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Acknowledgment (creative arts) (and scientific literature and writing), a statement of gratitude for assistance in producing a work

There is a sparkly potential to this Full Moon in Leo, that is one you find the extreme stuck spot or a few when it comes to love, emotions or selfexpression, there is potential for an unexpected twist to unleash creative energy to freely flow energies in abundance. redraw boundaries and claim a sacred, inspired inner atmosphere. Both Jupiter and the asteroid Vesta turn direct in the next week. Jupiter symbolizes expansion, curiosity and faith. Vesta, the goddess of the hearth-fires, symbolizes our inner truth, as well as focus and commitment to that truth. When planets turn direct, their energies go out into the world with renewed purpose. Jupiter direct urges us to think and act with confidence, moving our goals forward now. Vesta will give us the focus and commitment to make it happen. This is because you carry a unique heart flame. There is no one else who can replace you. This makes you invaluable to the greater whole. You are a creator. You came to create the New Earth. In Leo, we create from our heart and soul Each one of us makes a difference, and as we join forces, we constellate a synergistic whole far greater than the sum of its parts. ~ Stephanie Austin, Mountain Astrologer
buoyancy {sustantivo} buoyancy {sustantivo}
flotabilidad {f}
reserve of buoyancy reserva de flotabilidad

Set your intentions. Hold the vision of what you want to create and manifest. Uranus is the awakener. Uranus is in harmony with the Leo Full Moon. Uranus is in supportive connection with Jupiter. These are some of the best aspects that we can feel. Uranus in positive aspect to both lights creates pleasant surprises. Uranus wants us to make our lives fresh and lively. This is an excellent time for new activities. We are making discoveries about Self and the world. Your life may have an exciting quality that is not always present. We will find the freedom to reinvent ourselves and tap into new currents of creativity. You will be successful in every way you reach out to encounter new experience.

Are you hungry for change? Are you ready to reinvent yourself? What action steps can you take to make your life more interesting? Are you ready for new encounters, friends and LOVE? Are you willing to be your authentic Self? Will you honor your creative Self-expression to expand and grow? Are you ready to shift out of old physical habits that hurt your body? We end the month of January on an extremely high note. Jupiter is direct on January 30! Yeah! It is time for Jupiter dancing. Jupiter rules prosperity, personal and business expansion. It is challenging to expand our finances and business when Jupiter is retrograde (asleep). Jupiter has been retrograde since October 5, 2012. Jupiter direct bodes well for our year ahead.

Whats more, Jupiter direct January 30. We have all the planets direct until February 18! This is our green light from the universe. We can ride this creative wave to our new sparkling shores. What you have been working on, dreaming and developing. It is time to implement your plans for 2013. Go for your dreams. Go for your wishes and hearts desires. Saturn will help us make it real and lasting.

exhilarating {adjetivo} exhilarating {adj.} (tambin: invigorating, stimulating)

estimulante {adj. m/f}
Life on tour demands a lot from you, but it is also anexhilarating

This is the best time in all eternity for a Creator to Create. . What can be more exhilarating than to find a dream from the contrast, to fixate on the dream and let it give you pleasure as it grows, and then to watch Law of Attraction bring it into manifestation while you help with your action

Now we find ourselves in a great awakening. We have the opportunity to retrace our steps, to return to union with Original Cause. We who have deepened the illusion of seperation are now poised to retrieve what seemed to be lost forever. Through the gift of rebirth and ascension, we are reclaiming our original state of union with God. We are going home. The process of rebirth and ascension can be viewed simply as the raising of the vibratory rate of the Earth and her children. It is embodied in the state of consciousness that knows the self as divine. The circlet, or crown, is a symbol of recognizing and knowing that divine self. So the crown as a sacred tool is a universal symbol of the completion of a circle of self-empowerment and selfauthority. Full ascension is the freedom to take your physical form with you to other planes and dimensions. In preparation for the ascension, there is an opening and clearing of your light seals and chakras. If you choose to walk this path, know that in the embodiment of your "I Am" self, you will learn to accept all things unconditionally, forgiving and releasing all judgements of yourself and others. The activation of solar mind and ascension is already in progress. In divine fusion, you are becoming the one body of the ascension. Open your heart as a flower to the Sun, and become the same love that holds universes together! The circlet, or crown, is a symbol of recognizing and knowing that divine self. So the crown as a sacred tool is a universal symbol of the completion of a circle of self-empowerment and self-authority.

When you are dancing, you can use your very state of imbalance to create the fluidity of the dance.

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