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PSOt tO-E-PRSC-001
Status: 2011-02-25

3. ) I diff>>>

This is a s mple instantaneous unrestrained highest differentialover current setting.It s not nfluenced by restraining current (triple slope characteristics), harmonic restraint,ovorfluxing restraint or saturation detector.Hence for fast fault clearance, ld>>> could be set below the current for a fault at the transformer terminals. Such a fauh involves the bus fault level as it is not limi tedby the winding impedances. This is set greater than the transfotmer inrush current andbel ow the fault at lhe transformer terminals. The 3-phase minimum fault curren1at 132kV side= 7.100kA
2 phasc m inimum faul t current at 132kV side= 7100 x 1.73212 = 6148A lrof for Bus fault= (61481400) x 1.306 = 20.07 x lrof

ld ff>>> should be less than 200 . 7 x lmf. Hence rho selected setting

I ldiff> =8 x lrof
4) ml

This is the secondsection of the trippingcharacteristic covers the loadcurrent range, so that in this section we must reckon no1only with the transformer magnetizingcurrent, which appears as differentialamcnt,but also withdifferenta i lcurrent that can be anributed to the transformato i n errors of tho current transformer sets. The second section of the trippingchatactcristic forms a straight line, the slope of which should correspond to the cumulative tot.aJ error of the panicipatingcurrent transformer sets.The curve slope m1 can be set. The differential and restrainingcurrent variables for each measurement system arecalculated from the current variables aher amplitude and vector groupmatching.The FoUowing equation isused to calculate the differentialand restraining current
(ldllref) = mlx (IR/Iref) + (ldiff> llrof) x (t -0.5x ml)

However the suitabWty of this setting is veri fied asbel ow. Differentialcurrent on hiQhest and lowest tap position withselectedct muttiolier: As cakutated above, Differentia) current on highest tap position = 0.186:3 x fret Differential current on lowest tapposition = 0.2167 x lref
Rgstmjnjog current on hjghgst and lowest mp posjtjoos:

Restrainingcurrent on highest tap posi tion = (09 . 0865 + 0.99958)1 2 = 0.954 t

Restarini.ngcurrent on lowest tap position = (1.11075 + 0.99958)12 = 1.0551 Therefore:

For highest tap position:IR = 0.954 f x!ref, & ldiff = 0,1863 x Jrol For Lowest tap position:IR = 1.0551 x fret &ldiff = o 21&7 x fret

Boundary of the operating region is calculatedbelow:

Wjth ld > = 0.22 and m1 = 0.2:

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