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Hive Fleet Amarok (the Great Wolf)

First Recorded Contact: 838 M41 with an exploratory Fleet in the Valen System within the Goul Stars Region (north eastern fringe of galactic space) Primary Colors: Black Skin with Dark Blue to Ice Blue Chitin, and silver eyes Notable encounters: (Devoured) (Stalemate) (Devoured) Ork Warlord Makgard Iron Hide and his WAAAGH! Craftworld Yme_Locs Third Fleet led by Farseer Iridi, and Autarch Krasus Imperial Guard Regiment led by Commissar Yarrick

Main Tactics: utilizes Ymgarl Stealer broods and large waves of Mycetic spores to isolate and destroy enemy opposition, led by a Hive Tyrant that physically looks similar to the Swarmlord encountered on Macragge. Designated: Tyrant Lord, Also the Doom of Malantai has been observed within the swarm as part of the vanguard force in mycetic spores.


842.M41 a ruined explorator fleet is found within the Valen system sent to bring the light of
the Emperor back. What ships remained where covered with bio plasma scarring, and what appeared to be giant claw marks. Scouting teams sent into the derelict vessels found only ruins and signs of fierce boarding actions, and compartment to compartment fighting. In the commanders quarters was what remained of a data log which showed the grim truth of what happened, though much was missing the message it sent was clear. DATA LOG ENTRY+ERROR+ find the Valen system scoured of all life, records showed that system was full of life before the +DATA CORRUPTED+, further investigation shows that +ERROR+ stripped from the system, Something doesnt feel right I can feel in my gut. Ive seen this before but for the love of the emperor I cant remember where. DATA LOG ENTRY 3452-+ERROR+ (Panicked gun fire and explosions) By Holy Terra its them its really them, just like Macragge, theyve already boarded us, +ERROR+ (high pitch alien screeches) caught us off guard the whole fleet is trapped, weve no hope of survival (closer gunfire, frantic screaming can now be heard)

+ERROR+ only hope that this survives to warn the imperium, before its too (tearing sounds and more alien screeching), damn them! theyre at the door,(single gunshot, one final alien screech).. END DATA LOG

856.M41 more clues as to the identity of this Hive fleet are found when the Ork warlord
Makgard Iron Hide blunders his massive WAAGH into the Hive fleet. The initial fighting is fierce in the beginning as the Bio ships tear asunder the ramshackle hulks and cruisers of Makgards fleet, however the WAAGH was not be denied and many Bio ships were blown stem to stern. The WAAGH had the upper hand in both numbers and fire power, so the Tyrant Lord had the hive fleet do something unexpectedit ran to the nearby planet of Manxome. This planet was to be the next meal for the hive fleet had it not been for Makgard. As the fleeing bio ships passed the planet they spewed out hundreds of thousands of mycetic spores onto the frozen world. Makgards fleet instead of pursuing the remaining hive ships he directed his WAAGH onto the planet, just as the Tyrant Lord had predicted. The planet Manxome became an long guerilla war between the Tyrant Lord and Warlord Makgard, unbeknownst to Makgard underneath the ice shelf of the planet was vast amounts of bio mass that the Tyranids harvested with ruthless efficiency. While swarms on the surface distracted Makgard and his boyz, an ever growing swarm of Tyranids were literally just below the surface. As the war dragged on for months Makgard and his boyz were getting tired of endless skirmishes they wanted a fight, and finally the Tyrant Lord was ready meet Makgard on the field of battle. The battle was going exactly as Makgard had thought it would, his boyz were pushing the chithering swarm back at an alarming rate, unable to contain himself he threw himself to the front lines with his retinue of mega armored nobz at his side he cut a swath of death and destruction through broods of gaunts and warriors. Everything was going as planned the foolish leader of the orks was stretching out his lines, the leader himself was isolated from the bulk of his horde, the rest of the swarm was in position under the ice behind the tide of greenskins, the trap was set and the Tyrant Lord gave the single. In an instant everything went wrong the swarm in front of him seemed to instantly become fiercer and he soon found himself and his nobz surrounded, while behind the lines massive trygons appeared with broods of vicious raveners and immediately set upon the rear lines of the orks, while simultaneous assaults by genestealer broods attacked from the flanks. Cut off from their leader the horde quickly fell into disarray. Meanwhile the situation in orbit was just as grim as the hive fleet returned with a vengeance upon the orkish fleet, having their numbers

bolstered by devouring a nearby star system the hive fleet now matched the ork fleet and it was caught in a deadly pincer movement. All around Makgard was chaos with the coming of the bio ships the tyranid swarm was again boosted by the return of mycetic spores that unleashed broods of mighty carnifexs and warriors upon the now beleaguered ork forces, it was then that the swarm stopped attacking Makgard and his retinue and in a heartbeat he stood before the Tyrant Lord complete with a retinue of tyrant guard and challenged Makgard. With a mighty roar the two commanders charged each other with a thunderous crash and immediately Makgard saw himself outmatched the kustom force field generator did little to protect himself from the thunderous blows of the Tyrant Lord while he himself could do little to even hit his monstrous opponent. In a last desperate attempt the warlord threw himself at his opponent only to be pierced by three of the Tyrant Lords swords with the fourth hoisting him high in the air like a rag doll, it was this sight alone that broke the ork horde. With their leader dead the horde soon succumbed to the chithering swarm of tyranids while in space the last of the ork fleet was ripped in half, and so the hive fleet claimed its first major victory.

861.M41 This was the first time the swarms advance was halted by the enigmatic elder of
craftworld Yme-Locs third fleet. The swarm had gained an abundance of bio mass from the ork warlord and his whaaagh, but it still hungered for more and so like a wolf on the hunt the hive fleet moved deeper into the galactic plain. Meanwhile in the third fleets flagship Undracard, farseer Iridi watched in horror as she saw the destruction of the maiden world Vae Victus was consumed by a new Tyranid hive fleet. Slowly she drew herself out of her meditation to think on what she had seen while scrying the paths of fate. Standing next to her was Autarch Krasus, an imposing figure who was one of the most brilliant tacticions of the craftworld since Prince Yriel, he had watched over nearly a thousand battles without a single defeat to his name, however as the farseer told him of the battle to soon come even he worried if success could be possible, but with determination in his eyes he ordered the fleet to make all hast to the maiden world.

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