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Reading Exercises C1,

1.Read the extracts and answer the questions:

A) He concepts of innovation and marketing as key drivers of successful businesses may be old hat to British executives but European Union policy makers are just waking up to them, according to management consultants. B) When Health Secretary John James announced an investment of 5.3 sterling pounds to build 30 new hospitals a fortnight ago the Labour heartlands must have jumped with joy. At last their hard earned taxes and the impossibly large government surplus were going into a decent programme of NHS renewal. Tangible fruits of the Prime Ministers commitment to raise health spending to EU levels were at least being seen. C) D. The new national breastfeeding line from the National Childbirth Trust has proved so innovative it is winning awards. The line allows parents concerned about breastfeeding to gain information, support and access to expert counselors quickly and efficiently. A virtual call center routes parents to their nearest local expert using innovative technology provided by D) G Telecom and developed by Brand technology. E) F) E. Working in a specialist college of art and design has frequently felt like membership of an endangered species. The predators have been the multi-subject institutions who have effected merges and acquisitions under the banner of economies of scale. National funding methodologies have been prejudicial for small colleges. G) H) F. Ancient Greece was not a good place to get sick. Standards of public sanitation might have been world-beating at the time and scientific understanding unrivalled but nowhere near the standards of the most dilapidated and fetid of Victorian public hospitals. I) J) G. Whether people are learning online or in classrooms, one thing is for sure, the internet revolution has made learning IT skills more essential than ever. Yet, in the busy workplace , employees who have less time than ever, especially to find time for three years retraining in Britains leafy university campuses.

K) L) H. Washington teams with a hundred industrial lobbyists.They cluster around the brand of luxury offices and expensive restaurants which stretches from the White House to the Capitol building a two-mile axis along which money and power are constantly traded. M) N) Now answer these questions: O) P) 1.Which three articles relate to health issues? Q) 2.Which two articles are about education? R) 3.Which article is about the USA? 4.Which article is about sailing? S) 5.Which two articles compare Britain favourable to somewhere else? T) 6.Which article focuses on a positive change in British society? U) 7.Which two articles focus on a negative trend in society? V) 8.Which three articles have a clear political focus? W) 9.Which tow articles are concerned with prizes? X) Y) Answers: 1. B,D, F 8.A,B,H 9.C,D Z) AA) 2.E, G 3.H 4. C 5. A,F 6.D 7.E,G