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A Strain-The "A" strain cubensis is a strong culture and average

colonization times. Prolific fruiter with beautiful pins with caps covered in warts. This strain tends to have very large fruit that sporulate heavily. Easy to fruit strain and a classic.

Acadian Coast-Harvested from the wilds of Southern Louisiana, this

strain offers many unique characteristics for the home experimenter. Highly rhizomorphic mycelium and abundant fruiting should be expected from this strain.I really love this strain and am glad to finally offer it to you

Ban Hua Thanon-I have to admit I have fallen in love with this
particular strain. It seems to work well on just about anything...spores are extremely strong and flushes just seem to keep coming

Australian-Great all around strain! Large meaty fruits, with a rounded top
cap. Large yielding strain. Stems are thick and meaty. Heavy spore depositor and the veil breaks clean away from the cap allowing for optimal printing. Fruits will mature fast once pinning has initiated.

Brazil-This is a wonderful prolific fruiting strain. It is an extremely fast

colonizer with mycelium that rips through the substrate. One of the fastest colonizing strains I've had the pleasure to research. It produces some nice large meaty fruits with the veil tending to be thicker at the cap causing it to tear from the stem most of the time. The stems tend to mostly be thicker at the bottom assuring a nice foundation for some of the giants this strain is capable of producing. As for isolating the aggressive mycelium, the Brazilian seems to be self isolating making this a wonderful strain for the beginner. This strain produces nice dark prints to continue your research with.

Cambodian-I've seen them colonize a q jar in 6-8 days. They're faster

then almost any cubby , Brazilians are just a little faster. The cams are also potent with a reasonably high level of psilocybe. Get ready for a long, mind blowing night of viewing with this guy.

Creeper-Good strain. Above average in size. Potency fluctuates more than

other strains. Still, it's a pretty nice strain. Very hearty and reliable. Golden teacher-This guy is one of our most popular and overstocked strain. Wonderful fruiter. Fairly rizomorphic mycelium. Nice dense fruits with thick meaty stems. Light golden cap (hence the name) Veil breaking away cleanly from cap. Great strain for performance and potency. Dark spore depositor.

Guadalajara-A nice strong rizomorphic culture with fast colonization

times. A hearty fruiter with fast maturing fruits. Caps start out as dark pins but mature into a nice golden color. What an interesting experience working with the fellas. I highly recommend these

Lipa Yai

- Thai-Awesome rizomorphic cubies. Wonderful performer with meaty fruits! Prints are average to dark. The Lipa Yai strain is similar to the Koh Samui strain in the fact it is a fast colonizer, is a strong resister to contamination, fruits very easy and fast, and is very potent for a cubensis. The big difference in the 2 is that the Lipa Yai grows taller and produces a lighter cap. The Koh Samui tends to produce smaller, yet very thick stemmed and large caps, while the Lipa Yai grows taller, semi-thick stems, and semilarge cap. Both are excellent strains.

Orrisa India-All the way from India, an EXTREMELY large growing

cubensis that spawned from elephant dung has blessed us all. This strain of cubensis has to be one of the largest growing we have ever seen.We have seen some mixed results from this one as well. We've seen some very deformed mushrooms on casings with poor results in the beginning, and quite a few very beautiful casings runs with some very large and robust mushrooms. We have also seen some excellent results from cakes giving very large and impressive fruits.Colonizing speed is average, with fairly rizomorphic mycelium, and potency is extreme for a cubensis.

From the mountains of Peru. And over a year in the testing stages. Were confident youll enjoy this new and original strain. This strain does excellent on dung!!!! Prolific spore producer, med to large caps. Beautiful color, and changes it seems flush to flush. Very good, even pinset...never have seen an abort yet. Good for 4-6 flushes...seems very resistant to contams.

Puerto Rican-This strain can be challenging for some, due to Extremely

rizomorphic mycelium which tends to overlay. Excellent fruiter with potent fruits. Very aggressive colonizer. Fairly larger caps that leave nice dark prints. Well worth the care and patience needed. Works well in casings and cakes.

South American-This strain is a great all around performer! Fast growth

and high yields. You'll get some monsters from time to time with this strain. Rizomorphic mycelium eager to spread. Caps tend to split some and I believe this to be due to the fast growth rate of the fruits. Heavy spore depositor.

Tak Mountain Cube-Another excellent strain brought to us by John

Allen. Found as a single specimen at 1000 elevation. An initial grow of this strain produced a 90 gram fruit. A very robust and strong producer. You will definitely want this one in your collection.

Z Strain-Very Rizomorphic mycelium seems to isolate itself and aggressive

colonizer. One of the fastest strains from inoculation to harvests I've seen. Prolific fruiter with little to no recovery time between flushes

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