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These notes highlight my old ilmp3 audio files project of making mini-audio files from hadith narrations meant

for hadith memorization. The hadith audio snippets links below don't work but you can access them on the sidebar on the right at my blog page: http://muslimology.wordpress.com/ You can burn them on a CD and play them on repeat and memorize the ahadith quite easily... Evangelical Christianity- Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad

Full lecture: http://cambridgekhutbasetc.blogspot.ca/2009/10/thoughts-on-evangelicalchristianity.html

Notes: -Pentagon Daily briefing has bible verse on it. -Ahlul Kitab is essentially a respectful community -responding w/ somethign better is a secret to wilaya -militant christians are human beings as well, spend their lives trying to justify to themselves their own persuasion and shaped by what they want to think about themselvespower, privilege, success=people are attracted at that -principle of all religions: Allah is with the poor, and outcast, genuinely He prefers those who despise power elites -Book of Genesis and in Islam: story of Ibrahim and 2 sons; evangelicals talk of Ishmael as outcast, and want to smack down Ishmael, the rejected by privilege, refugee; Perhaps one can show them about how although God is with the outcasts, he doesnt abandon the privileged; Islam is not either/or, we are both/and (Isaac and Ishmael) b/c from Ishmael comes the vindication of the poor- Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam -Jesus with his eyes of fire, feet of brass and rod of iron smiting this unbelievers, the Ishmaelitesviolent image of his reappearance in Book of Genesis -If God has prescribed mercy on himself than that has historical reprecussions on how we look at the world;a God who lacks compassion is one who stuffs all of salvation into a single moment, so to say that only in the last 2000 years, makes nonsense of the Divine love, thats arbitrary dictate, -Evangelicals have replicated the traditional christian polemic against jews towards Muslims -Mutazila: we dont have salvation by works, God MUST give you jannah Sunni/Ashari: we have boundaries, laws, for society actions dont save, but they are indication of love that brings about those actions and this love will earn Jannah -Qurb, maiya, proximity to Allah and His messenger if you love them, is what will help you get Jannah -Only the blood of God is enough to save you from his sinfulness; American soldiers had shipped in 300,000 thousand copies of the bible in Pashtu, and said, you have to bathed in the blood of the lamb inorder to be saved-Prodigal son who become a swine herder and returns to father and he forgives him -We are indebted to God and so there has to be a infinite sacrificial victim; Allah doesnt require debt being repayed (legalism) or have someone else pays for him or Allah gives it away for free (sadaqa) which is Allahs nature and this is most morally sound, Allah is the fountainhead of morality and this is the beauty of true monotheism, Allah is the author of the system of salvation and certainly has it in His power to forgive -Trinity: To have love the 3 need some distinctiveness, center of consciousness, and interact with each other; that is imputing plurality with the Divine Nature, we have 99 Names but they arent centers of consciousness that love each other, they are Name, And Allahs center is Wahid, -Very hard to a relationship with this kind of triangular, algebraic problem; three that are also one, what kind of person is thatif its 3 consciousnesses in one consciousnesses and theological

polemic over how you define that -Charles Dickens rejected Trinity and was Unitarian, Florence Nightingale -We believe we have a better relationship with Sayydina Eesa if he isnt this puzzle of divine and human, infinite and finite in one; we feel closer to him than when I was christian; Anglican often take our position on -2002 survey done on Anglican priests called, Cost of Conscience Survey, found 78 percent of male Anglican priests believe in doctrine of the trinity, 70 percent female priests- so 1/4 dont believe in this crown of christian theology, and privately they dont go along with it b/c it problematizes Jesus except for the headbanger, millenial christians and theyre hearts can be softened very easily: http://www.trushare.com/SURVEY/New%20Survey%20Page%20241003.htm -Bear in mind Allahs love and centrality of rahmah, vengeful Jesus challenges mercy of God; Hateful towards each other is not part of message of Islam or Sayyidina Eesa

Reflections no schizophrenic nature to God in Islam, plurality and multiple centers of consciousness is peculiar to

Lookup: American Fascists American Theocracy by Kevin Philips/Freisaman God as Spirit by Jeffrey Lamp (Prof @ Cambridge Divinity) -Trinity very poorly supported and such an obstacle to worship it is time to leave it behind; obstructs direct access to Allah (qurb- proximity to Allah) Tyranny of Trinity The Trinity; Christianitys self-inflicted wound by Anthony Buzzard (internal christian argument) Misquoting Jesus: The Story behind who changed the bible and why by Bart D. Ehrman (was a fundamentalist and was so good, went to Princeton seminary and eventually he realized plenary inspiration doesnt add up)

New terminology, imagery, conceptualizations, phrase summaries imperium cradle Muslims positive metabolic relationship b/w Muslims and Ahlul kitab religiously motivated adventurism prosperity gospel churchs historic halitosis as shouted towards jews and we are breathing something of the same fetted atmosphere Tashuva (Hebrew) is Tawba Metaphysical conundrum (Trinity) Tahreef: changing the scriptures (not an issue for serious bible students who have accepted this) Biblical inerrancy

ILMp3 Audio (click file to download audio snippet)

5:00- quranic verse on good non-Muslims, they are not all the same, among them are the upright 5:30- kataba ala nafsi rahma (prescribed mercy upon himself) hadith 6:20- itfa bilatihu ahsan (repel something evil with something that is better, dont replicate hatred) quran 6:40- and then the one between whom was enemity will become like a friend quran 9:00- ana indal munkhasirati kulubuhum- I am with the broken hearted hadith and early verses of Quran is this is a message to uplift those who are despised, Firawn/Musa (narration of this hadith here: http://tinyurl.com/yjkzlqc 15:00- li kulli qawmin haad (every people had a guide) 18:15- la yadhkulhulu ahadaukum al-jannatu bi amalikala wala ant ya Rasulullah? illa an yataghamadin bi Allahu rahmatik (no one will enter jannah by their works, not even by except when Allah encompasses me in his mercy) hadith 19:00- when will the hour be? what have you made ready for it (not a useful question) love Allah and His Messenger salallahu alayhi wasalam (al maru, ma man ahab) 20:11- on the day when neither wealth or offspring will profit you, only those who come to God with a sound heart quran 24:10- innallaha yaghfiru junuba (Allah forgives all sins, and He can let us off) 24:30- Shafaati bi ahlil kabair minal ummati (My intercession is for the sinners of my community hadith) 24:45- Shafaati bi akhthari man fil ardh min khajarin wa mudhar (My intercession will be for the majority of the people of Earth hadith-that can mean non-Muslims as well, maybe Allahu Alam) 28:00- Wa nahnu aqrabu ilayhi min hablil wareed (We are closer to man than his jugular vein); closeness in ibadah 33:00- laysu sawa (they are not all the same quran); some are furious, others arent