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Elderly Malaysians Old is gold , the idiom tells us that we should appreciate everything classified as old.

. Here, particularly I would like to explain about the elderly Malaysians. Elderly people are respectable person in our country. Therefore, Malaysian government gives the first priority for these special group people. Government provided special facilities for elderly people namely in financial support, medical treatment and builds old folks homes. Money is an important for all human being to live. Mostly elderly Malaysians are retried. Some of them having their own savings and most of them not. So, for that purpose nowadays government employed elderly people under contract based in doing cleaning works such as sweeping, gardening and dusting. From this, elderly people able to earn money to survive their life. Furthermore, government provided a small amount of loan for elderly people to start their own business. By this way, they able to conduct their business besides pay back loan to government. Beside this, government also provided welfare fundamental for elderly those really unable to work. This money or aid which given by government to elderly people help them to survive their own life. Furthermore, government also gives special priority to elderly Malaysians in medical treatment. Nowadays, there are many government clinic and hospital which provided free treatment without any medical fees for elderly people. Besides that, most of the clinic giving first priority for elderly people which they not need to queue up to wait for their turn. In addition, they were given medical appointment based on their own convenient. Recently, government increases the development of old folks home project around the Malaysia. By this way, government support elderly people those are hopeless. The elderly Malaysians are encouraged and motivated to build a new life. Furthermore, government also allocate a sum of amount to developing home for elderly Malaysians. To support the idea, government successfully had launched a number of old folks home around our country.

As a conclusion, Malaysian government giving priority for elderly Malaysians. By employing elderly people under contract based, make them to not need depend others

for support them in financial. Free medical treatment in government clinic and hospital also support elderly people and motivated them physically and mentally prepared to build a new life. So, as a Malaysian we should approach and support Malaysian Government for giving special care for elderly Malaysians.


KALIAMMAL MUNIANDY KOMALAH SUBRAMANIAN Intoduction Old is gold idiom First priority government Financial support Free medical treatment Old folks home

First paragraph Financial Support employed - contract based provided loan business welfare fundamental

Second paragraph Medical treatment government clinic and hospital free treatment not need to queue up medical appointment convenient

Third paragraph Old folks home government support hopeless encourage new life government allocate sum built home

Conclusion not need to depend financial support not need spend money medical physically and mentally prepared approach and support government