love it" She then walked in and took out a beautiful red dress. It was strapless, the bodice looked fitting and the bottom would flow down till my knees. I smiled "I Love it" She smiled "Great then go put it on while I get ready" I took the dress from her and then went to the bathroom. I quickly changed and well the dress fitted perfectly. I walked out to see my sister already dressed. She wore a similar dress as mine but hers was yellow. My sister looked a lot like me, except her eyes are green and mine purple, and also her hair is blond like my mum's while mine is brown like my father. "The guests have arrived, just to let you know" She told me while I was putting on my red heels.

Ok I was nervous, coming back after so many years and then meeting other super naturals was difficult. I never was a person who wanted attention, I was always the quiet one, I talked less and I always kept to myself. My sister was my only companion of secrets, I only told her everything. I never made human friends even though all of them in my school wanted to be my friends, I was friends with them but I kept my distance. I smiled "Ok let's do this" We both walked down the corridor and downstairs. When we reached the hall, everybody was there. Every one of them were stunning, I guess that's a point for being a supernatural. Everybody looked at me when we walked in, some with smiles, some with lust, some with jealousy, and some with admiration. "Look there's Lys, come on" She pointed at Lysander who was talking to my mother. She then pulled me with her. My mother gasped in surprise "Wow, my daughters look beautiful" She said hugging me and Juliet I smiled "Thanks mom" we both said together "I'll be back" She left us three alone Lysander smiled at me "Wow, who is this pretty young lady who has made me forget my fianc today" He said teasingly. Lysander is very handsome blond hair, brown eyes, tan skin. He's a werewolf and very muscled, he's in the army and works with my father. I laughed "She's the same old Scarlet" He laughed and then hugged me "Missed you Scar" "Missed you too, Lys" My sister glared at him "Uhm, who did you forget?" Lys gulped "Honey we were joking" I hugged Lys sideways "Hey sis, care to share" I asked teasingly She smiled "You know I would give you anything, even if it's my fianc, you know that I love you so much that I would give my own happiness to you" My eyes misted "I love you too and I was joking" I hugged her Lys placed both of his arms around my and Juliet's shoulder "How about I get both?" I pushed his arm away "Ewww, you're like a brother"

They both laughed at me, Mum came back "Scarlet come with me, the king wants to meet you" My heartbeat increased "Wait, the king's here?" "Of course he is, every royalty is here" Oh did I forgot to mention, I'm a royalty which means with royal blood. My mother and father are both royalties. Royalties are high standard people and super naturals without royal blood are normal. I hate people who think royalties are high standard; I like to keep everybody in stability. Since my mother was head of the council, she was a very good friend of the king and my father is close too because he's a general and works for the king. She grabbed my hand and then took me to the king who was talking to my father. He smiled when he saw me and my father wrapped an arm around me "Henry, this is my lovely daughter Scarlet" The king smiled at me warmly "Nice to finally meet you Scarlet, your father has told me lots about you" He was in his early thirties just like my father. He was very handsome with baby blue eyes and blond hair. He wore a tux like everyone in the hall. I smiled "Nice to meet you too your highness" He waved a hand "Oh please, call me James, your father and I are very good friends. No need to be formal" "So tell me, how was your time with the humans, were they nice or filthy?" He asked "My time went good. And I don't think humans are filthy, they are very fascinating. I don't find any difference between any species; I like to keep everyone in balance." I said smiling He smiled "That's what I wanted to hear, I'm sure your father is proud of you" I looked at my dad "Oh yes, I'm very proud of her" He said smiling at me A woman walked up to us. The king wrapped his arm around her waist "Scarlet, meet my wife Rose and Rose, this is Scarlet. Ronan and Kara's youngest daughter" Ronan and Kara are my parents. Rose smiled at me. She was very pretty, long black hair with pretty green eyes and a very slender and curvy body. "Finally we meet the famous Scarlet, I must say, you are so beautiful" She said shaking my hand I blushed "Thank you, your highness"

She smiled "Please, call me Rose. I only let some people call me by my name" I laughed "Then I'm lucky" They all laughed "So Scarlet, tell me about your plans after graduation" Asked Rose "I was planning on becoming a doctor, for supernaturals" I replied They both looked pleased "That's a very nice job Scarlet. I really like you" Henry said "Thank you" "So you're going to school tomorrow? Do meet our son Samuel" "I don't know him, but sure if I see him I'll meet him" I replied to the king "My sons are not here or I would have introduced you to them, but my daughter Annabel is here, I would like you to meet her" I think the king sent her a telepathic message because Annabel I guess was at our side in an instant. She was very beautiful too. Long blond hair like her father and a beautiful slender body like her mothers, but her eyes were very pretty, very light green. "Annabel meet Scarlet and Scarlet this is my daughter Annabel" The king introduced us I smiled at her "Hello" But instead she hugged me "Oh my god, you are so pretty; it's nice to meet you" "Nice to meet you too" Just then Juliet came up to me, handing me a drink "Come on, I want to show you something" I nodded and then looked at Annabel "Do you want to come with us?" She lit up like a fire "Yeah sure" The three of us walked in the back garden, it was huge with lots of flowers, benches, lights and fountain. Lys was waiting for us in the middle "What took you girls so long?" "Nothing, so why did you guys call me here?" I asked "Look at the sky" My sister whispered

And I did, I looked up the sky to see fireworks. They were very pretty in the dark night "Wow, this is beautiful" I whispered "I knew you would like it, anyways there's another surprise" She whistled and a waiter came with a trolley with a big cake on it. He left the trolley to us and left from there, I looked at the cake and it said welcome home "Thank you, it looks very yummy" "Go ahead then, cut it" And just when I did, another firework blew; I looked up and on the sky, in a very beautiful writing in light blue said 'Welcome Home' Little did I know that coming back home was going to change my life forever. Chapter 2 Royal High School Dairy 29th June 2010 If only I knew, going to new school would make me meet him, I would have never joined ..._... The party had ended ages ago and the first thing I did was ran to my room and change, which I did. I sat at my window watching the stars, which I always used to do. The stars make me feel good. My mother says the great ones are the stars and they watch us from above, that's why I love watching them because somewhere up there I know my grandpa's there watching over me. He was my best friend. Me and him always used to go fishing but then one day he vanished. He wasn't like the old grandpa's; he was in his 40's. But when he vanished I felt very lonely, then we thought he was dead and will never return. Someone cleared there throat, I turned my head to see Juliet grinning at me. "What?" I asked "You ready for new school tomorrow?" She asked sitting on my bed, dressed in her shorts and tank top. "WHAT? School starts tomorrow?" I didn't know that, why didn't mom or dad tell me She laughed "Of course it does, that's where all the royalties go and don't worry, it's only one last year and then you would be 18 and out of school"

I sighed "Why didn't mum or dad tell me?" "They told me to but I forgot, sorry" She said guilty I waved my hand "its fine, do I get my own car? I had one in the human world but I left it there" She smirked "Oh yeah you will get a car but dad said you will need a driver too" I frowned "Why?" "Because you don't know the ways around here, once you do, you can take the car" True "Fine, so how's this school? You graduated from there, right?" "Yup, it's cool. Just stay with your friends and stay cool and if any problems, just go to the principle and say my name and she will do almost anything for you" She smirked "No thank you, I can handle my own problems." I replied "Whatever you wish, anyways sleep. You will need to wake up early in the morning" She got up "If you get nightmares then give me a shout and I'll sleep with you, ok?" I get a lot of nightmares because of my powers and my sister usually calms me down. I smiled and nodded She kissed my forehead "Goodnight" "Night" She left. The moment I hit the bed, I was in a deep sleep, the only thing that was on my mind was my new school. I woke up 6 in the morning. I quickly took a shower, I dressed in a pink summers dress and pink ballet flats. I quickly put on lip gloss and eyeliner. I grabbed my purse since I didn't have any books yet. I hurried downstairs, my parents were already up. The cook had already set the breakfast on the table, I sat next to dad. "Morning" "Good morning" They both replied "Ready for school?" Dad asked putting his newspaper down "Yeah I guess, I don't have books though"

"The teachers will arrange them for you" My mum replied "Ok" We ate our breakfast in silence, my driver walked in "Ready to go, Miss Jones" He asked "Yeah, just a minute" I ran upstairs to my sisters bedroom, I shook her "Go away" She mumbled sleepily "Get up and give me your wishes" I again shook her She sat up "You are annoying and sweet at the same time. Good luck on your first day. Make some friends, make boyfriends, go on a date and hook with someone" "That was just too much wishes which I did not intend to get butthanks" I hugged her and ran downstairs and straight outside in the car. We reached the school. It was huge. I got out of the car and all eyes landed on me. There were groups of people, just like my old school, some cheerleaders, some jocks, preps and nerds. I walked inside the school, as I past some even whistled, uh. I stopped in the main hall since I didn't know where the office was. I needed to ask someone, I looked at a guy who was looking at me with full lust, uh not him. Then there was a nerd who was smiling at me with saliva drooling down his mouth, ewww so not him. Then last but not the least a guy who was an emo, yeah maybe he could help. I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder he turned around with a glare, I cringed. I smiled at him but his expressions stayed the same "Uh hi" by the way, he was hot. Black short hair but long bangs in his face, the bangs were died blue and green. His eyes were brown and pale face, he was a vamp too. Baggy pants and black shirt which said 'Don't fuck with me' and a leather jacket. Everything about him told me that he is a bad kid. "What do you want?" He said eying me down "I uhI need help" "Why don't you ask someone else?" He asked looking around "I can't, I don't like the others-" "So you like me?" he asked raising his eyebrow "No! noLook every boy here is looking at me with sexual desires and girls are glaring at me, you're the only one who I thought could help" I explained

"Sorry I can't" Before he could plug his earphones in his ears and walk away, I grabbed his arm; he looked at me angrily "Please" I pleaded He sighed "What do you need help with?" I grinned "Please can you tell me where the office is?" "Go down that corridor and take a left." I smiled "Thank you, your very sweet" I kissed his cheek, he was shocked when I did. I quickly ran down the corridor and took a left, where the office was. The lady at the desk was sweet; she gave me my books and schedule. My first class was History. The bell rang and everyone went to their classes, I didn't know where to go, great. There was no one except that nerd who was still looking at me before. I sighed and went up to him "Hi" "He-hello" He stammered "Can you tell me where History class is?" I said showing him my schedule. He nodded "Come with me" I walked with him upstairs on the third floor, why wasn't he in class "Aren't you goanna be late for class?" I asked "No..I-I have a fre-free period" He stammered again, is it a medical problem? We reached the history class "Thank you" I smiled at him, he's a good guy. "I'm Le-Lenny" He said extending his hand I didn't want to hold his hand but I didn't want to offend him either. So I shook it "I'm Scarlet, nice to meet you, Lenny" He smiled "Sam-same here" "Well I'll see you around" I said, he nodded and took off Time for class, I knocked on the door. "Come in" the teacher said I opened the door and everyone's eyes were on me. "Uhm hi, I'm Scarlet"

She smiled "Hello scarlet, your late dear" "I'm sorry, I was lost" "It's ok, come inside" "Everyone this is Scarlet our new student. Please take a seat next to Edward" She said pointing at a boy. I smiled at her and then took my seat next to him. "Hey" He said "Hi" "I'm Edward Pierce" He was the king's son. His eyes were the same and so were his blond hair, why didn't I notice. "I'm Scarlet Jones; you're James son?" He smiled "You personally know my father?" He asked surprised "Yeah, I'm Ronan Jones daughter, so why wouldn't I?" I said He was shocked "You're that Scarlet?" I nodded "Yeah, last time I checked" "I'm sorry I didn't know that, by the way nice to meet you" "Same here" I said The class went boring; the lesson was on werewolf's which was truly boring. After history, I had maths and science. It was now lunch and I still didn't make any friends. I stepped in the dinning hall where everyone was, every eyes set on me but I ignored them and went straight to buy some blood and just when I turned around, I bumped into someone and spilled the blood on the white shirt. I gasped and looked up to see the most gorges guy in my entire life. His hair black, very black, short cut and up in spikes. He wore a white shirt and jeans. But his baby blue eyes were very familiar; I just couldn't put my finger on it. "I am so sorry" the blood had already stained the shirt "What the fuck" He said annoyed looking down at his shirt "I'm very sorry"

He looked up angrily "Yeah you sho-" He stopped mid sentence as his eyes met mine and his angry face turned to shock Delilah He said whispered I frowned Excuse me? I asked confused Before he could say, another voice spoke "Scarlet" Someone said from behind, I turned around to see a smiling Annabel, she hugged me. Hi "Hey Scarlet, how were your classes?" She asked but her eyes were on Sam and something passed between them. "Uh great, but had a little problem finding them" "It's ok, I didn't know you joined today or else I would've helped you" She smiled and looked back at me "It's fine" "Come on, sit with us. I'll introduce you to my friends" I was thankful to her; I mean she was the only one I knew. I smiled "Yeah Sure" She looked at the boy's shirt who was still standing there. "Is that blood on your shirt?" She asked He was about to reply but I cut him off "Uhcan I buy you a new shirt? It's my fault and I wanna make it up to you. I'm still very sorry" I said At first he just started at me, like he was searching for something within me. He looked away then looked back at me angrily I can buy a shirt myself he snapped "Wait" I grabbed a tissue and wetted it "The least I could do is clean it" I slid my hand under his shirt to hold the shirt properly. I could feel his abs and six packs and had to resist a blush. He shuddered when I touched him. I wiped the blood but it only made the stains lighter. I moved back "Uhat least the stain is light now" He hesitated to reply but then he did "Don't touch me again. I was shocked, I just helped him, the least he could do is say thanks. "Come on, forget him" Annabel pulled me along with her to a table where some people were sitting.

"Guys this is Scarlet and Scarlet this is Brian" She said pointing at a very cute boy with shaggy brown hair and he was tan, a werewolf, he nodded at me. "This is Kyle" she pointed to another boy next to Brian, who was handsome with red hair and green eyes. Then she pointed at a girl next to him "This is Riley, Kyle's girlfriend" She smiled at me. "Hey Scarlet" Edward was sitting in front of Riley, again I didn't notice him. "Hey Edward" I replied "You two know each other?" Annabel asked "Yes, he's in my history class" "This is Samuel" She said the boy who was coming up to us. The boy who I spilled blood on. Oh my god, he's Samuel, what's wrong with me today? He was now wearing a light blue shirt. "And lastly this is Vanessa" She pointed at a girl next to Edward, She glared at me, I guess I got my enemy as well. "She's Sam's girlfriend" Samuel looked at me while he sat next to her. I sat next to Annabel in front of Samuel. Vanessa was cuddling in to him but he didn't seem too interested. "You have very beautiful eyes" Commented Edward I tried not to blush "Uh thanks" "I've never seen this color of eyes on any supernatural, you're the first" He explained I couldn't reveal about my powers so I just smiled at him. Youre Scarlet? Ronans daughter? This time Samuel asked I nodded Yeah Disappointment crossed his eyes but then he got up and left. I frowned and looked at Anna who was looking at Samuel worriedly. She looked at me and gave me a faint smile. There is defiantly something wrong here. We had lunch and then my next class was Spanish, our real supernatural language. When I entered my class, my teacher introduced me to everyone. Surprisingly Samuel was in my class and I sat next to him.

He ignored me the whole class and I avoided him as much even though I wanted to ash what his problem was. After another class it was finally time for home. As I was heading out, I bumped onto someone, loosing my balance I was about to hit the floor when two arms wrapped around me. I looked up to see the emo boy, who helped me find the office. He lifted me up and let go off me. I smiled at him "Thank you" He didn't smiled back or glare at me, he had a blank expression on, so I thought of introducing myself. I moved my hand forward "Hi, I'm Scarlet" His expression softened but he didn't shake my hand "Kenny" he moved past me. I ran back up to him "Why do you hate me?" "Did I say that?" He stopped and asked "No no you-" "So then why you are asking?" He raised a brow "Because every time you see me, you look at me angrily" I explained "I do that with everyone" "Well I'm not everyone" I snapped "Really? Who are you then? Queen of America?" He muttered sarcastically "NoI'm your friend" I said softly He was shocked but then that angry expression back on his face. His face moved closer to mine and he gazed in my eyes. I shrinked in front of him "I don't have any friends" "That's because you don't let anyone in" "Maybe I don't want to" "Maybe your scared" I retorted He was shocked and moved back. "Why do you hate me?" I repeated

"I don't show my real emotions to anyone" and with that, he walked past me and this time I didn't follow. I don't know why but something about him makes me feel sad, like I can feel his emotions. Something about him pulled me closer to him, like i want to know him. He was a sad kid that I knew but why I'm goanna find out. ..._... Dairy 29th June 2010 I wish I'd known that if feeling compassion for others would risk my own life.I would have never done it

Chapter 3 Kenneth Williams? Dairy 30th June 2010 If only I knew helping someone is wrong, then I wouldn't have done it _... The next day I woke up early and went to school early. Since Juliet said that the head teacher is her friend, maybe I could get some information on Kenny. I knocked on the principle's office "Come in" I opened the door and went inside, the principle looked nice and sweet in her late 40s. I smiled "Hey, I'm Scarlet, Juliet's sister. I'm new to this school" She smiled "Oh It's nice to meet you Scarlet, your sister was a good student, I hope you are too" I smiled "You won't get any complaints, I promise" "I know I won't.SoWhat can I do for you?" "Ahm.I need some information on a student, it's kind of private actually, just some search I have to do. Could you help me with that?" I was nervous since I was asking the principle, hell I could get expelled. She looked at me as if she was looking for something but then she gave me a small smile "Sure, who's the student?"

Phew "His name is Kenny, I don't know his second name. I'm sure you know him" Her face suddenly turned grim "Are you sure? I know that we have one Kenny in the school but he's dangerous, you don't want to mess with him" A shivered passed through me "I'm sure, please can you give me his information?" She nodded "Ok, come to me after school tomorrow. I will have to get it for you" I smiled "Thank you so much" She nodded "Can I ask why you want his information?" "HuhFor some reason, it's kind of private." She nodded "Ok then no problem" I got up and left from there. The classes were all good and now it was lunchtime. I went inside the dinning hall and bumped into someone. The person lost his balance and fell down. I gasped when I saw who it was; Poor Lenny was covered in food and lying on the floor. Everyone started to laugh at him, I felt so bad for him. I gave him my hand and pulled him up. "I am so sorry Lenny; I didn't see where I was going" "It's oo-ok, it happens" "No it's not okay, here I'll buy you another lunch" "No it-it's fine" he stammered "No it's not, now come on" He sighed and followed me. We were passing by Samuel's table but that bastard pulled his leg out from under the table and tripped Lenny, again he fell and again everyone was laughing at him. Samuel and his boys were laughing like hell. "Awwdid little Lenny fall" Kyle said "Awwhe just did" Samuel said, I wanted to slap him real bad, which I did.

I went up to him and slapped him hard and tight. He stopped laughing and so did everyone else, his expression was filled with shock. I wanted to give him another piece of my mind but I resisted. "How can you bully someone like this? If you don't know how bullying feels like then don't bully anyone and do us a big favor, pick on someone your own size" We both glared at each other as in we were worst enemies. I pulled Lenny of the floor and took him out of the dinning hall. "I am sorry Lenny, it all happened because of me if i-" "It-it's not your fa-fault" "How about I take you to the diner down by the school street" "You do-don't really have to do this" "Of course I do, I don't usually skip classes, but I'll do this for you" "You'll skip cl-class for me?" "Of course, now come on" We went to the dinner and had our lunch there, afterwards we returned to school, our forth period was on, and I quickly ran to my Science class while Lenny went to his class. I opened the door and all eyes turned on me. The teacher glared "You're late" "Ah, I'm sorry Mrs. Bernard, I was with the principle" Liar "You have a note?" Busted! "Uh no, she said just tell you that I was with her" "Fine, you better not be lying" "Never dream of it" "Take your seat Ms. Jones" I walked in, before I could sit, I saw Kenny sitting right at the back alone. I decided to sit next to him, so I did. Everyone gasped and Kenny looked like he would kill me right there. The teacher ignored us and continued with the lesson.

"Did I tell you to sit here?" He said glaring at me I smiled sweetly "No you didn't" "Then why the hell are you sitting here?" "I can sit wherever I want" "No you don't, this is my seat and no one sits here" "Does it say your name on it?" "No but-" "Then it isn't yours now is it?" "No one sits here" His eyes turned red in a scary way But instead of being scared, I was angry "How many times do I tell you that 'I'm not no one', for god sake I'm your friend" I rolled my eyes His eyes softened and turned back to chocolate brown. "What do you want from me?" "You to be my friend" "I don't have friends and I don't make any either" "Oh come on, I promise I won't betray you, I'll always stay loyal" For a moment I thought he smiled but then probably my imagination. "Lookwhy are you doing this? I mean you could be friends with anyone here, you're the prettiest girl in school" His comment made me blush but I didn't show him that "You think I'm pretty?" He was shocked because I don't think he was meant to say that. "UhI-uh Stop, your confusing me" "Yeah because you said so yourself" I replied quickly "Yeah because I think what I said" He blurted out in frustration "So you think I'm pretty" I pressed on "Noyou're the ugliest girl in school that's probably why I don't want to be your friend"

I knew he was saying that to get rid of me but I'm not something you can get rid of easily "Fine, I'm ugly. Thank you very much but I'm still goanna be your friend." "You can dream on it, princess" He sneered I glowered over him "I make my dreams real, so watch out" The ring of the bell broke our gazing contest. I got up and left, smiling at the expression he had on. I reached my last period and in that period I sit with Sam, I sighed and next to him while he was glaring at me. "You're goanna regret that slap" He sneered "Look what you did back there wasn't nice, how can you bully someone and laugh at them like that" "Because I don't like that Lenny, okay and what you did, you will get an answer for that soon" "We'll see" "Oh yeah, we'll see" The teacher walked in and started our lesson. _... The school had ended ages ago and now I was entering my house. "Mum, dad I'm home" I shouted "In kitchen" Dad shouted from the kitchen I placed my bag on the floor and went inside the kitchen only to be surprised to see James, sitting with my whole family, even Lysander was there. "Hello Scarlet, How are you?" James asked smiling I smiled back "I'm fine thank you, how are you?" "I'm great" "So what's going on? Everyone gathered around together? Any problem?"

They all went rigid but my dad quickly smiled "Uh no, no problem honey. James just came by to say 'Hi'" I looked at James who was nodding in agreement. Something was fishy but I didn't press on "Ok then, I'm going to my room" I left from there and went straight to my room; I took a long bath and then finally got dressed in my pajamas since I wasn't going to go out. Before I could even touch my bed, my sister barged in "Hey Hon how was school today?" I sighed, she never knocks "Not bad, the same old" I suddenly remembered about Kenny "Hey Juls?" "Yeah?" "Do you know a boy named Kenny? He's my age" "I probably know a lot of Kenny's which one are you on about?" "He has black hair and blue eyes; he's like a total badass" She frowned "I really don't know who you're talking about but I have an idea" My eyes lit up "What?" She smirked, which was not a good sign "We can check in dad's office, he has every record of every person" I frowned "You know I don't do stuff like that. I don't want to get in trouble" "Oh come on, your always the good one, always get A grades, always following the rules. Let's just do this today, I promise, mum and dad won't even know and you'll still be the good daughter" "I can't, what if mum or dad walks in on us." "No they won't, I promise" "I can't" I sulked

"Look you and I both know that you want to do this to find out about this boy because you are obviously very curious about him. So either get your butt up or forget the information" I really was curious, I sighed "Fine, this better work" "It will, now come along" We walked down the stairs and stood in front of dad's office, we weren't allowed here without permission, if dad finds out, we are so dead. "We're really doing this?" "Get over it you wuss" "Where are mum and dad?" "They huhthey're gone to the palace with James" She opened the door and pulled me inside along with her. I wanted to push her in and run back in my room but I had to stay. "What's going on here?" I jumped and started to run but before I could get any near the door, Juliet pulled my shirt from the back to keep me in place. "Relax, its only Lys" She said "Lys?" "Yeah Lys" I turned around to see him standing at the corner, trying to hide his laugh but then no point cause they both burst out laughing. I glared at them "It's not funny" "Yes it is, you didn't see you, we saw you running around" Juliet said laughing 'Oh shut up" I snapped and turned on the lights. Lys cleared his throat "Ok kiddo, what are we doing?" "We're looking for someone's info" Juliet sat in dads chair and turned on the computer. "Who?"

"Just wait" "Ok what was the name again?" She asked "Kenny" Me and Lys stood behind her and watched her typing the name and searching it. A list of people came down "Okay.look at the picture and tell me who it is" She scrolled down the page with the pictures, I checked every face but not him, then he came along "Stop" "Who? Which one?" She asked "That one" I pointed at Kenny's picture "Kenneth Williams, that's his real name?" "HIM!" My sister shrieked "Yeah why what's wrong?" She paled; I looked at Lys who was also drained out of color. I was scared now "Guys, what's wrong? Do you know him?" "Scar, listen to me carefully. He is not a good company to hang out with; you really don't want to mess with him" So she does know him "What? Why?" "Just listen to me okay, don't go near him" I felt angry, how can she say that about someone "Open his file" She looked at Lys who nodded and then she opened the file and got up, I sat in her place and read. 'Kenneth Williams, son of Mary and John Williams. Born on 25th August 1993, Kenneth was 4 when his mother (Mary) died; murdered by her kidnaper and his father (John) went crazy. John killed 20'00 people (Vampires, Fairies and Werewolf's) on 2001 just to get revenge for killing his wife, he had been sent to asylum for treatment. After John went to asylum, Kenneth was alone without his parents and he decided to take revenge for taking his parents away. Apparently he was caught in a murder case at the age of 14, he was a suspect but then the charges were false and he was bailed. He is still a suspect for murdering a girl who was his class fellow. He's been jail twice for trying to get escape his father from asylum.

I was honestly shocked, I mean I don't really feel any anger on the kid, he's been through a lot. Instead I felt pain and anger for him, how must have he been feeling the whole time. That's probably why he's that quiet and alone all the time, no wonder he shows no emotions, why he doesn't makes friends, why he keeps this anger face on, all this just to hide the pain. And no matter what takes, I'm goanna help him. _... Dairy 30th June 2010 I thought helping others was a good deed, then why did I get punished for something like this

Chapter 4 Happy raping Christmas to me 31st June 2010 He gave me a gift.a gift of humiliation _... I woke up in the morning and took a quick shower. I quickly dressed in my light pink summers dress and pinks flats. Today was the last day at school since next week is Christmas and its Christmas holidays from tomorrow. Even though we're different, doesn't mean we can't have religions, my family goes to church every Sunday. I reached school just in time; I went straight to the principles office for more information on Kenny. "Hello Scarlet" "Good morning Mrs. Giles" She nodded "You're here for the information?" I nodded "Yeah" "I'm sorry Scarlet I don't have it yet, all our files are not in this school and I'll have to go to the first campaign to get, how about I get you it in between the holidays, is it okay?"

I was disappointed but at least I had some of his information. I smiled "Yeah that's fine, just give me a call" "I will" I went to my first period which was with Kenny but he wasn't there and then I had my last period which I have with him but he wasn't there either, I didn't see him around school today so I bet he wasn't in today, wow just great, it's last day at school before Christmas holidays and he's not in. Now how the hell am I supposed to ask him about his life. Great! _... 25th December 2009 Today was Christmas and I was helping my sister decorate the Christmas tree. "Scar, why don't you go get ready, we'll have to leave in about 2 hours, and I'm going to go dress up now" My sister said Today was a Christmas ball at the palace and we were invited. I really didn't want to go but I had to go since my parents said so. "Fine" I got up and went to my room. I took out the dress I chose, it was light blue with brown design, and it was strapless and flowed down till my feet. I quickly got dressed and curled my hair; my long curly hair flowed down on my back. I don't like much make up so I applied eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss and a little bit of blush. I put on my blue heels and went downstairs, where everyone was waiting for me. "I'm ready let's go" So they all got up and we drove to the palace. We all got out at the front, while the driver took the car. My parents went in first then Lys and Juls and me all alone at the back. The palace was huge, I was here first time, it was huge and beautiful. People filled everywhere in tuxes and dresses. I sat on the table alone while my parents were meeting the other people and so was Juliet and Lys. I sighed; I couldn't see Annabel or Edward anywhere so I got up and bought myself a drink. I sat down again. My phone started to ring "Hello" I answered

"Scarlet, it's me Mrs. Giles" "Oh hi Mrs. Giles" "I have those information you wanted, can you come to the school and get it now" "What? I can't come right now; I'm at the Christmas ball" "I'm so sorry Scarlet but I'm leaving with my family tonight for Christmas holidays and I wouldn't be back until next week" But school's goanna start in three days. Oh well. Shit! "Fine, where do I meet you?" "In the school, I'm already here going through some files" "Fine, I'll be there" I said and cut the call I looked for my parents but they were nowhere in sight then I looked for Juliet who was dancing with Lys and I really didn't wanna disturb them, so I went outside and messaged my sister that I was leaving. I went in the parking lot and saw my driver; I really didn't want to take him right now, besides he drives very slow. "Miss Jones, do you need to go somewhere?" HE asked as I approached him I smiled "I do but I want to go alone if you don't mind" He smiled and handed me the keys without saying anything "Thank you" I said and sat in the car and drove of to school. I reached the school in minutes and got out. As I was entering I saw Samuel and two other boys who I didn't know, they were sitting in front of the school steps, and all of them looked drunk. "Hey hot chick, are you lost in the middle of the night" One of them said and it got Samuel's attention too because he didn't see me coming, his eyes gazed down at me in a hungry way, I shivered. They all were wearing tuxes, I bet they ditched the ball. I ignored them and went straight inside the school. I went down the hallway and in Mrs. Giles office "Oh good you're here. I was just leaving" I gave her a grateful look "Thank you Mrs. Giles" as she handed me the file of Kenny

"No problem, look I have to leave, my flight is in 2 hours and my family has already left, you could stay here if you like" She said "Thanks" She left the school. I was all alone in the whole school, after an hour of studying his file, I sat up exhausted, I'll finish reading it tomorrow. I need some sleep. I got up and walked down the hall suddenly someone pulled me inside a classroom. It was dark so I couldn't see the person's face. "Who's this?" I asked, my voice quivering "Guess who" The voice sounded familiar, the person let go of me and turned on the lights. I gasped as I saw Samuel "Wh-wheres you friends? He smirked, he was high I could tell by his posture. "They're gone" "Why are you here?' "I don't know.maybe because this girl slapped me and I told her to watch out because she's in for a payback" "Look Samuelwe-we can settle this later, ri-right now your drunk" I tried to push past him but he grabbed my arms "Oh come on Scarlet, don't telll me yourrr scared" He slured "Look just let me go" I whimpered "No, not so easily, you've woken my inner demon" "What are you talking abo-" "Oh you don't need to know honey" He pushed me on the floor, and started to take of his tux coat, then the bow and then his shirt. I could see his biceps, his abs and six packs, he was muscled ok but that's not what I'm worried about right now. "Wh-what are you do-doing" I cried as I pushed myself backwards "What do you think I'm doing? I'm goanna take you right now, you know, you look very hot in that dress, how about we take it off and then see how hot you look"

He moved towards me and kneeled down in front of me; in a blur he ripped my dress of me. I screamed but he pinned me down and covered my mouth with his hand while the other held my hands above. "This is what you get when you mess with Sam, when I'm over with you; I want people to see you with pity, with shame, with disgrace and most of all, humiliation, you will be humiliated just like you humiliated me when you slapped me in front of the whole school" "No" I mumbled in his hand, I sobbed but he wouldn't let me go In an instance, he tied my hands on the table legs with his coat, I screamed again "Please let me go, I'm sorry" "Sorry is not enough" I screamed "Somebody help me!.Help me!" I screamed but no one heard "Scream all you want because no ones goanna save you" He then ripped of my bra and panties "Noooo!no no please don't" I cried He opened his zip; my eyes widened "No no no please don't I beg you" "Aww don't beg it will turn me more on" He plunged inside me, I screamed. "Mummm!daddd!Juilietttt! Someone help me!" I screamed He the bit me on the neck and drank from me, his grip on my body already gave bruises, his nails scratched my skin as he kept thrusting inside me. He thrusted harder and harder I could feel the blood slipping down from underneath me. I cried and cried but no one helped me. After what seemed like century, he spilled inside me. My body ached with pain, it was too much to bear, I could feel the darkness covering my eyes. The last thing I remembered was seeing my rapists face. _... On Monday early morning as the students were coming in. The genitor wiped the floor, he cleaned every class, he opened the last class he was going to clean but stood there shocked. A girl was lying there naked and wounded, hand tied on the table. He quickly took off his jacket and wrapped it around her. He dialed 911 for ambulance. The ambulance was there

in minutes. The genitor led them inside the school as the students watched and followed them. The Paramedics picked her body up and laid her on the stretcher. As the paramedics took her out, every body gasped and looked shocked at the girl. Kenny who was passing by was shocked himself, looking at the state of her. Annabel ran up to them as she saw the girl. "Oh my god, what happened to her, Scarlet?" She asked "We don't know but it looks like a case of rape" One of them replied She gasped and entered the ambulance with them. She dialed Scarlet's parents, who were worried for their daughter who hadn't returned home all night. As they reached the hospital, the paramedics took Scarlet in and Annabel stood outside her ward. Scarlet's family rushed in the hospital. "What happened?" Kara asked crying "I don't know, I was in the school when I saw the paramedics taking her" Annabel replied "What did the doctor say?" Ronan asked worried about his daughter "They're not confirmed but they're saying it's a rape case" Her mother gasped and sat on the bench in shock as her other daughter Juliet consoled her. The doctor came out "I'm sorry to say this but your daughter has been raped brutally, she's in a very critical state, we are trying all our best" He walked away leaving the shocked parents there. "My baby" Kara cried on Ronan's shoulder. _... Scarlet's POV I felt pain, lots and lots of pain, my body ached and my eyes felt heavy, like swollen but then I had to open them. I opened my eyes but the light pricked them, I quickly closed them again. I then slowly opened them again and adjusted the light; my vision was clear but not much. I looked around myself, I had IV on me, I was in a hospital that's for sure. I tried to sit up but I flinched as the pain hit me.

"Honey what are you doing, you need rest" My mother rushed up to me "Hey mum" I hugged her "Baby, how are you feeling?" She asked crying "Aside the pain I feel good" "Honey wait here, I'll go tell the doctor your awake" She ran out What happened to me? Why am I here? The doc and my mother came in, the doc gave me sympathetic smile "Hello Scarlet, I'm Dr. James, tell me how are you feeling?" "My body is full of pain but I'm fine" I replied dryly "It'll be fine; we'll give you some pain killers. Anyways I'm very sorry about what happened to you" I frowned "What happened to me?" I asked Now they both frowned "You don't remember?" He asked I shook my head "Scarlet you were raped, they found you in your school after three days, you were unconscious since two weeks" Every memory came rushing in and so did the pain. My head ached as I remembered everything. I screamed and cried, every memory felt like present, like its happening now. The nurses came rushing in trying to get a hold of me but I thrashed and turned on the bed. "HELP ME!...HE'S TOUCHING ME.MUM!" I screamed, I couldn't see anything except him on top of me. "I'm right here honey" I could hear my mothers crying voice Dr. James injected me, my thrashing slowed and so did my mind and pain. I felt numb and could feel my eyes drooping. And again I was in deep darkness. _... I slowly opened my eyes, ugh it felt like I was asleep for so long, this time it was less pain. I sat up and leaned against my pillow.

"Hey" My dad said softly, he got up of the sofa and sat next to me "How you doing sleeping beauty" Before I could say anything my tears spilled down my cheeks. I couldn't control them, I had no control over me, I was way too broken. "Dad" I hugged him tightly and cried in his chest. "Shhcalm down" My dad is the only person who can calm me down. He moved me back on my pillow and kissed my forehead, his eyes were mist too and I know he was holding back. "Honey, tell me, who did this?" I sobbed, I just couldn't take my voice out, it was too much to say. "it..it.it wasit" I sobbed He nodded patiently "Yes Scar, tell me" "dadaddy.it.it wasSaSamuel" I hugged him again and cried on his chest, he soothed me while running his fingers through my hair. "That bastard, I will kill him" He said angrily "Don't worry Scar, we're goanna get through this together, I promise" All I could think was 'How?' how am I going to get through this? This was a 'Happy raping Christmas to me'

Chapter 5 Claimed 1st July 2010 If only I had didn't seen the face of my parents.I would've killed myself _... Two weeks back Samuel's POV I groaned as I sat up on my bed, my head was aching with pain, I guess I drunk too much last night. Oh man, I hate hangovers.

I sighed and got up; I took a quick shower, got dressed and went down in the main hall. I sighed and went in the dinner hall and sat as far away from my dad on the dinning table. He looked disturbed and so did the others but I don't care. My sister looked at me with misty eyes, she's the only person close to me, I hate my family except Annabel and my mother, I care for them but that doesn't mean I showed it to them. "What's wrong?" I asked like I didn't care I picked up my fork and played with the bacon in front of me. I wasn't really hungry; the hangover was making me sick already. "I went to school today" I looked up from my plate and raised an eyebrow at her "And?" "Scarlet was found raped" She sobbed I dropped my fork as the memories came rushing in. My eyes widened at what I did to her, at how I raped her. I got up shaking from the table; I went straight in my room and locked myself up. I leaned against the door. Dame it, what have I done. What have I done? I shouldn't have done this? The demon, shit! No not that poor girl, no not her, she didn't deserve this, what have I done. I covered my face with my palms and sat on my bed. What am I going to do? I will have to tell someone eventually or they would know anyways when she wakes up. I should have controlled myself, I could've handled the demon, why couldn't I? Even a punishment wouldn't be enough for what I did, not even death. I don't know what to do but whatever her decision will be, I'm ready for it; I'll just have to wait. _... Present Juliet's POV I sat in front of my sister cutting fruits for her. She was looking blank, like she's lost somewhere, she wasn't like the old Scar anymore, she's changed, different. Before she used to talk little, now she doesn't talk at all, it's been two weeks since she's in the hospital and all I can see is no improvement, she looks like a puppet, never talking, never smiling, just looking blank at nowhere.

She screams in her sleep like she's being raped again and again every night, before she had nightmares but she never screamed like this. Every night I or my mother calms her down in her sleep while she screams and thrashes around. She's weaker than before, pale skin, dark circles under her eyes and all she looks like is a live corpse. When I first lifted her shirt to change her cloths, I was shocked to see the mess of her body, bruises everywhere not a single place where she wasn't wounded. I couldn't see her like this, this is not my sister, my sister is lost somewhere in this girl, I've lost my sister. I ran dropping the knife on the plate and out of the ward. I leaned against the wall and let the tears fall which I was holding back for so long. I wanted my Scar back, my little sister who I raised when mum wasn't there, who I looked after as my kid. I wanted to kill Samuel so bad but I knew my dad was handling him right now. I felt a hand on my shoulder; I turned around to see Lys. I hugged him and cried on his shoulder. "Lys, that's not my sister, the girl in there is not my sister. I want my sister back" I sobbed "ShhI know, look at me" I looked at him "Look Scarlet needs us now and we need to be strong for her, she's weak and hurt, whatever happened to her we can't change that but we can change the present, we have to be strong to keep her strong" "I know we've lost the Scarlet that used to be happy once but she's your sister and we have to bring back the girl she once ever was. We have to keep her happy by staying happy ourselves, okay" I nodded "Now let's go back in" He said leading me back in the ward. We both went inside to see her sitting on the sofa by the window. She was looking out. I sighed and went up to her with the plate of fruits. "Hey Scar" She didn't reply, she again had that blank look. "Scar.." I nudged her She cringed and then looked at me "I'm sorrywhat?" She asked finally getting out of her haze. I smiled brightly at her "I've got fruits for you"

She smiled, but it didn't look like one "Thank you, keep it on the bedside, I will have it later" I know she wouldn't "No no, you are goanna finish it now, I don't care. I know you are not goanna have it later" "I am, I'm just not hungry right now" "Please.for me" I pleaded She looked away as if she was goanna cry but then she looked back at me and smiled "Okay" I knew she was smiling to hide her real emotions, but I know her since she was a baby, she can't hide anything from me. I know she's in pain and she's trying to handle it all by herself. I smiled and handed her the plate of fruits, me and Lys watched and talked to her while she ate, Lys tried many jokes and she even laughed a little but I knew all this was fake. Tomorrow She's goanna be discharged and we'll take her back home. Finally she's goanna be back home. _... Meanwhile at the Palace Ronan barged inside the palace and went straight to Prince Samuel's room. He kicked open the door and pulled out Samuel by her collar. He kicked and punched him until he was bloody. The guards pulled him off Samuel while king Henry and his family came rushing up to them. "What happened?" Henry Asked "What happened?" Ronan laughed bitterly "Why don't you ask your Son." He snapped Henry looked at his son for answer "What happened?" He asked Samuel looked down ashamed; Ronan laughed "He's too ashamed to tell. Tell me Samuel, where was your shame when you raped my daughter" Henry gasped "Raped?" Ronan looked at him "Yes Raped! This bastard raped my daughter; He raped Scarlet, the Scarlet who never even hurt a bug. So tell me Samuel what did she do to you that you gave her such punishment" Ronan yelled

Kara came there with some guards and looked at the situation. "Ronan stop" She then looked at Henry "As the head of council, I arrest Prince William for the crime of rape. He will be in custody" The guards took Samuel with them. Henry and Rose looked at Ronan and Kara ashamed. "I'm sorryI didn't kn-" Kara nodded "I know Henry; I know you wouldn't know something like that. It isn't your fault" "And I won't interfere too, he's your criminal and you will handle him" He said without any concern for his son. Rose sobbed "I'm sorry for what he did" She hugged Kara Kara nodded "The council meeting is tomorrow, you two need to be there" The king nodded. _... The council Meeting The supernatural's joined the great hall where all the judging is held. Everybody sat on their seats, there were five council members sitting at the front, each one of different race, a werewolf, demon, witch, fairy and the main head is the vampire Kara. In the right side of the room sat Samuel as the prisoner and two guards beside him. Kara looked at the guards "Please bring the girl in" she told them Scarlet's POV Today I've just been discharged but instead of taking me home, they brought me here, at the council hall. Two guards walked in "The members would like you presence Ms. Jones" one them spoke I looked at my sister who was sitting next to me looking angry, I didn't know why I was brought here but it gave me the slight idea that it had to do something about me being.raped. My sister nodded and got up with me since I was too weak to even walk. The guards led us to the great hall, I've never in my entire life been here, I was always in the human world and I wish I never came that day.

The doors to the great hall opened for us as we walked in, people looked at me with pity, sorrow, shame, sympathy, I wanted to run back out as I remembered what he said to me when he raped me 'I want people to see you with pity, with shame, with disgrace and most of all, humiliation, you will be humiliated just like you humiliated me' 'I want people to see you with pity, with shame, with disgrace and most of all, humiliation, you will be humiliated just like you humiliated me' 'I want people to see you with pity, with shame, with disgrace and most of all, humiliation, you will be humiliated just like you humiliated me' It kept echoing in my mind. And that's when I saw him sitting there looking at me with his devilious eyes, I stopped right in my track as my eyes met his. I screamed so loud that everyone cringed and looked at me as if I'm crazy, I tried to run past the guards but they held me, my sister took hold of me. She cupped my face as my tears poured down "Scar.calm down, look at me" The only thing I could see was him "NO!...no! Get me out! Get me out now!" I screamed pushing them away "No listen to me.look at me" "No!...he's goanna do it againhe-e go-goanna rape again" I cried "No he won't we won't let him now look at me" She cupped my face and made me look at her "They're only goanna question you that's it ok" "No no no, I wanna go home please" She looked deep in my eyes "Please do this, for me, for mum and dad.for you" I looked at my mum who sat there in the middle of other members; she smiled and nodded at me. "Come on" She walked me up to a chair in front of Samuels but very far, I kept my gaze down, the more I looked at him, the more I remembered. "Hello Scarlet, I am Logan the reader, member of the werewolf's" The man who sat on the left side of my mother, he was good looking, tanned skin, black hair black eyes, he looks kind.

"I am Katherina the truth, member of the Demons" She sat on the right side of my mother, she was beautiful but at the same time intimidating, her eyes deep red and long blond hair. "Greetings dear Scarlet, My name is Felicia the past, member of the witches" She smiled at me, her kind brown eyes, red lips and short black hair. "And lastly I am Robert the future, member of the Fairies" He said sternly "Let's begin" My mother said "Is it true that Prince Samuel sexually forced you" Katherina asked Instead of replying my I buried my face in my sisters stomach as she was standing next to me. "What kind of a question is this" My sister bellowed "Of course she's telling the truth, no girl would lie about something like this" "Calm down my dear, it's my job to know the truth. Scarlet dear look at me" I looked at Katherina "I am sorry if I hurt your feelings but you must reply" I nodded "Yes" My voice was hoarse She nodded at me and then at the other members. Logan got up from his chair and walked up to me; he kneeled down in front of me and smiled. "Scarlet, I would like your permission to see in your mind" I frowned "What?" I croaked "I need to see what happened from your mind but first I need your permission" I nodded without thinking; I wanted them to know, to see what happened with me. He touched my head and then I felt like someone is inside my mind, moving around. After a minute or two he moved back gasping and shocked his eyes wide. His expression's made me cry more. He looked at the judges wide eyes "This girl has been brutally raped, this guy" He pointed at Samuel "Should be punished severely" He glared at Samuel who looked down ashamed.

I was shocked that Samuel didn't lie or stand up for himself instead he sat their without saying anything, I bet he realized his mistakes, I hope he gets punished for good because what he did to me, I would never forgive him for that. "Very well, Prince Samuel, do you have anything to say for yourself?" My mother asked He looked at me "I'm sorry" He said and I saw sincerity in his eyes but he can take that sorry and shove it up his ass. I glared at him, mall my fear vanished all I could see was anger which I never had in my entire life. "Go to hell" I yelled Before my mother could announce the punishment, the king and my father stood up "Kara, we would like to talk to you in private" my father said My mother nodded, she got up and followed them to the little room in the side. They all came out 15 minutes later, my mother and father looked grim and the king had a blank expression. My mother sat back her chair and looked at me with a pained expression. What happened in there? "The decision has been made by Ronan Scarlet's father. The punishment for Prince Samuel is that he will have to marry Scarlet, he will treat her as his wife, if he we find out that he abused or harmed Scarlet, he will be punished severely next time. The wedding is to be held in two weeks. Thank you" My mother got up and so did everyone else start leaving. I sat there shocked 'Marry?' What the hell? I glared at my parents who stood there with the King and Samuel. I walked up to them and ignored king and his son, I stood there glaring at my parents. "What are you? Isn't my life enough ruined that you want to ruin more. I am not going to marry anyone, especially not him; you want me to marry the guy who raped me, who knows what he'll do after marriage. Please don't do this" I pleaded to them My mother's eyes filled with tears "It's the only way to have your reputation back, Scarlet he has claimed you" Claimed? "What are you talking about?" Samuel walked away "When he bit you, he claimed you as his. We had no choice but to marry you both, once a girl is claimed, she belongs to that man forever" The king explained What the hell? Claimed

I wanted to go right home and shove a stake right in my heart. I wanted to kill myself, I'd rather die than marry him but then I did the biggest mistake, I looked at my parents sad faces. If only I didn't see their faces, I would've killed myself.

Chapter 6 Wishes don't come true 2nd July 2010 I wish I was a witch and get anything I want, even change the past.but wishes don't always come true, now I know. _... In the past week, I tried everything to convince my parents to stop the wedding and any how break the bond but they wouldn't listen and now I'm sitting here in my room getting ready for my marriage which is today. They were planning a big wedding which I didn't want, heck I didn't even want the wedding, every supernatural is going to be there. I sat in front of my mirror as my sister and the beautician readied me. My tears kept slipping and my sister would wipe them again and again, I wanted to run away but I knew I had no where to go. "Scar stop crying, you're ruining your makeup" My sister snapped I didn't reply, I didn't have the strength to fight anymore, the only person I will be fighting with is Samuel, he ruined my life and now I'm going to ruin his. I'm goanna take everything away from him that he took from me, I'm goanna make him miserable like me and he will live a life called living hell. After finally they finished, they gasped, I looked up at them with tearful eyes. My sister had tears in her eyes "Scar, you look beautiful" That's when I looked myself in the mirror; my hair was curly half up and half down. I had only mascara and eyeliner which brought out my purple eyes and a bit lip gloss, it looked simple yet very beautiful, which was making me more cry, I wanted to be happy in my wedding, I had planned so many things for my future and here it goes, straight with my rapist. "Come on, wear your dress" My sister handed me the dress and they walked out. The white dress was strapless and flowed down from my waist. I sighed and wore the dress, then sat on my bed and looked around my room, I wouldn't be here tomorrow. I looked at the teddy which me and my sister use to fight for, I chuckled while wiping my nose. I

then looked at the family picture on my bedside table, I was young in there about 5 and my sister was 14, I remember when we took this picture, we went to a carnival, my dad was holding me and laughing and my mother hugged my sister from the back, smiling, how I wish I could bring their happiness back, how I wish none of this would never happened. My sister knocked on the door "Scar? You ready?" I was so lost in my thoughts that I never heard her walk in. she sat next to me on the bed "I miss old times too" she whispered My silence was the answer for her "I know how you're feeling Scar, let's hope something good comes out of this." I wish you'd know how I'm feeling but you don't. I picked up the bracelet my sister gave me when I was leaving, going to the human world; she gave me it for good luck. My sister took the bracelet from my hand and tied it on my hand "Good luck, this time for your marriage" She said I closed my eyes as the tear dropped; I need the good luck to ruin Samuel's life. My sister sighed "Aren't you going to say something?" This time I looked at her with my wet red eyes "I'm empty.I have nothing inside me to say" I replied with a croaked voice She hugged me and cried, I cried with her "I'm goanna miss you" I nodded "Me too" "If he does anything to you, I swear to god I will kill him" She said breaking the hug and looking at me. I smiled faintly "And if you by any chance fall in love with him then I will let him go" She continued I know that would never happen and I wouldn't let it happen either, the hatred for him burns inside me. I would rather die than love him. She wiped mine and her tears; she got up "Come on, time to go" I didn't want to go but I knew I had no choice so I got up and let her lead me downstairs. My parents stood at the end of the stairs, my mother gasped when she saw me but I paid no attention to anyone, we reached down and stood there with my parents. "Scar, you look beautiful" My mother said sobbing, she hugged me and then looked at my father "We'll wait outside" She and Juliet went out.

"I know your angry with me an-" "No daddy, I'm not angry with you." He smiled "Scar, some things have to happen, our lives sometimes takes us to a path where there is no way out except one and we have to choose that path. Today my little girl is getting married and I have no choice but to let this happen" "I remember when you were 4 and I bought you a white dress, you were running around all hyper saying that you're getting married" He chuckled with tears falling "But now I see my little girl is really getting married. Scar no matter what happens, you will always be my little angel and I will always be there for you, I promise" He hugged me "I know dad" I wiped his tears "You're going in a path you don't want to go and you have to be strong for that. You're a general's daughter, you will have to be strong and keep fighting. You will, right?" I nodded "Yes" My mother came back in "Come on, we are getting late, all will be waiting in the church" She then rushed back out "We better go before your mother kills us." My dad led me out and in the car. _... We reached the church; my sister took me in the small room before anyone sees me. I didn't want to go inside the church, I was scared. I was scared to walk down the aisle in front of thousand of people. I was scared of the pity I will see in their eyes, the sorrow and shame. My sister shook my shoulders "Scar, you okay?" She asked wide eyes I snapped back to reality, I nodded since my voice was stuck somewhere inside me. She didn't look convinced but then she nodded. "Good, you look like you're goanna puke and if your lying and you do puke over your dress then III will beat you" I faked a smile at her joke, I know she was trying hard to keep me happy but there was no way someone could take my misery away, it's now a part of me. I sighed as my sister took the long white veil out of her bag. "It's beautiful isn't it?" She breathed

I felt the tears coming back, how much I want to be happy on my wedding, how much I wanted to plan everything as my choice, how I wanted to pick the beautiful white dress and white veil. I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded. She pinned it on the back of my hair, then she came in front of me "Ok something is missing" she then clicked her fingers as she remembered, I guess. She picked up the plastic bag which had red flowers in it and handed them to me. "Scar, you officially look like a bride" She beamed What if I don't want to be one? But I didn't want to say that to my sister, she was so happy. "Come here, look at yourself in the mirror" She dragged me in front of the long length wall mirror. I did look like a bride, heck I was one. The girl in front of me looked like she was in pain, sad, unhappy, miserable; her eyes told everything but her dressing was different, a beautiful strapless dress; all the bruises on her chest and shoulders were hidden with the makeup, a pearl round necklace on her delicate neck. Her curly hair half up half down, two parts of her long hair were on both of her shoulders, going down till her stomach or even lower. Her face simple with simple makeup and lip gloss, simple yet elegant and beautiful. Her beautiful long white veil was trailing all the way behind her. I knew this miserable girl was me, tears filled my eyes, this girl is me and I can't do anything to change that. "You look beautiful Scar, I'm so proud of you" I nodded too scared to even let my voice out but she still saw those tears. "Are you crying?" She gasped Before they fall and she saw them I hugged her and hid my face in her hair and shook my head "Are you crying because of this wedding?" my sister didn't know about the pressure my parents had put on my shoulder because I never talked after my parents final decision and she didn't know anything of how against I was for the wedding, since I never talked. "No" liar "II'm goanna miss you" I cried on her shoulder, oh how much it hurt to lie to her. "Hey"Her voice trembled as she stroked my hair. "I will always be with you; I will come to see you everyday." I could tell she was crying since her tears were dropping on my back. Somewhat her words brought a bit happiness in me and relieve, I sighed "Promise?" She moved back and cupped my face and looked in my eyes "I promise" She agreed

We both wiped our tears together, my parents walked in. My mother hugged me; oh how much I will miss these warm, loving hugs. She cried with me "I'm sorry for doing this to you, we never wanted something like this for you, and you know I love you so much" She sobbed I nodded "II know mum, I love you too and I will miss you" "We all will Scar, you're a very important part of our lives and we will all miss you and we all love you" My dad said hugging me We all hugged a family hug. I wish I had more days with my family. "Okay time to go" My dad said as we broke the hug My mother rushed out of the room and my sister fixed my dress while I was scared more than ever, my heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it would blast any minute. I needed more time but I didn't have any. My sister went in first since she was my maid of honor. "You ready?" My dad asked I nodded and faked a smiled "Yeahtechnically I AM the generals daughter, I'm always ready" I pretended like I was happy. He smiled "I'm proud of you, lets do this" And that's when we stepped on the long red carpet of the long aisle. Every eye turned on me as the slow music started. I walked down slowly, my hand wrapped around my fathers arm and holding flowers with the other hand. I kept my eyes down; I couldn't bear to look anyone in the eye. As we reached the altar, my dad kissed my cheek and handed my hand in Samuel's, I wanted to snatch it away as he touched but I knew I couldn't. We both stood in front of each other as the priest started his sayings. I looked up at him, he was looking at me with an emotion I couldn't put my finger. He looked handsome in the tux, his blond hair gelled up in spikes, his earring on one of ear shined, the diamond on it shined. How much I hated his face, I glared at him until he lowered his gaze. "Scarlet?" Good, he should keep his gaze down, he should feel the shame like I feel here in front of everyone, if I had a chance I would've killed him, the only thing that bugs me is why? Why such punishment for slapping him? Why he didn't kill me instead? "Scarlet?"

I snapped out of my thoughts to see everyone looking at me, I looked at the priest "Yes father Malcolm?" "Please repeat the vows after me" He said I nodded "I vow that I will love, cherish and treasure my husband" "I vow that I will love, cherish and treasure my husband" I repeated but the real vows were right here in my mind 'I vow that I will hate, destroy and slay my husband' "I vow to follow on his every path, support him through his difficulties and share his burden with him" "I vow to follow him on his every path, support him through his difficulties and share his burden with him" 'I vow to make his paths lonely, take pleasure in his difficulties and throw countless burdens on his shoulder' "With all my heart, I give my soul, body and heart to my husband for eternity" "With all my heart, I give my soul, my body and my heart to my husband for eternity" 'I give my pain, my wounds and my misery to my husband for eternity' "Prince Samuel, please repeat the vows after me" "I vow that I will love, cherish and treasure my wife" "I vow that I will love, cherish and treasure my wife" He repeated. Yeah like I would let you "I vow to direct her on my right paths, support her though her difficulties and protect her from any harm" "I vow to direct her on my right paths, support her though her difficulties and protect her from any harm" the only one who needs protection is you. "With all my heart, I give my soul, body and heart to my wife" "With all my heart, I give my soul, body and heart to my wife" You don't have any of these to give me. Father Malcolm picked up the dagger "Scarlet, give me your right hand and please take off the glove" I took of my long white glove and gave him my hand and he slit my palm and then did same with Samuels. As he joined our bloody hands together, I felt a jolt inside me "The blood bond is complete, please exchange rings"

Samuel slid the golden band on my finger and then I did the same. "Do you Samuel James Fernandez accept Scarlet Elizabeth Jones as your wife?" He looked at me and again that same emotion showed up, which I didn't know. "I do" He whispered Father Malcolm looked at me "Do you Scarlet Elizabeth Jones accept Prince Samuel James Fernandez as your husband" 'I don't' "I do" 'Not ever will accept him as my husband' my life officially ruined. "I now, pronounce you both husband and wife. You may kiss the bride" He leaned down to kiss me but I moved my mouth on the side, his kiss landed on the corner of my mouth. And that's my Vow Everyone clapped for us. My mother tugged my hand and wrapped it around Samuels arm. I don't like this much closeness, I wanted to shout that at my mother but it was better to keep my mouth shut. "Honey, we're all going to the palace, you will be coming with Samuel in the limo" she said and walked off with my father. We both walked down the aisle as everyone followed us outside. Samuel's friends punched and nudged him playfully, I ignored them all. "Sam, your goanna pick her up and take her to the car now" One of his friends said I froze, no way in hell he's touching me. "Uh?" He looked at me for an answer. I gave him my dirtiest glare and then turned my head on the other side; I hope that gives him the answer. "Uh guys I'm-" "Pick her up!" They shouted together as every elder around us laughed at their childishness. "Pick her up!" "Pick her up!" "Pick her up!"

I gasped as I felt one hand on my back and the other under my knees before I could do anything; I was lifted up, in Samuel's arms. He looked at me apologetically but then he can go to hell. I didn't say anything as everyone cheered around us. The limo stopped in front of us, the driver opened the door for us and Samuel placed me on the seat, he then closed the door and came around from the other door. I didn't look at him through the whole ride, I kept my gaze out of the window, although I felt his gaze on me many times, I ignored it. We reached the Palace where the wedding party is being held. I opened my side of the door and stepped out, everyone was already there. Annabel hugged me. Samuel and I walked in together as everyone clapped for us; my sister led us to a two chaired red table in front. Other tables were white clothed I noticed. We both sat down as everyone moved around busy with everything. My sister took off my veil which gave me some relive since it was heavy. The palace was decorated beautifully, everything was decorated in red and white, everybody's tables were white, only our table was red. There were candles lit everywhere, the staircase was decorated with red and white flowers. The vampire band named 'Fang Killers' were the famous and most popular band in our world, they were in the corner singing. Everything looked beautiful except it missed one this, happiness. My father spoke through the mic "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, today I thank you all for joining this occasion with us. I want my son in law and my daughter to come up here and cut the cake" a big wedding cake sat on the middle table with a bride and groom on top. We both got up together, my father handed me the knife, I wanted to turn around and plunge the knife in Samuels heart but I knew death would be too easy for him, he's goanna have a punishment worse than death. Samuel placed his hand on top of mine, it was unexpectedly warm, I sighed and we both forced the knife down the cake. Everyone clapped for us as the 'Congratulations' song came up, the waiters took the cake with the table. My father stood next me and wrapped an arm around me "And now I would like them to come on the dance floor and have the first dance" My eyes widened, No! No! Please stop this, it's all too much to handle. I've just been raped and they look like they're unaware. I didn't want to dance, people dance when they're happy, what makes them think I would be happy dancing with my rapist. Samuel held his hand out, I wanted to slap it away but my mother nudged me. I sighed; I gave my hand in his. We both walked in the middle, the song started 'My heart will go on (Celion Dion)' He wrapped one hand around my waist and the other was holding my hand, I placed my hand on his shoulder and one in his hand.

We moved slowly, he moved with me on every step. I didn't look at him through the whole dance, I kept my gaze down. Everyone slowly joined us, I wanted to move out of the crowed floor but his grip was on me. My parents danced next us and Juliet and Lys were on the other side of us. Edward and Annabel danced while talking to Samuel, I talked less. "Scar? Can I call you Scar? Your family now" Annabel asked I smiled faintly and nodded Before she could say something Edward butted in "Scarlet?" He gasped "Are you okay?" I frowned and nodded "Yes" He grinned "Thank god you spoke; I thought you lost your voice somewhere" Annabel chuckled at his joke, I faked a smile and I think Samuel smiled as well. I was exhausted, I sighed heavily. "You okay?" Annabel asked concerned "I'm tried; I want to just sit down" I said Samuel quickly let go of me "Anna, take her to the table, I'm.goanna get some drinks for us" He walked off and I stood there shocked at his sudden concern, probably an act. Annabel took me back to the table with Edward behind us. We all sat down together. "You're officially a princess" Annabel said giddily I nodded but my mind was on my family, my sister was smiling and looked happy with Lys. My mother and father danced together. I wish, I just wish that none of this never happened, that I was never raped, I never slapped Samuel and I never went to school that night. I wish I was the same happy Scarlet as I used to be.but wishes don't always come true and now I know

Chapter 7 He will pay For the past hours were all boring, either I sat on my table bored or people would come congratulate us. After finally so long people started to leave. I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than a bed.

"Hey, do you want to go to your and Samuel's room? You look pretty tired" Annabel asked I nodded but then I stopped and looked at my parents "Don't worry, I'll send them up to meet you before they leave" Annabel assured I nodded and then went upstairs with her help, since my dress was too long that I was tripping if it weren't for Annabel I would've been on the floor. We entered Samuel's room, it was huge. A king size round bed with blue and white comforters, Blue walls, curtains, carpet, everything was in blue. There was a big open balcony in the corner, a small table with two chairs was in the balcony and the wind was blowing the curtains in and out. A desk with his laptop with other files stuff, a big walk in closet and a door which probably is the bathroom. I sighed. "Your parents told us you like blue color, so we had the room remade, everything here is yours as much as it is Samuel's. Your luggage had been arrived this morning and we have already placed everything in the wardrobe." Annabel said I nodded again, I didn't want to speak. "I'll leave you to rest" She walked out of the room. I sighed and then walked inside the bathroom. Whoa it was huge; everything was in black and blue. I walked in front of the mirror and looked at myself; my eyes were red with exhaustion. I sighed and took out the pins from my half up and half down hair and let all of them loose. I then washed my face to remove bit sleepiness away. I walked out of the bathroom to see my family coming in "You're leaving?" I asked afraid They nodded, my mother hugged me "We'll miss you Scar" A tear grazed down my eye, I smiled faintly and nodded "Yeahme too" "Take care baby" She hugged me once more then moved back. My dad hugged me tightly. "I want you to call me if something happens. If he lays one finger on you I will kill him, I swear. If something happens you call okay?" I nodded "O-Okay" He leaned in and whispered in my ear "Your mum didn't want to tell you this but I think you deserve to know. After six moths you can get out of the wedding, you can get divorced but it'll be hard since he's claimed you and we all know that until he dies no other male can claim you, so the decision is up to you and no matter what decision you make, I'll be with you"

I kissed him on the cheek "Thank you daddy" He moved back and wrapped an arm around my mothers shoulder "We're very proud of you" I smiled as my sister and Lys hugged me "It's not fair, you know why?" Lys asked I shrugged, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder "Because I was supposed to have both sisters, this is so wrong" he pouted We laughed, I hugged him again "I love you Lys, you're the best brother anyone could have and don't you forget that" "I know, I love you too little sis" he kissed my forehead I looked at my sister and smiled, she smiled back. For a moment we both didn't say anything. "We'll just wait outside" Lys said heading out the door with mum and dad. I looked back at her "Soit's a goodbye then" I said Her eyes filled, she shook her head and looked down then looked back at me "Never" "Never" I agreed We hugged each other; she cupped my face "Promise me something?" "What?" I asked "Promise me you'll be happy" I stiffened, how can I be happy after everything's been taken away from me, everything I love is away from me but I didn't want to tell her that. I crossed my fingers behind my back "I promise" She smiled "Take care of yourself" I nodded "You too. And take care of mum and dad too" "I will..Goodbye" She whispered Her one word brought all kinds of pain in me, I didn't want her to leave me here, I wanted to go back home where I could be happy with my little family but Samuel destroyed everything and he will pay.

I tilted my head to the side as I couldn't bear to see her leave; she inhaled deeply than walked out. I looked at the door "Goodbye" _... I watched the stars sitting at the edge of the balcony door, feeling the soft breeze, feeling the soft breeze as it slithered my hair. I sat there thinking about the past weeks on how my life changed so sudden. How I turned from a smiling girl to a misery one. How I was in school going for information on Kenny but instead got raped. How I was humiliated in front of everyone. How my parents, my family had to bear the humiliation. And now here I am, married to my rapist. People get married because they love each other; I got married because I got raped. Huh what a punishment. I sat there wondering what will happen next, how my life will take its turns now. How am I goMy thoughts were interrupted when I heard the door open. I looked away from the sky and looked at Samuel entering in. A wave of anger and fear came up me. He looked at me but then went inside the closet. He came back out only in his gray sweats; his chest was bare and muscled. His biceps were muscled and had a tribal tattoo on one. He then walked up to me, my heart pounded with fear. I wanted to run away from there but somehow my legs weren't working and I sat there stiff. He kneeled down in front of me, I scrambled back but he caught my arm "Wait" He said I stopped struggling; he picked me up bridal style and then laid me down on the bed "The wind doesn't look goodthere's probably goanna be a storm so.. I'll just go shut the balcony" He went back and closed the doors of the balcony. More fear came inside me as he closed the doors; he closed my only escape if he tries anything. He came back and sat beside me "I-I knowI know what I did is unforgiving and believe me I have all the guilt and regret buried inside me. I wish I could change what happened but I know that won't happen.I know you will never forgive me, hell, I won't forgive myself but I'm sorry" I don't know why but I could feel his guilt, remorse, regret and pain inside me. It was like a rush of waves. Was I feeling his emotions because of the claim? Suddenly my anger crunched his emotions. He looked at me "Maybe we could be friends, start our relationship as fri-" He didn't get to finish because I pushed his chest away, he stood up shocked, I too stood up and pushed him again "Take your friendship and shove it up your ass"

I pushed again "I will never forgive you, never!" 'Push' "I hope you die a painful death and feel the pain, just like the pain you gave me" He stood there looking down ashamed, I pushed again "You raped me and now you're asking to be friends! You should be ashamed of yourself!" 'Push' "Nothing happened to you! I felt the humiliation just like you said! You just got married to me; you didn't get punished at all! I'm the one getting punished here, not you!" 'Push' "You think this is so easy huh, No! it's not easy, I would never become your wife" As I was about to push again, he grabbed my wrist and in a second pinned me against the wall. I stared at him as my heart powdered with fear "I didn't want any of this as much as you okay. I didn't want to marry so soon but still I did just to get your respect back and I never meant to rape you, I never meant to hurt you on purpose. And believe me when I say that right who raped you wasn't me, not entirely but everything I did was unintentional" He growled out I glared at him "Let Me GO!" I sneered He moved back dropping my wrists "If I had the chance I would have run away, from this life, from this marriage and from my father! I can't because your attached to me now" I saw sincerity in his eyes but then I didn't care. He walked back to the bed and laid down switching off the table lamp. I stood there in the dark. After all my life's filled with darkness now. But my anger took the best of me and I yanked open the balcony doors, I didn't really care about the wind annoying him. I needed the wind, it helps my powers. I ignored him and sat beside the balcony doors and felt the wind. As the wind soothed me, I felt my self going in the abyss of darkness. I woke up in the morning as the sun shined upon me since I was sitting by the balcony, the rays hit me right in the eyes. I was still wearing my wedding dress. Groggily, I rubbed my eyes from sleep and sat up. Samuel woke up too and sat up with me but I ignored him and got up to head for the wardrobe to get my fresh cloths for a shower. I picked out a light pink strapless dress and went inside the bathroom as he watched me. I quickly took off my cloths and stepped inside the shower. I enjoyed my shower but I still had to get out so I stepped out and wrapped a towel around myself and just as I did, I felt something crawling on my feet, it was tingly. I looked down and saw a spider crawling on my feet. A Freaking Spider!

I screamed so loud that even the whole palace might have heard it. I screamed and ran out of the bathroom only to bump in Samuel. His face was shocked and concerned. "Scarlet what's wrong?" he asked panicked himself. Before I know what I was doing, I hugged him in fear "The-there's a.there's a spi.SPIDER IN THE BATHROOM!" He pulled me back and looked at me "Spider? You're scared of a spider?" He looked amused but then he looked at me up and down. And that's when I realized I was naked only wearing a small towel around me and that I was very close to him. I quickly pushed him away "Don't touch me" I snapped harshly Before he could say, I moved back to the bathroom and couldn't find the spider. Good. I closed the door and checked my dress if the spider went inside it but it was all clean and I quickly wore it and got out. I was scared from spider since I was 4. It's like a phobia. I sighed and waited for him to get ready so I could follow him down since I don't know the ways. While he was in the shower I sat at the comfy sofas in the corner and read the magazine. After he had his shower, he came out only with a towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping down his chest; I ignored it and looked back at the magazine, I don't know why but my mind was tugging me to look back but I ignored my thoughts. He went inside the wardrobe and then came out dressed in a black shirt and slacks. He stood in front of the mirror and I watched him get ready as he spike up his blond hair and put on some cologne which made me entranced but then again I ignored myself. He looked at me through the mirror and I quickly moved my gaze on the magazine, this happened thrice. After he was ready I thought he would leave me behind but he stopped at the door "Aren't you going to have breakfast? Or should I send someone up with it?" He asked I was shocked again at his concern but then again I ignored myself and I was going to ignore him as well if my stomach hadn't growled. I still hadn't looked up from my magazine. After what seemed like eternity "I don't know the ways" I murmured He grunted "Come with me" I didn't want to go with him but I had no choice. I sat there for a minute, hesitating but then I got up and placed the magazine on the table in front of me.

He opened the door for me and I stepped out. I walked beside him until we reached the dinning hall. Whoa, it was HUGE! In the middle was a big dinning table. Everyone was already there seated. The king sat at the head, Rose on his right and Annabel and Edward sat next to her. "Good morning Scarlet" James said but not to Samuel, uh I wonder why? "Good morning everyone" I replied, I didn't like James at all. After all he had a big hand in the marriage too. "So did you both slept well?" Rose asked as the servant placed breakfast in front of me and Samuel. I nodded and Samuel said yes. We ate for a while until Rose spoke again. "You two will be starting school tomorrow." I choked on the sausage I was eating as she said about the school. How would I face everyone in school? How am I goanna see there pity in the eyes for me? "Don't just look at her Samuel, pat her back" I heard Annabel say. Then I felt a warm hand rubbing my back. I stopped and looked up "You okay?" Samuel asked extending the glass of blood to me. I glared at him. It's his entire fault; if he hadn't raped me I would have lived a happy respectful life. My anger got the best of me and I knocked away the glass from his hand. Everybody got up shocked. I stood up and glared at him "If you think you showing this love and concern will melt me down and I would forgive you then you are so wrong because whatever you do won't make me forgive you. So do me a favor, take your concern and shove it up your ass!" Rose gasped "Scarlet, this is no way to spe-" I held my hand up "Shut up! You're not my mother so stay out of it" I snapped at her Samuel got up angrily "I don't care what you say or do to me but you don't ever speak to my mother like that" "Or what? You're goanna rape me again?"

He went silent and looked away "Because we all know you're good at it" I continued "But you know what? This time I don't care if you rape me because I'm not scared of you. You can have me, you can have my body but you'll never have my heart" "Scar-" Rose said again but again I cut her off "I told you to Shut Up!" "Don't talk to her like that" Samuel growled "Feeling bad for you mother huh? Think about my mum, how she felt when her daughter got raped! Think about my dad how his little girl got married! Think about my sister who couldn't think anything else except the concern for me! That day you not just ruined one life, you ruined four happy life's. You ruined my family!" "You'll pay Samuel. You'll pay for everything you did and so will your family" With that walked away from the table. If he thinks it's an empty threat then he's lost it because this time I'm not the forgiving Scarlet, he killed her the day he raped me. I will take all his happiness away. I will take him away from his family, so he would know the pain of being without one. I will make him pay and take everyone away from him, everyone he loves. I will make him feel the pain like I felt. I will make him cry like he made me. I will take his happiness like he took mine. I will make him so miserable that he will want nothing but death, just like he made me. And then when he begs for it, he won't get any because living a life of misery is worse than death. I will have my revenge, he will pay.

Chapter 8 I need to be strong 3rd July 2010 Ruining someone's life is so easy but bringing it back together is way hard and now I know I have try harder to get mine back

I ran straight to our room. I had learned the ways when I came down with Samuel. I stood out in the balcony and watched the servants work in the big garden; I then stood there tried to calm my temper. A wave of guilt hit me as I remembered how I spoke to Rose, how rudely I spoke to her and disrespected her. I shouldn't have done that, what Samuel did to me wasn't his family's fault. Neither was your family's fault. Yeah but that doesn't mean I do the same to his family, I wouldn't hurt his family. Samuel did what he had to, now I will do what I have to do. I won't hurt his family, I know the pain of seeing your family suffer and I won't do this. I'll make Samuel suffer but not his family. I need to apologize to Rose. Whatever I said to her was unintended, she didn't deserve that. Somebody knocked on the door. I sighed "Come in" I kept my gaze out in the balcony as I heard someone come in but I paid no attention. I then felt someone's hand on my shoulder and I turned around to see James standing there. "Can I talk to you?" He asked I really didn't want to talk to him right now, especially when I'm angry. But still I nodded. He sighed and stood beside me to look out the balcony "I'm sorry" "What for?" "For everything that happened to you" I didn't reply but he continued "Because deep down I know somewhere between all this is my fault. If I had kept a good look out for my son he wouldn't have done this but I was never a good father to himhe hates me" there was pain in his voice, lots and lots of pain. I was actually shocked to hear about this, I mean why would Samuel hate his father? "Since 50 years he hates me. He blames me for something he doesn't even know" I was shocked at the years; I mean he is angry with his father for 50 year. Dear god, how old is he? He looks about 20, but it's not like I care. "What?" I asked before I could stop myself

"That's not for me to tell, maybe in time Samuel might tell you. I came here to apologize because I know somewhere between all of this is my fault and I don't want you to hate me for this, I would never want you to-" "I don't hate you, I was angry with you but now even that anger is gone" I smiled at him He smiled back sadly "Thank you, look if there is something you wanna ever tell or you need someone, you can always count on me. Yeah?" I nodded "Thank you" "I'm sorry for what I did downstairs. I shouldn't have talked like that to Rose; I bet she's planning on killing me" He placed his hand on my head for comfort, like a father comforting his daughter and it really soothed me. "She would never do that to you. She's really trying Scarlet; she's trying very hard to keep you happy, trying to make you comfortable here and she would never plan something like that. She looks at you like she looks at Annabel. Your mother and Rose are best friends; do you honestly think she would do that to her best friend's daughter?" I felt more guilt, I mean the woman was trying hard and I just blew her off. "I'm sorry" I whispered "I don't think I'm the one to apologize to." I nodded "I was angry and I wanted to hurt Samuel" He nodded "And we won't stop you for what you are doing. I know it's hard to see your criminal walking in front of you freely, I know you want to punish him and we won't stop you for that. I am his dad but he needs to be taught a lesson." A lesson is nothing comparing to what I'm going to do to him but I didn't say that out loud. I nodded "Thank you again" "But I must tell you something, whatever Samuel did was unintended, he would never do that to a girl and I'm not just telling you because I'm his father. I'm telling you this because he is not that cold hearted to ruin someone's life. He just have someproblem." "What kind of problem?" "Again that's not for to tell, in time you will know how Samuel is like"

If I let him near me but that won't ever happen. "Why are you telling me this?" "Because I know, I know one day you'd want to know about Samuel" Huh? Never goanna happen. "Now why don't you speak to Rose? She's very upset in her room" I nodded and walked out. I reached the top floor where there is only one room, the king and queen's room. I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. "Come in" I heard Rose I opened the door and stepped inside. She was sitting in her desk working on some papers, her back was facing me. "Rose?" She jerked up and turned around "Scarlet, honey what's wrong? Do you need anything?" she asked coming up to me. I felt tears in my eyes at her concern; all I could think was to hug her which I did. "I'm sorry" I whispered "Oh honey" She walked me to the bed and we both sat down. "I'm sorry I was so rude to you and you've been so nice to me. I didn't shout at you on purpose. I was angry and I didn't know what I was doing and and..and I-" She placed a finger on my lips "I know what your going through, I know how your feeling and whatever you said to me downstairs, I didn't take it offensively. I'm just trying to help you adjust here, trying my best to give you the motherly love you've been taken away from" "Rose I'm-" "Call me mother, Scarlet. We are family now and what I am to Samuel, I am same to you." I nodded "I'm sorrymother. I just wanted to hurt Samuel, make him feel the pain I am feeling"

"I know and we all won't stop you. You have every right to punish him" "Yes but not you, not his family." "I know" "Look this is goanna happen a lot, I will misbehave with you guys just to hurt Samuel but I don't want you to take it seriously, okay? I am goanna stay like the harsh Scarlet to you all just to punish Samuel, okay?" She smiled and nodded "You are so much like me, quiet but stubborn. I was always the quiet one and your mother was always enthusiastic. She was a rebel while I was shy but still we got along. She always helped me with bullies and I helped her in exams" She chuckled "Those days were so good" I smiled I liked hearing about these two "What else did you guys do?" I asked She laughed "One time I did something I never thought of doing" "What?" "Your mother was in detention room and she send a text to help her." "What did you do?" "I went in the detention room and talked to the teacher while she was sneaking out and when the teacher was about to turn, I pulled my top up and showed my breast in front of the whole class. Everyone was shocked, even the teacher that he never saw her sneaking out." We both laughed. For a little why I stayed with Rose and talked about my mother and her. Later I went back to my room and saw Samuel, bare chest in sweat pants and punching on a punching bag. I closed the door behind me and ignored him. I went up the desk and picked up my cell to call my mother but before I could, Samuel pinned me against the wall in a blur. "What the hell! Let me go" I struggled He moved closer, close enough that out noses were touching "I've been nice to you all this time and this is how you treat me" He growled I shivered in fear, yes fear. I felt scared again but then the memory of him raping me flashed inside my mind and anger swelled up inside me. "You raped me! What kind of treatment do you expect from me?" I bellowed

He stumbled back shocked and ashamed. He looked away from me; of course the bastard couldn't meet my eyes. "If you think being nice and caring would bring me to accept you with open arms then you are wrong. I would never accept you Prince Samuel. I loath you!" He looked back at me with fury. Oh god, his eyes were flashing from blue to yellow. "Please! It's not like I'm begging you to love me. I did everything I could; I apologized, treated you with respect, and even married you just to keep your reputation. But you know what? I'm done being nice to you, after so many years I showed some emotion to someone, you. But you know what, I stop from now on. You can go to hell and do whatever you want" He moved back to punching bag. "Funny, you're the one who deserves hell" "Your right..." He faced me "I have a hell. Hell inside me. A hell which is worse than anything. A hell you don't wanna know about" "I don't want to know anything about you dickhead. You can keep your fucking information to yourself. Who would want to know a monster like you" One second I was standing the next I was pinned on the bed, Samuel on top of me. He growled "I. AM. NOT. A. MONSTER.!" "Yes you are!" His eyes turned yellow and they glowed "You know what a monster can do right? I raped you once, I can do it again" My heart thudded rapidly but I showed no reaction "I'm not scared of you! You can rape me all you want. After all you're my dear husband" I snapped He nuzzled my neck, it felt good in a disgusting way "Husbands don't rape honey, they make love." This didn't sound like Samuel; it was like someone else was speaking from inside him. "Huh that would be the last day of my life the day I make love with you" He ignored me and inhaled my scent "Your blood drives me crazy whenever your near me. It's so overwhelming" "Get off me" I struggled but he had my hands pinned He grazed his fangs on my neck "Who's scared now"

"I'm not scared" "Are you sure? Your heart sounds like it's goanna explode" "Get off me Samuel!" His body jerked, he looked at me. His eyes flashed from yellow to blue. He cried and held his temples as if in pain. I looked at him as he pushed himself off me. It was like as if he was fighting something. "Get out!" He choked to me as he crumbled on the floor But I couldn't comprehend his words and stood there watching him in horror. "Getout beforehurt you" he gasped I couldn't move my feet, it was like they were stuck there. I wanted to help him but every time I reached near, him raping me flashes in my mind and then I would move back. Finally he stopped and looked at me, his eyes back to normal blue. He got up and looked concerned "Did I hurt you? Did I do something? Any harm?" I was shocked. Didn't he remember anything? "Answer me" He snapped I jerked and shook my head "Next time when I tell you to get out, you listen okay? I could've done something that you and me both could've regretted" He growled He looked scary when he was angry. He panted heavily in rage. But that didn't scare me; I wasn't scared of him anymore. I walked up to him, face to face, nose to nose. "You are goanna pay Samuel. Your goanna loose your loved ones, your family, your friends, everything you love will be taken away from you, just like you took mine. And when you beg me to forgive you, I will take you back to the school, back to the classroom where you so ruthlessly raped me, I will kill you there" He eyes widened and he moved away from me but then he glared at me and tugged on a shirt. "I'm not going down without a fight" "Is that a challenge?" I asked

"Maybe... One day when you find out that what happened in school wasn't deliberate, you will regret every word you are speaking. But I won't stop you either; you want revenge? Fine, take your revenge, you have every right to hurt me but don't involve my family" With that he picked up his jacket and went out of the bedroom. I would never regret what I will do to you Samuel. Never! That night, I lay on my bed and all I thought about was Samuel. What happened to him? Why do his eyes flash yellow? No vampire has that kind of power, why him? He was scared when he came to his senses, his hands were trembling and he had fear in his eyes. Could I use this against him? The power that scares him, could I use it against him? I turned around to see him sleeping peacefully. I hate him and I would do everything to take this peace away from him. I woke up in the early morning. Took a quick shower and got dressed in my usual summer dress. While I blow dried my hair I waited for Samuel to get up but that jerk was sleeping his ass off and I would get late because of him. I got up and shook him but he wouldn't budge, is he dead already? Must be my lucky day. But he was breathing, bitch. I sighed and shook him again; he shifted but doze off again. I felt my anger going higher, can't believe I'm goanna be late because of him. I sat back in front of the dresser and blow dried my hair, even the blow dryer's noise isn't enough. Blow dryer? Huh I looked back at Samuel and then at the blow dryer, oh hell yeah. I got up and stood in front of him. He's goanna get his ass up right now. I blew the hot air on his face. He jerked up gasping. I held the urge to laugh instead I glared at him while he did the same. "What the hell!" He snapped "Get up right now before I get late because of you!" With that I turned around and went back to drying my hair. I heard him grumble and then heard the bathroom door close. A knock on the door caught my attention. "Come in" A young maid walked in probably 1 or 2 years older than me. She smiled at me and I gave her a fake one too. She was pretty but very pale, she's human I realized. Her short

black hair was framing her small heart shaped face and her green eyes were very dull. Some vamp had fed off her; I could see the two holes on her neck. "Good mor-morning duchess Scarlet, it-it's finally ni-nice to meet you" She said stammering. Is she scared of me? I smiled brightly at her, trying to remove her fear "Good morning, just call me Scarlet please. What's your name?" I asked cheeringly She eased down; the lines on her forehead were gone. "I-I'm Prince Samuel's blood donor and maid. My name is Ashley" I instantly felt bad for her; she's in the hands of devil. "Ok Ashley, come on sit here on the bed" I wanted to relax her even though I wasn't comfortable here myself. She obeyed and sat in front of me while I stood in front of her. "Look Ashley, you don't have to be afraid of me, I will never hurt you, okay?" She nodded "Good, now why are you here?" I asked politely "I'm here to iron Prince Samuel's shirt for school" She held a black shirt in her one hand and the other had an iron. "Ok go ahead" I went off to straighten my hair and finish my makeup. After I was done I stood and watched Ashley work. She suddenly gasped "What's wrong?" I asked "I forgot the hot water on the stove" "So what's the problem, just go turn it off" "But I need to finish this" "Why don't you give me these, I'll do the ironing." "No Princess Scarlet, I can't let you do that" "I know but you have to shut off the stove, go on I'll do this" She nodded "Yes Princess" with that she walked out

As I ironed his shirt I thought about school. What am I goanna do? How will everyone look at me? And what about Kenny, Would he look at me the way everyone else will? A smell caught my attention. I looked down to see the shirt was burning; I removed the iron only to see a triangle hole in the shirt. Dame! Now what? I picked up the shirt and looked through the whole, it was big. I bet he will go mad. Ha! He's goanna love his new shirt. I placed the shirt on the bed and sat on the sofa, reading a magazine. Samuel came out in a towel wrapped around his waist. He picked up his shirt. Wait for it. Wait for it. "What the hell?" He murmured At the same time Ashley walked in. For a minute I felt bad, I thought I got Ashley in trouble. "Good morning Prince Samuel" She bowed "Good morning Ashley. Uhm what happened to my shirt?" he asked, not even a tinge of anger placed his face. I was shocked. Ashley looked at me and Samuel followed her gaze and probably understood what happened. "Thank you Ashley, you can go now but please next time you do all the work" "Yes Prince Samuel" She bowed and walked out. Samuel looked at me and then shook his head "Idiot" I heard him murmur as he went inside the closet and came out wearing blue shirt and black jeans. He picked up his keys and walked past me murmuring "Come on" I picked up my bag and followed him down. We did our breakfast and then took off in Samuel's car. I watched the busy roads while he drove. We finally reached the school. He parked the car and got out and then opened the door for me. I didn't want to go in the school, it was embarrassing. I sighed and got out. Samuel's friends walked up to him and congratulated us. Boys were busy talking to him and girls were busy sneering at me, jealous much. They were being very nice to me, why? Because I'm Samuels wife. Pricks. I moved away from them and went towards the school. My heart thudded as I went closer and closer. Everyone looked at me as I passed the parking lot but I didn't look away, I

met everyone's eye and walked with my chin up. I wish everything turns out good today. God, give me the strength to face all these people. I need strength, I need to be strong. And I will be.

Chapter 9 Why me? The world around you never care about you, they just like to mock. But now that people have started on me, I know I will have to fight them and show them that I don't care _... I walked in the school. Every pair of eyes set on me and that's when I saw the emotions they were looking at me with, pity, sorrow, anger, shame and more which I don't want to tell. I lowered my gaze as I passed them. I felt the dizziness surge inside me as I heard their gossips, I was the main topic. I quickened my feet to the classroom as I couldn't take it. Thank god, no one had entered the class. I was about to sit in the seat where I sit next to Kenny but I stopped. I don't want to talk to him anymore, what would he think of me? I blinked back the tears and took the far back seat away from everyone, even Kenny. I sat down and looked out the window; girls were standing in the garden talking and laughing. How I wish I was them. They look so carefree, happy andfree. Free from worries, free from pain and free from misery. That was how I was supposed to be, a normal teen with a normal life but I've grown much older than my age, I've experienced the pain of life when I should be happy, laughing like them, talking about boys but that won't happen now. I envy those girls out there who are living a perfect life. I was so lost in my thoughts that I never noticed the bell ringing or people coming in. As everyone walked in they would look at me and then sit down, it's very annoying. If only I could turn my back on this moment, I wouMy thoughts stopped as I saw Kenny make his way in. I quickly looked away from him into my book. I could feel his gaze on me as he sat down on his desk. I bet he's wondering why I'm not bothering him. Did he even know what happened to me? The whole lesson I could feel everyone's gaze on me but I kept my gaze on the teacher or my book. I know what I would see if I look at them. I remember every word Samuel said to me. I closed my eyes as I remembered those words.' I want people to see you with pity, with shame, with disgrace and most of all, humiliation, you will be humiliated just like you

humiliated me' Well the bastard got what he wanted, I could see the shame, disgrace and humiliation in peoples eyes. Why didn't all these people look at him with these emotions. He raped me and yet no ones disgusted or blaming him, why? Why was everybody looking at him like he hadn't done anything? Why does a girl have to bear everything? 'I want people to see you with pity, with shame, with disgrace and most of all, humiliation, you will be humiliated just like you humiliated me' I will never forget these words. Never. The bell rang as the lesson finished. I packed up my things and went to my next class without meeting anyone. My next class was already full and when I entered everyone's gaze fell on me. I felt like crying and wanted to run away but for how long? "Scar? Come sit with me" I looked up to see Annabel waving her hand. Thank god, she just saved me. I quickly sat next to her. She placed her hand on my shoulder "You okay?" I looked away "Yeah" "I know your not so don't lielook if you need anyone, you know I will be there for you, right?" For this I wanted to hug and cry on her shoulder because she just touched my heart but I resisted "Yes, thank you" "Look I know your sad and your scared that people will talk about you but let them do what they do Scarlet. You have to be strong, people will talk but you have to fight them, keep your chin up and walk with pride, everything that happened to you wasn't your fault so don't let them get to you, okay? And just so you know, I will be with you through the whole day just so no one can talk any shit to you" I was very grateful, more than she could ever know "Thank you Annabel" "Just Anna, we're family now." I smiled and nodded "Ok" Just then I remembered Samuel and his so called problem. "Anna?" "Hmm yeah?" "What is wrong with Samuel"

Her eyes widened and she went rigid. Emotions displayed on her face, the most I could see was fear and pain. What is so scary about Samuel? "Anna?" She snapped out "I I can't tell youI'm sorry I know you have every right to know but I can't. It's something Samuel most hate and I don't think it would be fair if I just tell you, maybe Samuel might tell you" I sighed, why can't they just tell me? The class was boring as usual. Me and Anna separated for our next class. I sat next to Samuel as everybody joined the class. He was talking to some girl or maybe flirting. As I sat next to him, he immediately looked at me and that's when I saw his eyes again, there was some yellow in his blue eyes but it wasn't like yesterday, they weren't glowing. It was enough to tell that he's not Samuel. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. He nuzzled my neck "Hey baby, did you miss me?" I felt disgusted not just by him, by his touch as well. I tried to push him away but I saw that people were looking at me as if they wanted to see my reaction. I stopped struggling and let him do whatever he wanted. I leaned against him "What are you doing? Let me go" I whispered His grip tightened on me "You're my wife, everyone should know that" His eyes were scaring me but I showed no reaction "Who are you?" He smirked "Baby, I'm your Sammy and your mine" Yeah right! I let out an irritated sigh. Everyone in the class had eyes on us and the girl who he was flirting with was glaring draggers at me. I almost smirked at her. Betty a friend from my history class came up to us "Hey Scarlet, congratulations" Betty was a normal nerd girl but she was a very good friend and helped a lot in history. "Yeah you can move now ugly Betty" Samuel said laughing I wanted to slap him so hard that he would stop laughing but I resisted. I apologetically smiled at Betty "Thank you Betty" I knew she was hurt but she still smiled and moved back to her seat. I glared at him as he gave me the innocent look "That was just sick" "Oh come on, she's ugly" he doesn't have feelings for anyone and neither does he cares of others.

"No she's not, you are." He pouted. He looked so different to the Samuel yesterday, who got concerned over me if he had hurt me or not. Are these two different people? But that's not possible. "I know you're attracted to me" He inhaled my hair "In your dreams" again I tried to remove his hand without anyone noticing but all in vain. "Your blood, it drives me crazy. It's like Delilah.oh my precious Delilah" Delilah? Who is she? And why is he so sad saying her name? Before I could ask who Delilah is, the teacher walked in. Samuel gave no attention to the teacher and neither did she. The whole lesson I had to tolerate him. I also asked the teacher to change my seat but my bastard husband threatened her for her job at the school. How can he be like this? So cold hearted and not care for anyone. I hate him. After so long, it was finally lunch. As soon as the lesson finished, I removed myself from Samuel and rushed out of the class before he could follow me. I stopped myself from going in the lunch hall. A lot of people will be in there and all would look at me. I moved backwards, what if they laugh at me and look at me as Samuel mentioned. I stifled back a cry, I wanted to cry so badly but I couldn't, not in front of these people. "Scar!" I looked up to see Anna coming down the corridor "Hey" I said blinking back the tears "Aren't you going in?" "No, I'll have lunch outside. Can you do me a favor?" "I know why you're not going in there" I merely closed my eyes and then looked at her "Can we not discuss this right now, please?" She nodded "What do you want me to do?" "Can you get me some lunch while I wait here for you? I know you would wanna go back to your friends and I really am sorry for bothering yo-"

"Scar, first of all I'm having lunch with you outside. And second, you're not bothering me ok. I told you I would be staying with you; my friends know I'll be with you. So do me a favor, go wait outside while I bring our lunch" she moved past me and went inside. I sighed and went down the corridor ignoring everyone's gaze and keeping mine down. I'm not ready to deal with this right now, I need time. Time to power up my strength, courage and pride. As I walked down, I didn't look up until I bumped into someone. Two arms wrapped around me to prevent me from falling down. I didn't need to know who had caught me. From the leather jacket and the emo punk look, I knew it was Kenny. He looked at me differently, I don't know why but I could tell his emotions playing in his eyes. I balanced my feet and stood properly "I- I'm sorry, I wasn't looking" "Oh yeah, that's what happens when you get raped" A bunch of guys said laughing I froze in shock. The tears I was hiding for so long flowed down my face. I never thought people would say it out loud, never knew they were so mean, never knew they didn't care what others felt but now I know. I moved but Kenny caught my hand and then looked at the guy who said that. "Apologize to her now" he growled at them The boys paled. Whoa, never seen this side of Kenny. And I was actually shocked; he was fighting them for me. My heart softened more for him. "Now!" "I-I'm sorry" he stuttered "If you ever talk shit like that to her ever again then you know what I can do and it won't be good. Now get out of here" They all ran away. I sighed in relieve after they left. Kenny looked at me. "You okay?" "I didn't need your help" with that I walked past him and went straight out. The last thing I need is his mockery. I sighed as I felt the cool breeze. I walked far down the school garden and sat down beside a tree. As I took my book out I felt a presence. Kenny came and sat beside me. I wanted to run away but I kept my gaze in the book. "Hey" he said quietly

"Hi" I whispered back For a while we sat there quiet until he spoke again. "How are you?" "It's not like you care" I said sternly He kept quiet and I thought he won't reply until he did "I do" I was shocked and touched. I sighed as my heart softened "Thank you for what you did inside" "I thought you didn't need my help" I glared at him "I don't" "If you're sitting here because youpity me then you can leave" I continued "There's a difference between pity and compassion" God, he always has an answer. He sat there with me, not saying anything. I thought he might go away but he didn't, he sat with me enjoying the cool breeze. "Why are you here? I thought you didn't like me" "Did I ever say that?" "No bu-" "Then don't say anything you don't know" He replied somewhat harsh and soft. "Why are you here Kenny? Everyone in school hates me" I looked away as the tears burned my eyes. He caught my chin and made me look at him as he wiped my tears "Everyone at school doesn't know how others feel when in pain. Pain is my best friend, Scarlet; it's been with me for a long time so I know what you're going through" My heart ached at his words. I know how I feel and now I know how he's been feeling for years. "I know about your mother.I'm sorry" He clenched his jaw "I don't need your pity"

"There's a difference between pity and compassion" I imitated him He sighed "I usually don't do this but I'm still going to say.be strong Scarlet. The world doesn't care about you and neither should you. You're a strong girl and I know you can fight the world. Don't let them get to you. The pain you feel I know and trust me if you bury all your emotions and accept the pain, there's nothing in the world to stop you from getting what you want" I was stunned. Kenny who barely speaks two words, he now just lectured me. "Why are you telling me this?" "Because no one deserves what you happened to you and I should know since my mother was raped too I-" he stopped mid sentence as he remembered he spoke to much. He clenched his jaw and cursed. "I didn't know that" I whispered He sighed "I'm not just saying this because I hate Samuel; I'm saying this because I don't want to see you scared and vulnerable." "You hate Samuel?" Well I'm not the only one, then. "Yes" "Why?" "Because h-" "What are you doing here?" Anna shrieked at Kenny She was looking at Kenny angrily and holding our lunch. Why is she angry with him? Kenny looked at me "I'll leave" I caught his hand before he could go "No don't go.please" "Scarlet him goyou don't know who he is" Anna said "I dohe's my friend" Kenny looked shocked and so did Anna "Scarlet him go, he's Samuel's worst enemy and if he finds out you were with him, he'll kill us both" "He's not the boss of me. I can do whatever I want and I know who to make friends and who not. So Samuel can fuck off"

"Now you both shut up, sit down and let me have my lunch properly" I snapped at them Anna opened her mouth but I gave her the look and she sat down huffing. Kenny looked grim and I just sat there looking at them. "Kenny would you like some?" I offered my burger, he looked at me and for once I thought his eyes were misty and was too shocked to believe he's crying but he looked away. "No thank you" I shrugged and dug in cause I was starving. Anna had her eyes narrowed on Kenny "Why do you and Samuel hate each other?" Kenny scoffed "Because he thinks he's the only powerful being" "You don't know anything about my brother" Anna snapped with pain in her voice. What is it about Samuel that everyone fears? "I know him since he met Delilah and he's a dick" Again. Who the hell is this Delilah? Before I could ask, Anna butted in "Yeah well look what that bitch did to him. If only I had saved her that day, he wo-" She stopped and looked at me and then lowered her gaze "You don't know anything about him. He's my brother and he has suffered enough, the last thing he needs is to worry about you going after his wife." A tear slipped her eye and my heart ached to hug her. For once since my marriage I felt bad for Samuel. I don't know why but I wanted to know more about Samuel but then every time I feel bad, I remember him raping me, I remember my screams, I remember my heart thudding in fear and whatever I do, I can't get it out of my mind. The more I remember, the more I hate him. She wiped her eyes and looked at me "Look I don't mind you being his friend but I love my brother more than anything in this world and I can't see him hurt. He's already suffering, I don't want him to suffer more" With that she got up and left. Well I'm sorry Anna but he will suffer whether you care or not. I will make him suffer like he made me and then we will see who has suffered enough. "Maybe she's right.we shouldn't be friends" Kenny said "No!...don't do thatI don't have any friends. If you leave me I will be all alone. Please just don't leave me" I begged He looked at me with an emotion playing in his eyes but then again he covered it. He smiled at mewhoa he smiles? Kenny William who hates everyone and who everyone

fears just smiled at me. He really is a mystery but now that I know about him I don't need more. The only mystery I'm goanna solve is Samuel's and I'm goanna find out who this Delilah is. And when I find out, I will use it against him. I never wanted anything like this for Samuel. I never wanted a life like this. I never wanted to hurt anyone in my entire life, so why did all this happen to me. Why my life was ruined. Why I got raped. Why Samuel had to be my husband. Why me?

Chapter 10 Different Person 5th July 2010 Never knew my husband is such a perv and the same time caring _... There was still time for class so I thought of going to the library to read. Kenny had gone somewhere and I hadn't found Annabel since she left, maybe I should talk to her. I walked down the corridor. I didn't see some books on the floor and I tripped over them. Unfortunately Samuel and his dicks were standing there. They started laughing except Samuel who was looking concerned. This time his eyes were blue. "What happened honey? Did Samuel make you clumsy?" one said laughing. How many times do I have to go through this? When will these people learn not to hurt anyone's feelings? I looked at the ground but then I heard a bang! I looked back up to see Samuel had pinned the guy on the lockers and looked furious. Damn, his eyes were glowing yellow again and they scared the shit out of me. Everyone in the corridor stopped and looked at us. "Don't ever talk to her like that. She's my wife and your future queen. And you will do well to remember that" He growled Whoa, where did this Samuel come from? I wanted to cheer for Samuel and wanted to tell him to punch and kick him till he dies but I knew if I do that, there won't be any difference between him and me. "B-but you hate her Sam" the guy stuttered "No I don't. Whatever feelings I have for her is none of your concern; it's our personal life so keep your nose out of it."

Why was he defending me knowing that I hate him? And Samuel doesn't hate me? That's a shock. Every time when my anger comes up, he always overpowers it by guilt, why? Why do I feel guilty every time he becomes nice? "I don't just mean it to you. I mean this to everyone" he looked around at people "If anyone ever harasses Scarlet about anything, I will have there heads and I truly mean it. You all will respect her not because she's your future queen but because she deserves it." He looked back at his friend "If you weren't my friend, you would've been dead by now. Whoever laughed at her, bow down and apologize now!" The boys who laughed at me quickly bowed down by my feet and apologized. I was very taken aback by Samuel's sudden concern and outburst. I didn't see this side of him. Samuel came up to me and kneeled down in front of me "Your bleeding" he said, his eyes back to blue. I looked down at my elbow which really was bleeding, how come I didn't know? Before I could respond, he picked me up bridal style. I wanted to push him away but I couldn't do it. Why? I don't know. Everyone was stunned as we left. He took me to an empty class and my fear arose. He placed me on the chair and then closed the doors. My heart thudded as he locked them. The night he raped me came inside my mind and all I wanted to do was run away. He came closer but I got up and moved backwards. He looked shocked "Pleasedon't" I whispered But he didn't listen he came closer and I moved backwards until I bumped in the wall. I thought he might rape me again and I closed my eyes as tears of fear flowed down my face. He placed his hand on my cheek and then for my shocking, he kissed my forehead, I looked at him confused. "I will never hurt you Scarletnot on purpose anyways" Somehow I believed him but I really don't know why? I wanted to push him away but my heart was controlling my mind. "Come, I'll tend your wound and then I'll take you home" he caught my hand and then pulled me towards the chair and made me sit down. I sat there and watched him as he bought out a First aid kit from the teacher's desk. Then he pulled a chair in front of me and sat down. He didn't say a word as he tended my wound. I watched him as he so tenderly applied the medicine and then when I hiss in pain, he will so gently blow on my wound to ease the pain. Is he really the Samuel who raped me? And why is my heart softening for him when

I should be pushing him away? Why is getting angry on him brings guilt inside me? Does he really deserve to be punished? After he was done, he took off his jacket and wrapped it around me. "Come on, I'll take you home" "Why are you helping me?" I asked He sighed "Because I..because I caused this on youI know by doing this you won't forgive me and I'm not asking for forgiveness. I've been blamed all my life and I'm still living a blame inside me. You forgiving me won't less the pain I live in my life but me helping and giving you everything might take your pain of life." I looked at him shocked. What's the pain he's been having his whole life? Is it something to do with his dad? "I know you hate me and you have every right to hate me but I don't hate you Scarlet. I meant my vows when I vowed to protect, love and support you and I'm trying my best. I will give you everything you want. I'll try to keep you happy. Even if hurting me gives you happiness, I will hurt myself for you but I beg youjust leave my family out of it.I love them very much just like you love yours, please don't hurt them." "I apologize the way I spoke to you yesterday and what I did in the class today, I uhI wasdrugged, I wasn't me." For some reason I knew he was lying. A drugged person doesn't have yellow glowing eyes. "Now that I have cleared my part, let's clear yours. You want to hurt me, maim me and torture me, fine. You can do whatever you want, I won't stop you. I usually torture myself everyday and you can join me when I do, it might make you happy." I sat there shocked. Why does he torture himself? And why is he giving me the leverage to torture him or hurt him? Is he even himself? He looks drugged right now than before. "Now come on. Let's take you home" He helped me up I pushed him away "I don't need your help. Your right, I will hurt you. You think if giving me the leverage to hurt you might melt me than your wrong. I will always hate you. No matter what you do, my hatred will always be for you" He looked impassive like my words held no affect on him but in his eyes I could see him hurt. He looked down "I think that's fair considering to what I did. Now if you're ready, we'll leave" We walked out side by side but my attention was not on anyone. My attention was on my thoughts. Why would Samuel be so nice to me? Why would he be in pain? Has it something to do with his yellow eyes? There are so many things about Samuel, so many

faces. Which one should I believe? Sometimes he's nice and sometimes he's a pervert, has he got some disease? Or is he mental? Or is this some trick to make me accept him...Realization hit me as I thought about it. What if Samuel is being nice so he could make me trust him and then he could so easily rape me again? No! No I will not let that happen and if this time he does something like that, I will kill him and then kill myself. But what if he's not.what if he really is trying? Well I know the answer, I will still hate him for what he did and he can keep trying because he won't get the nice piece of me. I sat in the passenger side as he drove. We both sat in silence until he spoke. He stopped outside a diner. "Did you have lunch?" he asked casually I let out a long breath "Yes" "Ohwell do you mind if I buy something? I didn't have my lunch" Hmm I wonder why? Oh wait probably wasting time on molesting girls. I mean, that's what he's good at. I sighed and rolled my eyes "Hurry up" He nodded "Do you want something?" Yes, your head. "No" He got out and went inside the diner. He came out a bit later with his food packed in a bag. Then we went home, well not my home or is it now? I now sat on my bed reading a magazine while Samuel sat next to me placing his food on the plates. He took out another pack. Whoa how much does he eat? But instead of putting it on the plate he held it in front of me. I looked at him "No thank you" He cleared his throat "Please take it, I bought it for you. And it's your favorite" I looked at the pack and then at him "What is it?" But whatever it was, it smelled delicious and very familiar. "Bloody chocos.Anna told me they're your favorite so I bought them for you"

I really do love them. But I had a better idea "Really? Thank you so much" I said faking excitement. I took out the chocolate and squashed them in my hands. He looked shocked and hurt. Good. I wiped the chocolate on his face but the shocking part was he didn't flinch or move back. He sat there as I wiped it on his face. "Oh Samuel, I love the chocolates and I love you" I sneered "If this was the reaction you were looking for then I'm sorry, I can only fake these reactions for you because whenever I look at you I feel disgusted, whatever you give or touch me, it disgusts me to the core. Now that you have touched these chocos, I hate them, like I hate you." "So you can play to be nice and caring all you want but you'll never make me like you or forgive you because I will never fall for this act of yours. So next time you give me something, think twice before you do." With that I got up and walked out of the room. I've never been this mean to anyone and it really hurt to be like this. What have Samuel made me into. I quickly washed my hands in another bathroom and then went to James's study. Maybe e could tell me about Delilah because it's not like I'm going to ask Samuel. I knocked on his door. "Come in" I walked in and saw him sitting behind his desk. He smiled at me warmly "Scarlet, come sit down" I sat in front of him "Can I talk to you?" "Yes. What is it you want to talk about?" "Who is Delilah?" His face paled "H-how did you know about her?" "I heard Anna say her name" "Please do not say that name in front of Samuel, he will be very angry and hurt" So Delilah is my key to hurt Samuel, hmm I wonder why? Well she is someone important in his life considering all the info I collected.

"Why will Samuel be hurt and angry by the mention of her name?" I asked He sighed "I can't tell you much, not unless Samuel tells you himself. Delilah went to School with him, that's all I can tell, I'm sorry" "She is someone important in his life?" I asked "She WAS someone important in his life. Delilah is no more" Is that why he's hurt? Is that why he lives a painful life? I wonder what she did to him. She's has to be my favorite my person. "Why does Samuel have yellow eyes?" He stood up "Jesus, did he hurt you?" he came around and checked me out until he saw the bandage on my elbow "God, he did. I'm so sorry I sh-" "James, he didn't hurt mewell not physically. I fell down in school, Samuel bandaged my elbow." "Samuel bandaged your elbow?" he asked looking like he didn't believe me I nodded, resisting to give him a duh! "He took care of you?" "Wellyeah, kind of" "Wow, you must be the only girl he cares about. My son never speaks or cares about anyone, he usually keeps to himself. He's the only quiet person in the palace." So now I can confirm that he was acting. He was acting all along to be nice, he's sick. "You're changing the subjectwhy do Samuel's eyes change from blue to yellow?" He hesitated "It's not something for me to tell, Scarlet. Just know that he's suffering very much, more than you could ever know and the worst is that I can't do anything for him" "Whenever his eyes change, don't go near him. He'll hurt you" But he never hurts me when his eyes change instead he startswell he starts to touch me and kiss me, eww. Should I tell him? I hesitated "He doesn't hurt mehe" "Then?"

Damn, this is uncomfortable "He wants to.touch me and he you know what I mean, right?" He nodded "I'll find out why this happens while you just play nice when his eyes change, ok?" I nodded and got up "Thanks for the information." "Your welcome" I left from there and went back to my room to see no Samuel, only Anna was there. She smiled at me "Hey I've been waiting for you" "Sorry, I was with James" She nodded and handed me a bag. I looked at her baffled "What's this?" "Samuel said that you didn't want anything from him so he told me to bring you these." I opened them to see Bloody chocos. "He said he didn't want you to hate things you love because of him." She smiled at me "He's not so bad as everyone thinks" she patted me on the shoulder and then left. I stood there shocked and guilty. That prick. Every time I do something bad to him, he always makes me guilty. But why do I feel guilty? Everything I did, he deserved it but then why does guilt overpowers my anger. I sighed and looked at the chocos. They are delicious and it won't kill to eat them. I sat on the bed and dug in. Yum! _... Later that night Samuel came in. I whatsoever paid no attention to him until he spoke. "Hey baby, did you miss me?" I looked straight at his eyes and saw his yellow eyes. Play nice Scar, that's what James had said. "No I hate you remember" I said sarcastically He chuckled "You are the only woman who resists me, I wonder why" His posture looked totally different to the Samuel in the morning. And he wasn't himself as Samuel said.

"Well, let me think, oh yeah! Because you raped me" He smiled deviously "Oh how much I love you" "I hate you too" He played the song "Bed of Roses (Bon Jovi)" on his stereo. I looked at him with an arched eyebrow. He chuckled "Oh come on, I love this song" "Are you drugged?" "Baby, I'm far from drugged" So Samuel had lied, he wasn't drugged in school. This is some serious shit. He came up to me and extended his hand "Dance with me" "Is this a request or command?" I snapped He shrugged "Why don't you ask nicely?" He sighed "How?" "Kneel down on your knees and then ask with respect" He smiled but I knew he was annoyed. He kneeled down "Scarlet, my dear wife. Will you do the honors to dance with me?" I knew I had to play nice. One wrong move and I don't know how I'll end up. I nodded and placed my hand in his. He pulled me in the middle of the room and wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled in my neck while my hands were around his shoulders. "Mmmyour scent is so nice" he murmured "Th-thank you" I stuttered. My heart was thudding at the closeness between us. He chuckled "You don't have to be afraid of me baby, I will never hurt you. I will hurt those who hurt you" It was so weird, acting to be different with one person who has two different personalities. Ok tomorrow, I will have to ask the sober Samuel about this.

"I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses. For tonight I'll sleep on a bed of nails..." He sang along "I wanna be just as close as your Holy Ghost is And lay you down on a bed of roses" He laughed as he sang along He looked more normal, like a normal guy happy with his wife. To be honest I felt regret about him raping me. If he hadn't raped me, I might have fallen for him. He's so handsome that any girl would die for him but he had to get so low to rape me and that's why I would never fall for him. "Why did you rape me?" I asked suddenly "Because I wanted you the moment I saw you" "You could've asked me" "Yes but then you slapped me and I knew you hated me so I took the slapping thing as a reason to have you but I promise I won't hurt you anymore. I will take you on your own free will" Maybe I could get some information out of him. "There were more beautiful girls than me, then why did you want me?" I shuddered as he slid his finger down my spine. "Honey, believe me, there's no one beautiful than you." "What's so beautiful about me?" He looked at me "Your eyes" he kissed my eyes; it was all I could do not to push him away. "Your softness" he rubbed his cheek against mine "Most of all your heart, where you care for everyone, I like you when you help others, it's not something I do but when you do it, it makes me want you more" For once I thought it was the blue eye Sam because he talks like that but then I looked at his eyes and I knew it wasn't him. "You're not selfish, you're pure and mine" "So will you let me have you?" he asked

"No" "Why not?" "Because I hate you" "Baby, believe me, in time you will fall in love with me. Everyone does" "Yes and I will let you dream on that" I scoffed A knock on the door took our attention. "Get lost!" Samuel growled "Sam, it's me" Anna said on the other side Samuel sighed "Come in" She came in and looked shocked to see us wrapped around each other "Am I interrupting?" "Yes Sweet sister, so if you don't mind tell me why you're here?" She looked pained "Dad is asking for you" Samuel let go off me and went up to her "Tell the old prick to fuck off" "Sam! He's your father!" Anna snapped "He's not my father. I stopped calling him father the day Delilah died" He growled Again Delilah, I will have to find out about this Delilah, she seems like an interesting person. "And you will not tell me what to do" He raised his hand to slap her but I came in between them. "Samuel what are you doing? Don't you dare hit her?" I snapped He looked at me and his eyes softened. He smiled at me and pulled me in his arms "As you say baby" "Now why don't you go see your father, yeah?" He sighed but nodded and went out. Anna looked at me shocked and amused "How did you do that?" I didn't reply instead I glared at her "Anna, what's going on?"

She looked down "I can'tI'm sorry" and then she ran out. What the hell? How is Samuel a different person?

Chapter 11 Forgive him? 6th July 2010 A guy who raped me. He has two different personalities. He loves kids. He cares about me. But still, can I forgive him for raping me?... _... I woke up in the morning only to puke. My morning started badly. I had been vomiting and won't stop and Samuel, well he stood by my side either rubbing my back or holding my hair. Everybody, even the king and queen had come to ask about me. Anna had requested me to stay home but I would die of boredom if I did so I went to school with them. I entered the school with Samuel by my side. He had remembered what he did yesterday and apologized to me in the morning. I knew I had to ask him about the yellow eyes today and I had decided to do that at lunch or in class. I had history first so I went to my class which I usually have with Betty, poor her, I still feel bad about what Samuel had said to her. I sat next to her. "Hey Scarlet" she said cheerily "HiBetty I'm sorry what Samuel said to you yesterday" She smiled "Don't be. Samuel came to me yesterday at lunch and he apologized" My eyes nearly bulged out "What?" "Yeah, shocking right? He came up to me at lunch and apologized and he even paid for my lunch to make it up to me." "He did?" damn, every time he does something bad, he does good as well. So there you go, he has a bad personality and a good personality. "Yeah, he just told me to stay away from him when his eyes are yellow, he said he's usually drugged at that time so he's not himself" she replied Yeah, drugged my ass.

"Hey Bet?" "Hmm?" "Do you know Delilah?" "I used to. Yes" Bingo! "Who was she?" "She was the most beautiful girl in school. Every boy wanted to be with her and every girl envied her. To be honest, she looked a lot like you except your eyes, hers were brown and yours are purple very unique. No wonder Samuel wedded you" Whoa, she looked like me? And is that why Samuel is nice and caring to me or does he really care? But how can she be like me. Was she one of my relatives? "What was she?" "A witch" ok, not a relative. Hmm "Was she Samuel's friend?" "She was his fiance. He loved her so much that he once nearly died for her. You know, Samuel wasn't like this; he used to be happy and fun loving. He was the funniest and always made the girls laugh in a charming way" She was his fiance? "Then what happened?" Her face saddened "She died. Samuel broke when she died. He stopped laughing or making others laugh. He stopped caring about others or himself. Every time I looked at him, his face was in misery" He broke? "How did she die?" "To be honest, I really don't know. But there were rumors that Samuel killed her or she killed herself. But we all knew that Samuel loved her too much to kill her" I would honestly believe that he killed her. "Do you know why he has yellow eyes?" She shrugged "I don't know, he said it happens when he gets drugged" so she didn't know about his slit personalities. Was Samuel really suffering?

"If he loves Delilah then why is Vanessa his girlfriend?" This question really irked me, I don't know why? "She's not his girlfriend. Samuel shoos away every girl who asks him out. Vanessa just never leaves him alone. Sometimes he romances with her and sometimes he shoos her away, it's like two different persons. Weird right?" You have no idea. My history was usually boring, then science just killed me and my next class was with Kenny, my only friend. I smiled at him as I sat next to him. "Hi" He looked at the people who were very curiously looking at us and the he looked back at me "Being friends didn't mean we show off" he muttered I hang my arm around his shoulder "Of course you idiot that's what friends are for" He arched an eyebrow at my arm and then at me "You know, most people are scared to even touch me. People would run away at the sight of me and you are here, hanging your arm around my shoulder" I grinned "Are you expecting me to fear you?" "Yes" "Well sorry I'm not" "Honey, believe me when I do something evil, it will be worse than Samuel and I-" I stopped breathing as he said that. How could he? I should have known he would mock me, why did I even trust him to be my friend. My eyes burned as I thought of my only friend being a dick. "Scarlet I didn't me-" "No, I'm sorry. Your right, we shouldn't be friends" I got up and went back to the seat I chose for myself, where I sat alone. That's where I belonged all along. After class I went straight outside since it was lunch. I sat where I normally sit by my tree. He followed me and sat next to me "Please leave me alone" "No.that's not what friends are forI'm sorry Scar"

Scar? When did he start calling me that? "You're sorry? You had no right to tell me all that, you don't know what I've been through. You don't know the pain when he touched my body, you don't know the fear when he climbed on me, and you don't know the screams that I hear every night in my nightmares. You don't know anything" I sobbed He wiped my tears "You're right, I don't know what you've been through but I could at least make it better. I'm sorry that I said that, it wasn't intended I swear, I was just trying to scare you" "Yeah well good job, you succeeded" I snapped "I'm sorry Scar, please forgive me. Please tell me how I make it up to you. I promise I'll do anything" Maybe he didn't really mean it. I wanted to smile so badly but I resisted. First I'll make him pay. "You're not forgiven" "I'll do anything for you to forgive me" I sniffed "Anything?" "Anything" he agreed "Than I have three wishes if you comply then you are forgiven" I wiped my tears "What wishes?" "First wish is for you to hang around with me casually like I'm your friend, around everyone." He hesitated but nodded "ok next" "Second wish is for you to be my best friend and third is you have to get me my lunch now" He smiled and shook his head "You are such a kid" "Hey! You better go before I change my mind" He sighed "Ok" I got up "I'm going to the library, meet me there"

He nodded and left. I walked down the corridor, this time people lowered their eyes when they saw me. I didn't like it but then it was better then seeing pity. I stopped abruptly to see Samuel and his gang. Vanessa was all over Samuel who didn't seem one bit interested. Hmm he's my husband why is she flirting with him and if Samuel really loves her then he should forget her because I'm going to take all his loved ones away. I walked up to them and pulled Vanessa off him. She glared at me "What the hell?" But I ignored her. Without thinking I pushed Samuel in the lockers and kissed him, hard and rough. He didn't respond at first, maybe in shock. But then he growled and kissed back. He pulled me close and thrusted his tongue in my mouth. I don't know why but it felt good to be in his arms and his kiss was turning me on. In all my life I never thought I would want to take off someone's cloths like I want to do to Samuel. I felt like ripping his cloths and let him take me. I moved back breathless and looked up to see his eyes were glowing yellow again and he was grinning. Samuel's gang was looking at us shocked and so was Vanessa. I smirked at her "Don't you dare come near my husband" She glared at me "Who the hell are you to tell me that?" "Who am I? Oh wait, I remember. I'm his wife and your future queen" She looked like she was going to cry and I actually felt bad but then I knew if I let my emotions out I would loose and I can't loose. "You're a bitch!" She came forward to hit me but before her hand could touch me, Samuel had caught her hand. "Don't touch her" I looked at Samuel shocked, his eyes weren't yellow. Dear god, this was the real Sam and he's protecting me from his girlfriend. "Sam?" Vanessa whispered hurt "I like you Vanessa but that doesn't mean I gave you the right to touch my wife." He shoved her hand away "Keep your hands to yourself"

She looked at me "You'll pay for this" with that she ran away crying. Samuel moved away from me and frowned "You shouldn't have done that" "Like I said, I will take every love ones away from you. Vanessa your girlfriend was the first. So watch out for the rest Sammy" _... I had lunch with Kenny and this time Anna joined us. We had fun, laughing and joking about. My next period was with Samuel. Ugh. I sat next to him and was relieved to know his eyes weren't yellow. We both sat in silence. I noticed that blue Sam talked less, maybe Betty was right. I suddenly felt sick again. The lump in my throat told me that I was about to throw up. I quickly got up and ran from the class as everyone watched me. I ran down the corridor and in the bathroom. I puked all over the sink. I felt a hand rubbing on my back. I looked up in the mirror to see Samuel standing there looking concerned. He held my hair up while rubbing my back. Eventually I stopped but I felt fear rise in me, what's happening to me? The most thing I hate and is scared of is puking, it just creeps me out. I hugged Samuel as my body shook. He after a minute wrapped his arms around me. I was too scared to let go until he spoke. "Maybe I should take you home" I moved away "I'm sorry I was just" Scared? He nodded "Its okay, come on I'll take you home" I nodded and went out after him. As we reached the palace, I went inside to see my parents had come to visit me. They sat in the lounge with the king and queen. "Mum! Dad!" I screamed in excitement. I ran up to them and hugged them. "I missed you guys" "We missed you too baby" My mum said

"How come you're here?" "Well Samuel called us today saying that you miss us and that we should visit you" My dad said Whoa when did this happen? And why would he care? I turned around to see no Samuel, maybe he's still in the car. I sat next to mum "So, where's Juls?" "That's another reason we're here. Juliet and Lysander have decided the wedding in 2 weeks later and she wants you at home. She said that she wants you, Samuel and Anna to come and stay with us until the wedding" "Really? When?" I asked excited "You look very happy" My mum said smiling. If only you knew. I smiled "So when should we come?" I said changing the subject "Whenever you guys decide, maybe you should ask Samuel" My father said I wanted to tell them that he can fuck off but I couldn't show them that I wasn't happy with Samuel. I nodded "Ok" Just then the devil walked in. He smiled at my parents "Hey mum" he kissed my mothers cheek. Mum? When did he start calling her that? "Hey dad" He hugged dad. "So Sam, we were just talking about you guys coming to our house to stay till Juliet's wedding" My dad said sitting down with Samuel "Juliet's wedding? When is it?" He asked "2 weeks later" "I uhI don't think I can come and stay" No, if he doesn't go, my parents won't take me either. That bastard always has to ruin the moment. "But Scarlet and Anna can go; I don't want them to spoil their plans because of me" "No, Samuel will come with us" I replied before my parents could

"But i-" "No, you have to come with us or else Juliet will get mad, right mum?" "Oh yeah certainly" He sighed "Fine, we'll be there on Saturday" "Great then we'll see you on Saturday" My dad said getting up "You're leaving so soon? I just came in" My heart ached to go with them, I felt homesick. "Honey, we have so many things to arrange. We don't have time at all that's why we want you to come stay with us" My mum said hugging me I nodded "Fine, I'll see you on Saturday" Later that night I went straight in my room and laid down on the bed. Samuel came in. "Why did you call my parents?" I asked curiously He cleared his throat as he sat on the bed "I uhAnna told me to call them. She uhshe said you missed them so she told me to call them. Yeah she told me to" he said nervously I frowned. A lie or truth? Never mind. I felt nausea. As I stood up a wave of dizziness hit me and I thought that I was going to hit the floor but before I could, Samuel caught me with his Vampire speed. "Whoa there. You okay?" I held my head as he sat me down. "Damn it, you're burning. Why didn't you tell me you have a fever?" he said But before I could reply I felt sick and I ran in the bathroom without letting the dizziness hit me. I vomited while again Samuel held me. "Can you hold up while I call the doctor?" he asked I nodded He ran out of there and called the doctor. _...

Half an hour later a doctor came in. She checked me up. Everyone was in my room, worried about me. "Since when is this happening?" She asked me "Since morning" She nodded "I don't want to give you any false information so I have taken some of her blood and urine to test. I will tell you what's wrong when I get the reports." She said to Samuel He nodded "Thank you" The doctor then went out and so did everyone except Anna who was stopped by Samuel. "Anna?" She stopped and looked at him "Yes?" "I think it would be best if you stay with Scarlet till I come back, I really don't wanna leave her but it's an emergency" Leave? Where is he going at this time? Anna nodded "You know you can always rely on me" "Thanks" He said and left "Where is he going at this time?" I asked as if I didn't care Anna ignored me and sat next to me "So I heard we're going to your house on Saturday. It'll be fun" I nodded "Thanks for telling Samuel to call my parents. I really did miss them" She frowned "What? I didn't tell Samuel anything?" "Yes you did. Samuel said that you told him to call my parents because I miss them" "Scarlet, I didn't tell that to Samuel" "You didn't tell Samuel to call my parents because I miss them?" She shook her head.

So he had been lying. He called my parents and lied to me, but why? Does he really care for me? "But why would he lie?" I asked her She sighed "I don't know but he really does care for you Scar" "Yeah right" I scoffed "Where was his caring side when he was so brutally raping me?" She shook her head "You'll never understand until Samuel tells you the whole truth" "What truth?" "I'm sorry but I can't tell you that. It's something Samuel would never tell anyone and won't let us either. If you really wanna know, you will have to ask him yourself" "I don't wanna know anything about him, okay? I just wanna know the truth" I snapped "Honey, one single truth is his whole life. You know the truth, you know him" "I know him. He's a dick who pervs on girls and then rapes them. He cares for no one. He only thinks of himself" She glared at me "Come with me and I'll show you how much he cares. You wanted to know where he went at this time. I'll show you" She grabbed my hand. One minute we were in my room, the next we stood in front of a big cottage. Whoa, she can teleport? "You can teleport?" "Yes, they're my powers" I then looked at the cottage "What is this? And why are we here?" "This is an orphanage. Samuel comes here every day to meet the kids" "So?" but honestly I was very curious. "Come with me but we can't be seen by Samuel" She took my hand and pulled me inside with her. Kids smiled at us and some even waved but I couldn't meet them cause Anna was dragging me down. She stopped in front of a room. Inside was Samuel with some kids, he wasplaying? Well if running around with kids is playing then he's definitely playing. It was the most affectionate site that was making my knees tremble.

I felt myself smile as he caught a little girl and she giggled. It was like he's playing with his own kids. "It's wonderful isn't it? The guy who stays all dark and quiet is here enjoying with kids" Anna said snapping me out of my thoughts. He looked so carefree and vulnerable and most of all, he was himself, without any personalities, without any worries. He looked just him. For once I didn't feel any anger on him, I felt sad. "Do you know why he comes here?" She asked "Why?" I asked without taking my eyes of them "Because he cares for them. Every night, he comes here to tuck them in bed because he wants them to sleep peacefully. A peaceful sleep which he can't sleep." "What do you mean?" I now looked at her. "Every Friday he gets out of bed without disturbing you and goes downstairs to the dungeon. He tortures himself until he faints and stays there until he heals." I gaped "Why?" She hesitated "Because he once nearly killed my father, if he hadn't looked at my mothers face, my dad wouldn't have been here. He used to love dad so much, there wasn't a single moment he didn't stay without dad." "Then what happened?" "He thought dad betrayed him for something I will not tell you. So he tortures himself because everyday he blames himself for hurting dad even though he hates him. He blames himself for Delilah's death and now he blames himself for hurting you." "He comes here because he feels like an orphan himself. My dad was his everything and he hates dad but still misses him. With these kids he exposes a part of him which he doesn't even show me even though I'm the closest to him in the family. He's always quiet and stays to himself and shows no emotions. The day Delilah died, a part of my brother died too." Tears flowed down her face I felt tears burn my eyes but I didn't let them fall. I don't know why but I felt anger towards his dad, Delilah and myself. "So if you think he doesn't care then you're wrong because he does care. He might be a bad son, he might be a killer. Hell, he might be a rapist but my brother.he's not selfish"

I looked back at Samuel who was tucking in a small girl. "Sammy, will you come tomorrow?" she asked "You know I will, Mari. But I won't come on Saturday, not until 2 weeks." "What? Why?" He ruffled her hair and smiled. Wow he looked so beautiful when he smiles. "It's my sister-in-laws wedding but don't worry I'll sneak out sometimes to meet you" "Why? Won't Scarlet let you come? Will she beat you?" She asked with her angelic voice. She knows me? He told them about me. He laughed "No she won't beat me. And yes she will let me come." "If she hurts you then I'm goanna beat her" To be honest that made me smile, it was nothing offensive. He smiled "No she won't. She's a nice girl and she deserves to be happy, just like you" Mari smiled "Will you ever take me to meet her?" He sighed "I don't know Mari; she doesn't like me or the things I'm connected to. Maybe one day I'll introduce you to her" Mari pouted and Samuel laughed "I love you when you do that" He slightly pinched her nose "Ok princess, time for bed" he said moving the quilt under her chin. Anna looked at me "Tell me, does that look like a selfish person to you?" The only thing I could think of was 'Why?' why did he have to be nice? Even though I hate him, I pity him too. If only he'd be bad, It would be easy to hurt him. Could I really forgive him?

Chapter 12- Song of Pain 7th July 2010

How could someone so quiet endure so much pain without letting any one know? Today I saw the person and it killed my heart _... Anna had teleported us back. While she sat with me I thought about all that Samuel stuff. How can a vampire have yellow eyes and how can he have split personalities? How can he be caring and at the same time be a dick? And how can he care for someone who hates him? What if all this is a trap? What if Anna deliberately took me to the orphanage? What if she's with Samuel all along? She is his sister, can I trust her? I really don't know. All these questions were making me dizzy again. I ran in the bathroom as again I felt sick. Anna came rushing after me, helping me. After I was done, I went out of the bathroom but then again I felt dizzy and I fell. Anna helped me up and laid me down on the bed. I knew I would be dark soon and before my world went dark, I heard Anna panicking on the phone. "Samuel, Scarlet has fainted" And that's when I went in the dark I woke up in the morning only to see the doctor again. She just entered the door and smiled at me "Hello Scarlet" I saw Anna next to her as the doc sat on the bed next to me. "Hey Dr. Jen" James and Rose joined us. Dr. Jen checked my pulse and then placed her hand on my heart. "Is something wrong with her?" James asked worried Dr. Jen frowned "Let me just check if the reports have arrived." She called someone through her cell. "Hey Rick, have the reports arrived of Princess Scarlet?" she asked the person Ok she was freaking me out. While she talked I looked at everyone, who all looked worried. Everyone was here except Sam. Didn't he arrive back from the orphanage last night? "Where is Samuel?" I asked before I could think Anna hesitated "He uhhe's sickhe's gone to the hospital himself" I knew she was lying and I instantly knew he was sick with his yellow eyes. And even if he were sick, why would he go to the hospital when Dr. Jen is here.

Dr. Jen snapped her phone shut and smiled at me "I've been correct all along. I was wondering why I could here two heartbeats but now I know." What is she talking about? "What do you mean Jen?" Rose asked Jen looked at Rose and smiled "Congratulations Rose. Scarlet is 4 weeks pregnant" Pregnant I couldn't believe her "You're kidding right?" She shook her head "I know it's hard to believe when you're happy but no I'm not kidding. Congratulations Scarlet." My whole world shattered into bits. It was too much to bear. I felt tears flow down my face as Rose hugged me. "I'm so happy" James who was laughing "My son is finally having an heir, I can't believe it. I'll go tell everyone, especially to Kara and Ronan" he rushed out the door with Rose and a bit later the doc went out too. Anna sat next to me "I know you're not happy." "Please leave me alone" I whispered She nodded and left. I stood up and went by the balcony to sit down where I usually sit. Why is this happening to me? How much worse can my life get? Why is god punishing me when I never did anything wrong? First I get raped, then I get married to my rapist and now I'm pregnant. I always wanted to marry and have kids but I didn't want it to happen this way. I should be happy that I'm about to have a child but I'm not. What will I tell my baby? That his father raped me and you came in to this world, that I hate his father more than anything. What will I tell him about his dad? That he's a two headed psycho who has yellow eyes. I can't have a child when I don't even know my future. I know I'm goanna destroy Samuel but I haven't thought anything after that. I placed my hand on my stomach. I can't kill my own child, it would kill me. But I can't keep it too. Every time when I think I should forgive Sam, something happens which makes me hate him more. I can't forgive him, he didn't just ruin my life. He has now also ruined my baby's life. Oh god, what will I do?

A part of me is disgusted that I have a piece of Sam inside me but then another part of me is happy that it's a piece of me too. I heard the door open to reveal Sam. He looked angry but not angrier than me. I stood up "Oh your back, did you have fun?" I said sarcastically He stopped and looked at me. Good. His eyes weren't yellow. "I'm not in the mood Scarlet" did he even know I'm pregnant? "You're not in the mood? Where was your mood when you were raping me? You've not just ruined one life Samuel, you've ruined two lives" I cried He ignored me and went inside the closet. I went after him "Are you even listening?" "I heard. Now leave me alone" he said calmly, even though he was angry. "Leave you alone? How can I leave you alone when you forcefully entered my life" I snapped He took off his shirt and looked for another in the cabinets "I can't talk right now" "Oh yes you will. You will talk cause I'm not letting you go until you listen" He slammed the cabinets so loudly that I cringed. He turned around and I gaped. His ribs were full of scars and few new wounds which were still bleeding. "You can shout at me, blame me, hit me all you want. But right now I'm not in the state to talk to you. I didn't want to show you this but since you won't leave me alone, I had to." I couldn't stop myself and I slapped him. "You think showing me this would make me melt?" He still didn't say anything. I pushed him "You son of a bitch" He just looked at me; I pushed again "You don't understand do you? You don't have to go through the pain when people say shit to you? You don't even know how I'm feeling" He frowned at me "Well then what do you want me to do? I've apologized and I'm doing all my best to keep you happy. What else do you want? My life?" "Yes, I want your life. I want to kill you" I kept punching him on the chest "I want to kill you so badly" He caught my hands "Stop!"

But I kept struggling until he pushed me against the wall. "What is wrong with you? What did I do this time?" he snapped I glared at him "You did something I can't forgive you for. I'm pregnant, you fucking piece of shit" and then I started to cry. He went rigid "What did you say?" he whispered "Are you deaf? I'm pregnant with your fucking child." I growled He looked down at my stomach and placed his hand on it. "I'm going to be a father?" He closed his eyes and placed his forehead against mine. I closed my eyes too and relaxed for a bit until I realized its Samuel, not my lover. I pushed him away "Don't touch me" "You disgust me and so does your child. I feel disgusted with myself because I have a piece of you living inside me" He looked hurt but he looked away "Look I know you hate me but the child has nothing to do with it. Why are you blaming the baby for my mistakes?" "Exactly. It's a mistake. The baby is a mistake. Meeting you was a mistake. Going to school at that night was a mistake. My whole life has turned into a mistake. But there is one mistake I won't let happen is bring this child into this world" that was a lie, I can't hurt my own baby. No mother can. His eyes turned misty "Don't Scarlet. Don't hurt the baby; it's not the baby's fault. I'm your sinner, hurt me. Don't hurt someone who hasn't even entered the world yet" I didn't answer "Get out and leave me alone" He hesitated but then grabbed a shirt and went out. I sat on the floor and cried. _... Later that night, I sat on my bed reading a magazine but my mind was somewhere else. I had decided to keep the baby, there's nothing else I could do. I knew this decision would cause my whole life but then I love my baby more than my life. I don't know my future but I know that I have to give my baby a better future. Life is so betraying. It takes so many turns and then leaves you somewhere you can't go except one way and you have to decide whether take that way or not. Samuel came inside and looked at me. Sighing he came and sat next to me. For a little while he didn't say anything.

"I'm sorry" I didn't say anything. "I'm sorry for entering your lifeI'm sorry for raping you, I'm sorry for marrying you I'm sorry that your pregnant. All this is my fault and I am sorry." I remembered when Anna told me about him blaming himself for everything. My heart softened. He turned around on the edge, giving me his back. "I know it's hard for you to accept this child after everything you've been through. Your happiness that means to me Scarlet, and if your not happy with this baby then I will take you myself to abort it. I'm sorry for everything; I don't want to force anything on you and I won't ever will." He got up to leave but I spoke "I don't want to abort this baby" He turned around "What?" "I'm not going to hurt my baby because of you. I won't kill it" He sighed in relieve maybe and smiled "Thank you" I narrowed my eyes "I'm not doing this for you" He nodded smiling. God, he looked so beautiful smiling. Stop Scarlet! Stop before you melt and forgive him which I can't ever do. A knock bought me back to reality "Come in" Sam said A maid walked in and bowed to us "My prince, the dinner is ready" "Thank you Mara, we'll be down" Mara nodded and left. I got up and followed Sam down in the dinning hall. Everyone was seated. The king as the head, Rose and Edward on the left side and Anna sat on the right. I sat next to Anna as Sam next to me. Edward grinned at me "Congratulations Scar. I heard I'm going to be an uncle" I faintly smiled at him and nodded. I looked back at my food. "You will be going to training tomorrow, Samuel will train you." James said strictly

What training? "Yes father" Edward said quietly while Samuel was too busy holding his fork tightly. I could see his knuckles turning white. Everyone knew Samuel was angry because they kept glancing back and forth except James who was busy eating. An awkward silence was in the air until Edward spoke again. "So how's everything going, yellow eyes?" he said looking at Sam I almost choked on my food. He calls him yellow eyes? That's it, Sam's anger snapped "Don't call me that" he growled "Call you what? Yellow eyes?" he asked seeming sincerely confused Sam stood knocking his plate over "I said don't fucking call me that" he snapped I was shocked. This is the first time I've heard such words from blue eye Sam. Edward looked scared and so did everyone else. "You don't use that language in my house, boy" James snapped Sam glared at his father but didn't say anything. He walked away. "Sam, at least finish your dinner" Rose said stopping him "No mother. If I stay here any longer, I might disrespect your man. I might hate him but that doesn't mean I don't respect him" with that he walked out. I sat there shocked as everyone else. He hated his father but he still respected him, how more shocking can Sam be. I looked at James whose expression looked pained. "I'm not hungry" James said and walked out too "James" Rose rushed after him Anna, me and Edward sat there looking at each other. "Way to go Eddy" Anna snapped "What? I didn't do anything" "If you hadn't called him yellow eyes, none of this would've happened"

"Yeah well I call him yellow eyes all the time, he doesn't say anything then. He wasn't pissed at me, he was pissed at dad" "Yeah if you knew that then you should've just kept your mouth shut" I rolled my eyes at these too. God, where have you trapped me, this house is a nutcase. "Why was he pissed at James?" I asked cutting them They both looked at me "Because he wants me to train" Edward said "So?" I asked. What's wrong with training? Anna sighed "Sam doesn't want Eddy to train now. He says he's still a kid and needs to finish his studies first." "I'm not a kid!" he snapped "Your 15, so yes you are" "That's not the real reason. Sam is worried about me because once you go in the training section, it's very worse. They beat you up until you learn to bear the pain. Sam's been through all this, that's why he doesn't want me to start my training now" Edward said looking down. Such concern for his little brother, it was almost heart tearing. "But now he's angry with me. I'm not going to talk to him" "Stop being such a baby" Anna snapped at him Oh not again. I got up and left them fighting with each other. _... I sat on my bed for I don't know how long but it bored me to hell. There wasn't anything to do. I'm not internet or TV addicted. The only thing I like are books. I stood up and went down in the library. Wow. The library was huge, high book cases and shelves full of books, tables to sit and read on and much more. I looked at the books and took out 'black beauty' my favorite. I sat down and read. I read the book for a while and kept reading since it was interesting until I heard something. Or someone.

Someone was playing a guitar. I got up and left the library. It was middle of the night, everyone should be sleeping. Who would be playing guitar at this time? I followed the music until I reached a door but there was a guard standing there. He stopped me "I'm sorry princess. Prince Samuel has asked not to be disturbed" So Sam is in there singing. "I'm his wife, I think I should go in and check" I gave him a dirty glare. He looked hesitant but he nodded "Yes my princess" he opened the door and allowed me through. I sighed in relived but that's when I heard him sing. A hundred days have made me older since the last time that I saw you pretty face A thousand miles have made me colder and I don't think I can look at this the same And all the miles have separate They disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face. I walked further in and saw him sitting on a stool. His back was facing me but what he was facing shocked me the most. A duplicate photo of mine sat in front of him. The girl in the painting looked like me except her eyes, they were deep amber and her dressing was a lot different than mine. Was this Delilah? I'm here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind. So much pain, it's almost unbearable. I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time. I'm here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams And tonight, it's only you and me the pain in his voice was making my eyes cry and my heart too. The miles just keep rolling as the people even wait to say hello. I've heard this life is overrated but I hope that it gets better as we go. Ohoo yeah yeah I'm here without you baby but your STILL on my lonely mind. Damn, that high voice just killed me. I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time.

I'm here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams. Even though he wasn't facing me, I could tell he was crying. His voice was telling everything. And tonight girl, it's only you and me Everything I know, and everywhere gohoho, it gets hard but it won't take away my love. And when the last falls and when it's all set and done, it gets hard but it won't take away my love. Whoaho noo no. I watched him as my tears flowed down my face. His voice was filled with so many emotions, pain, despair, anguish, anger and most of all Love. I'm here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind. He's lonely without her. Does he love her that much? I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time. I'm here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams And tonight girl, it's only you and meeeeeee yeahhheheh oh yeah. I quickly wiped my tears incase he turns around. He fell down on his knees and cried "I miss you Delilah, I miss you so much" he cried. My eyes burned again. "I wish you were here with me, I wish I could still feel your soft hands on my face, I wish I could still feel your love" I blinked back the tears. Time to let him know of my presence. "So, this is Delilah?" I asked He jerked and turned around. His face wet with tears and his cheeks flushed. But his eyes they were yellow and blue, mixed. He quickly wiped his tears and stood up "What are you doing here?" he asked I shrugged "I heard you sing and followed the voice" "You're not supposed to be here. How did you get in here?" he said somewhat calm and angry. "I threatened the guard" "How long have you been standing here?" "When you began to sing" "You watched everything" he looked uncomfortable, maybe he's asking about his breakdown part.

"Yes" He closed his eyes and then looked back at me. He sighed "Do you need anything is that why you're here?" "Nowhy were you singing with my picture in front of you?" I asked hoping he would tell himself He looked at the picture "This is not you" "Then who is it?" "It'sDelilah" he whispered Before I could ask another question, he suddenly doubled over in pain. He fell on his knees clutching his stomach and cried out in pain. What the hell? I ran up to him and kneeled down beside him "What's wrong?" I asked He cried out again and held his head "Getout Scarlet" he said between gasps. I wanted to run but I couldn't leave him like this "Tell me how to help you?" I did hate him but that doesn't mean I will leave him here hurt. "Nothing...just go!" But before I could move, he lost control and he stopped struggling or crying in pain. He looked up at me, still panting and sweating, he smirked with his glowing yellow eyes "Hello Baby!"

Chapter 13 - What's the mystery? 8th July 2010 How can a perosn torture himself so much? Why would a person torture himself? IS this the pain Samuel been bearing for 50 years...if he is then why? that I will have to fine out myself... ..._... I got up and so did he. Smriking, he pulled me close "So I'm going to be a dad huh?"

"No, not you" I replied pushing him away "Ofcourse it is. I'm the father" "No. Samuel is the father" He chuckled and pulled me close again "Baby, I am Sam" I arched an eyebrow "Really? you don't look like Sam to me. For starters, you have yellow eyes and Sam has blue eyes. Oh and you talk too much, Sam is a mute." He smirked "You are such a clever girl" "Thank you, now if you don't mind I have to go" I said walking away from him. "Don't you want to see what I do to sweet little Sammy?" I stopped right in my tracks. This was the first time he ever admitted he's not Sam. I turned around to see him smiling evily. "So your admitting your not Sam?" I asked "Why would I do that when I am Sam" Ok so he's back to being Sam. A part of me thought that he said that just to stop me but a part of me knew he too wanted to tell me. I glared at him "Stop playing with me" He picked up a golden dragger and flipped it up and down. I kept my eyes at his every move. "I got this dragger when I was 15, when I finished training from your father." Whoah, he's been trained by my dad. How come I didn't know? "My father gave me this dragger as a gift. And ever since I use this to harm whoever I want" Ok he's scaring me. Does he want to harm me? He smiled evily "Don't worry, I'll never harm you. This dragger is for me to harm myself" I looked at him baffled. Why would he harm himself? But before I could ask, he plunged the dragger in his stomach. I gasped and placed my palm on my mouth from screaming. He was full of pain but he was still smirking. "This is what I do to myself every friday." "St-stop it, are you mad?" I stuttered He offered the dragger "You wanted to hurt me, right? You have your chance"

I moved away from him "No, stop." "Hurt me or I'll hurt myself" "STop it" I yelled He again stabbed himself, this time in his side. I screamed in fear "STop it...Stop it" Blood dripped down his mouth but he was still smirking. He came closer as I backed up till I hit the wall. He forcefully placed the dragger in my hands. "Hurt me, baby" He leaned down and whispered in my ear "Remember how I ripped your cloths..." A flash of memory hit me. "Wh-what are you do-doing" I cried as I pushed myself backwards. "What do you think I'm doing? I'm goanna take you right now. You know, you look very hot in that dress, how about we take it off and then see how hot you look" He moved towards me and kneeled down in front of me. In a blur he ripped my dress off me. I screamed but he pinned me down and covered my mouth with his hand while the other held my hands above. "Remember how you begged for forgiveness..." In a instance, he tied my hands on the table legs with his coat. I screamed again "Please let me go. I'm sorry" "Sorry is not enough" "Remember how you begged..." He opened his zip, my eyes widened "No no no please don't. I beg you" "Awww don't beg, it will turn me more on" He plunged inside me, I screamed. "Remember my words..." "This is what you get when you mess with Sam. When I'm over with you, I want people to see you with pity, disgrace and most of all humiliation. I want you to be humiliated just like you humiliated me when you slapped me infront of the whole school." "No" I mumbled in his hand. I sobed but he wouldn't let me go. "Remember your screams..."

I screamed "Somebody help me...help me!" I screamed but no one heard. "Scream all you want because no ones gonna save you" "Mummm!...Daddd!...Julietttt! Someone help me" I screamed That did it. The screams that echoed through my mind snapped my anger. I gripped the dragger tighter into my hands and oushed him on the opposite wall. He smiked down at me "Thats it, let the anger out" "You son of a bitch. You don't know how it feels like do you? You don't hear those screams every night in your nightmares. You don't feel the pain I feel every day. I might have healed physically but emotionally I'm still wounded and until those wounds stay, my hatred will stay for you" I moved my hand back in full force but when I was about to stab him someone from behind grabbed my hand. I turned around to see Anna and behind her was Rose whose face was stained with tears. "Don't Scarlet, you will hurt Sam" Anna said I glared at Samuel who was glaring at Anna "That's my intention" "No!...he's not Sam right now. If you hurt him now, Sam will be the one aching in pain later on" "What do you mean he's not Sam?" I asked "Just know that he's not Sam right now but it is Sam's body. If you hurt him, you'll hurt Sam's body" "Fuck you Anna. Get the hell out of here" Sam snapped "I'll go but I'll take Scarlet with me" HE growled "No body takes her. She's mine" His voice changed into twos. Rose rushed forward and moved Anna away from us "Sammy, calm down" "She taking her because Scarlet is pregnant. The baby needs rest" She said calmly but scared at the same time. He sighed irritably "Fine...take her" he gave me a hard kiss Rose grabbed my hand and pulled me out while Anna closed the door behind us. That's when I heard the painul screams of Sam. I stopped and glared at them "What's going on?"

They both looked at each other then back at me "It's not our place to tell" Rose said "Really? Because to me it looks like your place to tell" I snapped "Look, we want to tell you but we can't, not until Sam tells you himself. We're sorry" Rose sighed and placed her hand on my shoulder "I know you want to know and you have every right to know since your his wife. But we can't tell you this until Sam tells you himself. Just have patience, you'll soon know whats wrong with him" With that she walked off I looked at Anna for help but she too walked off. I stood there. Can Sam really be suffering? How can he have two faces? What is his secret? ..._... I woke up in the morning to find a bandaged Sam sleeping next to me. I looked all over him to see him bandaged. His stomach was all bandaged up and so were his arms and one of his ankle. Dear god, what is he trying to do to himself? why does he torture himself so much? The sun rays were shining brightly on his beautiful flawless face. He looked so beautiful with the light on his face. His eyelashes were shadowing his cheeks making him look like a child but the annoying scowl on his was telling me that the sun was disturbing his sleep. The fact that I hate him but I still got up and closed the curtains. I looked back at him to see a peaceful smile on his face, has he ever been in peace? Removing the thought, I went inside the bathroom. Today it'll be our last day since Sam will get us 2 weeks off from the principle. I had a quick shower and got dressed into my light blue dress and blue pumps. I quickly applied my light makeup and got out. My eyes went straight on Sam who was sitting rubbing his eyes. He then looked at me and slowly got up, keeping hs hand on his stomach, he limped towards me. "I...I'm sorry about last night" I nodded "Maybe you should stay home" "No...I'll go" He went inside the bathroom before I could ask any questions. A knock on the door got my attantion. "Come in" Rose walked in. "Where is Sam?" She asked "He's in the bathroom"

She waited until Sam walked out. "Good morning Mother" Rose nodded and then looked at me "Do you mind if I talk to Sam alone" I looked at her suspiciously but I still nodded "Ok" I walked out but I didn't go anywhere, instead I placed my ear on the closed door. "Sammy, you must tell her" "Mother stop, I don't want to tell her anything" "She has a right to know" "I know...I just need some time" "Sam, I know your scared to tell her but she's your wife" "What if she's scared of me like other girls?...what if she runs away like other girls? He said "She won't, trust yourself." "I don't know" "Sam, she blames you for something you haven't done purposely. You must tell her the truth, she will forgive you" Forgive him? What's the truth? "I will...I will tell her after her sister's wedding and then I'll accept whatever desicion she makes" "Good. One more thing" I heard him sigh "What now mother?" "Sam, she needs your love. Give her the love she needs, your her husband an-" "No, you know I can't...you know I love Delil-" "Delilah is dead" Rose snapped "She might be dead but she still lives inside me" So much love "Just hear me out. Scarlet is pregnant, right noe she needs you more than anyone else. Give her the love that she needs. Maybe she doesn't show it but she is lonely. No matter how much she pushes you away, don't let her think that your not trying"

"I...I don't know" "Sam she's your wife! She deserves some love from you" "Fine...I-I'll try" "Good boy" "'I'm not a boy" he said irritably I like this mother-son conversation "You'll always be my little boy for me" I didn't hear anymore. I smiply walked down. What could it be that Sam is hiding from me? Would he really tell me after my sister's wedding? Would I really forgive him and accept his love that his mother was talking about? I'm so confused. ..._... After we had breakfast, we went straight to school. As we entered I thought about asking him about last night. "So are you goanna tell me about last night?" I asked He went stiff but he didn't answer "I'll see you at lunch" and then he went off. I watched him as we walked down the corridor. People nodded and greeted him, it was all normal but why is he not? Suddenly I felt someone's hand on my shoulder and I jerked. I turned around to see Kenny. "You scared me" I snapped "Sorry" He said sheepishly "So what's up?" I asked casually He looked hesitant but then he placed a purple wrapped small box in my hand. I smiled. A gift? "What's this for?" "Uhm...It's not birthday next week but I wanted to give it to you now since you won't be coming to school from tomorrow onwards" He looked uncomfortable. I'm sure he didn't do this often. I smiled and kissed his cheek "Thank you so much" "Yeah...I'll see you around" He walked off before I could stop him

I opened the wrapper to reveal a blue velvet box. I opened the box and gasped. Inside was a beautiful silver pendant, it was ahorse full of diamonds. I turned around to find Kenny but he had already took off. I placed it in my bag and thought of wearing it later. My claases were as usual boring. I now had lunch. I went to my normal spot were me, Kenny and Anna meet under the tree. Kenny came first. I quickly took out the pendant "You have to tie it" HE looked hesitant but he still nodded. He tied it around my neck. IT looked so beautiful around my neck. The pendant came in between my breasts. I smiled "It's so beautiful. Thanks again" He nodded but then suddenly Sam came and pinned him against the tree. I gasped. "What are you doing with her?" Sam growled I tried to remove his hand from Kenny but he was stronger "Sam, let him go" "Did he hurt you? Threaten you?" Sam looked over me and check me out. "No, just let him go" He slowly dropped his hands away but still glared at him "LEave before I hurt you" "Fuck you Sam" Kenny snapped Samuel's Friends were behind him. I knew this wouldn't end well. I came in between Sam and Kenny. "Stop it both of you" I placed my hand on Sam's chest. "No, Scarlet stay out of this" Kenny growled "Kenny go to the library now" "Bu-" "Stop and just go!" HE scowled but obeyed and left. I looked at Samuel "What is your problem?" "What is my problem? What were you thinking? do you have any idea what he might have done to you. He could've hurt you just to get to me!" "He could've but he didn't"

"You don;t know him" "And you so much about him why?" "Because he was once my friend" He snapped frustrated I looked at him schoked "Friend?" He stumbled back "I shouldn't have said that" He muttered to himself but I had good hearing. "I-I have to go" He tried to go but I grabbed his arm and looked at his friends. "Can you guys give us a minute?" They nodded and left. I looked at Sam "Tell me" He shook his head "It's nothing" "I have a right to know Sam" "Yes you do but I need time. Just give me some time and I will explain everything. I promise" With that he walked off. I didn;t stand there. I quickly ran in the school and straight to the library to see a very angry Kenny sitting down gripping the table tightly. I sighed and sat next to him "You okay?" "Yes" "Why do you hate Sam?" He laughed bitterly "I don't hate him. He hates me" What! "Why?" "Be-because of...Delilah" What the hell? "Wh-" "I don't want to talk about it" He got up and went out fo the library in vamp speed. Great. I have to guys who are both dark and mysterious and won't tell me a thing. So how do I find out the truth? How did this Delilah chick broke these two friends away? Why would Sam hate him? What had Delilah done? What is the true mystery?

Chapter 14 - Am I really myself? 9th July 2010 Romancing with your husband is understandable but romancing with your husband without your consent is something really weird and depressing...and now I'm very depressed... ..._... Later that day when we arrived home, I went straight in my room and packed my stuff while Sam and Anna did the same. When I was done, Sam picked up my and his stuff and went down. Rose, James and Edward were waiting for us downstairs. When I reached them I hugged them but Edward looked really sad. "Hey, what's wrong?" I asked Anna joined us too. He smiled "Nothing, just that I will be alone without you guys" "Then come with us" He looked at James and then back at me "I can't, I have training" "So? you can have your trainings when you come back. Come on, we'll have fun" "Dad won't allow him" Anna whispered in my ear. I felt for the kid. I looked at James "Please let him come with us. What will he do without us here and besides, Sam is going with us, how is he going to train him?" Samuel joined us too. James shook his head "No Scarlet. He has to train" "You want to go with us?" Sam suddenly asked Edward huffed "I'm not talking to you" I guess he's still pissed about the dinner arguement. Sam sighed "If you want to come, go get your bags ready now" Edward looked at James again "But-"

"I'm giving you the permission, now go!" Sam said without even taking the consideration of his father but James didn't say anything when Edward ran upstairs to pack his bags. Sam hugged Rose "Bye mum. You are going to take care of yourself while I'm not here, right?" She smiled and patted his cheek "Right and same goes for you" He kissed her forehead "Bye" I noticed that he didn't reply to his mother about taking care of himself. He went outside with Anna's bag's. Edward came down with his bags and a wide grin on his face. I smiled. "Ready?" I asked him "Oh hell yeah" "Ed, mind your language" Rose snapped while he rolled his eyes. He hugged her and then James "I will train when I come back. I promise dad" James didn't say anything, he just smiled and nodded. We all walked out. Edward placed his bags in the car trunk while me, Anna and Sam watched him. When he was done, Sam teasingly placed his arm around Edward's shoulder. "You're still mad?" Edward shoved his hand away "Yes" "Okay, I'm sorry Ed. I didn't mean to say all that, I was just pissed at da-...I was just angery and you were annoying me" "So you don't mind me calling you yellow eyes?" Sam waverly smiled "No" "Good then your forgiven" Edward said "Well, we aren't going to just let you go, what do you say Anna?" He deviously smiled at Anna Anna smirked "Oh no we shouldn't. How about some ticklish lessons?" "I agree" Sam and Anna moved towards him Ed moved backwards "Ok, I disagree. You two better stay away from me"

Ok so I guess Edward is very ticklish. Sam and Anna pushed him down and tickled him while he was laughing and gasping. Looking at them was making me smile and laugh too. "Ahhhh hahaha...Scarlet he- Aahhh...Help!" He said laughing. He pushed them aay while run up to me and stopped behind me. Sam and Anna came running after him. "Scar, you have to help me" he said desperately I chuckled "I'm sorry Ed. I'm a ticklish one myself" "Reaally?" Anna asked I cursed myself for saying that because she was coming after me now but Sam stopped her. "Don't, you might hurt her. She's pregnant" God. He is such a joykiller. Anna smiled "Never mind. We always can tickle you after the baby" Yeah, if I am here. I smiled "I think we should leave" Ed nodded "Yes definitely" We all sat in the car and took off to my home. My home which I so desperately wanted to go to. My house was quiet far from the palace. We reached my house late at night and I quickly got out and ran straight to the door. I rang the doorbell. The door opened to reveal Juliet and she gasped "Anna!" She yelled hugging me tightly. I laughed but hugged her back. "Oh my god! I missed you so much!" "I know I missed you too" I said so much excited She allowed me in while Anna and Ed followed. "Mum! Dad!...Scar is home!" She yelled I smiled and we all sat down on the sat next to me "Congratulations, I can't believe I'm going to be an aunt" I faintly smiled "Yeah me too" "So are you guys excited for my wedding?" She asked Ed and Anna. Sam was outside, getting our bags.

Anna smiled cheerily.I can tell my sister and her are goingto like each other. "Oh yeah, can't wait" "So you two are gonnabe my maids of honor, right?" Anna had decided to be a maid of honor too. I nodded. "Then you know what that means?" "Shopping!" We both yelled My parents came in. My mother came running up to me and hugged me tightly. How much I missed my mothers loving hugs. "Scar, my baby" "Hey mum" I then hugged my dad. He kissed my forehead.I sat back down. Sam came in and hugged everyone. "Congratulations honey, we're going to be grandparents" My mum said excitedly. They all are so happy. Are they even aware of what I feel? "Thanks mum" "So Sam how is school going? And Edward's training?" My dad asked Sam and Ed. "School is good and Ed's trainings are going good. He's learning quick." "Good the quicker he learns, the lesser the pain" Sam grimmed but he nodded "...Yeah" "Tomorrow we're going shopping" Juls said to mum Mum nodded "Good" "Come on, I'll show you guys your rooms" Juls said I got up and went with them. Anna and Ed were staying in the guest rooms. I stopped in front of my room. "And obviously Sam will be staying with you" Juls winked at me. I didn't answer. I went straight inside. Everything was the same as it is, my purple wall color, purple bedsheets, everything purple. I smiled to myself. Everything was the way it was except my life.

Sighing I sat on my bed while Sam placed the bags on the floor. "I'll give you some time to freshen up. I'll call you guys for dinner" She went out closing the door. I was so exhasted. I laid down, feeling the comfortness, the love and feeling to be back home. Sam cleared his throat "Uhm...nice room" He was in my room for the first time, I realized. I quickly sat up "Uhm yeah, thanks" "So...I'll just go and change" Sam took some cloths and went inside the bathroom. Well that was an awkward chat. I got up and took out my white dress and then waited for Sam to come out. After he was out I went in. Everything was the same and my sister had also bought my favorite shampoo. I smiled and took a long relaxing bath. I sat in the warm water relaxing, suddenly my body started to glow. Well not my body, just my stomach. It was glowing yellow. Was it my baby? I really didn't know much about pregnancies but it was really scaring me. I placed my hand on my stomach and slowly rubbed it. The glowing slowed down and then stopped after a while. I quickly washed myself and got out. I quickly grabbed on my white dress. I went out and saw Sam sitting on my bed drinking blood in a glass and another was placed by my bedside. I walked up to him and stood in front of him while fiddling with my fingers. Maybe I should ask him about this? But what if he doesn't know? He raised an eyebrow at me while still drinking. I was so nervous that I asked him the stupidist question "Uhm...Have you ever been through pregnancy?" He choked on his blood. Oh god. I patted his back while he coughed and gasped. He looked at me wide eyed "What!" "What I meant was have you ever been with a women who was pregnant?" I asked again He stopped coughing and cleared his throat "Oh...yes, my mother" "Di-did...Did anything unusual happened with her?" I asked. Maybe I shouldn't ask him. What if I embarass myself?

He suddenly got up "Why? Did anything happen? Is the baby alright? Should I call the Dr. Jen? Tell me I-" "Everything is fine" I cut him off although a part of me was melting at the concern he had for me and the baby. "Oh.." He sat back down "Then why are you asking these questions?" Ok that wasn't a question I was expecting from him. I sighed "Just tell me, did anything unusual happened with your mum?" He frowned as if he was trying to remember "I don't remember much...I was 5 when mum was pregnant with Anna and I wasn't here when she was pregnant with Ed" I nodded. So he was no use. Ugh who do I ask?...What about mum? But it's embarassing talking about pregnancies with her? Juliet? Would she know? All my thoughts stopped when I saw blood on his chin. I pointed at his chin "You've got blood.." He was about to wipe it but then suddenly I caught his hand. I don't know why but I wanted his blood so badly. I leaned down and slowly licked it. I could feel him shudder. I didn't know what I was doing, It was like I wasn't myself. I pushed him in a lying position and I hovered above him. He looked at me confused. "Scarlet...you have to stop" But I didn't I leaned down and brushed my lips against his. I really didn't know what I was doing. "You don't want me to stop Sam...I can see the desire you have for me" He didn't answer because then I kissed him. Sliding my hands down his chest while opening his buttons as well. I wanted him bad. With my other hand I ran my fingers through his hair. He responded like I did. We kissed passionately. He slid his hand up my thigh and till up my ass. His other hand was gripping my neck and pulling me closer. I moved from his mouth to his neck, leaving butterfly kisses down his throat, to his chest then back at his lips. I slightly bit his bottom lip and he moaned. I then again went down and kissed his throat. My fangs extended and I scraped them for entry. He pulled me closer and then I pushed my fangs in and drank from him greedily. He moaned while I did the same. Suddenly our door opened and Juliet bursed in. I quickly got off him and came back inoo my senseless senses. Sam quickly sat up and was flushed. Juliet giggled "I'm so sorry, I forgot to knock. I came by to say dinner is ready" With that she walked out laughing.

I sat there shocked. What just happened? What the hell is happening to me? Sam got up "I'm sorry. I should've stopped you" Was it really his fault? I didn't answer that. I got up and walked out. ..._... We all sat on the dinner table, eating. Dad had gone to the headquaters for some emergency and mum had gone with him. I didn't talk or listen to anyone. I was too shocked at myself. What is happening to me? It was like I was craving Sam. Like I was hungry for him. I wanted him then. But this is not like me. I hate him then why do I want him? I can't understand anything. What if this is some magic on me? Wh"Scarlet?" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at my sister "Uh..yeah?" "Where are you lost?" she asked smiling "I uh...I..nowhere" "Good. We were just talking about the dress color for you" I faintly smiled "I'll wear any color" She looked at Anna "See I told you she would say that. She's always like that" "Really?" I was taken back by Sam's interest. "Oh yeah. She's so boring" Everyone laughed while I gasped "Am not" "Are too" "Oh please don't start" I pleaded "Do you know when I went to visit her in the summers, she was all the reading her stupid books." "Really? What else?" Sam asked

"Well she's not that boring. If I want excitement then we both do have excitement sometimes" "Tell us about her" Ed said smirking at me "Well she's sweet, simple and caring. She's boring but at the same time fun. I'm the closet she has and she love me more than anyone. She loves kids. Oh and she loves choco blood" I rolled my eyes "Hello, I'm sitting right here" "Hey! I'm just complementing you" "Yes Thank you very much" I said sarcastically "Guys, did I add she's annoying sometimes?" Sam chuckled next to me and I glared at him. His chuckle turned to cough when he saw me glaring. But suddenly I had that feeling again. I felt hot all over. Damn, what's happening? I looked at him and again lust took over me. I moved closer and nuzzled his neck. The whole room went in silence. Juliet giggled while Ed cleared hi throat "Guys you should leave romance in your room" Ed said But I payed no attention. I slid my hand down his thigh and then gripped his crouch. He suddenly jumped and dropped his spoon, his eyes widened. He looked at me "Uh...I think I should take you upstairs" "I think you definitely should" I purred while Juliet was still giggling He looked at me confused and then gave the guys a look say 'I'll be back'. He got up and helped me up too. "Come on" He pulled me out of the dinner room and took me to my room. He sat me down on my bed "Ok...are you drunk?" "Yes, I want to drink you" I pulled me on top of me "No, I mean like alcohol" He tried to get away "You are my alcohol" I tried to pull him again but he grabbed me hands He sighed "Are you even ok? Your not acting like yourself"

Then suddenly it hit me. I stopped and looked at him with tear filled eyes "Wh-whats happening to me?" I cried He sat down and pulled me close "Shh...it's ok" "I-I don-...I never do th-this then wh-why am I doing this? What is wr-wrong wi-with me" I cried in his chest. "I honestly don't know Scar. But I promise, I'll find out" But the only thing I could think was what is wrong with me? Why am I doing something I don't want to? Am I really myself?

Chapter 15 Will she ever be happy again? Sam's POV I held her till she fell asleep. I laid her on the bed and got up and sat by her window. Something was wrong, definitely wrong. Scarlet would never touch me like this; she hates me too much to even see my face, then what happened? Urgh this is driving me crazy, what should I do? I'll have to ask mum about this or Dr. Jen, these are the only two people who could help. Has it got something to do with her pregnancy? I don't know but I do know that I have to keep her safe and the baby too. I was so happy when I found out I'm going to be a father. I always loved kids and now I'm going to have my own. I never thought I would have this kind of happiness, not after what happened to Delilah. But then Scarlet hates me too much and I know she will never let me near the child and I honestly don't blame her. After the baby I will let her go. She deserves to be free and happy. I will let her take the child, even though it would kill me to stay away from my own child but then Scarlet's happiness means to me. I took her happiness and I will be the one to give it back. I took everything from her. I just wish I could return everything back. I wish I could change everything the way it was. I wish I still had DelilahI still remember the way she smiled, the way she laughed "Sammy find me!" Sam smiled as he heard her laughing voice. Delilah and Sam had come to the forest to walk but Delilah hid herself in the trees.

"Where are you Dee?" Sam asked laughing "Come and find me!" She giggled Sam smiled "Oh come on. You know I don't like playing games" "And you know how much I love playing games. Now find me" Sam sighed and looked around. He looked around for awhile until he saw her behind her tree and he was behind her. He quietly went behind her and grabbed her. He twirled her around as she squealed and laughed. He laid her on the ground and hovered above her. "I love you" he whispered leaning his forehead on hers. "I love you too" She whispered "You can't even stay a moment without me" She said He sighed "You're talking about a moment? I can't live my whole life without you baby" "Really?" "YeahPromise me you'll never leave me" He brushed his lips on hers "I promise Sammy, I promise to be always by your side" A tear slipped down my eye as I remembered those moments, those promises. You broke your promise Dee and you broke my heart too. I wish I could go back in time and bring you back but I know that can't ever happen. A knock on the door caught my attention. I quickly wiped my tears and turned around only to see Anna standing by the door. "Hey" She whispered "Hey" I whispered back "How's she doing?" "She's scared but she's fine" She nodded and then walked up to me until she was standing in front of me. "And how are you doing?"

I really wanted to reply to that but I had no answer. I didn't know how I was doing or what I was doing, I just had no answer. "I uhare you going shopping tomorrow?" I asked changing the subject She narrowed her eyes but didn't say anything "Yes" "Good, I'll drop you guys because I will be heading that way too" "Aren't you going shopping with us?" Shopping? The last time I went shopping was withDelilah "No, maybe next time" "So where are you going then?" "At the palace. I'm a prince you know and I have some duties" She rolled her eyes at my sarcasm "You better be attending your duties and not some random stuff and you know what I mean by that" I smiled at her concern. She didn't know how much I loved her for looking after me. Even though I'm older than her, she looks after me as if she's older than me. She's the only person who makes me feel normal. "I'll be fine" "Promise?" "Promise" I smiled "Ok then. I'm going to sleep. Good night" She kissed my cheek "Night" I said as she walked out of the room I sighed and went inside the bathroom. I took a quick shower and grabbed on a sweatpants. Wiping my chest with the towel, I walked out the bathroom. I placed the towel on the chair and then walked to my bed. I quietly laid down next to Scarlet. She looked so angelic sleeping there as if she's a 5 year old, without any worries, without any problems. I looked at her stomach where my baby was. I smiled and placed my hand on her stomach. I leaned down and kissed her stomach. Will Scarlet ever let me be near my child? I didn't want an answer to that. I kissed her forehead, my hand still resting on her stomach.

Can I give the love my mother is asking me to give her? With that thought I fell into my peaceful darkness. _... I woke up as the sun rays hit my eyes. Scarlet's side was empty; she's probably in the bathroom. As I sat up rubbing my eyes, she walked out the bathroom, dressed in a white summer dress. But that wasn't the thing that caught my attention, her fragrance did. As she walked in the room, the perfume or whatever she used moved around with her. "That smell" I murmured I heard her stop. I looked up to see her smelling herself and then she looked at me. I walked up to her and pulled her close. Her heart sped up at the closeness between us. I leaned in and inhaled her damp hair. She smelled so goodjust like Delilah. That's when I remembered who I was holding. She's not Delilah. I moved back from her "I-I'm sorry" She frowned and then opened her mouth to say something but I moved past her before she could. I went straight in the bathroom before her questions start. I took a quick shower and got dressed in a clean black shirt and black skinny jeans. I went out the bathroom to see no Scarlet; she probably went downstairs for breakfast. Sighing, I too went downstairs, in the kitchen where everyone was seated on the dinning table. Everyone looked at me as I entered. Ugh, how much I hate attention. Greeting everyone, I sat next to Scarlet. "So Sam" Ronan said "What are your plans after school? Or are you still going to stay in there?" He asked politely Every year I never graduated. The place reminded me so much about Delilah that I couldn't bear it to leave it behind so I stayed there. But I don't think this time would be good because I'm married to Scarlet now and I have responsibilities. I looked at Ronan "No, this year I'm going to graduate" I heard Anna gasp but she didn't say anything. Ronan smiled at me "That's great and why after so many years?" I didn't hesitate "Because I'm married now and I know my responsibilities"

Ronan who had a proud smile on his face looked at Kara. She faked a smile back. I knew she still hated me. She was just acting to be nice because she didn't want Scarlet to live in the past. Only Ronan knew the truth about me and he never told his family about my problem, that's why he doesn't hate me. He was the one suggesting the marriage proposal to my father. "I'm proud of you" HE said I heard a silent scoff "Yeah right" from Scarlet. "So are you goanna take over the crown after graduation?" Kara asked I didn't know that. Things between me and my father aren't so good. I hate him for what he did but a part of me still wants to forgive him which I can't ever do. I will never forgive him for what he did. He took my happiness from me and for that he will live with my hatred. I didn't know if he would even hand over the crown to me. I'm sure Edward would be the king and I will be happy for him because I really don't want to become the king. What will people think? That their king has aproblem, I couldn't risk exposing that part of me. I sighed "I don't know, it's up to father whether he will or not, hand over the crown" She nodded. We had our breakfast with chit chats. The girls had decided to go shopping and I had volunteered to drop them off. Now we are sitting in my car, driving down the road with three security cars behind us. I drove while Scarlet was beside me and Juliet and Anna were at the back. "Why aren't you coming Sam?" Juliet asked "I have some work" She sighed "Men and their work" I hear her mutter I smiled and shook my head "I'll be back in the evening" I dropped them off at the mall. We got off. The girls started to walk off but I stopped Scarlet "Scarlet?" They turned around "Yes" She asked I walked up to her and kissed her forehead "Take care of yourself and the baby"

Anna was gaping at me and Juliet, well she was giggling. Scarlet looked at me with fear, anger and frustration but she didn't say anything, she just nodded. I sighed and turned back to my car and drove off. _... I parked the car in the garage and walked in the palace. As I walked in the main hall, I saw my father sitting with some people, maybe a meeting. They all nodded at me and I did the same. I went straight up and knocked at my mother's room. "Come in" I twisted the knob and stepped inside. She sat there reading the newspaper. As she saw me enter she smiled. "Sam" She got up and hugged me "Come sit" I sat next to her. Seeing my disturbed expression she asked me "What's wrong honey? Everything okay?" I hesitated "I uhmit's about Scarlet" She nodded "Go ahead" "She's been actingweird lately" She frowned "What do you mean, Son?" "She's ro-romancing with me" it's not the kind of conversation you have with your mother but I'm helpless. She smiled "Well that's good honey; she's finally giving your relationship a chance" Ugh, how do I explain this to her. "Mother, she romances with me but then when she comes to her senses, she's the same Scarlet who hates me" Recollection hit her eyes "Oh" "Do you think it has something to do with the baby?" I finally asked She smiled "Of course it does" I looked at her surprised "Really?"

She nodded "I was all over your father when I was pregnant with you. It only happens when you're pregnant with the first child" So that's why Scarlet has been acting weird. Of course it's our first child that's why she was all over me. But isn't there any loophole in this? "How can we stop it?" I asked She cleared her throat "You can't" "What do you mean 'you can't'?" She cleared her throat again "This kind of conversation you should be having with your father but since you both are kind of offI'll call your Uncle Jonathan, he'll tell you about this" I didn't push her; maybe it's a man thing. She took out her cell and dialed his number. "Hey JonI'm very well, how about you?...that's great, uh I need a favor from you Why don't you come over now and we'll talk about thisyeahok, we're waiting" She snapped the phone shut. "He'll be here in half an hour" I nodded. Uncle Jonathan was a very funny and kind man. He has always been there for me when my father wasn't and now again he's coming over to help. He's my mother's only brother and they both love each other a lot. Half an hour later or more, Uncle Jon came. He hugged me "Sammy, how good to see you" I smiled even though I was irritated at the name he called me. Only Delilah called me that. "Same here, Uncle Jon" He sat on the other side "So what's up?" My mother filled him up and then she stood "Now, you are going to tell him the further details, I'll be downstairs" with that she walked out. Uncle Jon smiled at me "So Scarlet is in heat?" "Heat? As if in wolf sexual heat?" I asked baffled He chuckled "Yeah something like that, except vamp women have this heat when they're pregnant with their first child"

"So how do I stop this heat?" He chuckled again "You can't." "What?" No, there has to be a loophole "Well you can but only you" he said pointing at me "What?" I asked again baffled "When a pregnant girl is in heat, it's get worse. She'll have fevers, she'll crave for you, she'll be on top of she until she gets what she wants" "What does she want?" He smirked "Pleasure" I gulped with wide eyes. I'm dead and if not, then she'll surely kill me. _... It was now evening and we were driving back to Scarlet's house. My mother had decided to come and explain some things to Scarlet because I had no idea how to explain all this. "What if I don'tdo it" I asked my mother awkwardly "Well, she'll just force you. She won't back down until she has you" I clenched my jaw "How long?" "What?" She asked confused "How long will it take for theheat to go out?" She sighed "Until yougive her what she wants" Great! We reached the house. The cars were parked outside, which means the girls are back home. I sighed and parked my car. We got out and went in the house. Scarlet opened the door and smiled wide at my mother "Hey! What a surprise" she hugged her We all went in. My mother met everyone and then we all sat in the living room.

"Scarlet, I would like to talk to you" My mum said She nodded "Yes, tell me" "Uhm, alonehow about we go somewhere private" She looked at her suspiciously but still nodded "Ok, come with me" They both went upstairs while we all waited downstairs. Anna sat next to me "So, this is about yesterday?" She asked I nodded "Yeah" After what seems like eternity, my mother came down but no Scarlet. Is she upset? I quickly got up "Did you tell her?" She sighed but nodded and gave me a sad smiled which meant nothing was good. "Maybe you should go up and talk to her, she really needs you right now" I nodded and went up. I opened the door and stepped in. She sat there on the bed with tearful cheeks. I sat at the edge of the bed. She didn't say anything or look at me, she sat there as a statue. "Are you okay?" I asked finally breaking the silence She glared at me "Okay? Okay? You think if knowing that I have to have sex with you then No!, I'm not okay!" She snapped I guess I deserve all this "I'm sorry" She got off the bed and stood beside the window "Sorry is not enough" She said softly "Trust me I-" "Trust you?" She yelled looking at me "I don't know you; I don't know what your problem is. One time your nice blue eyes and then the next your bad ass yellow eyes. How am I supposed to trust you when I don't even know what you are? How am I supposed to forgive you when I don't even know you fully?" I sat there shocked and speechless. How can I tell her? "You have two personalities, one where you love to hurt yourself and others. The other is when you think for others. What are you?" "I don't know what your bitch Delilah did but it certainly isn't my fault. So why am I bearing all the pain?"

My heart thudded rapidly. She knew about Delilah? A bitch? That's when my anger snapped and I stood up and glared at her. I knew my eyes would be flashing yellow and if I don't stop my anger, 'He' will take over but I couldn't control the anger. "Delilah is not a bitch!" She glared at me "I don't care what she is or what she did to you but why am I facing the consequences!" "Look everything I did was not deliberate!" I yelled "That's what your mother just told me and you know what, I don't believe her then how do you expect me to believe you!" she yelled back So my mother had this conversation with her that's why she's pissed. "Look, I don't wanna fight right now" I said calmly She walked up to me and punched my chest "You don't wanna fight? Look at me and tell me if I'm not a wreck!" A punch again "Look in my eyes and tell me you don't see the pain that I'm with you!" A punch again "Look at me and tell me if I'm the old Scarlet or not!" She was about to punch again but I grabbed her hands and pulled her close. Without thinking I kissed her, she struggled but eventually stopped and let me calmed her down. Still kissing, I moved towards the bed pulling her with me. Still kissing she laid down and I was on top of her. One hand in her hair and the other feeling her curves. 'He' was tugging to come out but I kept my control, there's no way I would let him come out, not now anyway. I pulled back before I'd loose control. She looked up at me with hurt eyes and that's when she broke down. She cried turning her face away from me. I gently made her look at me and wiped her tears. I hugged her and waited for her to hug me back, some minutes later her hands were around my waist and she cried in the nape on my neck and I held her. What am I supposed to do? Her pain is too much to bear, how do I take all of it away? How do I make her happy again? Or will she ever be happy again?

Chapter 16 Am I cruel?

10th July 2010 A person, who insults the other is cruel?...am I being cruel?... _... Scarlet's POV The next day I ignored Sam as much. Last night we kissed and slept together and I was so embarrassed about it. Even though I hate him for it, I still have this weird feeling inside me. A feeling I can't understand. A feeling I don't want to understand. I sat in the library reading books. Juliet walked in "Scar, look who's here" she said excitedly I looked behind her curiously. Behind her was standing my cousin Michelle and her husband Jim. Michelle had her 4 months baby girl in her hand. "Hey! Michelle, Jim, how good to see you!" I said happy to see her. I stood up and hugged her and Jim. "Well we came to stay over, since Aunt Kara had asked us to come over for Juliet's wedding" She said smiling I smiled "That's great" I said clapping my hands Michelle is very pretty. Short red hair and green eyes and Jim was also very handsome, he looked like a Caribbean, tan skin and brown eyes. But my eyes were on her beautiful baby girl. Her curly little red hair just like her mother and her brown eyes like her father, she was the most beautiful baby ever. "Can I hold her?" I asked pointing at the baby "Sure" She said handing me her. "What's her name?" I asked softly rubbing my thumb on the baby's cheek. "Her name is Nina" I looked at Nina and thought 'Would my baby be like her?' "You have a very beautiful baby" I whispered Michelle smiled proudly "Thank you" "Well, Scar's going have hers soon" Juliet said proudly

I smiled at her. Yeah soon, I would have my child like this. "So girls, did you miss me?" I heard a voice I looked behind Michelle was standing Matt, Jim's cousin. Oh no, not him. He's a playboy and wouldn't miss a chance to flirt with me. I was the only girl he didn't hook up with and we never will. "Oh no, why is he here?" I snapped Michelle laughed "See I told you" she said to Jim who to was laughing. Matt walked up to me "Scarlet, so good to see you" HE hugged me "Ugh" I pushed him away "Don't touch me, who knows what you did with those hands" "Honey, I missed you too" He said sarcastically "So I heard you married, did you get over me so soon?" "We weren't even together" I scowled "We could have been but you missed your chance. But now I'm taken by254 girls, yeah or more" "Who are totally blind" "Honey, anyone would be blind looking at my beauty" Well, Matt was really hot. Blond hair, blue eyes and creamy skin, see hot! But not my type. I rolled my eyes and scoffed "Ok Mr., leave my sister alone" Juliet said jokingly "Julsso good to see you baby" HE hugged her "Why are you getting married, I mean we could have so much fun together, know what I mean?" Juliet laughed "I know what kind of fun you're talking about" He smirked "Dirty one" "Ok Matty, I'm sorry but I'm taken, how many? waitjust one guy who I truly love and his name is Lysander and I'm getting married to him next week" He smirked "This would be hell lot of a wedding"

Oh, I'm sure it will. _... I sat on the sofa with Nina on my lap and watched every one run around getting ready. Tonight was a party at my parent's friend's house and everyone was invited, everyone was going except me. I didn't feel like going, I had been vomiting since morning, my mother had said it was a part of pregnancy. Michelle was leaving Nina with me to baby-sit which I had agreed to do. She walked up to me in a fitting pencil skirt dress. "Are you sure you want to baby-sit Nina? I mean, your sick and I don't want to burden you with Nina" She said frowning "I'm fine Mish, just go and have fun. Nina and I'll have fun at home" I smiled "Ok but if anything goes wrong, you'll call right?" "Right" I agreed They all scrambled around getting ready but Sam was nowhere. I hadn't seen him since morning; he went out early in the morning without telling anyone and no one asked me either, I'm guessing they all heard our argument last night. Was he scared to face me? Or"Baby, are you sure you don't want me to stay?" Matt said sitting next to me and wrapping a hand around my shoulder. "I mean we could have some fun together and I'll cure your sickness" he said in a sultry voice I rolled my eyes and removed his hand "No Matt, for the hundredth time, I don't need an asshole when I'm sick" Everyone laughed in the room. They all got up and moved out. My mother looked at me "We'll be back soon and if something goes wrong, you're going to call, okay?" I smiled "Yes mum" I got up as she left. I locked the doors. I then went upstairs and placed sleeping baby Nina in the crib. She had slept in my arms when everyone was leaving. I went downstairs and watched TV for awhile until the doorbell rung. I opened the door to see Sam. "Hey" He whispered awkwardly I nodded "Come in"

He walked in and I closed the door behind him. I saw him looking around, probably looking for everyone and before he could ask. I spoke "They're all gone to Mr. Jackson's party" He nodded and went in the living room and sat on the sofa. I went in after him and sat next to him. We both watched TV silently. "Sowhere were you?" I asked breaking the silence. I was really curious about where he had gone. "IuhI was at the park" He seemed uncomfortable "Alone?" I asked "YeahI like to sit in the park and watch children play, it makes me feelat peace" He said distantly For once I felt something for him, I don't know but it was making me feel closer to him. Like I wanted to know more about him, like he's the only guy in the world. "Lookabout last night" he started I sat there stiff. I didn't want to speak about this, not now anyway. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kiss you" He said Was there regret in his voice? And even if it was, why am I feeling hurt? "Yeah, me too" I said I felt that tug again, that pull to have him, to kiss him. I looked at him and he was looking at me. I wanted to kiss him again. Oh no, it's happening again. His eyes widened and I knew he knew I'm in heat. I moved towards him pulled his face and kissed him roughly. He was still for a moment but then kissed me back. I pushed him back on the sofa and got on top of him. I broke the kiss "I want you" I whispered He looked at me for a moment "Scarlet we ca-" I cut him off "Yes we can" I kissed him again before he could refuse. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my waist. I didn't know what I was doing; all I knew was him and me. I just wanted to be satisfied.

He growled while kissing me. His hand slid down my waist and on my ass and he squeezed it making me begging for more. I slid my hands on his chest, unbuttoning his buttons. When I unbuttoned all, I removed the shirt off. I then grabbed the hem of my shirt and broke the kiss to pull the shirt off me. I kissed him again more roughly and passionately. This wasn't me and I felt really weird doing the stuff I never did in my entire life. I grabbed his hand and placed it on one of my breasts. He squeezed it making me moan. I moaned feeling his touch, feeling his hands, his mouth on me. Suddenly he growled and pulled me off. HE looked at me "Scarlet we can't d-" I cut him off "Please, I need you" I said getting closer again He held his grip tighter "Scarlet stop, I can't" "Why not?" I said feeling the urge to punch him instead of kissing him. I knew I wasn't myself. I was being stubborn and selfish which I'm not. "Because I love Delilah!" he snapped I stopped, hearing Delilah's name and bringing myself back to reality. I looked at myself and saw no shirt and I was sitting on top of him. I scrambled myself off him. "I- I'm sorryI didn'tI didn-" I stuttered feeling so much embarrassed and humiliated. Tears streamed down my face. He held his hand up cutting me off "It's not your fault" He said softly Was it not? "How do I stop this?" I asked feeling awkward He hesitated "Youyou can't" he said looking like he was in pain My heart thudded faster in my body. The fear of doing this was too much. "What do you mean?" I asked scared He sat up while I was on the floor. I again realized that I was half naked. I quickly grabbed my shirt and pulled it on. "Iwe have todo it to stop the heat" he stammered, obviously embarrassed I hugged my knees to my chest and sat there without any movements. My cheeks were stained with fresh tears. What am I supposed to do? I feel so helpless.

I looked at him "Ok, fineLet's do it" I said making my decision, if this was the way to stop this, then so be it. He looked at me shocked "Nono we can't" he seemed pained "Do you even know how I feel when I stop romancing with you? I feel disgusted with myself, I feel ashamed. I'm doing something I don't want to and you're refusing to stop it!" I yelled or growled He looked down "II just can'tI wan-" "Just leave me alone" I snapped cutting him off. "Scarlet I-" "Just GO!" I yelled After a moment I heard him get up and leave out the door. I just sat there and cried. What am I going to do? _... I sat at the couch with Nina in my hand. She had woken up after Sam had left. I didn't know what to do about my problem but I knew I had to find a way out of this. If Sam didn't want to help, fine, he can go to hell. I'll find a way myself to stop this. Nina sat there watching cartoons. I was worried about my family. It's 4 in the morning and they haven't returned. I tried to call them but their lines were busy. Think positive, everything will be fine. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I quickly got up with Nina in my hand and opened the door. Juliet was there crying behind her was Michelle, Jim and Edward, all were crying. My heart thudded in full speed. I knew something had happened. "W-What's wrong? Why are you guys crying?" I asked feeling the fear rising in me. Michelle came in and took the Nina in her arms. They all walked in, I followed them. "Would someone tell me what's wrong?" I snapped Jim looked at Juliet "Jul, you and Edward take her. We'll be there in a few hours, okay?" Juliet nodded "Come on Scar" She went out with me and Edward following her.

"Would you please tell me what's wrong?" I stopped at my tracks and crossed my arms over my chest. "I'll explain on the way, now come on" Juliet said walking towards her car. I followed and sat at the passenger side while Edward was the back. As she started driving, I started my questions "What's wrong Juls? Why are you crying?" "D-Dad and Samwere at-attacked... they're in the hospital. Everyone's there" She sobbed I knew something was wrong. Tears welled up in my eyes. I was scared for both of their life's but I ignored the one for Sam. Why am I feeling scared for him? "Hurry up" I snapped _... We reached the hospital. The hospital was crowded with journalists, they tried to talk to me but I ignored them and went straight up where everyone was waiting. I hugged my mum who was crying, Anna sat there emotionless. James and Rose were there too, sitting next to Anna. "How did it happen?" I asked my mother who had stopped crying "Sam came at the party to talk to Ronan. They both went out in the garden and were attacked. Somebody saw the fight and told us by the time we were there your father and Sam were unconscious and brutally hurt" She started to cry again Why would someone attack dad and Sam? Did Sam know about this? Is that why he went to my father? Did he do this The doctor walked up to us "Mr. Jones is ok now. We have stitched the wounds." I frowned "But the wounds should heal itself" I said puzzled The doctor moved his gaze on me "It should have been, yes, but since Mr. Jones and Prince Samuel had been attacked with poisoned blades they won't heal. It's almost like human body and it will take time to heal" I wanted to ask about Sam but then Rose spoke "What about Sam?" she asked tears falling down her face. The doc made a grim face "Your highness, Prince Samuel is in a very critical condition. He was hurt the most and there is a huge gash in his abdomen which is making it difficult to heal. We have stitched all his wounds but he's not responding and is still unconscious."

Rose started to cry, James walked held her as she cried. I felt weird, like I'm loosing something. I felt something on my cheek. I touched it to see a tear. Am I crying for him? No, no way in hell. I quickly wiped the tear away. A nurse walked up to us "Mr. Jones has regained consciousness." She told the doctor. The doctor nodded and looked at us "If you guys want to meet him, you can. But only three people at a time" he said and walked away. I sat down as my mother, James and Rose went to see dad. I didn't go because I couldn't see him like this. I felt a hand on my shoulder; I looked up to see Juliet. "Sam's going to be fine" She said comfortingly Even though I was concerned, I couldn't bring myself to accept that I was concerned for him. And if she thinks I'm concerned for him, then she's wrong. I stood up and scoffed "I hardly care about him. I don't care whether he dies or lives. I hope he dies" I snapped I turned around to look at my sister "I'm just concerned about da-" I was cut off "You bitch!" I turned to look at Anna standing there glaring at me. "Excuse me?" I asked disbelieving what I heard. She walked up to me "That's right, you're a bitch! I can't believe you just said that. He's done so much for you." Her face was full of tears "Exactly, he's done so much to me that my life's ruined!" I snapped back "He raped you, I get it, we get it okay! Big deal, get over it. If he raped you, he's repaying you back. What hasn't he offered you? What hasn't he given you? He offered to get hurt just so you could be happy! He has been torturing himself just so you won't be living in pain alone! And most of all he accepted you the way you are, he married you. He may have humiliated you, he may have ashamed you but if hadn't married you, you'd probably would have been living in that shame and humiliation!" Was I really wrong? Or was it too hard for me to accept the truth? "Even though he loves someone else, he married you so you wouldn't have to face the world alone. He raped you but not with his consent. He's got a freaking goddamn demon, a beast inside him which won't let him have peace! He had enough on his list then you came along and everyday you humiliated him, insulted him. Tell me, did he ever say a word to you? Ever did something he shouldn't have?" she cried

I looked away because I knew the answer and I didn't want to say it. "And today when he does something for you, you're hoping for him to die!" I looked at her confused and angry "What do you mean?" "When we reached the garden, Sam had fought every one of them. Some had ran away and some were caught by the guards. One of them was about to stab your father but Sam came in front and was stabbed in his abdomen. The poison that could've been in your father's body is now in my brothers and he's suffering." I looked at her shocked. Sam taken that blow for my father. Why? Why does he always makes me feel guilty? What kind of a person is he? Stupid, idiot, he shouldn't have done that. Now that I knew the truth, I couldn't help but let the tears fall. "And here you are hoping for my brother to die. How cruel could you get?" she cried Cruel? Was I really being cruel? Was it really hard for me to accept that Sam is good? Am I cruel? Chapter 17 Loosing her? 11th July 2010 You only value the valuable thing when you're loosing it.am I loosing her? _... Anna had gone home. Ed had taken her home because she was crying a lot. Somehow Anna's words had made me think about all this. I sat on the chair and thought about it. Sam was a good guy and a good husband then why can't I accept him? What's making this hard? Is it the fact that he raped me or is it because I don't want to accept all this? Was I the one making all this hard? Even though he's done so much, I can't bring myself to forgive him; it's something not easy to do or is it something I don't want to do. My head was hurting thinking about all this. I felt bad that I had hurt Anna. Even though I hate Sam I can't hurt Anna. She's the only friend I have and now I lost her too. Rose, James and my mother came back.

"There are guards all over the place. I don't think someone will think about attacking them now." James said frowning I nodded "I'm staying with Sam incase" I said hoping he could wake up and I can talk to him. They nodded "And I'm staying with Ronan" My mum said "Ok then, you guys go home and rest" I said to Rose, James and Juliet. They nodded. James and Juliet walked out while Rose looked at me "I know you hate himbut please, look after himfor me" She said sobbing I sighed and nodded "Don't worry" She patted my shoulder and left. My mother looked at me "I'll be in your father's ward. If you need me, call me, okay?" I nodded "I think I should see dad now" She smiled and nodded. I followed her to the ward where my dad was. He was covered in bandages and was bruised. My father smiled when he saw me. I ran up to him and hugged him. "I'll go get some coffee" My mother said walking back out. "You scared us all" I said wiping my tears. Dad smiled "I'm fine honey." "What happened? Who attacked you?" I asked sitting beside him He frowned "I don't know who attacked us. Me and Sam were in the garden, talking and then suddenly we were attacked. They were 10 and we were only 2 but we did a good job especially Sam I- wait, how's Sam?" He suddenly asked "He-he's still unconscious" I said feeling a bit guilty "If is wasn't for Sam I wouldn't be alive right now and now I feel so guilty" He said shaking his head I placed my hand on his shoulder "Dad, it isn't your fault. You didn't ask this to happen" "I guess" He looked at me and smiled "He's a nice guy you know"

I looked away. I didn't like where this was going. "Scar, look at me" he said I looked at him "Do you know, I knew Sam since he was born. He's always been my best lieutenant and always was there for me. Sam was born when I married your mother. She doesn't know some things about Sam but I do and I don't want you to hate him" "Dad I " "-Just hear me out. Sam has secrets which only his family knows and I know too. The day you were married, he told me not to tell you about his problem. He told me that he will tell you himself when the time comes." Will he? Will he tell me everything? He chuckled snapping me out of my thoughts "He's such a nice kid. He always thinks about others. You know when I found out that he was the one who raped you, I couldn't believe it but then my anger took the best of me and I beat him up. But when he was in the jail, he told me something and I knew it wasn't his faulthe never meant to do that to you" My mind was numb. And I wanted it to stay like that. "He was a happy kid just like everyone elsejust like youthen Delilah came. He fell in love and it destroyed him. He changed after Delilah died. He stayed in his room all day, he stayed quiet and most of all he hated his father" What did this Delilah do? Honestly this is really annoying now. "Why are you telling me this? It's not like I'm goanna change my view about him. I'll always hate him for what he did" I said angrily "Your right, I can't change your view about him but I can help you to change it. I know you can't forgive him and I don't blame you but I don't blame Sam eitherI'm telling you all this because I know Sam is a good kid and I know he will always keep you happy." I scoffed. Yeah right, happiness was long gone from my life. "Do you know why he came to me in the party today?" He asked I shook my head "No" but I was curious to know "He told me about the argument you two had. He came to me because he wanted to know what to do, he asked for help. Do you know what he said to me? He said, he didn't want to do anything which you will regret later on. He said he has caused you enough pain; he doesn't want to give you anymoregive him a chance Scar, give him a chance to prove himself"

I exhaled. Forgiving someone is not easy, especially not a person like Sam. But could I give him a chance? How can I give him a chance? He did save my dad's life; could I give him a chance in replacement? Maybe or maybe not. "I" I had no answer, probably because I didn't want to answer. My mother came in with two cups of coffee in her hand. She handed one to me. I smiled "Thanks mum" My Mum kissed my dad "You scared me today" she whispered I smiled at their love for each other. It was nice in a disgusting way; I mean who would want to see their parents romancing in front of you. I cleared my throat "I'll be in Sam's ward, if you need me" I said I kissed my dad's cheek and went out with my cup of coffee. I went inside Sam's ward. He was in a pretty bad shape. There was a bandage around his abdomen, a bandage on his arm and head, and some bruises and cuts on his face and body. He was still unconscious. What will happen? That question scared me, I don't know why. I sat on the huge comfy chair beside his bed. Tears fell down my face. I didn't know what to do? I really need a shoulder to lean on right now. I really need a friend right now. Anna is pissed at me and I-wait, Kenny. I can call Kenny but would he come? He's is my friend and friends come when the other is in need. Wiping my face, I dialed his number. RingRingRi-"Hello?" his voice sounded like he was asleep. "Hello" My voice quivered because of my crying but I held myself. He was silent for moment but then he spoke "...Scar?...Is that you?" he asked I sniffed "Ye-yeahWere you sleeping?" I asked wiping a tear that escaped "I-no, no I wasn't You don't sound alright, is everything alright?" he asked "Ev-everything's fine. I- I just needed a friend, co-could you maybe come over?" I asked trying to keep my voice clear but it was hard to. "Uhm yeah sure, where do you live?" He asked "I'm in the hospital right now, SN hospital." I told him "Why? What's wrong? Is everything ok? Are you ok?" His voice rose at every question.

"I'll explain everything, just come there. The ward number is 34, ok" "Yeah, I'm on my way" he said and cut the call. I snapped my phone shut and held my head in my hands. Finally I could talk to someone. I then suddenly remembered what Anna had said about the demon or beast in him. I looked at him, he looked perfectly normal but there was something different about him, no wonder he has split personalities. But it's impossible; a vampire can't have a demon in him, then how come he has it? I don't know when but thinking about this made me fall asleep and I drowned into the darkness. _... I lay in the sand near the ocean. The sun covering my whole body and a body next to me, the body of Sam. He smiled at me, his chest naked. He wore only slacks, his black hair shined in the sun and so did his ocean blue eyes. "I love you, Dee" He whispered to me That's when I realized that it wasn't me. It was Delilah; I'm having a dream as her. I smiled at Sam "I love you too Sammy" "Always?" he asked "Always" I agreed He smiled and suddenly his voice changed and so did his eyes. They started to glow yellow. He growled and I screamed. I woke up with a scream. Someone's hands wrapped around me, my head on the chest. Whoever it was, he or she was whispering soothing words. When I finally realized my surrounding, I stopped screaming and looked up to see Kenny there. "It's ok, it's just a bad dream" he whispered I nodded and slowed my panting "When did you come?" I asked wiping the sweat off my forehead and moving away from him. He sat on the opposite chair from me "Since 2 hours" he replied I gaped at him "What? Why didn't you wake me?" I looked at the window, indeed it was dawn.

He smiled "You looked so peaceful sleeping so I didn't wake you" he crossed his arms on his chest. "Uh ok" I said awkwardly "So how did Sam get here?" His expressions were pained as if he couldn't see him like this. I explained the whole story to him, even about what I wanted to talk about. He sat closer to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as I cried. "I don't know what to doI feel like I'm trapped" I sobbed He rubbed my back soothingly "Hey, look at me" he grabbed my chin and made me look at him. He wiped the tear that slipped "What does your heart say?" he whispered gazing deeply in my eyes. "That I shouldn't forgive him until he proves himself to me" I whispered back, lost in his gaze. His brown eyes held mine "And what do you say?" he was slowly leaning forward making me confused. What was he doing? "I hate him, there's nothing to say about that" I said watching him as his face leaned in until he was an inch away from me. I frowned, is he gonna kiss me? That's bad. But before I could stop him, he pressed his lips on mine. It was nothing like the kisses with Sam. With Sam it was soft and passionate but with Kenny, it's justwasn't right. Before I could push him away, a growl caught our attention and we broke apart only to see Sam sitting there glaring at Kenny. Great! Sam's POV I woke up panting. The dream of Delilah and me on the ocean scared me. My vision was blurry but good enough to see. My body ached with excruciating pain, especially my abdomen. Death was better than this pain. I looked at my surrounding. I'm in hospital for sure; IV's were attached to me. I looked around the ward, nice and clean but my gaze stop on Kenny who waskissing Scarlet. What the hell? I sat up without realizing any pain and growled loud enough for them to hear. They broke apart and looked at me.

"Well well well, looks like Sammy is awake" Kenny mocked standing up. "Fuck you! What are you doing here?" I snapped "Oh a friend called" he said looking at Scarlet who stood up I looked at her "Did you call him?" I asked hiding the anger which was building inside me. She sighed "Yes, how are you feeling?" She asked All my anger snapped away. I was beyond shocked that she was asking about me. "I-I'm good, thanks" Then the picture of them kissing each other displayed in my head. And I don't know why but I felt a weird feeling inside me to see her with Kenny. And whatever it was, I didn't like it. I looked at them both "Ar-are you two together?" I asked before I stop myself They looked at each other and then at me. "No" She said and "Yes" He said at the same time. I looked at them confused "What?" "Yes we're together, any problem?" Kenny said. He looked at Scarlet who looked shocked but regained her composure. I looked at Scarlet. I didn't believe him and I wouldn't until she tells me herself. I arched an eyebrow at her. "Yeah I guess" she said looking away Her one answer hurt me a thousand times. This physical pain was nothing comparing to my emotional one but then why? Why do I feel like this when I love Delilah? I shouldn't be feeling like this, it's not right. But somehow it felt right. Kenny and Scarlet. Was history repeating itself? I didn't even want to go there. "Oh" I said but didn't show any emotion on my face. A nurse walked in and smiled at me. She bowed when she came near "Good morning Prince Samuel, how do you feel?" she asked placing her fingers on my pulse on my hand. I don't feel good, I wanted tell but I kept that inside. I smiled at her "I uhI'm aching everywhere but beside that I'm good"

She smiled "That's expected. It'll take two days or more to heal since you're a strong vampire maybe early." I nodded "Thank you" She frowned at Scarlet and Kenny "Uhm who let you in?" She said pointing at Kenny "Visitors are not allowed until another 2 hours" Scarlet looked at Kenny "Maybe you should go. Come by in the evening, we'll be home by then" She said and he nodded. Something was wrong between them but I didn't know what. He turned around to go but looked at me and stopped "Hey aside everything, I still know a friend that I had in you. I hope you get better soon" and then he walked out before I could say anything. I hid a smile. No matter what he did or what I did, he always was there for me. But I won't forgive him for what he did. I sighed removing the memory from my mind. "Can I have something to drink? My throat is dry, maybe some blood" I asked the nurse She nodded "Which blood group?" "O-positive" She nodded and walked out. I looked at Scarlet who was standing there quietly. She walked up to me and sat on a chair beside my bed "I want toThank you for saving my dad" she said fiddling with her fingers and not looking at me. First time I heard gratitude from her. I really was feeling shocked today. "You don't have to thank me. I'm a prince and it's my duty to keep my people save, besides he's my fatherin-law and I wouldn't let him get hurt. Family is the most important thing to me" She finally looked at me but I didn't let her say anything. "I'm happy for you and Kenny" Was I? She looked away again "Uhm yeah, thanks" Suddenly a glow caught my eyes. I realized that the glow was from Scarlet; her stomach was glowing through her dress. What the hell? Was it the baby? She placed her hand on her stomach and rubbed it slowly. "What's wrong?" I asked feeling nervous. "I don't know, it happened before"

I almost growled "Why didn't you tell me?" She glared at me "Well it's not like I would come up to you and say 'Hi Sam, did you know while I was bathing my stomach glowed'" She snapped sarcastically I sighed losing the anger "Why does it happen?" I asked She shrugged "I don't know" I sighed. Will I ever get a straight answer from her? But I felt weird, she was pregnant with my child but she's dating Kenny. Why am I feeling like this when I never felt like this before? Was it because it's a new feeling or was it because somehowI was loosing her.

Chapter 18 Great Wedding! 12th July 2010 I never knew a girl burns like fire when she's jealous, but today I saw it... _... Scarlet's POV In the evening Sam and Dad were discharged from the hospital since there healing abilities were kicking in fast. When we reached home, Sam frowned at Jim and Michelle. Of course he wouldn't know them. Sam had been out when Michelle had arrived. "Sam, this is my niece Michelle and her husband Jim" My mother introduced him Jim shook hands with Sam "Nice to meet you personally Prince Samuel" Jim said Sam smiled "Just call me Sam and nice meeting you too." We all looked at Michelle who was gaping at Sam with wide eyes. "You know I've always seen you on TV but damn, you look more hotter in reality" She said eyeing him down. That's when I felt something and it didn't feel good. I didn't like the way Michelle was looking at him. What the hell? I shouldn't feel like this but why am I not liking anyone else looking at Sam that way. I'm sure it's the baby, I assured myself. Yeah the baby. I looked at Sam who was red, he then cleared his throat "Uhm, Th-thank you"

"Aww he's red as a beetroot" Juliet said laughing with everyone else. "Come on man, I'll help you up before she divorce me and run with you" Jim said laughing Jim helped Sam upstairs to our room. Anna was nowhere to be seen. Juliet looked at me "We have to pick dresses for the party tonight" She grabbed my hand and dragged me upstairs to her room. Did I forget to mention that there's a bachelor and bachelorette party at Lysander's house. Only youngsters were going. Sam wasn't going but Juliet had begged him to, so he was getting ready in our room with Jim. Kenny was also coming because I had invited him and he has some serious explaining to do. We all quickly got ready. I wore a purple strapless which matched my purple eyes. The dress was up to my knees and puffy from the waist till knees. I then applied my light make up and sat next to Michelle who was already done. "Do you know where Anna is?" I asked even though some of her words stung, I knew I had to apologize. "Yeah, she's in her room, getting ready" Michelle replied I sighed and got "I'll be right back" I went out and to Anna's room. I knocked on her door and heard a low "Come in" I opened the door and step through. She sat there in front of her dresser getting ready. "Hey" I said softly She looked up in the mirror at me "Hi" She said back "Look Anna I-" She cut me off and got up "Wait before you say something, let me just say that I'm sorry for saying all that to you. I never meant to hurt you like that. When you said that you hope he diesI was hurt because Delilah once said those words too and I hated her for that ever since" her voice broke. Why would Delilah say such thing to Sam? What did happen back then? I can't wait till Juliet's wedding; Sam said he will tell me after that. Well I hope he does.

"I don't know how you feel because I'm not the one who got raped but I understand your feelings. I wasn't myself in the hospital, I was grieving for my brother so whatever I said I didn't mean them andI'm sorry" I smiled "I'm sorry too" She hugged me "You know, I never had a sister. I was the only girl in my family and I always wanted a sister then you came along and filled that space up so thanks" She said I smiled "Are you ready to go?" I asked "Yup, let's move" she said excitedly "Ok go downstairs; I have to get my necklace from my room and then I'll be down" She smiled and went down while I went in my room. As I stepped in I didn't see Sam or Jim but I did hear the shower turn off, after a minute or two, he walked out wearing only black pants and naked chest. His bandages were not him so I guess he's healed, well wasn't that quick. I turned away, even though it wasn't new because I had seen him like that many times but still incase. I walked to my dressed and looked in to find my silver chain which had a heart pendent. I looked up in the mirror to see him pulling a white shirt on and then he buttoned them up. He then pulled on a black waistcoat. He walked up to the dresser and stood next to me. I avert my gaze and looked in the drawer for my necklace while he applied gel on his hair in spikes. After I found it I was about to put it on but he extended his hand to me. I looked at him confused. Looking at my expression he said "I'll put it on" I thought he wanted to put on himself so I gave the necklace to him but he walked around and stood behind me and then brought the necklace from my front and tied around my neck. His fingers were making me hard to concentrate, they were so soft at the same time cold, making me shiver. I shouldn't feel like this but yet here I am, feeling like this. I snapped out of my trance "Uhm thanks" I stepped away and quickly ran out. What the hell is happening to me? _... I sat in the far corner from everyone. No wonder my sister calls me a bore. When we arrived at this party, everyone scattered to around to meet theirs friends except me who is now sitting here on a comfy sofa in the corner.

"Hey" I turned my head to see Kenny sitting next to me. I glared at him. When he saw my glare he chuckled "What?" "You know what" I snapped "Actually I don't" I knew he knew but he was too determined to hear from me. Prick. "Why did you tell Sam we we're dating when we're not. I can't believe you said that" I snapped at him "Look, do you trust me?" He asked now serious I looked at him for a moment "Yes" I said "Then just play along and trust me it's for your own good for both of you. It will solve your problems too" What is he? A physic? "Solve my problems? It will increase my problems more. You know, if my parents find out about this, my mother will blow her head off and my father will die of heart attack." I exclaimed He rolled his eyes "Chill, no one's telling your parents anything, okay. First of all just play along and trust me when I say you'll be happy with the results" I looked at him for a moment then sighed defeated "Fine but anything worse happens I'm telling everybody" "Ok" We both sat there talking to each other. I looked around, watching people dance, talk, romance, Eww. My gaze stopped at Sam and fire burned in them. HE stood there with two girls who both looked like they're flirting with him. Bastard. Don't these girls know he's a married guy? He looked like he was having quiet fun. I glared at him and then looked at Kenny "Want to have some fun? Wanna dance?" I yelled because of the loud music. He looked at me like I'm crazy "Are you ok?" "Of course" I plastered a sweet smile "Let's dance" I pulled him up with me and went to the dance floor. He's not the only one having fun. I'll show him what's fun.

I dirty danced with Kenny. Moving my hips with his and pulling him close. We danced for a while until my feet hurt. We both went and sat were we sat previously. "Do you want a drink?" Kenny asked getting up "Yes please" He walked away somewhere in the crowed. Suddenly Sam came in view, he walked towards me and sat next to me. His arm slid around my waist "Want to dance?" his voice was changed and he didn't sound like Sam. Oh ho. I looked in his eyes and I knew the demon was back. No wonder he was flirting with those girls. I sighed "No" He pouted "Oh come on, I haven't had fun with you for days. Let's dance and then fuck" he said bluntly "No dance and go fuck someone else. You already fucked me without my permission" I snapped He placed his hand on my thigh and slid it up "I know you want me and I know Sammy's not giving what you wantbut I can" he purred For a moment I was dazed by his touch but then I glared at him "Stop it" I said through gritted teeth. "Oooh, I can see that desire in your eyes, come on say it and I'm all yours" the way he was purring was making it more difficult to concentrate. "Don't you know? I'm dating someone" I said sweetly but bitterly He looked angry, very angry. He pulled me close until my breast were pressed against him and our faces were inches apart "Your mine and whoever tries to take you from me, I will kill him, I mean it" He growled out I gulped. Okay wrong step. "Let me go" my voice wavered in fear. Yes he was scaring me. He looked at me for a moment. His gazed bore into mine then suddenly he let got of me and held his head as if in pain. I looked at him with fear and confusion.

He looked at me with blue eyes this time "I-I'm going back to the house" he said and got up "Wait.." I said He stopped but didn't turn. "Take me home with you" I said getting up He turned around and looked at me "No, you should stay" he said as if he didn't want me to go with him. "No, I'm tired and I want to go home" I replied. I looked around for Kenny but he was nowhere to be seen so I texted him instead. He nodded without any further arguments. We both went out and drove away in his car. Sam's POV When I saw Scarlet with Kenny, I felt like I was on fire. I didn't like the way they were dancing and my demon was tugging to get out. The way she was dancing with him, I didn't like it and why? I really don't know. Was this jealousy? Was I jealous? No no, this is not jealousy. Then why do I feel angry looking at them like this. With anger burning inside, I allowed my demon to switch and then I didn't remember when or where I was until I saw Scarlet's scared face. I quickly pulled the demon in and got back to my senses. She looked scared. Even though she was scared she insisted to go home with me. I really didn't want her with me because I didn't want to do something stupid again but she wanted to go home so I couldn't refuse. I then took her home. When we entered my room, I went in the wardrobe to change and then I suddenly remembered the time. It was past midnight which meant Scarlet's birthday. I took out the velvet box which I had hidden under my cloths. After changing I went out, she was sitting on the bed taking off her heels. I sat next to her. I cleared my throat "Uhmthis is for you" I said placing the box in her hands.

She looked at me like I was crazy but then you opened the box and gasped. Inside was the ring I once had given it to Delilah. It was beautiful with a big red diamond on it. Red diamonds are very rare in the world which makes this ring unique. I had gotten it for Delilah and the shopkeeper who made this, I threatened him to never make anything like this ever again because I wanted it to be the only piecebut now that Delilah is no more, I can't just keep it. "It'sbeautiful" She whispered She looked at me. Emotions displayed in her eyes, emotions I can't describe or don't understand. "Thank you" I smiled. I was really glad she liked it. Besides keeping her happy was my mission all along. "Your welcome" And I hope she always stays happy. _... 3 days later Everyone was hurrying here and there. Its Juliet's wedding and now we're all going to the church. I had worn a tux and Scarlet wore a beautiful green gown. Her long brown hair was half up and half down. She was the most beautiful bridesmaid I've ever seen. She had also worn the ring I gave her. When we reached the church, Juliet and the girls went in the back room while I went and stood next to Lysander. He had requested me to be his best man and I couldn't refuse so I accepted. After a little while, Anna walked down with green flowers in her hands. She was the bridesmaid too and was also wearing a green gown except it was different to Scarlet's. Then Scarlet walked down making my heart leap. I remember when she walked down the same aisle in a white wedding dress. She stood next to Anna. Juliet then walked down in a white dress. She looked beautiful but not as beautiful as Scar. After the vows, they kissed each other and then went to the wedding hall. Scarlet went with me in my car.

We all celebrated the wedding. I stood near the bar with the Lysander and some friends. My parents were here too. Every supernatural was here. I had a glass of whiskey in my hand. I smiled at Lysander "Congratulations man" He smiled "Thanks" "So everything good with Scar?..." He asked sympathetically I gave him a faint smile "Everything is cool for the time being" even though I knew that was wrong. I knew I have to leave her after the baby because I have enemies and I can't leave her in pregnancy. She's not happy with me and I will leave her if that gives her happiness but even thinking about it hurtswhy? Why am I feeling so close to her? He smiled "Its okay" He assured "She'll have to accept you one day or another" he placed his hand on my shoulder for comfort. I smiled even though I know that won't ever happen. Happy endings are not for me. A girl walked up to us. She smiled at me. She was pretty but I gave her no attention until she said my name "Hello Prince Sam" She said almost purring I didn't know her or I didn't recognize her but I smiled "Hello" I said politely She smirked and pulled me close by pulling me by my tie. Her face was inches away from me "Why don't we go talk outside" she said in a sultry voice Lysander stifled a laugh "Ahem, I should go before my newly wife sees me with you two" He walked away laughing. "Look lady" I took my tie out of her hands "I'm married" "Exactly! He's married" I turned my head to see Scarlet standing there with Anna who was gaping at me. Oh god, why did she have to come at such a moment? I moved away from the girl who gave Scarlet a glare "And who might you be?" she snapped Scarlet gave her an equal glare "I'm his wife" she snapped back Wait is she jealous? Or has she got some other reason to be angry? I didn't know why but I felt good hearing Scarlet fight for me like this. I hit my smiled. The girl walked away muttering under her breath. I looked at Scar who was glaring at me. "Scarlet I-" She cut me off "Save it" with that she walked away.

I looked at Anna for help but she was too busy glaring at me. "Don't look at me, I won't help you. You got yourself into this, you can get yourself out" she snapped and walked away too. Great! I run after Scarlet who I saw was going towards the big garden at the back. Well wasn't this a great wedding!

Chapter 19 My beautiful little Angel 13th July 2010 My pray was finally heard and god sent me her, he sent me my angel I pushed past people to go after her. After finally making my way out, I reached the garden. It was huge, there were benches, swings for children and flowers and lights decorated. But the one I was looking was no where to be seen. I looked around and walked further. Some children were playing by the swings and slides but I couldn't find her. I walked a bit further only to see her sitting at the edge of the building. Ok did I forget to mention that this was a hall up in the tallest building and on the last top floor and right now Scarlet is sitting at the edge. I had the ability to fly but I didn't know about her so I rushed to her. When I reached her, she sat there smiling and singing something. I was confused at her expressions, I mean she was angry and now she's smiling. I was about to sit next to her but stopped right in my tracks. In her hand was a bottle of eternity, a drink which can swing any supernatural. By the looks of it she had drowned half of the bottle. Dear god! She's pregnant, she shouldn't be drinking this. It could affect the baby. "Scarlet" I said trying to get her attention. She turned to look at me; I cringed as she nearly unbalanced herself. She perked up and grinned at me. "Hellooo Sammmmy" she slurred and then hiccupped Ok so she's drunk and she's not herself. I really wanted to hit my head on the wall. I extended my hand towards her "Look Scareasy ok? Come down from there and we'll talk" I said trying to persuade her. "Nope nope nooope" she sang

"Look, your not yourself right now and you'll probably regret this later so you better get down now" She stood up unsteadily. I almost reached out to her as she again unbalanced herself but before I could, she regained her composure. She held up a finger to me as I tried to get close. "You stay there misteryou come any closer and I'll jump" Is she out of her mind? There's a goddamn baby living inside her and she wants to jump. I took a step back and held my hands up as surrendering myself "Ok calm downjust come down from there" fear was filled in my voice. She grinned at me "On one condition" She wants conditions for her life? Pesky women. "Fine, what's the condition?" I gritted out "You" Leaning forward, she pointed a finger at me "will never go after any of those girlsever!" She snapped angrily She's still on about those girls? I had forgotten all about them. I smiled, despite the situation; she had somehow made me smile at her jealousy. "Ok fine, come down" I extended my hands for her to hold on but she moved back and lost all her balance. Her body fell from the edge and her screaming was fainting as lower she went. With a fearful thudding heart, I jumped after her. She was falling and I was flying down and if anything happens to her or the baby, I would never be able to forgive myself. As she was about to hit the ground, I grabbed her by the waist and landed slowly. I kept her in my embrace for a moment and then moved her back to glare at her. She grinned at me. "Are you out of your mind?" I snapped angrily "Do you have any idea what would've happened to you or the baby if you crashed down here!" Landing on the ground is easy for every vampire but she was drunk. A drunk vampire would be injured badly if falling from 18th floor down. She looked down, looking like a child when scolded. But then she looked back up at me and then after a moment burst out laughing. I stood there with my arms crossed over my chest and glared down at her. After finally she finished laughing, she looked at me and then suddenly pulled both of my cheeks. She pulled them left to right and saying "You are soooo sweeeeeet" like if you was cooing a child.

I pulled her hands away and rubbed my aching cheeks which I'm sure are pink by now. I pointed a finger at her to tell her to go back in but she moved away and skipped down the sideway like a little girl. I ran after her "Scarlet! Stop!" I grabbed her arm to halt her. "If you stop me I'm going to scream" She threatened giving me an evil smile. I smiled back. I crossed my hands on my chest and leaned back on the pole behind me "Go ahead, it's not going to stop me" I thought she was just kidding but she actually screamed. It was 2am in the morning and everyone would be sleeping right now, hell someone could report on public disturbance. I nearly fell off the pole as her loud scream pierced my ears. "Get out of here you stupid kids! Never know when to stop annoying people!" An old lady shouted from her two story window. Scarlet stopped screaming and looked at the old lady "Hey Granny! Take this!" she said showing her middle finger and then ran off snickering. I gaped at her, this was so not Scarlet. She could barely hurt an insect and here she just showed a middle finger to an old lady. The old lady was glaring at me and was about to say something but before she could say anything I ran off after Scarlet, following her scent in the forest where she ran. I could hear the old lady's faint bickering behind as I ran. When I reached her, she was sitting by the river. Her dress pushed up on her knees as she swung her legs in the water. My eyes nearly bulged out as I saw the same bottle in her hand. Did she not drop it when falling? Or had she got another one? I sat next to her and tried to take the bottle from her but she held it tightly. I clenched my jaw "Where did you get this?" I pointed at the bottle. She took a swig and then grinned hazily at me. "This-" She held up the bottle "-I stole it from the shop down the other street" She pointed at the shop where the glass door was broken but no one had come to check it. Even though the street was quiet far, I could still see the shop through these trees. I gaped at her. This is so unlike her yet she's drunk so it's not an option. She looked so careless, like a child, a mischievous child. As much as I love to see more of her mischievous side, I have to take her back to the wedding. "Scarlet, give me that bottle, it's not good for the baby" I said calmly this time, trying to get the bottle but she moved it out of my reach.

"Nooo, it'sss good" She slurred taking another swig. Before I could speak, she changed the subject "You know, you are verrrry handsomeee" She said grinning I smiled. "Let's go on that boat" She pointed at a small boat with two wooden paddles at the side. It was someone's because someone had tied it to the ground nail. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair in frustration. "We can't steal someone's boat." She pulled me up by my arm and dragged me to the boat "Of course we can't but we can borrow it" "No, Scarlet it's wrong" I said pulling her to stop "Please" She made those puppy eyes "For me" I tried all my best not to melt but somehow I did "Fine but we will return it back" I said getting on the boat while she nearly jumped in it excitedly. I removed the rope which was tied to the boat and took off sailing. I had to roll both paddles while she just looked around. It was a really beautiful sight though. The moon shined brightly on us, making the river look more darker. Scarlet who was grinning from ear to ear was looking around the trees and animals and would even squeal when she sees one. The moon light was making her skin look creamy; her brown hair shined almost looking like red. Her luscious plump lips but what had my attention was her eyes. In almost 260 years of my life, I have never seen eyes like hers. No vampire has purple eyes but she does but I guess she's unique too. No wonder my demon runs after her, her power sizzles through me and I know she's a powerful vamp. "Row row row your boat gently downnn theee streaaaam" She sang while slurring too "Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily life isss but a dreaaam" I smiled. I never had this fun in my entire life. My days before Delilah was fun but now with Scarlet, it's like a part of me is back, I never had smiled this much in my life and today I smiled a lot. I never talked much but now I even started to talk to people who I never talked with. And all this is happening because of Scarlet; unknowingly she's doing something that no one had done in my past 50 years. She's changed me. "Row row row your boat gently downnn theee streaaaam" She thumped her feet on the boat "If you see a crocodile "She pointed at me as if I'm the crocodile. "Then don't forget to scream" She then laughed and somehow, I laughed with her. I never thought I would laugh but here I am, laughing with her.

After a moment when out laughter died, she spoke softly "Sam?..." She looked at me hazily. I smiled still stirring the boat "Yes" I said mildly Stumbling she came closer and sat beside me. She jabbed a finger in my chest "You-" she inhaled "-are a very nice man" she said exhaling My eyes nearly fell out "But you hate me" Even though it was true, it still hurt. She grinned "At first I didnot anymoreee" She hiccupped I really didn't know whether to believe her or not. She's not herself and maybe in the morning she'll wake up with that same hate. "I always pretended to hate you and insult you so I don't get close to you, I guess that didn't work" She continued I never thought that would cause such happiness in me. "Really?" "Yuppp" She said cheerily "You know, if you would have asked me to bed with you instead of raping, I would have let you" She laid her head on my shoulder. The guilt of raping her came clear in my mind. If only she knew I had no option in what happened that night. If only she knew, she wasn't the only one crying out in pain that night. How can she not hate me for what I did? Raping a girl is not some joke, especially not in the supernatural world. In our world if a girl is raped, she's a disgrace, humiliation to our kind. She looses all her respect, value and dignity. If I hadn't married her, she probably would've never had the respect she deserves. Even I hate myself for what I did and would never forgive myself even if she did. "I'm a monster Scarif you get close to me, you'll only get hurt" I said sadly It was true. My life is filled with so many tremors, pains, that there's no place for a soft flower like her. She'll only get hurt coming near me. My story is just like the beauty and the beast. Except I'm the beast and she's the beauty and just like the beast, I forced her into my ugly life. "Nonsense" She said cheerily slapping my arm. "Monsters are ugly and your not ugly, your breathtaking" If only she knew how ugly I am.

Before I could disagree, she continued "Monsters don't take care of others, you take care of me. Monsters don't give gifts like this "She held up her finger where her ring was placed "But you gave me this. Monsters don't help others but you're always there for me" Her face was an inch away from mine, so close that her breath was tickling my face "You're not a monster Sam and deep down we both know there's nothing but nobility in you" For a moment I thought she was the normal Scarlet because she talked like she was in her senses but then her gaze moved from my lips to something behind me. She gasped like a child and I knew she was still drunk. I glared at her but then looked behind me. In the forest was a small squirrel eating something in his hand. She found that fascinating? "Stop the boat" She said getting on her feet and stumbled but I caught her hand before she could fall in the river. Grinding my teeth I stirred the boat on the left side of the forest were the squirrel was. She quickly ran off after the squirrel, I without thinking left the boat too. The boat moved further down the river before I could stop it. Great! Now whoever's this boat was is going to kill us both, poor guy. I ran after her. Dear god, I had come to a wedding to enjoy instead here I am restlessly running after a drunk pregnant girl in a forest. When I finally found her, she had that squirrel in her hand and she was stroking its back. How in the bloody hell did she get that squirrel in her hand? It was sitting in her hand as if they know each other, as if that squirrel is her pet. "How come it's not running away?" I asked her disbelieved She smirked "It's my powers" she whispered I frowned "What powers?" She placed the squirrel down and it ran off. She then grinned at me "If I tell you then I'll have to kill you" "Please" I said in as if speaking to a child "Ok but you can't really tell anyone" She said crossing her hand on her chest in a stubborn way. I smiled "Ok, I won't" "Pinky promise?" She said holding out her pinky. I was amused "Pinky promise" I agreed intertwining my pinky around hers.

"Ok watch this" She kneeled down, putting her bottle aside and lifted her hands a bit higher from the ground. Her hands started to glow, a purple light glowed from her hands and when I looked up I saw her eyes glowing purple as well. Whoa Suddenly the ground cracked and a flower came out of it. Whoashe has the power of"Elements, I have the power of elements" She grinned, picked up her bottle and took a swig. I gaped at her. No vampire has these powers then how is it possible she has them? No wonder my demon wants to be near her. The power inside her is too powerful and it pulls my demon. Before I could say anything, she smacked me on the face with the tree branch in her hand. "Hey! That hurt" I rubbed my face She laughed "You can't tell anyone" "Ok bu-" again I was hit with the branch She pointed the branch at my face "This never happened" she said half laughing I glared at her and was about to snatch that branch but she hit me again. God! This girl is crazy! She hit me again and ran off laughing. I ran after her but she was faster. I wasn't using my super speed; if I had she would be in my arms right now. She hid herself while I looked around. "Sam! Find me!" I heard her laughing voice I chuckled "Where are you Scar?" I said looking around. "Ah ah, find me yourself" She laughed I smiled as I heard her laugher and then that smile fell. This was very familiar. "Sammy find me!" Sam smiled as he heard her laughing voice. Delilah and Sam had come to the forest to walk but Delilah hid herself in the trees. "Where are you Dee?" Sam asked laughing I then realized that everything I did with Delilah, I'm doing it with Scarlet too. Somehow I am reliving the moments I had with Delilah and its wrong. Scarlet is Scarlet and Delilah

is Delilah, they can never become one. I love Delilah and Scarlet is with Kenny, we can't ever be together. Why does that thought hurt more than anything? Why do I feel like I'm loosing something I shouldn't? Delilah was very different from Scarlet. Even though there faces are very familiar, their personalities are nowhere near. Scarlet is soft, caring and gentle. She protects the people she love and even die for them if she has to. She loves children and even animals. She would help old ladies cross the road. She loves to read and likes to stay hidden in the corner somewhere. She pays no attention to the boys who lust after her beauty. Even though she uses no makeup, she still has the charm to lift anyone off their feet. Her non-makeup face is more beautiful than she knows and most of all her inner beauty that makes my heartbeat leap. Delilah on the other hand was proud, cared for the only people who were important to her. She was the school cheerleader and the hottest girl in school when I saw her. She loved her makeup and her face. She was open only when she was with me, she loved me, cared for me and was always gentle to me. With others she was impolite, proud and thought very less of them. What a difference huh? Never thought two girls with same face and different personality would enter my life. I swiftly turned around to catch the branch that she was going to hit me with. She struggled to get it out of my grip but I was much stronger than her. She tried harder but I kept my grip tight. She leaned back with much force as she could and the branch broke. It broke into half and the force made her fall backwards where there was a pile of mud. Even though I tried, I couldn't hold it and I burst out laughing. My stomach ached with laughter and tears drew out of my eyes. She cursed and got up glaring at me "It's not Funny!" she snapped That made me howl in laughter. She grabbed me by my collar and pulled me in the mud with her. I gasped as I fell on top of her. Then she burst out laughing and I laughed with her. I don't even remember the last time I laughed but this was definitely the best moment. I never though I would laugh like this so openly, yet here I am on top of Scarlet, laughing my wits off. We both got out of the mud and sat away from it, both covered in mud. She smiled at me "You know, I never in my entireee life had this much funnnn" She slurred I smiled "Me too"

"Sammy?" she said softly but her gaze was at the moon above as. I cringed at my nickname. Only Delilah called me by that name, no one else dared to. Now hearing that nickname is bringing in some kind of ache and guilt. Ache because I miss Delilah and guilt because somehow Scarlet was taking her place, which I could never let happen. I sighed "Yes?" I asked "I'm sorry" she whispered I started at her for a moment "What for?" I finally asked "For insulting you when you were nothing but nice to me" She finally looked at me, her purple gaze trapped mine. Leaning in closer she whispered "Do you hate me for it?" I too leaned in "No" I whispered back "Whatever you did was understandable, I would have done the same thing if I were you" "I like you Sammy; you're a very decent man, just like the husband I wanted. My perfect husband" Her nose touched mine This statement bought a burst of fireworks through my heart. Was I really the perfect husband? "I like you too Scar and you're the perfect wife too. Just like I wanted" I whispered I closed my eyes as she was about to bring her lips on mine but instead her mouth landed on my shoulder. I moved her back from her shoulders, her head rolled to the side and she was fast asleep. I chuckled. Here goes my perfect kiss I thought and I laid her on the ground beside me. I took off my coat and wrapped it around her. Her sweet smile was plastered on her beautiful face. I don't know how but she has changed me. I never laughed but today I did. A lot. I never smiled but today looking at her smile made me smile. I never broke rules but today I had broken many rules for her. She has somehow managed to change me and bought happiness in my life. Was this the angel I had been praying to god for? Has he sent her as my savior? Is she my angel? Yes, she's my angelmy beautiful little angel.

Chapter 20 Peace is my enemy 13th July 2010 I was so busy in my own grief and pain that I never got to see others who also live in miseryI guess I met a miserable person today. _... I opened my eyes only to jerk them back close. The morning sun shine was shining brightly on me. I groaned as I felt the unbearable pain in my head. I slowly opened my eyes and tried to adjust the light. Once that was done, I looked around at my surroundings. Trees everywhere and I was lying on the ground. I left something heavy around my waist; I peered down to see a hand. I followed the hand up to the owner to see Sam lying next to me, his face buried in my neck. I felt exposed; like I'm naked then it hit me. I looked at myself; a coat was wrapped around me. I quickly removed it to see I was wearing white shirt, I peered inside the shirt to see myself naked. What the hell? I looked at Sam who wasn't wearing his shirt, which means I had it on. I quickly sat up only to get a blow of pain in my head. Ugh! What happened last night? I looked around and realized that we're in a forest. What are we doing in a forest? And all alone? I felt the fear rising in me, what ifwhat if Sam and I did something? And even if we did, why can't I remember anything? Then it hit medid he rape me again? No no nothis can't be it but what else could it be, I wouldn't do something with him willingly. The only other reason explains why we're naked. I hurriedly in fear moved away from him which made him jerk awake. He looked at me groggily then sat up rubbing his eyes. "What happened last night?" I asked very scarily and slowly He stopped rubbing his eyes and looked at me. He frowned "What do you mean?" he asked confused. No not confused, I knew it was all an act. Tears fell down my face "You did it again, didn't you?" My voice was low but full of venom He looked confused "Did what again?" "Don't play with me!" I shouted standing up "You raped me! You raped me again!" I cried

He looked at me aghast "What are you talking about? I didn't rape you!" He exclaimed I glared at him "Really? Because it looks like you did! You are such a selfish bastard who always brings his needs first. I never should've trusted you!" In a second he was in front of me "I. DID. NOT. RAPE. YOU." He growled out Even though he looked intimidating, I refused to back down "You know, it's really hard to believe that since you did it before and last nightoh god" I moved back and leaned on the tree. I felt like doing something to myself, something like killing. "I didn't rape you" "Then explain why I'm naked and you're without a shirt!" I snapped H sighed and rubbed his face in frustration "You were drunk last night and for gods sake, nothing happened between us. You woke up in the middle of the night because you were uncomfortable in muddy cloths, so I gave you my less muddy shirt." Then it hit me, everything that happened last night flashed across my mind. I remembered when Matt gave me the bottle to enjoy myself and I angrily took it from him. I remembered when I fell from the building. I remembered me annoying Sam. I remembered him taking me on a boat. I remembered falling in the mud. I remembered changing my cloths and I even took off my bra and panties, how stupid of me. I remembered everything. I looked at him to see him looking at me or shall I say glaring at me. Before I could utter a word, he got up and picked up my dress which was now covered in dried mud and threw it at me. "Get dressed. We're leaving" He said and walked away I stood there and watched him leave. I felt bad and guilty for saying all that to him. He didn't do anything, nothing happened between us. I should've asked before I reacted. But it's not like I'm gonna apologize; he deserves my hatred because of what he did before. I turned around and went behind the tree and changed quickly. I then looked around to see him sitting by the river. Sighing, I walked over to him. "Hereyour shirt" I said extending his shirt. He took it without any words. He quickly wore his shirt and was up "Come on, we ha-" he stopped mid sentence and gasped when he looked into my eyes. I looked at him confused "What?"

"Youryour eyes" he stammered Confused by his words, I walked over the river and looked at my reflection. The reflection wasn't clear but it was clear enough to see my eyes which were currently yellow. I gasped at myself. How did this happen? Sam has yellow eyes, did he do something to me? I turned around "Wh-What is this?" I asked scared He too looked afraid. "Sam!" I snapped him out of his gaze "What's hap-happening to me?" I stammered "Your eyesthey're yellow" he said slowly I glared at him "I can see that but why?" "I don't know" He finally said I glared at him. This is all because of him. All this is happening because of him. "You have yellow eyesdid you do this to me?" I asked aghast at the thought "What? No! I wouldn't do this to you. This isn't even supposed to happen" "No it isn't!" I snapped. Now I really wanted to know the truth. "Enough secrets. Enough lying. Enough pretending. Tell me what the hell are you! Tell me who this Delilah is! And tell me what's happening to me!" He looked away "I ca-" "-Don't you dare tell me that you won't tell the truth. You bought me in your fucking life and now I want to know the truth!" I bellowed He didn't answer. I so badly wanted to hit him for that but I resisted. "Sam! Tell me, I have a right to know!" I again said Still he didn't answer. "Sam! I sa-" In a second I was pinned against the tree with him glowering at me. He looked so intimidating and that scared me to no point. "You wanna know! You wanna know the truth! Here's the truth! I loved a girl and she died in my arms! She cursed me to be this monster forever! This is the truth!" He yelled

He was shouting so loudly which was scaring me. I flinched as he moved his face closer to mine. His face softened "I loved a girl and she died" He said softly and then loosing his grip, he moved away from me. I suddenly felt bad for him, I don't know why but I did. Before I could speak he continued "I still remember our first meeting. I was playing basketball and she was cheering for me." Suddenly pictures started folding in as he said. "Sam! Sam! Sam!" Everyone cheered in the basketball hall. Sam smiled at the attention he was getting. He was the heartthrob of his school. Girls were his toys and boys were his minions. Loosing wasn't an option for him, he had to win. In two minutes he had to score or else his team would loose. He bounced the ball up and down while dodging his opponents. He was getting to the basketnearly theresuddenly his eyes landed on the cheerleading girls but one caught his attention. She stood there cheering, wearing the cheerleader cloths. Her long blond hair and green eyes were the attraction to him. She was the most beautiful girl he ever saw and in that moment, he knew she stole his heart. Suddenly someone took the ball from him, only then he realized that he was standing there like a statue. Before he could react, the other team had scored and they won. Sam sighed "Oh well" he muttered Sam's team glared at him. Coach Stan looked pissed, he thought. "Sam! What the hell were you doing standing like a statue in the middle of the game" Coach snapped The people who were cheering before were now 'booing' him. He couldn't let them do that, after all he had an reputation. He held his hands up "People, listen up" he said People stopped and the hall became quiet. He grinned and winked at the cheerleaders who bounced up and down as he did. "PeopleToday wasn't a victory because technically I had let them win" He knew he had to make up some excuse of him loosing like this because he had never lost in his life and today he did, all because of that girl. He looked at her and saw her looking back at him. She even smiled and his heart missed a beat. He quickly looked away, back at the people. "You seeThey are just kids in this game..." He said pointing at the team who had came from the other school.

"We" He waved his hand around his team "We're tough champions and we know how to win a game when we have to. So today I thought we should let the others have a go but next time I wouldn't let them go. Just like all years, I will win our next match as well!" All cheered. His team boys picked him up on their shoulders. All was good. His reputation had no harm and people still loved him. Boys placed him back on his feet. Sam was in a hurry, he had to meet his friend, not just friend, his childhood best friend. Sam was about to run for it when Kyle 'Sam's friend' tapped on his shoulder "You know, even though you sometimes suckyou always get the best of it, how come?" Kyle said smiling. Kyle, bronze hair and blue eyes. Sam smirked "Try being me sometimes" "Yeah, I'll try to be the playboy bunny" HE said jokingly "Dude, girls love me because of my playboy reputation. If you want girls, try to be me sometimes, I'm sure one or two will notice you" Sam said Kyle chuckled "SO where you up to?" "I have to go meet Kenny" Kyle frowned "Dude, that guy's a douche-bag" Kyle exclaimed "That douche-bag is my best-friend and let's not forget that you're a dick sometimes" Sam said smiling even though he felt angry at what Kyle had said about Kenny. Kyle sighed "Fine do whatever you wanna do but I'm telling you, one day you'll regret being his friend" Sam rolled his eyes. He chuckled, stopping the story. "God knows how true those words had been. If I had only listened to Kyle" Sam was on his way to meet Kenny when he bumped into someone. He stopped and looked up to see that girl again. His heart nearly stopped at the sight of her, it wasn't a normal reaction for Sam because he never felt like this for anyone. He smiled "Hey" She smiled shyly "Hi" "So uhm, I never seen you here before, you new?" He asked conversing

"Uh yeah, today my first day" She said nervously "Well then since you have joined our school, how about introductions" He extended his hand forward "Hi, I'm Sam" She was hesitant at first but then she smiled and shook his hand "DelilahI'm Delilah" Delilah. That name was echoing in his mind. That name took over his heart. HE walked over and sat by the river. I stood where I was and it was hard to move since I was so wrapped up in the story. "She was so beautiful that it hurt. Falling for her wasn't hard; anyone would have fallen for her. The boys in our school lusted for her and girls were jealous of her beauty. We had started dating but somehow she stole my heart. I avoided my feelings for her because love wasn't my thing; I was a one night player but then I fell for her so hard that it was hard for me to even live without herthen one day, I finally proposed her" Kenny and Sam sat in the dinner hall at lunch. Anna walked up to them. "Hey Sammy" She said kissing his cheek "Don't call me that!" He snapped. Sam didn't like being called Sammy, only Delilah called him that. Anna sat next to him and rolled her eyes while Kenny laughed. She smiled at Kenny "Hi Kenny" Kenny smiled faintly "Hey Annie" he said using the name he called since they were children. Something passed through them. Sam looked back and forth between them and smiled shaking his head. He knew how big they both had a crush on each other but he never said it because he wanted them to express their feelings themselves. If it were another guy, Sam would have beat the hell out of him but it was Kenny, the guy who he trusted since childhood and he knew he was perfect for his sister. "So are you going to tell me how you going to do it?" She asked looking back at Sam "Do what?" He asked confused She rolled her eyes "Propose, duh!" He frowned "I don't know" He dropped his head on the table. Anna patted his back sympathetically "its okay, we'll think of something"

"Why don't you propose her now?" Kenny said like it was nothing Sam moved his head up and looked at Kenny as if he's crazy "Dude, you suck!" Kenny chuckled "What, The quicker the better. She'll be here for lunch anytime now, when she comes, propose her" Sam scowled "Yeah, easy for you to say" Anna smacked his head. "Hey!" Sam said rubbing his head "That hurt" "It was supposed to. Look, when she walks in here, get down on your knees and say the marry words. It's not hard" She exclaimed "I'm nervous for god's sake! It is hard for me. What if she refuses? Then what?" He snapped "Then you live on with your stupid playboy life" Kenny said laughing. Anna smacked his hand and gave him a look to stop. Sam glared at him "Ha. Very funny" He said sarcastically Kenny looked behind Sam "Looks like you've got no choice now" Kenny muttered Sam turned around to see Delilah walking in with two girls in cheerleading suits. Great! He thought. Anna pushed Sam off the table. He stumbled up and glared at her. Anna smiled sweetly "I think now would be the perfect time to say what you want to say" "Oh she's coming right here" Kenny said Sam quickly looked at her to see her in the far corner in the queue for lunch. He looked back at Kenny with a glare while Kenny was laughing for scaring him "That wasn't funny" Sam snapped "Ok seriously just go and talk to her" "Yeah come on, we'll go with you for moral support" Anna said getting up "Yeah that will helpa lot" Sam said nervously. He was scared of her refusing him. Being nervous was a new feeling for him because he was never nervous with a girl before and right now his hands were sweating. The three of them walked over to Delilah who perked up when she saw Sam. She pecked him on the lips. "Hey"

"Hey" He said Then suddenly he got down on his knees and held her hands in his. "DelilahYou are the girl who ever trapped my heart. You are the girl who showed me how to love. You are the girl I would do anything for and you are the girl I loveI want to spend my eternity being in your arms, I want to spend my eternity with you and only youWill youWill you marry me?" He asked finally Anna was in tears while Kenny kept giving her tissues. Delilah was crying too and the whole school was watching them crying as well, they all were waiting for her answer. "II don't know what to say" Delilah sniffed "Honey" Anna said her voice a bit wavering. "This is the part where you say 'Yes'" Sam glared at her. Despite the situation, she still thought of something sarcastic to say. Delilah smiled, her eyes wavered over to Kenny for a moment then she looked back at Sam. "YesYes I'll marry you" The whole school burst out cheering and clapping for them. Sam picked her up and kissed her. This was the best day of his life. He quickly wiped the tear that was about to fall. I didn't say anything; I just stood there listening to the pain he had been living for so many years. "She died a month before our graduation. We had decided to marry on the day after graduation but we didn't get the chance..." His voice quivered "It was the Christmas night. I had gone out for some preparations for the Christmas ball that was supposed to be held in the palace but when I returned I saw herbloody on the floor and my dad stood beside her holding a bloody dragger" Sam's eyes widened as he saw Delilah lying there taking her last breaths, the bags he had in his hands slipped down. Anna who was standing away from her father was crying her eyes out. Kenny stood next to James. "Delilah!" He ran over to her and kneeled beside her. She moved away from him. "Stay away from me!" She said angrily "Wha-what happened?" Sam asked looking at his dad angrily "What did you do?" He shouted "Samit's for your own good" James said grimly Sam glared at his father "You think killing her would be good for meDad, how could you"

"I curse you!... you were too late to save me, to save your only love. I curse you that you will never find love againa girl will hate you when she sees your true formI curse you with the demon. A demon who shall tell you what you did to me, who will make you a monster and who will show you that you don't deserve loveI curse you" Her words died as she went limp in his hands. Yellow magic moved out of her body and went inside Sam's. Sam sat there in shock. Then he finally took out his grief by screaming "Delilah!" I flinched. Even though I was imagining the story, it felt like it was real. The scream echoed in my mind as I imagined what Sam had been through. I still can't believe his love Delilah cursed him. Why would she do something so cruel? Why did James kill her? His story was so painful that even my pain looked so small comparing to his. "It was my fault that I couldn't save her" He carried on "And I don't blame Delilah for doing this to me. I deserved it. She told me that my dad wants to kill her and I didn't believe her. If only I had listened to her, she would've been alive by now. She would've been my wife instead of you; she would've been pregnant instead of you" Imagining him and Delilah together was weird. I didn't like her taking my place. I didn't want her to carry the child I'm carrying. I didn't want her to be Sam's wife. What's wrong with me? He wiped his misty eyes "I still live with that curse" he stood up and turned away from me "When I first felt it, I started to have fits. I did things I didn't remember. It took me 26 years to get a hold of it" "You don't know what it feels like when you have something living inside you. It made me do things I never did in my entire life. It made me kill people, innocent people. It made me torture innocent's, hurt them. I felt joy hurting them. I cry for hours after what I do" I stood there shocked. He killed people. It scared me. "It was my fault for killing those peopleit was my fault for raping you. If only I had controlled the demon, all those people would be alive now, you wouldn't have been raped. But you seeI'm too weak to control him" I didn't know whether he was crying or not because his back was facing me but his voice was like he's crying. "I know you won't forgive me. I too blame myself for what I did to you and I don't expect you to forgive me. And I don't know what's wrong with your eyes but I promise, I'll find something out" We both stood still and quiet. I stood there thinking about what he just told me. I felt guilty, angry and sad. So many emotions played in me. A part of me wanted to forgive

him because I knew whatever he did was not his fault but the other part of me didn't want to forgive him because he wasn't the victim, I was. But somehow, right now I wanted to comfort him. Comfort him for loosing his love. Comfort him for loosing his happiness. Comfort him for loosing a perfect life. I was about to place my hand on his shoulder when suddenly and dragger flew right past me, in the tree right beside me. Sam and I both turned around to see some men's running over to us. "Shit" Sam muttered I looked at him scared "What?" He pushed me behind him "Listen no matter what happens, do not come out. Stay in one corner while I take care of this and if I fall" He looked at me as if he was thinking aout falling "Then you run" What the hell? I didn't want to leave him with these jerks who nearly killed me with a dragger. "Who are these people?" I asked Sam took off his shirt and handed it to me "They're the people who attacked me and your dad." With that he started towards them. Peace can't ever be mine. I guess peace is my enemy.

Chapter 21 Forgiving is easy if its worth it 14th July 2010 _... I wasn't just gonna stand here and wait. I'm strong enough to fight. I grabbed Sam's arm before he could move. He stopped and looked at me. "You're not going to fight alone" I said looking into his eyes. His eyes turned yellow and glowed brightly "Trust me; you don't wanna see what I'm going to do. Just stay in one corner. Please." His voice was like 2 different people speaking.

I knew I should listen because this wasn't Sam. I moved back. All men's stopped in front of Sam. One of the men moved and tried to hit Sam but he was fast and moved out of the way. Sam fought and I watched him in amazement. He was like a blur, I couldn't see him properly but I knew it was him. Then suddenly all men started at him. He fought with every one of them but they were too many and we were outnumbered. I couldn't see Sam in the crowd but then suddenly I saw a flash of yellow light. They all stopped and moved backwards. I stood still in shock. I had never seen anything like this before. In the middle of the crowd was standing a beast. It was like a black dragon with sharp teeth and pointy scales at the back. His tail was scale pointy tail was long. Big yellow eyes and claws instead of hands but feet weren't like a dragon, they were like human. And then I knew, I knew this was Sam. Even though my heart was thudding in fear I couldn't help but stare in awe. He was so beautiful, like black beauty. He growled at them and they all moved back in fear. The dragon's hands were starting to light fire. Whoa, he started to throw fireballs at the mens. I watched in amazement as he killed them. Some ran away, some were burned and some were dead. I watched as all of them disappeared. Then he started towards me. My screamed was stuck in my throat and I felt like I would die of heart attack any moment. I moved back as he came forward. A twig at the back tripped me and I fell on my ass. He came and stood before me. His nose flaring with smoke and eyes swirling with fire. I closed my eyes for my death but then I felt something ticklish on my feet. I opened squinted through one eye and saw him sniffing my feet. I jerked as he growled and moved towards me but he didn't harm me instead he laid his head on my lap and nuzzled his face in my stomach. Can he feel the baby? I hesitantly moved my hand and laid his on his face. He purred as I caressed his beautiful face. "You're so beautiful" I whispered Then a flash of yellow light changed him back to Sam. He laid there naked on my lap. I quickly wrapped the shirt he gave me around him. He was shivering but wasn't conscious. I looked around for help but there was nothing there. But then I saw a small cottage at the end of the river. I laid Sam there and promised him to be back. I ran towards the cottage and I found an old man cutting woods in his lawn. I ran towards him "Help!" I yelled running

He stopped and looked at me. I nearly fell as I reached him but the old man caught me. He looked at me "What's wrong dear?" He looked human; I guess they're the blood donors. I panted heavily "MyMy husMy husband, he's-he's injured, please help me" I said panting. He nodded and dropped his woods. I took him with me where Sam was. I thought maybe he wouldn't be able to pick Sam up but the old man was strong. He picked up Sam and placed him on his shoulder. We headed back to the cottage. An old lady stood at the entrance with hands on her hips but when she saw us her face softened. "Harold, who's this young lady and who's this injured man?" She asked worriedly I guess the old man is Harold. He took Sam inside and I followed with the old lady behind me. He took him inside a small room and laid him on the bed and covered him with quilts. I sighed and sat next to him on the bed. "Will he be alright?" I asked the old man "I hope so. I'll get some cloths for him. We'll have to get him warm first, the poor boys' ice cold." Said Harold and walked out. The old lady sat next to me and smiled "What's your name dear?" She asked "Scarlet" But my eyes were on Sam. I just couldn't look away from him. "And this is your friend?" She asked. I finally looked at her "No...This is my husband Sam" She looked surprised probably because of my age. "You look too young to be married" I smiled at her "It was an arranged marriage" I couldn't tell her that I was raped by my husband who has a demon inside him. She smiled "Well I hope he gets well soon. What were you doing in this forest anyway?" She asked I sighed "We just came by and got attacked by some peopledo you have a phone that I could use?" She got up "Yeah surewait I'll go get it for you" She left

"Where are we" I heard a groggy voice. I looked towards Sam who was looking at me with half open eyes. He looked tired "Sam, you're awake" I exclaimed and hugged him. I was so scared; I thought he would die any moment. "Uhmyeah" He said awkwardly I realized that I was hugging him so I quickly jerked back. He was shivering but he pressed himself tight in the blankets. "Are you okay?" I asked worriedly He looked at me as if he's shocked "You're asking about me?" I was about to say 'duh' but I didn't "Of course I am" "But you hate me. Why would you ask about me?" HE said shocked and shocking me too. I felt bad and guilty about what I had said to him since our marriage. How I insulted him and how I humiliated him, it was all making me feel bad. Anna was right; she told me that when I find out the truth I'll feel guilty and I really am. No I don't hate Sam; I hate the demon who did this. Maybe I can't will myself to forgive him just yet but I can't hate him for what he didn't do purposely. I looked away "II don't hate you Sam" "You don't?" He asked sounding like surprised "No" I looked at him "I don't" "Why?" He looked suspicious "I can't forgive you even though I know it isn't your fault, I just can't. I need some time for forgiving you. And the hate I've been giving you these past days, you deserved none of it and I'm sorry I treated you so badlyI just" I didn't know what to say, all these new feelings towards him were different. He placed his hand on top of mine. "I knowI understand and you don't have to apologize for what you did. If I was you, I would've done the same thing. It's not your fault" I sighed "It wasn't yours either, so how about" I extended my hand forward "How about truce?" He smiled faintly "Truce" He agreed shaking my hand

Just then the old lady walked in. She smiled at Sam and me. "Oh you're awake" She said to Sam. Sam frowned "Where are we?" I realized I hadn't answered his first question "You were unconscious, they were the only people in the forest. They helped me" "Thank you" Sam said taking the old lady's hand and squeezing it. It was a sonly gesture. She patted his hand "It's not a problem dear." She handed me the phone "After you have finished calling. I have set some cloths for you upstairs; you can get cleaned if you like" I seriously was very grateful to the woman. I got up and hugged her "Thank you so much" She smiled "It's ok dear" then she left. I quickly dialed my dad's number. Ring Ring Ring "Hello?" Dad's voice was panicked. "Dad?" "Scarlet!" He sounded relived "Where are you?" "Dad, we're ok. Can you come and get us?" "Us? Is Sam with you?" "Yes and he's injured. Can you just get here and take us please" I said frustrated. "Thank god he's with you, we were worried sick. Tell me the address, we'll come and get you guys" I quickly gave him the address which I asked from the old lady. After I was done with the call, I went upstairs to change my cloths. I took a quick shower and saw the dress on the bed. It was a green summer dress, just about my size.

I then went down and saw Sam all cleaned as well. HE was wearing a green jumper and slacks. At least he wasn't shivering anymore. His left foot was bandaged and a bandage on his head. He was sat on the sofa drinking soup. The old lady and Harold were talking to him. I sat next to him. My head was still aching with the hangover. I felt like throwing my head off my body. I held my head in my hands and groaned. "What's wrong?" Sam asked "Stupid Hangover" I muttered "Would you like some water dear? Asked the old lady. I keep calling her that instead of her name which I don't know. I nodded "Yes please andwhat's your name?" She smiled "Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce ourselves" She pointed at Harold "This is my husband Harold and I am Mary" "Ohyour human, how come you're living here?" I asked confused. If a human is not with his master, they either get another master or they get sent back to human world but these two are living without their master. "Yes well our master let us go but we didn't want to leave without our children so he gave us this house till our children serves him" replied Harold Mary got up and walked out of the room. She came back with a glass of water. _... Half an hour later there was a knock on the door. Harold opened the door and my father walked in with Lysander behind him. "Dad!" I ran up to him and hugged him "You scared us" He said hugging back "Both of you scared us" "I'm so sor-" HE cut me off "We'll talk about this at home" HE then looked at Mary and Harold "Thank you so much for taking care of the kids. We are very grateful"

Harold waved it off "It wasn't a problem" My dad shook Harold's hand "Thanks again. We'll be leaving now" I looked at Sam who was frowning. It confused me but I didn't ask. Saying my goodbyes to Harold and Mary, I walked out and sat in the car with Sam beside me. Lysander drove and my dad next to him. My dad turned around and looked at us or shall I say glared at us "Sowould you both care to explain why in the middle of your sisters wedding were you both in this forest?" "I-" Sam cut me off quickly "I took her to the forestit's not her fault. She was in the forest because of me" I looked at him shocked. Why did he take the blame on himself? Dad narrowed his eyes on Sam "Do you have any idea what you did? You were attacked twice now. You could be attacked again, how could you be so foolish?" "Dad I-" "-Shut up, You could've been hurt, your pregnant. Anything could have been happened to the baby, anything could have been happened to you both." He kept lecturing us the whole way to the house. I kept my mouth shut but my anger was radiating off me. I didn't like the way he was treating Sam. It was wrong because it wasn't his fault. I wanted to tell the truth but whenever I tried, Sam would cut me off and would give me a look to shut up. When we reached the house, everyone just jumped on us. Everyone hugged us, Sam told them the same story what he told to my dad. James glared at Sam. "Do you have any idea how much trouble you were in? How could you be so foolish and irresponsible! You not just put your life in trouble; you also had scarlet and your unborn child!" He said angrily I looked at Sam who had his jaw clenched and fist tight. His knuckles were white. He was angry but he was controlling himself. I too felt angry. They had no right to speak to him like that. "If something would have happened to my daughter I would have had your head, Sam! I thought you were clever but I'm really disappointed" Joined in my Father.

They kept accusing him, blaming him, lecturing him but Sam stood there quiet. It wa over the limit. I didn't like the way they were blaming him. "You sho-" "Shut UP!" I exclaimed cutting off my father "Scarle-" He tried again but again I cut him off. "I said shut up!" I snapped "Scarlet! That's your father who you're talking to" My mum said angrily I glared at her "And that's my husband he's talking to" I said pointing at Sam. They all looked at me shocked but I didn't care. I wanted to tell them the truth. "You!" I said pointing at my father "You trusted him enough to marry me to him. You trusted him enough to spend his entire life with me. So why are you making a bug fuss if he took me to the forest?" I exclaimed angrily "And You!" I pointed at James "Even if he took me to the forest, you have no right to shout at him like this. I think you already have done enough to him, don't cause anymore. So don't blame him when he' not the one to be blamed." I snapped I gave every single person a glare and went up the stair but I stopped half way and looked back "FYI, Sam didn't take me to the forest. I was drunk and ran into the forest. If he hadn't been there for me, I would have probably been dead by now" with that I turned my back on them and went into my room. I sat by my window and clamed myself down. Can't people just mind their own business.I felt angry at them for all this. They blamed the wrong person. But what I did down there was weird. I never had disrespected my elders but today I did, only for Sam. Why? Why did I do that? I know it was wrong to blame Sam but it was nothing to be angry about. Why am I feeling so different? Should I forgive him? but it's not easy. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Sam. His face was grim "You shouldn't have done that" I scoffed "And you shouldn't have done that too. Why did you lie?" He sighed and ran his fingers through his black hair "It dosen't matter. You shouldn't have told them the that now your mother and father would be upset about you drinking."

Oh so thats the reason. "I don't care" He sighed again "Thanks for standing up for me" I looked at him. There was a glint in his eyes, a glint I can't describe. I smiled and shrugged "You stood up for me too so thanks to you too" He nodded "Your welcome" "Your welcome" I said too He smiled and I smiled back. It wasn't really friendship but it felt like it. I guess it's a start of a new friendship. "Why don't you rest, we'll be leaving tomorrow." HE said and turned around. Before he could walk out, I stopped him "Sam?" He stopped at the door and turned around "Yes?" I knew I had made up my decision and no one in the world could change that, not even me. "I...I forgive you...I just wanted you to know that" I said nervously For a moment he stood there and watched me. Something yellow flashed in his eyes but they stayed blue. "You shouldn't...I shouldn't be forgived" I didn't expect that "I guess thats not your decision to make." He sighed and looked at me sincerly "Thank you" I smiled at him. For the first time, I didn't look at Sam as my rapist. I looked at him like he was a normal guy, a guy who is my husband and now is nearly my friend. Forgiving is easy...if it's worth it.

Chapter 22 New Kid Sometimes life isn't hard as we think, we make it harder for ourselves _... Later that night I sat near my window thinking about how badly I behaved with dad, I wanted to just run downstairs and apologize. I sighed and got up.

Sam hadn't returned since he left. I went down to my dad's office. The door was slightly open; I could see Sam and dad sitting together. "I understand" I heard Sam say "Thank you" My dad said "I'm still very sorry-" Sam cut him off "I told you it's not your fault. It wasn't any of our faults" "I knew you were the right guy for my daughter." My dad said proudly What are they talking about? "You shouldn't say that" Sam muttered "You shouldn't be scared of the demon" Sam chuckled sarcastically "Scared? I not' scared of something that's already inside me, I'm scared of it hurting others; I'm scared of it hurting Scarlet. You have no idea what I go through every day to not hurt anyone." Dad sighed "But I know you will keep Scarlet safe no matter what happens" Sam rubbed his face "I have no idea who attacked us today. I don't know how I will keep Scarlet safe but I'm trying my best. I can't, I won't let her or the baby get hurt." "That's all I needed to know. Now back to business. Were they the same people who attacked us before?" "Yes, I recognized the brand on their arms. I have no idea who these people are and why they want to attack us" Sam said "We're doing our best to find out who they are. The mens we captured in our earlier attack still won't say anything. We will just have to wait till the next time they attack us" Sam's head snapped up "No. We have to be prepared. We can't just wait for their attack, they can attack us anywhere. I can't let that happen, what if Scarlet is with me when they attack. I don't want her to get hurt" "Sam" Dad placed his hand on his shoulder "We all know that you won't let anybody hurt Scarlet, she's safest in your hands and even your demon knows that" His eyes flashed yellow but he didn't say anything. I knocked on the door before they could say anything else. Their heads snapped towards me. I looked at my dad apologetically "DadI-I'm sorry."

He sighed "Scar-" "No!" I cut him off "Just hear me out ok. I'm sorry for what I saidI didn't mean to say all that. It's just that you guys were blaming Sam for something he didn't do and I didn't like thatyou know what I mean, right?" He smiled and hugged me "It's ok" I smiled. I guess this is what family is. They always forgive you. _... Later that night I laid on my bed thinking about what dad and Sam was talking about. Are we really not safe? Am I not safe? What will we do? I don't know why but I feel like something bad will happen. It's a feeling I get when something bad happens. The feeling prickles on the back of my neck. I was so lost in my thoughts that I never heard Samuel lying down next to me. He was bare chest and was lying on his stomach. His eyes closed and he looked tired. "Sam" I whispered in the dark. "Hmm" I could hear the sleep in his voice. "Are we really in danger?" I asked I could feel him looking at me now. "No, who said that to you?" "Nobodyit's just thatwe were attacked this morning and it still feels like they're coming after usI still have this bad feeling" "Scarno matter what happens I'll keep you safe, just hold on to that. No ones gonna hurt you, not with me around you. Ok?" I knew he was right. No one could hurt me if Sam's around. I sighed "Okgoodnight" "Goodnight" I heard him mumble before I went into the world of dreams I ran on the burning sand as Samuel chased me. I heard his laugh which made me laugh too. "I'm gonna catch you" I heard him The blowing wind blew my hair and dress. Suddenly two arms wrapped around me taking me down.

We both fell down laughing. Samuel kissed me on the lips, holding me tight in his embrace. "I love you.." He whispered in my ear I smiled "I lov-" I got cut off by a loud black thundering cloud. A black shadowy figure came down the hill. I couldn't see the face but I knew it was a women. She clapped her hands "Wow Sammy, I must admit, you are one hell of a bitch" Sam tightened his grip around me, his face impassive. "Your love won't last forever Sammy" Her face came in view, brunette hair, slim figure and same height as me. I realized that the girl standing in front of us is me except her eyes were different, deep amber, filled with lots of evil things. She smiled evilly "Not with me around" And that's when I realized that the girl was not me. My eyes widened and I looked at Sam whose eyes were filled with tears. "Dee" He said softly but loud enough to drag me out of my dream. I sat up in my bed gasping. Sweat dribbled down my head. I looked out the window, the curtains were closed but I knew it was nearly dawn. I looked to my right to see Sam fast asleep. That dream, it felt so real. I sighed and got up because I knew I wouldn't get sleep now. I took a cold shower because I was feeling so hot. I got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around myself. I quickly brushed my teeth and then I looked around for my cloths but couldn't find them. Shit! I forgot my cloths in the room. I went out and quickly grabbed my cloths but before I could go back in the washroom, Samuel sat up gasping, all sweaty. "Oh god" He said gasping. He placed his palms on his face while he was shivering. I dropped my cloths and ran to him, I sat beside him and placed my hand on his bare shoulder "Sam, are you ok?" He removed his hands and looked at me with bright yellow eyes. I knew he wasn't himself then.

"I'm all good, sugar" he said grinning I almost wanted to slap him. I removed my hand from his shoulder but he caught it and pulled me closer "Don't you look beautiful in just a towel" he said eyeing me down I tried to push him away but he was stronger "Let me go" Instead he rolled us over, me underneath him. He leaned in my neck and inhaled my scent "hmm scarlet, your turning me onI want you" He groaned I shivered, a part of me wanted him and a part of me screamed to get away. He looked at me and I saw his fangs, that's when I remembered my awful raping night. "Let me go" I snapped He rolled his eyes "Chill out babe, I won't do anything" "Fuck you" "Really? You want to fuck me?" He leaned down till our noses were touching, I cupped his face in my hands "Sam please let me goI know your in there, don't let him win.come back to me" I pleaded because deep down I knew that Sam is in there somewhere trying to get out. An emotion flicked on his face before going back to grinning. "Sammy won't be coming back right now, he'll take his time suf-" he suddenly held his head in and growled. I looked at him scared. He got off me and held his head and growled. I don't know why but it felt like dj vu. "Sam?" My voice quivered as I stood and walked towards him slowly. "Get out of here" He rasped, his face still down. I stopped right in my tracks. "Bu-" "I said get out!" He yelled and looked at me. I looked at him shocked; his eyes were full yellow and glowing. I quickly grabbed my cloths and ran out of my room. I heard his screams from inside but the worst part is that, I couldn't do anything for him. _...

The car stopped in front of the palace. I sighed and got out with the others. We had left my house in the morning. Everyone knew what had happened last night but no one spoke about it. I hadn't seen Sam since that time in the room. He wasn't there when I went back in the room; he just left without any word and no one even asked about him. I asked them if they knew where he went but no one answered. It was now night time and he still hasn't returned. I went inside and in my room. The room was empty, no Sam. I quickly changed my cloths and went to bed. The next morning when I woke up for school, I saw Sam all dressed and ready for school. Huh, he awoke before me today. His back was facing me while he was too busy closing the buttons of his shirt. From the stiff stance I knew he knew I was awake. I sat up as he turned around and faced me. "You'rehome?" I said awkwardly He looked at me grimly "About yesterdayI wanted to-" I cut him off "You don't have to apologize, I understand now and I know it wasn't your fault" He looked at me like I was joking but then he sighed "Did I hurt you?" "No" I got up and went in the washroom. I took a quick shower, I stood In front of the mirror and realized that my stomach was growing. I could see the bump and it scared me. Vampire babies are born in 7 months and I'm 2 months passed, 5 months to go. I was nervous. I quickly put on my cloths and got ready for school. Sam was sitting on the bed. "Let's go" He said We reached school before the bell rang. We all got out of the car and went inside. As I went inside people looked at me like I was a star, a guy came up to me "Hey Scarlet, how are you?" He asked I looked at him confused "I I'm good, thanks" He smiled "How's the baby?" He said eyeing my bump I looked at Sam, he was smiling. He looked at me and drowned his smile "I uhm, I'll meet you in class" with that he left me there with Anna.

I looked back at the guy "Baby's good, thank you." He smiled again "Well if you need help with anything, you let me know, yeah?" I smiled hesitantly "uhm, yeah sure" Before he could say anything else, Anna interrupted "Okaaaay, move" She pushed the guy aside and pulled me along with her. "Why are all these people looking at you like this?" She asked me "How the hell do I know? I am confused just as you" I said looking around at the people who were waving at me and saying hello. "Maybe we should just go to class" She muttered "Yeah that's a great idea" I muttered back We both rushed in to the class. Everybody in class looked at us. I quickly sat next to Kenny while Anna sat in front of us. "Hey" I said He gave a slight nod. "You have any idea why people are looking at me and being so nice?" I asked He sighed "Maybe because your dear husband asked them to look after you when he's not there." My eyes widened "What?" He his lips curved but then he let it go "Sam threatened everyone that they look after you in your pregnancy and give every detail if your ok or not." "He did?" I was astonished. He was looking out for me. "Yeah he did" He said softly I sat there thinking about it. Does he really care about me that much? Sam is such a mystery; you never know what he does. Sometimes he's an asshole and sometimes he's so caring. The teacher walked in "Good morning kids." "Morning"

"Well today we have a new student" She said happily. She looked out the class "Come in Tyler" Everyone looked at Tyler as he walked in. girls gasped at the sight of him. Dude was hot. Not hotter than Sam but he was good looking. Short cropped Black hair, tan skin like those Californian guys. Black drowning eyes. His face features were so soft like girls. He was muscular; he wore a tight vest underneath his black leather jacked and baggy jeans down. "Students, this is Tyler, our new student" Miss Turner said Tyler smiled as she introduced him. I liked as he smiled but he was nothing like Sam. Sam's more beautiful and hotter. Why am I comparing him to Sam? "Tyler take your seat next to Scarlet" Miss Turner said pointing at me. Tyler's eyes landed on me, for a moment he just stared at me while I did the same then he walked and sat to my left. He smelled different. Nice but weird. Something about him was weird, he has those dangerous vibes. The whole time he started at me. When I catch him staring he would just look away. As the bell rang I got up. Again he looked at me but passed away. I just stared at him as he left. "Heloooo" Anna said snapping me out "Huh, what?" "You were looking at the guy, damn, he's hot" She said "Shut up" Kenny muttered as he passed by I almost laughed. A jealous Kenny, who knew. Anna scowled "Jerk" I laughed "Come on, let's go" We both left. Anna went to her class while I went in mine. As I entered the class, I saw Tyler again in the sea next to mine. Great, he's gonna keep staring at me here as well. I sat next to him as the class started. He looked at me again. I gave him a small smile before looking at the teacher. "Hey" He said

I looked at him "Hi" "I'm Tyler" He said grinning "I'm Scarlet" I said ignoring his beautiful smile. "Scarletthat's a beautiful name" HE said softly I smiled "Thank you" "You're beautiful" I almost blushed "Thanks" He smirked and looked back at the teacher. _... After class I went straight to the dinner hall. I went to the table where Kenny was. Anna came next. "So how was class with the new guy?" Anna asked grinning Kenny grumbled something I didn't quiet catch but I so badly wanted to laugh. I arched an eyebrow at Anna "Just so you know, I'm your brother's wife. You shouldn't be asking questions like these to me. Besides, how did you know he was in the same class as me?" She scowled at Kenny but then she looked at me "A friend of mine told me he was flirting with you" True. "Who was flirting with her?" Kenny looked up from the magazine and looked behind us. Me and Anna turned around to see Sam standing there looking angry. "No one" Anna said quickly Sam looked at me "DO you need something?" He asked "Um n-" Anna elbowed me and shook her head. "Um yeah, a drink please" I smiled

"Ok I'll be back" He walked away. I glared at Anna "What the hell?" "Dude, the guy is looking out for you, have some respect" She said "Hey Scarlet" I turned around to see Tyler. He smiled at me as he sat next to Kenny. Kenny glared at him. "Can I join you guys?" "No" Kenny said "Yes" Anna and I said Tyler frowned. I sighed "Yes, you can join us" He smiled and then looked at Kenny "Hey dude, I'm Tyler" He said extending his hand forward. Kenny looked at his hand as if it was something dirty. He scowled at Tyler "I'm Kenny" with that he landed his eyes back on the magazine. Tyler took back his hand and moved it towards Anna "I'm Tyler" Before Anna could shake his hand, Kenny pulled his hand in his "And I told you I'm Kenny, now you could leave" "Dude, what's your problem?" Tyler said frowning "His problem is that he is antisocial and wants us to be antisocial just like him" Anna snapped glaring at Kenny. They both glared at each other while I just looked at Tyler. Poor guy, he didn't even know where he's stuck. "Here" Sam said placing my drink. I smiled "Thanks" Sam sat next to me "Who's this?" He asked looking at Tyler "This is Tyler. Tyler this is Sam" I said introducing them

"Hey man" They both did the boy hand shake Sam looked at Kenny; they both looked at each other for a moment before looking away. Kenny cleared his throat "Um, I have to go" he got up and left "Good" Anna got up and sat next to Tyler "So tell me Tyler why change school?" They both chatted with each other while I looked at Sam who had a pained expression on his face. It was hard seeing two friends who love each other at the same time hate each other. But not anymore, I will find out why Sam hates Kenny and then I will bring them back together, back to the brothers they used to be and that's a promise. Sometimes life isn't hard but if we solve our problems it's easy to go on with because life isn't hard, we make it hard ourselves.

Chapter 23 What happened? When the bell rang, we all departed to our next classes. Again I had a class with Kenny, which gave me the chance to ask him about him and Sam. I smiled as I sat next to him; the teacher had started the lesson. "So" I started He looked at me to continue. "Are you gonna tell me about what happened between you and Sam?" I asked He let out an irritated sigh "I could ask you the same question" I frowned "What do you mean?" "What I mean is you are being nice to Samwhat happened between you two?" I narrowed my eyes at him "You're changing the subject" He smirked "So are you" "That's mine and Sam's personal matter" I snapped He gave me a look "Exactly, that's mine and Sam's personal matter"

This time I sighed irritably "You're a jerk" He just shrugged "So I've been told" I sighed again "You won't tell till I do, will you?" Kenny exhaled "That's right, you talk I talk" "Arghh fine! When Sam and I was in the forest, he told me the truth" He frowned "Forest?" Oh, he didn't know about what happened the past week. So I quickly explained him about everything that happened in the past week. "So now I know the truth and I forgave him" I said then looked at him "Your turn" He hesitated then looked at me with pleading eyes "I really don't want to talk about this" I sighed "Kenny, I don't know what happened between you guys but I'm gonna find out one way or another. Please just let me help you" His face looked pained "You really don't wanna know" I placed my hand on his "Yes I do and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help you and Sam" Before he could reply, the teacher Mrs. Norwich interrupted "Ms. Scarlet, I think you would like to continue our lesson since you're the one who's talking" She said crossing her hand on her chest and glaring at us. The whole class was looking at us. I looked at Mrs. Norwich, embarrassed. "Sorry Mrs. Norwich" She gave me a glare before going back to continuing the lesson. I narrowed my eyes at Kenny "You better talk after school" "How about you meet me at the grizzlies, tonight after school?" he said I smiled at my victory "Great, what time?" "Meet me there at 8" I could hear the frustration in his voice. The bell rang "I looked at him "Great, I'll be there"

I got up and left. I met Sam outside in the parking lot after school. We both waited by the car for Anna. Sam looked at me; he looked hesitant like he wanted to say something. "What?" I asked "I was wonderingIf-If we go out tonight" He asked hesitantly I shrugged "Sure, Anna would be hap-" "No, I meanjust you and me" I inwardly smiled but then I remembered Kenny. Great, here is Sam who is trying with our relationship and there is Kenny who is all alone. I sighed "Can we go tomorrow? I'm just really tired today" He suddenly looked concerned "Are you okay? It's fine, we'll go tomorrow" I smiled; I really adored this concerned side of him. It's amazing how a big guy like him could be a softy. "I'm fine, Sam" He cleared his throat "Okgood" Just then Tyler walked up to us "Hey Scar" Whoa, when did I give him permission to call me by my nick? I gave him a faint smile "Hey" "I was wondering if you would like to fare with me." I almost forgot about the fare. It's founder's day in two days and that's why we had planned a fun fare. I will be the one to arrange the fare. I looked at Sam who was glaring at Tyler before I could answer, Sam spoke "No" it was almost a growl and it wasn't a good sign since his eyes were starting to get yellow. Tyler glared at Sam "Dude, let the girl decide. Are you her brother? Then don't worry man, she'll be fi-" Tyler didn't get to finish because Sam punched him straight in the face. I gasped; Sam's eyes were glowing yellow. Before he could hit him again, I jumped in between them.

"Sam, don't" I said but his eyes were glued on Tyler who was panting in rage. Everyone gathered around us. Anna ran up towards us but I held my hand up to stop her. It wasn't safe. "..way" Sam gritted out "No" I placed my hands around his face "Sam, look at me" He didn't, his eyes were fixed behind me on Tyler. "Sammy, please look at me" I pleaded because I knew he'll hear me. His gaze moved to mine. I smiled and shook my head "Don't do this. This is not you" He suddenly pulled me close and kissed me hard and rough. "Your mine and I will kill anyone who tries to take you from me" A part of me was happy about me being his but I knew that he wasn't Sam, it was his demon talking. It hurt, as much as I wanted those words to be Sam's, I knew they won't ever be. "Ok" I said still panting from the kiss "Just don't hurt him" He grinned and his eyes slowly started to fade from yellow but then I heard a growl behind me. I turned my head to see a big black wolf standing there instead of Tyler. Great, I handle one problem then another comes up. Tyler wouldn't stand a chance if Sam let his beast out. Tyler growled and jumped towards us but he never got near us because Kenny jumped in between and pinned him on the ground. They both started to fight. Sam pushed me aside and helped Kenny. Anna stood next to me and watched. It was two against one. "Sam" I shouted but he was too busy glaring at Tyler who was snarling at them. Sam's eyes were glowing yellow again. Kenny moved and punched Tyler on the pout while Sam kicked in the ribs. It surprised me how Kenny and Sam were helping each other in the fight. "They're fighting like old times" Anna whispered next to me with tearful eyes. As much as I loved to see them together, I knew they would kill Tyler if someone didn't stop them. I ran inside the school and straight to Mrs. Giles office. She looked at me concerned "What's wrong Scarlet?" "Samuel and Kenny are fighting Tyler in the parking lot. You have to stop them." I said panting

She nodded and followed me outside. When we reached outside they were still fighting. With a flick of her hand, Mrs. Giles froze the whole scene. Her powers are great. Mrs. Giles is a powerful witch and she could take anyone's power for ten minutes enough for them to calm down but she can't use her powers on powerful beings someone like Sam who stood there glaring at her. I rushed towards him, his lip was bleeding and his arm wounded with a bite mark. He wasn't healing, damn werewolf bite is fatal to vampires, no wonder he's not healing. "Sam, are you ok?" I asked He was too busy glaring at Mrs. Giles to answer my question. I shook him "Sammy?" He snapped out and looked at me. The yellow faded bringing back the crystal blue. "Are you okay?" he asked me instead I laughed "I'm fine, are you okay?" He looked down at his arm "I won't soon be" his started to look like it was burned. "Prince Samuel, in my office now" snapped Mrs. Giles. _... Now we all sat in Mrs. Giles office. She glared at every one of us. No one said a word. "Explain" Finally Mrs. Giles said "He started it" Tyler exclaimed pointing at Sam "He punched me in the face" I looked at Sam who had his jaw clenched and I could see the flecks of yellow in his eyes. Mrs. Giles looked at Sam "Why did you punch him?" "Because he asked Scarlet out in front of me" Sam growled Mrs. Giles eyes widened as she looked at Tyler "Why would you do that? Were you trying to provoke him?" She asked angrily "Why wouldn't I do that, Scarlet is a beautiful girl and-" Samuel growled and moved to get up but I held his hand tightly.

"I mean he has no right to stop her, she can take her own decisions herself" Continued Tyler "Of course he has his rights" Said Mrs. Giles "Why, just because he's the prince" Tyler scoffed "No because he's my husband" I answered this time He looked at me, shock on his face "Your kidding me" "Don't you watch the news, idiot" Kenny snapped who had been quiet ever since. Tyler glared at him "For your kind of information, I just arrived from California and I don't think they show supernatural news on TV" he snapped back Mrs. Giles sighed "It's our fault we should have introduced him to everyone. He doesn't know much about us. He was raised in the human world." She told us But then she glared at Tyler "But today was your first day and you started fights on your first day" "But I-" "No. The next time I hear anything I would not hesitate to call your father" She then looked at Sam "You might be the prince but you're still my student and I will not tolerate this kind of behavior" Then she looked at Kenny "And you Mr. Williams, would you like to explain why you were involved in the fight?" All eyes turned on Kenny "He was about to jump on Scarlet and Sam- Samuel. If I hadn't jumped in between, Scarlet would've been hurt and you know that she's." He stopped without going further. He looked at me and I gave him a faint smile. Mrs. Giles nodded "This should happen again" she said looking at the four of us "Are we clear?" "Yes Mam" We all replied She nodded and got up. Se pressed her fingers on Sam's forehead and all his wounds healed, even the bit mark. She did that to Kenny and Tyler too. "You all may leave now" She said We all walked out. Anna and Edward were waiting outside.

"Did you get detentions?" Edward asked teasingly I rolled my eyes "No, Mrs. Giles was kind enough to let us go" "Scar, I'm sorry. I went out of line out there" Sam said to me "It's ok" He smiled then looked at Kenny. For a moment they both looked at each other and I thought maybe they would talk but Sam sighed and walked away. "Are you really married?" Tyler asked I thought he was gone. I sighed "Yes" I was angry with him but a part of me knew it wasn't his fault. "Oh" He looked disappointed and I thought maybe he would just back away from me but then he surprised me by saying "It's ok, I don't mind married chicks" My mouth hung down at his remark. He smiled and looked at me "I always get what I want Scarlet" with that he left "Are you ok?" I heard Anna. I thought she was speaking to me so I turned towards her and found out that she was talking to Kenny. HE looked at her for a moment before looking away "YeaI'm good" And I also needed to find out what happened between these two. _... I quickly changed my cloths and got ready by 7:30. I walked out of the bathroom to see Sam sitting on the bed with his laptop. I knew Sam wouldn't let me go alone so I already had a plan. "Sam?" "Hmm?" he was lost in his laptop "I'm going out for a bit" His eyes snapped up "Noyou know it's dangerous for you to go out there since we were attacked twice." "But I-"

"Where do you wanna go?" He asked cutting me off "The grizzlies" "Why are you going to the grizzlies" He asked "I just want to spend some time alone. Why can't I just be alone for a bit" I snapped "I'll take you with me" "No!...I'll take Edward" "You'd rather take Edward than me?" He sounded hurt "Yes" "He's just a kid, he doesn't even know how to defend himself, how do you expect him to protect you" He snapped "I'll take two extra guards with me" "No" "No?" "No" he said simply "Please just let me go, I promise I'll be back soon" I pleaded "Fine, I want you back my 9 and if you don't return till then. I will come down to grizzlies" I beamed and hugged him happily "Thank you" I kissed his cheek and quickly grabbed my jacket. "And I want you to text me every 5 mints that your safe" He said before I left I smiled "Okay I will" then I ran out grabbed Edward and went to grizzlies. _... I reached grizzlies with Edward. He sighed "Scar, this is a really bad idea" I rolled my eyes "Just chill ok, I won't let anything happen to you. Besides we have two guards" I got out of the car, Edward following my lead.

Grizzlies is a bar and diner, usually people here come for fun but I just came for information, isn't that nice. I looked around; there was a bar in the far corner and a dance floor in the middle where people were swaying. There was stairs going up leading to the VIP section. I didn't understand why Kenny called me here. I looked around for him in the crowd. Some grabbed my shoulder. I jerked and turned around to see Kenny. He smiled "Hey, come on, follow me" He took us down in side a hall. Rooms passed as we walked by and it said gay section. Ugh I looked at Kenny shocked "Kenny your gay?" poor Anna "What?" he frowned then looked at the board "Uhm no, I'm perfectly straight" We a door, he opened a door to reveal a diner. People were sitting and eating. We walked in and sat in one of the empty booths. "So what would you like" He asked I smiled; the only thing I would like right now is information. "Why did you call me here?" I asked looking around "Well I work here and I get off at usually 11 but I took off early" he replied "What! You work here? Why didn't you ever tell me?" I asked shocked "Well it should've been obvious. I have no parent, my mother is dead and my father is in a mental asylum. I'm independent" Oh Kenny. Why does he always makes me hurt. He's too nice to deserve all of this. He shouldn't be working, he should be enjoying his life like other teens but then he isn't really a teen. I sighed I would really like to solve and finish this mystery. Whatever happened between Kenny and Sam was because of Delilah but I seriously want to know what happened between Kenny and Anna. What did Kenny do to make Sam so angry at him? What did he do to make Anna hate him? What really happened?