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The introduction of the tenth Lancer Evolution is a big milestone. Not

only for Mitsubishi Motors, but for everyone who loves high-performance

cars that are both functional and beautiful. This special book is an ode to

every aspect of the new Lancer Evolution.

As Ryugo Nakao, Product Executive, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, says:

‘The dramatic leaps forward in the evolutionary process of the Lancer

Evolution have been driven by the cutting-edge technology developed and

honed through our participation in the motorsport arena, fed back into

our production models. We invite you to experience for yourself the next

step up the evolutionary ladder.’


Early living 6
A frank and colourful behind-the-scenes view of the actual design realization of the new Lancer Evolution.


Survival of the fittest 14

From 19th century Mitsubishi beginnings and successful rally history to nine successive generations of Lancer Evolutions.
A flight through time.


The expression of emotion 24

An emotional, visual tribute to the new Lancer Evolution.


Science & study 36

Food for petrolheads. All the facts and figures, technical specifications and elements that make a perfect driver’s car.


Natural selection 48
Portraits of Jackie Chan and other passionate people with big Evo-hearts.


Power of movement 54
The new Lancer Evolution is put to the test in the beautiful and rugged Black Mountain area of Wales.


Evolutionary psychology 66
The innovative interior of the Lancer Evolution proves that function and beauty can go hand in hand.


Reviews 72
What do international automotive journalists think of the Lancer Evolution?


Varieties of species 74
Trim levels, technical specifications, equipment, colours, dimensions, accessories… Here you’ll find it all.

Index 86


Early living
With each new model created by Mitsubishi Motors, every millimetre

presents tough choices for its designers as they strive to balance form

and function while remaining true to the car and company’s heritage.

Despite the many obstacles that had to be faced, Mitsubishi’s passionate

design team came through gloriously. And so the tenth Lancer Evolution

was born. This is its inside story.

Matsuhara led the design development of the

Lancer Evolution (as he had for the Lancer).

He works at MRDE (Mitsubishi Research &

Development Europe) and talks full of passion

about Mitsubishi’s latest creation: “The new

Lancer Evolution is now both a reality and our Norihiko Yoshimine (Designer Hiroaki Matsunobu (Expert project Norikazu Nakao (Clay modeller Tsuyoshi Imaizumi (Digital
exterior, MMC). manager, MMC). exterior, MMC). modeller exterior, MMC).
company’s flagship. During the years I was in

charge of it, we stayed loyal to the following

three aims: First we had to improve function-

ality, so we pushed back the boundaries in all

areas, lengthening the wheelbase for greater

stability, lowering the centre of gravity and

widening the track. In the meantime we also

reduced the front and rear overhangs to make

the car more manoeuvrable both at speed and

in town. The second aim was to create an opti-

mal shape while taking the Lancer Evolution’s

aerodynamics to a new level. For the exterior,

in particular, our engineers completed an

These very first design proposals by exterior designer Norihiko Yoshimine ultimately
exhaustive wind tunnel test programme. The led to the new Lancer Evolution.

third aim was to give the car a design that

appeals to the customer, the toughest task of

all for any designer. But we believe there can

be real beauty in a shape designed to be

functional and if that design is executed with

real skill and emotion, it will possess the

34,5645609840 : 89676,469850469 power to ignite passion in those that see it.

BxA Now that development is finished, we the

designers are confident that the Lancer

Evolution is a fitting flagship for Mitsubishi.

Please go and see it in real-life. Then feel it,

sense it. You will not be dis­appointed.”

Masaki Matsuhara, General Manager of Design at MRDE, Germany.
3563 x 56

The exterior styling of
Two design proposals the Lancer (back) and
the Lancer Evolution
The best way to underline Matsuhara’s words (front) took place at
almost the same time.
is to explore two interesting phases in the

Lancer Evolution’s development and listen to

the designers closest to the project. The story

6495,06045 x 945
begins with the first ideas that were mere 8,23534
sketches but which led ultimately to the

development of two design proposals in 2004.

The Decision
Hiroaki Matsunobu, expert project manager for
Designer Norihiko Yoshimine and clay-model-
Lancer/Lancer Evolution, explains: “As with
ler Norikazu Nakao were in the the wind tunnel
the Lancer, the initial design was based on a
5 3 , 8 9785 96
MRDE proposal. Matsuhara was stationed 23,68 5 : 4 day after day, refining Yoshimine’s model in

collaboration with engineers. Yoshimine: “The

with MRDE and took the proposal with him
rally inspired blister fender’s purpose was to
back to Japan, so we started the develop­­ment
achieve functional beauty but it proved difficult
of the Lancer Evolution. Then two proposals
to scale down. In the wind tunnel with the 40%
were developed at Okazaki, Mitsubishi’s R&D
model, we pursued pure functionality so had
centre in Japan.” In Japan the exterior de-
no time for design refinement.”
signer Norihiko Yoshimine was responsible
The time had come to decide which of the two
for one of the two proposals and duly made a
proposals for the 40% model to choose. The
40% scale model. Yoshimine: “The basic form
decision came when Yoshimine received a call
was unchanged, but the front fender was
from Matsuhara himself: “Your proposal has
different. My propo­sal was based on WRC
been selected. Do your best”.
rally cars that adopt blister fenders for aero-

dynamic reasons and our goal became to Carving the blister fender was one of the biggest obstacles to be overcome. Yoshimine, Nakao and the others turned to digital exterior modeller,
Tsuyoshi Imaizumi, for a final translation of all the hard facts to digital The 1/1 model
implement this feature into a passenger car. Clay modeller Norikazu Nakao doing his magic. data and vice versa.
The next stage was to make a 1/1 model of
I had the idea at the WRC ‘Rally of Japan’
Yoshimine’s proposal made of special clay.
where I heard people saying how the func-
Yoshimine: “In two weeks in the wind tunnel
tional beauty of such extreme shapes was
we made sure everything would work as it
really cool. I thought we could apply this
should while Norikazu Nakao shaped the clay
thinking to a road car.”
model according to the aerodynamic input. It

was the cold season, so his hands were numb

all the time. Nonetheless we managed it.”

10 11
Genuinely functional Yoshimine: “Door handles! To avoid these, the

The team now started to make a prototype rear fender had to be front sloping. The ideal

with a glass fibre body. Yoshimine: “It was aerodynamic shape seemed impossible to

impossible to open an air duct in the bonnet of create, because it would cover the recess for

the clay model so Tsuyoshi Imaizumi from the placing one’s hand on the door handle. We

digital group scanned the clay model. From tried all types of data—changing from concave

this data came the FRP (Fibre Reinforced to convex, or a curve that would eliminate the

Plastic) body. Usually we don’t make a glass blister in the rear. Converting the CAD data to

fibre prototype at this stage but the Lancer the clay model proved almost impossible, but

Evolution was different.” Matsunobu adds that finally we managed. The blister’s bulge is now

his team wanted to ensure at this point that smoothly fused with the door.”

the design was genuinely functional. All the

lines, ducts and outlets should have a func- Beauty

tion - no ornaments would be allowed. The With this important element conquered,

team tested the design from every angle Yoshimine, Nakao and the others turned to

through which airflow could pass. Yoshimine: digital exterior-modeller, Tsuyoshi Imaizumi,

“Even the outlet behind the front wheels is not for a final translation of all the hard facts to

simply for show but to let engine heat escape. digital data and vice versa. The final parts like

We made a shape in front of the hole so we the diffuser, the concave and convex surfaces

could improve its efficiency and even con- and the intake and outlets in the bonnet,

quered the aerodynamic disadvantage of the though complicated, were all gradually

inverted slant nose. We were not going to be finished. In line with the ideas of Matsuhara,

beaten by a slant nose.” the Lancer Evolution had to be more beautiful

than ever and achieve this beauty through

Struggle functional shapes. Imaizumi: “I think,

Now the toughest part of Yoshimine’s design together, we got it right, even down to the

needed tackling: the construction of the fend- smallest detail.”

ers that would provide both superior aerody-

namics and a distinguished look. This turned

out to be a mighty challenge. The ridge of the

front fender above the front wheels goes

fluently in a horizontal direction, but at the rear

There it is. The metal body work for the actual Lancer Evolution.
a small but unavoidable problem occurred. An end and a beginning.


of the fittest
The new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution didn’t just appear out of nowhere.

Its origins date even further back than its sporty predecessors

from the 1970s… In fact, its name speaks for itself: the Lancer Evolution

has been born after years of development and is part of a continuing

process for better, faster, more…

Lancer 1600 GSR at the 1974 East Africa Safari Rally.
If anyone living in 1870, the year in which After this highly successful racing debut the

Yataro Iwasaki founded the Japanese goals were set. The 600 from 1962, more

Tsukumo Shokai Shipping Company, had told performance orientated than its predeces-

him that more than a century later his com- sor, followed the 500 and became firmly

pany would be producing the world’s best established in motor sports after its fantastic

rally cars, he wouldn’t have believed it. He performance at the 1963 Malaysia Grand

wouldn’t even have known what a rally was. Prix, where the first three places were taken

Or a car, for that matter. Maybe the crafts- in the under 600 cc class, beating much

men on the big black and white photograph more established opposition. The following

would have believed it, because in 1917 they year, the larger and all-new Colt 1000 took Lancer EX2000 Turbo at the 1981 Acropolis Rally.

built the Mitsubishi A behind them (see the first three places in the Japan Grand

image on page 15). The A was the first Prix. It was in 1966 that Mitsubishi Heavy

series-produced motor car in Japan, built by Industries Ltd. moved its motorsport activi-

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co Ltd, a forerunner ties from passenger car based ‘Touring Cars’

of today’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. like the Colt 1000 to ‘Formula Cars’, open

But even then there was still a long way to go mono­posto classes. Here the new Mitsubishi

before the first genuine Mitsubishi rally car Colt F3A was competitive from the begin-

would see the light of day. ning. Taking on the likes of Lotus and

Brabham, it won the Exhibition Class of the

First steps 1966 Japan Grand Prix. Circuit racing con­

It was not until the 1960s that Mitsubishi tinued all the way until 1971 when

produced another passenger vehicle, be- Mitsubishi’s crowning achievement was to Lancer Evolution at the 1999 Monte Carlo Rally.

cause Japan needed commercial vehicles win (first and second place) the Japan Grand

and buses in the preceding decades - intro- Prix overall with the Colt F2000. In parallel,

ducing diesel engines in motor vehicles and the car that can really be said to have laid

4-wheel-drive technology in Japan in the down the formula for success in rallying that

process. Mitsubishi took its first steps in Mitsubishi has been enjoying ever since was

international racing with the small 500 from the 1967 58hp 1000F. Entered into the gruel-

1960, basically an affordable and efficient ling Southern Cross Rally in Australia that

family car. Nevertheless, this two-cylinder, year, it came fourth overall despite its small

493 cc car won its class at the 1962 Macau engine and won its class outright. The next

Grand Prix while the other three 500s year, it earned Mitsubishi its first podium

entered came in second, third and fourth. position by coming third overall.

Lancer WR05 at the 2005 Corona Rally Mexico.

18 19
This Colt 1000F can be considered as

Mitsubishi’s first genuine rally car and as

such, the first link to Lancer Evolution.

The ‘car-breaker’

The seventies and eighties prolonged

Mitsubishi’s success in motor sports, now

purely focused on the world of rallying. With

rally ace Andrew Cowan driving the 150hp

Colt Galant 1.6L GS, Mitsubishi gained its

first international rally victory in the 1972

Southern Cross. Then the Lancer came, saw

and conquered. It was 1973 and the sports

version, the 1600 GSR, took a remarkable 1-

2-3-4-victory in the Southern Cross. The

following year it ran its first World Rally

Championship (WRC) event: the extremely

tough East African Safari Rally, aka the ‘car-

breaker’. Finishing in one piece was difficult,

let alone winning. The 1.6 litre Lancer how-

ever, with Joginder Singh at the wheel, ran

straight to victory at its debut on the five day,

6,000 km rally, beating Björn Waldegaard’s

2.7 litre Porsche 911. Singh repeated his

success in the 1976 Safari Rally with other

Lancers coming home second and third,

while that same year Mitsubishi also took a

first in the Southern Cross Rally. After that,

Mitsubishi’s rallying victories became almost

countless, with the Lancer EX2000 Turbo and

the Galant VR-4 from the eighties being

amongst the most competitive cars in rally

championships all over the world.

The New
I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX Lancer Evolution

‘Evo’-mania the technology to meet the ever-changing been working so hard for: the Manufacturer’s technology to its already superlative
Enter the Lancer Evolution in 1992. What an demands of the World Rally Championship Championship in the WRC, with Tommi enablers. Last of the previous generation,
impact it had! This car was especially con- and tightened its grip on world rallying. The Mäkinen winning his third consecutive the 2005 Lancer Evolution IX featured more
ceived for Group A rallying, with the WRC in rallying successes also had a tremendous Driver’s Championship. This all happened sophisticated aerodynamics, light material

mind. It owed both the 2.0 litre DOHC engine effect on Lancer Evolution sales, as produc- despite the fact that the Lancer Evolution V (aluminium) body construction, etc...

and the 4WD technology to its predecessor, tion cars were also equipped with state-of- was still a Group A car, while in the mean-

the Galant VR-4, but the 2,500 mm wheel- the art rally technology. By August 1996 an time a special rally car class had emerged: It’s been sixteen years since 1992 and

base of the Lancer was considered optimal absolute record sale of 7,000 cars had been the World Rally Cars. These were still Group Mitsubishi Motors now presents the next
for a rally car and its much reduced weight established for the street version of the third A cars, but did not require homologation and generation of the highly acclaimed Lancer
made it the perfect device to realise generation Lancer Evolution. By this time it therefore could be more purpose-built for Evolution series. More than just another
Mitsubishi’s goal of becoming the dominant was Evo-mania: the initial production run of rallying. iteration, the new Lancer Evolution breaks
force in world rallying. In its 1993 debut it its successor, 6,000 cars, sold out in three Therefore the Lancer Evolution VI was the the mould, reaching new frontiers in terms
came third place in the Acropolis Rally and days! last genuine Group A car built by Mitsubishi. of driving dynamics, but at the same time
second in the RAC Rally. The 2001 Lancer Evolution VII, based on the responding better to market demands for
Its successor came in 1994. This Lancer World Rally Car larger Lancer Cedia platform, was design, convenience features and long-
Evolution II, equipped with a new front spoil- The 1996 season brought Mitsubishi its first Mitsubishi’s first World Rally Car, introducing distance driving.
er, a larger one at the rear for greater stabil- driver’s title thanks to the legendary Tommi Mitsubishi’s Active Centre Differential.

ity at high speed, and a new active 4WD Mäkinen, a feat he repeated the following The Lancer Evolution VIII followed in 2003

system, gained its first WRC win at the year driving the all-new Lancer Evolution IV. and became the first Lancer Evolution to be

Swedish rally in 1995. With every new Lancer But it was the Lancer Evolution V which, in officially sold in Europe and the United

Evolution generation, Mitsubishi improved 1998, made the breakthrough everyone had States, adding Super Active Yaw Control www.lancer-evolution.eu

22 23
of mind


The expression
of emotion
Every angle, every line and every inch… The new Lancer Evolution breathes

pure emotion. Its totally new design embodies a rich rally history as well

as a timeless future. Looking at the car carefully, you can actually feel

the focus and commitment of its developers. What you see and feel is their

expression of emotion captured in one modern masterpiece.

is an
shaped by
the wind
There’s a
to every
An ideal
natur al

Science & Study

Engine team: ‘Drive it and feel its performance and response yourself!’ The S-AWC development team: ‘Seamless control brings driving pleasure
and reassuring security.’

Technical Team behind the new direction Evolution in terms of automo-

taken by the new Lancer tive technology. We gave
A small group of Mitsubishi’s Evolution and how the benefit much thought to what was
most experienced engineers can be seen not just on paper necessary to realize further
headed the team that devel- but, most importantly, on the advances in Lancer Evolution’s
The new Lancer Evolution has rightly earned praise from all four corners oped the Lancer Evolution. road as well. ‘Firstly, while the road performance qualities:
Led by Ryugo Nakao, he major advances made by speed and acceleration,
of the earth for its rugged good looks and purposeful stance, but its beauty explains how the philosophy previous Lancer Evolutions cornering and handling and
of the new car differs from were mostly of a technolo­­gical braking. The answer: go back
is not simply confined to what you can see on the surface. Go beneath the those which preceded it: and engineering nature, the to the basics. Our focus in
new Lancer Evolution has this process was not on
skin and you’ll find a car that is engineered like no other car on earth. In ‘In developing the Lancer leapt forward in the design absolute speed or accelera-
Evolution series to date the field too. Working in close tion but rather on-demand,
every area, from its body, suspension and brakes to its engine, gearbox and main thrust has been how cooperation with the designers feel-good acceleration.’
fast we could make them. who created a final shape that
aerodynamics, the Lancer Evolution has benefited from the total engineering But in our view things have has aerodynamic technology
now changed. Today’s new built in throughout. There is a
integrity approach applied by Mitsubishi Motors’ engineers. generation of super high- purpose to every shape and I
performance machines need believe that the new Lancer
to deliver more than absolute Evolution’s functionally
speed; they have to wrap appealing design makes those
that speed in safety and in reasons plain to see.
comfort. Reconciling these Secondly, we have the
apparently contradictory advances seen in Lancer
Engine performance curve
performance qualities
The result is a car that’s not call it a technical masterpiece, became our mission in de-
217kW(295hp) merely faster but, more a car where everything has a veloping the new model.’ He
6500rpm importantly, better in every place and a purpose, a car continues: ‘It has been our
important area. It’s easier yet brimming with state of the art wish that customers who for
more fun to drive. It’s more technology, yet utterly devoid one reason or another gave
366Nm stable in a straight line and of pointless gimmicks. This up their super high-perfor­
3500rpm quicker around a corner, yet chapter will explain in detail mance machines now revisit
Torque (Nm)

safer both in terms of avoiding the most important techno- the passion they used to feel,
Output (kW)

an accident and how it behaves logical developments within the excitement they used to
if the worst should happen. the Lancer Evolution, intro- enjoy. That is the mission
duce you to the people that has driven the dramatic
It contains the sum total of responsible for them and progress achieved’.
Mitsubishi’s unique engineering explain their importance to
knowledge and represents the the car. The new Lancer Evolution
single largest step forward in product manager was Engine
the entire 16 year history of the Hideyuki Iwata and he The new Lancer Evolution is the
legendary Lancer Evolution. expands on these themes, first in the history of the breed to
It is no exaggeration at all to explaining the motivation feature an aluminium engine block,
leading to a saving of 12.5kg.
Engine speed (rpm)

36 37
Rearward facing exhaust manifold layout

4B11 4G63


The 4B11 uses a forward facing intake and rearward facing

exhaust ports. This change has eliminated the need to run the
exhaust pipe under the engine, allowing the engine to be lowered
495mm 630mm
by 10mm and contributing to a lower centre of gravity.

Engine and Turbo valve design architecture of only lighter as a result, but New cylinder allow higher engine speeds. intake valve to maximise air
its illustrious forebears, it is more compact, allowing it to head with double But most notable is that the volume in the combustion
To most ‘4G63’ is just a new, quite literally from the be positioned 10mm lower variable valve timing famed Mitsubishi Innovative chamber. Similarly if optimal
collection of letters and ground up. than in the Lancer Evolution Valve timing Electronic low speed torque is asked for,
numbers, but to true Lancer IX and so lowering the centre The 4B11 engine features a Control (MIVEC) which the intake valve timing is
Evolution aficionados they Most notable is that its block of gravity. truly innovative aluminium continuously varies the valve advanced while the exhaust
are a legend, for this is the is now made from cast cylinder head that helps to timing now operates on the valve timing is retarded.
designated title of every aluminium, saving 12.5kg Titanium Turbo save weight and to improve exhaust as well as the intake
Lancer Evolution engine of but at the same time it cooling efficiency as well as valves. This improves torque
the last 15 years. But now produces more power (295hp Crucial to the effectiveness of fuel economy. and output over the full rev
there’s a new name in town, at 6500rpm) and more torque any turbocharged engine is the range, especially in the lower
it’s called 4B11 and, in years (366Nm at 3500rpm) than the speed at which the turbo can Unlike its 4G63 predecessor, and middle range.
to come, it will become as engine it replaces. re­­­­spond, and by using a the new engine features
revered as its predecessor, titanium turbine wheel in the direct valve activation rather In normal driving, this
for it is the designation of the It was designed to be turbocharger, response times than employing a rocker ensures increased valve
all new engine used by the in­­­­herently smooth-running, have been improved by up to system to increase valve overlap to maximise fuel
new Lancer Evolution. negating the need for the 18 per cent over the previous response, to improve the efficiency but as soon as
Although it retains the 2-litre, secondary balancer shafts model. level of accuracy and more power is required, it
four cylinder, twin-cam, 16- found on the 4G63 and is not reliability, and finally also to will delay the closure of the

To increase accuracy
and durability the new Computer Cam angle sensor

4B11 employs a timing

Engine load
chain instead of a
timing belt.
Oil control valve

Exhaust MIVEC actuator Intake MIVEC actuator

MIVEC continuous VVT system

35° change in exhaust cam angle 25° change in intake cam angle

At max. advance At max. retard

At max. advance

At max. retard
Valve overlap Crank angle
The variable valve Cam phase angle Advance chamber Retard chamber Power unit
timing of the 4B11 The new 4B11 DOHC MIVEC turbocharged engine takes up the
changes the cam mantle from the 4G63 and is now powering the new Lancer
Highly effective: a angles on the intake Evolution. In developing the new power unit, efforts focused
titanium turbine and exhaust cams, on creating a high output engine that returned excellent fuel
wheel with aluminium depending on engine economy with clean emissions.
At max. retard At max. advance Intermediate position
compressor wheel. speed and load.

38 39
A toggle switch allows Twin Clutch SST team:
the driver to choose ‘Lightning-fast and
between Normal, seamless
Sport and Super Sport shifting feel.’

Twin Clutch Sport Automatic mode – activated located behind the gear stick. falling below 4500 rpm in the well proven principle of
Shift Transmission when the gearshifter is in ‘D’ In ‘Normal’ mode, gears are automatic mode. The TC-SST using inverted strut front
(TC-SST) - leads to seamlessly smooth changed as smoothly as allows the driver to achieve suspension and a multi-link
gearchanges, but also when possible at relatively low the quickest possible accele­­­­ rear axle, all aspects of its
Another all-new development the driver moves into manual revs, to maximise comfort ration from rest, by removing design from its geometry to
for the Lancer Evolution is its mode, either by using the and economy. ‘Sport’ mode is human error and therefore its spring, damper and roll-
Twin Clutch SST. This gearbox steering wheel paddles or ideal for spirited country consistently improving bar rates have been rethought
not only offers the best moving the gear lever into its driving and both quickens the acceleration times. from scratch. World-leading
features of both automatic manual plane, the shift shifts and raises change Eibach springs complete with
and manual transmissions: quality is both quicker and points. The ‘S-Sport’ (Super- So if you can imagine the Bilstein dampers are used at
it exceeds them. smoother than any human The five speed manual Sport) mode is really intended smoothest automatic gearbox each corner.
Twin clutch system could manage. transmission of the for purely sporting environ- and the quickest manual you
Apart from the steering The secret of the TC-SST is new Lancer Evolu- ments like race tracks and can think of in the same car, At the front, the suspension
wheel-mounted paddles, it that it is effectively two three In addition to offering both tion uses multi-cone offers up the fastest con­ you have an idea of what has been modified to accom-
appears just like a conven- speed gearboxes – one for odd manual and automatic gear synchronizer rings for ceivable shift times while Mitsubishi’s TC-SST gearbox modate the 18” Enkei wheels
tional automatic: there are numbered gears and one for even selection, the TC-SST also improved performance letting the engine reach peak can achieve. or even lighter BBS forged
two pedals and a centre- ones – mounted on the same offers three distinct driving and durability. revs between changes, never alloy wheels with their 245/40
console mounted gearshift. output shaft. modes, operated by a button The new Lancer Evolution is section tyres while improving
However the six speed TC- also available with a standard steering precision and,
SST gearbox has no torque 5-speed M/T synchromesh comparison five speed manual gearbox through the extensive use of
converter making it more designed to have a greater aluminium, keeping unsprung
Twin Clutch SST Single synchromesh
efficient than a normal torque handling capacity than weight – one of the greatest
Shift fork 4 Even gear 5th 4th
automatic. Instead it uses two input shaft
that in the car it replaces, enemies of the chassis
clutches, one to engage the 4th combined with a more engineer – to a minimum.
gear in use, the other to pre- No.2 clutch (even gears) satisfying shift quality.
Shift fork 3 5th
select the next gear required. At the rear, forged aluminium
That way, when the command Transfer gear No.1 clutch (odd gears)
Suspension is used for both the upper and
for the next gear is given Multi- lower arms while the entire
synchromesh Single
either by the driver or, in (double) synchromesh Like the rest of the car, the assembly is more rigidly
Shift fork 2
automatic mode, by the on- suspension of the Lancer mounted to the car’s structure
board computer, the change Odd gear New Lancer Evolution Lancer Evolution IX Evolution has been entirely to improve handling response
Shift fork 1 input shaft
takes place instantaneously. revised. Although it follows and minimise vibration.

Centre differential Combined with the Lancer

Evolution’s added structural
rigidity, this suspension
system offers great wheel
Twin Clutch SST shifting mechanism (from 1st to 2nd gear) control, superb grip yet added
ride comfort and refinement.

For a high-performance sedan to realize unrivalled handling and response it must have a superior suspen-
sion system that provides the maximum tyre/surface contact and grip. The Lancer Evolution’s suspension
Driving in 1st gear 2nd gear pre-select Driving in 2nd gear system has been set up for outstanding cornering performance while at the same time delivering a quality of
Steering wheel-mounted magnesium shift paddles. ride comfort that befits a new generation sports sedan. BBS forged alloy wheel.

40 41
Active Centre Active Yaw Control S-AWC’s vehicle dynamics control system
Pulling out of corner component in operation


Acceleration from standstill

Anti-lock Braking Active Stability

System Control
Entering corner Understeer

Super All Wheel As before, the S-AWC can be Active Yaw intended by the driver and, Activation of S-AWC components
Control tailored to snow, gravel or Control (AYC) using AYC, make the neces- ABS
tarmac surfaces at the flick AYC remains a feature sary adjustments to ensure

Degree of control / benefit

Active Stability Control (ASC)
Super All Wheel Control of a switch. unique among road cars to the driver’s wishes are car-
(S-AWC) is a short name for a the Lancer Evolution and ried out. AYC (brake force control)

number of different electro­ Active Centre has been developed further AYC (lateral torque vectoring)
nic and mechanical devices Differential (ACD) for this tenth generation. Active Stability Control (ASC)
that work together to create At the heart of the S-AWC As in previous versions, an Using sensors located around
the way the Lancer Evolution system lies an active centre electronically controlled rear the car, ASC allows wheel slip
responds to the driver. It is differential. Unlike passive differential takes informa- at either end of the car to be
no exaggeration to call this systems that react only to tion about longitudinal and detected immediately and, by S-AWC System Stable Driving status Critical
system unrivalled by any the detection of a loss of grip lateral acceleration, steering strategically applying each The S-AWC system provides three
other in existence and it at either axle, the ACD also angle and wheel speed and individual brake according distinct strategies for the driver to
provides the latest Lancer takes electronic information apportions torque between to need, prevents a loss of choose between, for use when the
Evolution with the ability to from the S-AWC system to the rear wheels according control developing. The sys- car is being driven on snow, gravel
build further upon the already determine the optimal torque to need. In addition the new tem is so swift to react and or tarmac.
staggering dynamic reputation split between the front and rear Lancer Evolution now has so smooth in its actions, the
of the previous nine genera- axles and distributes it via a the ability to compare the driver is often unaware of its
tions of Lancer Evolution. hydraulic multi-plate clutch. attitude of the car to that operation.
non-intrusive as possible
Sports ABS and comes complete with
This system uses sensors Electronic Brakeforce
at all four wheels to prevent Distribution (EBD) that
wheels from locking even makes sure each wheel
Active Centre Differential Active Yaw Control under the most extreme has the maximum possible
ACD regulates the speed differential between front and rear wheels to enhance steering response and AYC regulates the torque differential between the rear wheels braking. The system has braking power available at
traction. to enhance cornering performance and traction. been designed to be as all times.
S-AWC indicator on Multi-information display.

S-AWC system

ASC OFF switch

Wheel speed sensor Steering angle sensor Indicator ACD / AYC hydraulic unit



ECU AYC differential

CAN cable
Engine S-AWC Electric lines
ECU ECU Hydraulic lines

ASC / ABS hydraulic unit & ECU Integrated yaw & G sensor S-AWC mode selecter

42 43
High rigidity body

Torsional rigidity +40%

Flexural rigidity +60%
(compared to Lancer Evolution IX)

Red parts: specially reinforced parts

A V-shaped brace for the new Lancer Evolution.
greatly increases the
torsional stiffness of
the body structure.

Use of aluminium panels Body and chassis Critically, the new Lancer Passive safety

Roof Evolution also has a wheel- Like all Lancers, the new
The key to making any car base that is 25mm longer Lancer Evolution is built
bonnet handle properly is achiev- than the Lancer Evolution around Mitsubishi’s cut-
ing first class structural IX and a track that is 30mm ting edge RISE (Reinforced
stiffness and the new Lancer wider, offering yet more Impact Safety Evolution)
Evolution is over 50 per cent stable handling, better grip monocoque structure. This
stiffer than the Lancer Evo- and improved ride comfort. massively strong assembly
lution IX, providing a superb employs the strategic use
platform for the suspension Safety of ultra-high tensile steels
systems to work. This has never seen before in any
been achieved through the With the Lancer Evolution, previous Lancer Evolution
Fenders use of high and super-high safety is not something model to ensure maximum
tensile steels in the car’s that’s been added, it’s been crash protection from the
Front bumper beam structure, to maximise rigid- designed into the car at an front, side and rear. The
ity while, at the same time, almost molecular level. body is designed to direct
keeping weight gain to a There is no more important impact forces away from the
minimum. responsibility for any car occupants and for the car’s
than to ensure the safety extremities to deform in a
Aluminium is used extensively of its occupants and, as pre-programmed manner
in the construction of the new we shall see, whether you while the passengers remain
Lancer Evolution, with the measure a car’s ability to safe within a steel safety
roof, bonnet, front fenders and avoid an accident or how it cell. equipped with force limit- Seven airbags including a knee airbag
front and rear bumper beams performs if the worst does ers. For added pedestrian as standard.
being made from the ultra- happen, the new Lancer As well as this structural pro­­tection, the bonnet is now
light material. This serves Evolution is one of the safest strength, all new Lancer supported by a corrugated
not simply to keep weight to a ultra-high performance cars Evolutions come with seven rather than a conventional
minimum, but also to con- ever made. airbags as standard – adding beam structure to reduce
centrate mass in the centre a driver’s knee airbag to go injuries.
of the car and keep the centre with the more usual front,
of gravity as low as possible side and curtain airbags,
Functional air ducts in the aluminium bonnet. which is also critical to creat- while the front seatbelts
ing a great handling car. are both pre-tensioned and

44 45
Bi-xenon headlamps
with cornering lamps.

Active safety tion has some of the best illu­minate your direction of
At a fundamental level, the equipment in the world to travel during manoeuvring
Lancer Evolution’s speed, help, in the shape of massive at speeds below 100km/h,
agility and all-wheel drive Brembo brakes. With 350mm depending on the steering
system gives it a huge ad- venti­­­l ated discs with four angle.
vantage over conventional piston calipers at the front
cars when it comes to avoid- and 330mm items at the rear
ing accidents. In addition to (up from, respectively, 330
this, all the functions of the and 310mm for the Lancer
S-AWC system discussed Evolution IX), the new Lancer
earlier do not merely make Evolution offers massive Brake cooling airflow
the car more fun to drive, stopping power even before The airflow
they also make it far easier electronic safety systems Undercover Transfer cooling airflow underneath the
to control in an emergency like S-ABS and EBD need to front of the car.
situation. be triggered.

And when it comes to the Another active safety feature

simple business of slowing is bi-xenon headlamps with Airflow design styled to decrease drag and extract hot air from under
the car, the Lancer Evolu- cornering lamps which lift. Underneath the car, air the bonnet, cool the brakes,
From front to back, every is channelled by diffusers further reduce drag and lift
surface of the new Lancer to increase downforce and and cool the car’s trans-
Evolution, including the one therefore grip and stability at mission. Even the exhaust
you can’t see under the car, high speeds while, at the back, system has been strategi-
has been designed to exploit the substantial rear spoiler cally located so as to ensure
the air flowing over it. also plays an important part the most aerodynamically
in maintaining the car’s aero- efficient exit path for the
At the front, large air-intakes dynamic balance and handling engine gases.
ensure the engine receives consistency at all speeds.
the cooling it needs while On its way past the car, the
the whole front bumper is airflow is also used to help www.lancer-evolution.eu

Body parts with aerodynamic properties

Large rear spoiler

Rear combination
Bonnet air intake lamp units
Bonnet air outlet

Front edge of
engine bonnet
Fender vent

Fenders Side skirt

The new Lancer Lower surface of front bumper

Evolution offers Front wheel arch rear lip The Lancer Evolution’s body has been developed to realize superior overall
massive stopping Front wheel arch airdam aerodynamic performance both in terms of air resistance and downforce.

46 47

What’s 295hp without feet on the pedals? What’s S-AWC without two

hands clasped around the steering wheel? A driver’s car without a driver?

Nothing. The Lancer Evolution is a car meant for enthusiasts – built by and

for passionate people. Men and women who appreciate every single second

in their Lancer Evolution. Time to introduce some of those Evoists.

Name: Uwe Nittel the Lancer Evolution the ultimate to and over the limit. I tested the car
Age: 38 driving machine. What I love about for 3 days as a preparation for the
Place of residence: the Lancer Evolution, is the good world championship rally season
Adelmannsfelden, Germany inclination of performance. It has of 1996. To me it was unbelievable
Occupation: Rally driver an incredibly powerful torque band, how stable and robust it could be.
starting already in the low end This experience was the foundation
My Lancer Evolution: torque. The Lancer Evolution is the for my lasting trust in the Lancer
“The Lancer Evolution has become personification of reliability. It’s Evolution.”
a part of me since 1995 and simple to handle, flashy and fast in
I’ve achieved a lot of success in all ways.” Extra remarks:
my sport with it. I trust it, both “With the new dual clutch
professionally and privately.” Most memorable Lancer Evolution transmission in the new Lancer
moment? Evolution, Mitsubishi takes a trend
Best thing about the Lancer “During a gravel test in the south of setting step into the future and sets
Evolution? France in the spring of 1996, it was high standards for the competition.”
“Performance, dynamics and my job to test the Lancer Evolution
safety are the features that make under the hardest conditions close

“It’s simple to handle, flashy and fast in all ways”

Name: Gavin Crozier
Age: 46
Place of residence:
Gloucestershire, England
Occupation: Traffic Police Officer

Favourite place for driving:

“Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
England. It has many good, open
and demanding roads as well as
hazards to negotiate.”

Name: Rachel Chandler of these are when members of the Best thing about the Lancer Name: Steve Woodward Best thing about the Lancer model. However I can see in the
Age: 38 public drive stupidly and erratically Evolution: Age: 43 Evolution: future that I may wish to enhance
Place of residence: and I know that the next thing they “ Its amazing acceleration and Place of residence: Cheltenham, “The Lancer Evolution fulfils all of it more and on the list would
Gloucestershire, England see when they look in their rear handling: It’s the closest you can Gloucestershire, England my needs and it does everything predominantly be performance
Occupation: Traffic Police Officer view mirror is me right up behind get to driving a motorcycle.” Occupation: IT Assistant that I want it to do extremely well. parts like new wheels and tyres, an
them. They do not escape from Lancer Evolution ownership is like induction kit, ECU upgrade, turbo
Biggest passions and/or favourite being prosecuted.” Extra remark: My Lancer Evolutions: being part of an elite club which boost controller and upgraded
free time activities: “This was the Gloucestershire “Lancer Evolution VIII (FQ300), an means you have friends everywhere suspension and brake calipers /
“My biggest passion is driving. What I did or would do to Police’s best ever investment in a Evolution VIII (MR FQ340) and now a that have a common passion. I discs.”
I relish the challenge of driving personalize my Lancer Evolution: vehicle and has been able to send a Evo IX (MR FQ 360). Needless to say feel privileged to be able to drive a
different sorts of vehicles on “I would like full harnesses in the message to the criminal fraternity bring on the new Lancer Evolution, Lancer Evolution whenever I want.” Most memorable Evo moment?
different sorts of terrains. My car. Often our pursuits are on the that they will not be able to evade I can’t wait to see what it has to “My first ever test drive of an
most unusual vehicle driven was back roads and we get thrown capture and prosecution” offer.” What I did to personalize my Evolution because that is what
a fully tracked Snowcat in the around a lot. I also feel that a Lancer Evolution: started my passion!”
Gloucestershire floods of 2007.” lighting pod would be good because Biggest passions and/or favourite “My current car is still very new
at night often my speed is faster “The criminal fraternity pastime activities: and has a lot of items that I would
Most memorable Lancer Evolution than the headlights can illuminate “A large part of my life is taken up have bought if keeping my previous
moment: the road.” will not be able to evade with my primary passion of Wing
“I have had many memorable Chun Kung Fu, a Chinese martial
Lancer Evolution moments. Most capture and prosecution” art famously trained by Bruce Lee.” “Lancer Evolution ownership is like being part of an elite club”
Name: Ralph Hoffmann
Age: 58
Place of residence: Wiesbaden,
Occupation: Manager Function
Testing, Mitsubishi Motor R&D

My Lancer Evolution:
Name: Helmut Wendel What I did to personalize my “During my activities for MRDE it
Age: 41 Lancer Evolution: was my task to evaluate and tune
Place of residence: Darmstadt, “If I would own a Lancer Evolution, the driving performance of many
Germany I would try to get signatures on Lancer Evolution generations. That
Occupation: Assistant Manager, the bonnet from all my colleagues gives me the opportunity to observe Name: Jackie Chan When I’m not working, my biggest What I did to personalize my
Overall Vehicle Testing, Mitsubishi involved in the development of this every new development.” Age: 53 passion is my charity work. My Lancer Evolution:
Motor R&D Europe car.” Place of residence: Hong Kong Dragon’s Heart Foundation builds “My Special Edition Jackie
What I did or would do to Occupation: Actor, director, schools in remote areas of China Chan Lancer Evolution IX has a
Favourite place for driving: Extra remarks: personalize my Lancer Evolution: producer, singer, businessman, and I travel to these locations when customized bonnet, side doors,
“Small handling tracks with rally “Now, after the development of “I believe the new Lancer Evolution philanthropist I’m not filming. For me, charity engine accents, seat covers,
characteristics, most preferably the new Lancer Evolution is done, is an allround highly-developed and work is the best way to spend my wheels, etc. My ‘Dragon logo’ is
covered with gravel or snow.” I am looking forward to start up sporty sedan. Therefore I would My Lancer Evolution: free time.” used to make the car uniquely
the development for the next not make any modifications. Only “I’ve owned three or four generations ‘Jackie’.”
Most memorable Lancer Evolution generation. Trying my best to bring an engine with an even higher of the Lancer Evolution. The one that Best thing about the Lancer
moment: even bigger Evo-smiles on our performance would be suitable.” I own now is a special Jackie Chan Evolution: Extra remarks:
“So many moments with the car, customers’ faces.” Edition which I helped design.” “The Lancer Evolution can either be “I’ve been working with Mitsubishi
but most memorable were the two Extra remark: a gentleman or a devil. It’s classy for over 30 years and the reason for
years working together with Mr. “Looking ahead I see a challenge to Biggest passions and/or favourite looking but it’s also powerful like a this is that I believe in their product.
Evolution, Hiroshi Fujii.” develop the new Lancer Evolution pastime activities: sports car. It’s a Mitsubishi and it’s They have supported me with
generation to the next level with “I love making films, spending time the fulfilment of all the things I like vehicles for my movies and I have
new technologies and with the with friends, and of course driving! most in a car.” given them my loyalty.”
“I try my best to bring even bigger Evo-smiles on our goal to reach continuous technical
innovations for the generations to
customers’ faces.” come.” “It’s a Mitsubishi and it’s the fulfilment of all the things I like most in a car”

Power of
Lancer Evolution. The perfect name for a car that morphed from a

mainstream mass production sedan when first launched in Japan in 1992,

into a fierce, purpose-built rally weapon and has relentlessly become faster

and more focussed with every passing year. Indeed in its tenth iteration,

the Lancer Evolution has taken another momentous step, transcending

its role as Mitsubishi’s rallying warrior and maturing into a sophisticated

high-performance sedan, as capable of tackling everyday life as it is

attacking the Col du Turini.

Our Lancer
Evolutions are
making quite
a spectacle
as we power
through the

It’s to another location steeped At the heart of our route is broad blocks of dark, impen-
in rallying history that we’ve Black Mountain. It sounds like etrable pine forests, the oc-
come to test the new Lancer a foreboding place straight out casional shimmering stream
Evolution. As the modern of Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ and, most excitingly, solitary
home of Great Britain’s World and looks like it when there’s and seemingly endless rib-
Rally Championship round, a bank of brooding rain clouds bons of tarmac that wind and
Wales boasts the fast forest fast approaching the crags and jump tantalisingly in and out
tracks that provide the world’s jagged pine-topped ridges of of view on their course to the
best rally drivers with a unique this remote area of the Brecon horizon. If you’re lucky enough
and unforgiving challenge, Beacons National Park. Yet it’s to be in a Lancer Evolution, it’s
while the endlessly varied and also a place of rare colour and a driver’s paradise.
often deserted public roads beauty: a palette of greens,
that criss-cross the rugged blacks, greys dappled with Actually we have two new
region are something mere flashes of burnt browns and Lancer Evolutions: one
mortals can enjoy. rich yellows, that stretch to the equipped with Mitsubishi’s
sky. It’s a scene punctuated by new six speed Twin Clutch

It’s in these
that S-AWC
comes into
its own

Sport Shift Transmission (TC- various dynamic components It is this unique synthesis of
SST) with shift paddles, the – Active Yaw Control (AYC), Ac- mechanical and electronic
other with a five speed manual tive Centre Differential (ACD), driving aids that gives the new
gearbox. It’s going to be fasci- Active Stability Control (ASC) Lancer Evolution a feel unlike
nating to see how they tackle and Sports Anti-lock Braking any other car on sale.
Black Mountain, and how System (S-ABS) – and builds
the new Lancer Evolution’s a precise picture of how close For now though it’s time to
totally redesigned all-wheel you are to reaching the limits enjoy more simple pleasures.
drive chassis copes with the of cornering and braking, or by Our pair of Lancer Evolutions
challenges ahead. This also how far you have overstepped make quite a spectacle as we
applies to the new Super All the mark. Then, and all within power through the gloom.
Wheel Control (S-AWC) sys- tiny, imperceptible fractions of Their bright headlights
tem. This complex integrated a second, it will divert torque reflecting in the road’s wet
control system continuously or apply braking to individual sheen, plumes of spray lifting
takes information from the wheels to tidy your trajectory as we cut through deep
new Lancer Evolution’s or help you regain control. puddles of standing water.

Time and
have certainly
the Lancer

Out here in the wilds of Wales Lancer Evolution’s progress. cleaner, all-new, all-alloy
there’s gravel too, which gives It’s also a strange sensation 2.0-litre turbocharged MIVEC
us the perfect excuse to switch to be enjoying the tactility and engine you can choose to enjoy
the all-wheel drive system’s feedback from the powerful the Lancer Evolution’s broad
differential settings from Brembo brakes and precise, spread of torque, or drop a
‘Tarmac’ to ‘Gravel’ mode via a responsive steering first hand, gear or two and unleash all
switch on the centre console yet also seeing the experience 295hp.
(MR version) or mounted on played out before you (or be-
the steering wheel (GSR hind you) like a movie. Broad Unsurprisingly we’re having
version), underlining the and muscular, yet compact a fantastic time, but on these
feeling that whatever you enough to make sense on difficult and unforgiving roads
throw at it, the new Lancer tight, twisty roads, the new it pays to remember that
Evolution has the answer. Lancer Evolution is supremely there’s always the possibility
suited to the conditions. With of an unseen crest, standing
Whether leading or following, plenty of smooth, progressive water or a tricky, tightening
it’s huge fun to watch the other power on-tap from the lighter, corner. It’s in these situations

60 61
through fast
terr ains and
foul weather

that S-AWC comes into its that is exactly how the Lancer But back on the mountain, the
own. It’s like having an invisible Evolution encourages you to Lancer Evolution is revealing
expert riding alongside you, a drive on the road. Driven thus more of its strengths. The all-
confidence-inspiring friend to there can surely be no swifter new Twin Clutch SST delivers
smooth your inputs and hone or safer way to slice along breathtakingly smooth and
your progress. Of course it’s such a demanding stretch of rapid shifts, not to mention
not a licence to abandon com- road. Yet were you to take it uncannily intuitive progress
mon sense – indeed if you get to a track and really throw it when used in automatic mode.
too ragged or overly ambitious around, you know the Lancer It uses two clutches, one to
S-AWC emphatically stamps Evolution would indulge its engage the gear in use, the
its authority – and with time driver, respond like a true other to pre-select the next
you realise that the most fun thoroughbred while always gear to be required. S-AWC
and the quickest, safest way keeping a watchful eye open employs incredibly complex
from point to point is to drive for that moment when the electronics to deliver a subtle,
smoothly and deftly, not by driver’s enthusiasm extends safe and supremely organic-
being overly aggressive. And further than his talent. feeling experience. Yet despite

62 63
It’s the Lancer
sense of
that leaves
the most

these exceptional elements rocket out of a tight corner, or time you climb aboard the
it’s not one single facet that feeling the S-AWC trim your Lancer Evolution and head off
stands out, rather it’s the line as the car flows across down a favourite road, it
Lancer Evolution’s sense of fast and flowing terrain, it creates the impression that
cohesion and completeness always feels at home, in and Mitsubishi’s engineers have
– not to mention its towering under control. Time and been down the same stretch of
point-to-point performance - technology have certainly tarmac and tailored the car
that leaves the most enduring broadened the new Lancer precisely to its requirements.
impression. Evolution’s everyday versatil- They didn’t of course, but that
ity, but still if you show this all-round ability is the magic
Perhaps the best way of latest generation Lancer that has defined the Lancer
conveying the feeling is to say Evolution an amazing road, it Evolution breed since its incep-
that the new Lancer Evolution will deliver you an amazing tion 16 years ago. And now it
always feels in its element. It experience in return. Deliver- has been reborn on a new
doesn’t matter if you’re using ing an experience few cars at plane: faster, more enjoyable
the all-wheel drive system to any price can deliver, every and safer than ever before.


64 65

The Lancer Evolution’s interior is characterized by clean and crisp surfaces,

it’s free of superfluous gimmicks, only using high-quality materials and is

marked by careful attention to detail. Some of these details merit special

attention. Not only because of the innovations in the areas of safety,

comfort and technology but also because they just look beautiful.

Split second shifting

The Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission (TC-SST) can be operated

manually using the lightweight magnesium shift paddles mounted on

the steering column. The paddles allow the driver to shift between gears

without taking his hands off the steering wheel. Changing gears manually

using the shift paddles is possible even when the TC-SST is switched to

automatic mode.

Gigabytes of functions and fun

The Lancer Evolution MR models also feature the Mitsubishi Multi

Communication System with HDD navigation and music server with a 30Gb

hard disk. The 7-inch LCD screen offers excellent clarity and touchscreen

convenience while the controls of the unit are readily accessible for

optimum ease of use. The system’s large capacity hard drive offers ultra-

fast search and route-finding capabilities. It also provides a wide range of

entertainment sources: FM/AM radio, DVD drive (CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD

video compatible) and a music server with a capacity to store up to 2,000

tracks. The latter also boasts a CD database music recognition service that

supports MP3/WMA players, which can be directly connected to the system

via an auxiliary input port in the front centre console. The steering wheel

features remote controls for the audio system and Bluetooth hands-free

telephone operation.

Concert hall on wheels

Fitted as standard to all Lancer Evolution MR models is the Rockford

Fosgate premium sound system, capable of reproducing music at

outstanding quality that has rightly won universal praise. The system

uses a 650-Watt 8-channel power amplifier and nine speakers including a

subwoofer in the rear to deliver awesome high-fidelity sound. It’s assisted

by the use of acoustic and damping material to seal off openings inside the
doors and turn them into speaker boxes. The layout for the premium sound

system was carefully planned at the start of the car’s development and

design process. Thanks to the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) the system

delivers crystal-clear clarity, concert hall-like sound and awesome deep

bass notes.

68 69
The perfect seats

The front seats in the new Lancer Evolution have once again been

developed by Recaro — a company with a legendary reputation for making

seats that provide excellent body location and support. The new Recaro

seats guarantee to keep your body safely and comfortably positioned in all

circumstances – even when you’re driving on a race track. Yet they are also

extremely safety conscious offering robust construction and side airbag

compatibility. But these seats are not just designed to keep you firmly in

place during extreme cornering – they are also unfailingly comfortable

over long journeys. When you arrive at your destination still feeling fresh

and without any aches or pain, you’ll know these seats don’t just look good

– in all respects they are among the best in the business.

EVO “EXPLOSIVE - Mitsubishi has retained the explosive performance while adding a
new-found level of refinement.”
Source: evo (UK)


Autobild “FINE-TUNED FOUR WHEEL DRIVE - Almost without any

understeer the Mitsubishi cuts through every corner.”
Source: Autobild (Germany)

car “WORLD-BEATER - The Evo’s looks, performance and high-tech chassis

should deliver the most sensational Evo yet.”
Source: Car Magazine (UK)

In a constant stream of new cars introduced yearly, the Lancer Evolution

has always been one of the most eagerly awaited. With the arrival of

the new Lancer Evolution, the hearts of motoring journalists

autocar “IMPRESSIVE - Scalpel-sharp handling, astonishing grip, strong linear
performance and a twin-clutch gearbox that shifts amazingly quickly. A more accessible,
around the world are starting to beat faster and faster. Everyone’s waiting user-friendly Evo, and all the more rapid as a result.”
Source: Autocar (UK)

to test drive the most anticipated car of 2008. A happy few already have.

Here’s a compilation of their reactions.

front “EVO REVOLUTION - The wildest, grippiest, most awesome Evo they’ve
ever made.”
Source: Front (UK)

autozeitung “DIAMOND FEVER - Mitsubishi, the brand with the logo sporting three
diamonds, has introduced a new edition of the Lancer Evolution. The four-wheel-drive sports
sedan should make the hearts of fans beat faster, starting this spring.”
Source: Autozeitung (Germany)

autovisie “GOING FAST - The new Evo spills not even a single brake horsepower. The
entire power span is translated effectively into speed – whether it’s in a straight line or
through a corner. This car has only one goal: going fast. With the new Evo, Mitsubishi once
again shows the world what it’s capable of.”
Source: Autovisie (The Netherlands)

72 73
Key features
• Front grille with black mesh and black
• Black air inlet and outlets on bonnet and
black air outlets on fenders
• 18” ENKEI alloy wheels
• Brembo disc brakes 350mm 4-pot (front)
and 330mm 2-pot (rear)
• Aluminium rear spoiler
• Black air diffuser in the rear
• Chrome plated large dual exhaust pipes
• Bi-xenon headlamps with cornering lamps
and headlamp washers
• Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC)
• Twin-Clutch Sport Shift Transmission
(TC-SST) or Manual Transmission
CHAPTER NINE • Leather wrapped steering wheel with
Active Centre Differential (ACD) switch
• Aluminium pedals

Varieties of
• Recaro bucket seats, fabric type
• Keyless entry system

The tenth iteration of the Lancer Evolution is more versatile and

more complete than ever before. The eight chapters prior to this one MR
focused on almost all aspects. But still not everything has been covered. Key features
• Front grille with silver mesh and chrome
There is more to tell. Trim levels, equipment, colours, accessories, technical frame
• Colour-keyed air inlet and outlets on
specifications, dimensions... In Varieties of Species you’ll find an overview of bonnet and colour-keyed air outlets on
everything that goes into the new Lancer Evolution. • 18” BBS forged alloy wheels
• Brembo disc brakes 350mm 4-pot
(2-piece, front) and 330mm 2-pot (rear)
• Upgraded high performance suspension
- Eibach upgraded springs (front & rear)
- Bilstein upgraded shock absorbers
(front & rear)
• Twin-Clutch Sport Shift Transmission
• Leather wrapped steering wheel with
- Bluetooth hands-free controls
- Audio remote controls
- Cruise control
• Active Centre Differential (ACD) switch on
centre console
• Recaro bucket seats, leather/alcantara
type, with front seat heating
• Mitsubishi Multi Communication System
with HDD navigation with music server,
AM/FM radio and CD/DVD/MP3 player
(30GB, touch screen, TMC)
• Rockford Fosgate premium audio system
with 9 speakers and 650W amplifier
• Keyless Operation System (KOS)
• Silencer upgrade

74 75
Model GSR MR

1 Cool Silver (M) A31 ● ●

2 Lightning Blue (P) D06 ● ●

1 3 Stone Grey (P) A39 ● ●

4 Phantom Black (P) U02 ● ●

5 Frost White (S) W37 ● ●

6 6 Orient Red (M) P26 ● ●

● available
(M) Metallic
(S) Solid
(P) Mica/Pearl
76 77

Model GSR MR Model GSR MR

Safety and Security Comfort

Driver’s and front passenger’s SRS dual stage front airbags (with cut-off switch for passenger) ● ● Cruise control (including steering wheel remote control switches) - ●

Driver’s and front passenger’s SRS side airbags ● ● Multi-mode keyless entry system with two transmitters ● -

Curtain airbags for first and second row ● ● Keyless Operation System (KOS) with two transmitters - ●

Driver’s knee airbag ● ● Indicator with comfort mode ● ●

Sports ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA) ● ● Height adjustable steering wheel ● ●

Active Stability and Traction Control (ASTC) with switch-off function ● ● Fully automatic air-conditioning ● ●

Front 3-point ELR seatbelts with force-limiter and pretensioner x2 ● ● Auto-light and rain sensor with auto variable intermittent wipers ● ●

Second row 3-point ELR/ALR seatbelt x3 ● ● Front and rear anti-trapping power windows ● ●

Seat belt warning (visually and acoustically) ● ● Heat reflecting green glass for all windows ● ●

Tether anchor for ISO-FIX child seat x2 (for second row seat) ● ●

Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body ● ● Audio and Communication

Height adjustable seat belt anchors for front seats ● ● AM/FM radio, CD player, MP3 compatible, 6 speakers ● -

Front strut tower bar ● ● Rockford Fosgate premium audio system with 9 speakers, 650W amplifier - ●

Emergency door unlock system ● ● Mitsubishi Multi Communication System with HDD navigation and music server, AM/FM radio, CD/DVD/MP3 player (30GB, touch screen, TMC) - ●

Audio remote control on steering wheel - ●

Exterior Bluetooth hands-free car kit (including voice control and steering wheel remote control switches) - ●

18” ENKEI alloy wheels with 245/70R18 tyres ● - Trip computer LCD type ● ●

18” BBS forged alloy wheels with 245/70R18 tyres - ● Aux plug plus video - ●

Black beltline moulding ● -

Chrome beltline moulding - ● Seats

Front grille with black mesh and black frame ● - Recaro full bucket seats ● ●

Front grille with silver mesh and chrome frame - ● Black Fabric seats and black leather door trim ● -

Black air inlet and outlets on bonnet and black air outlets on fenders ● - Black Leather/Alcantara seats with front seat heating and black leather door trim - ●

Colour-keyed air inlet and outlets on bonnet and colour-keyed air outlets on fenders - ● Second row seats

Colour-keyed electronically controlled door mirrors with defoggers ● ● - Centre armrest with two integrated cup holders ● ●

Chrome plated large dual exhaust pipes ● ● - Height adjustable headrest x3 (rear) ● ●

Black air diffuser in the rear ● ●

Aluminium rear spoiler ● ● Light and Visibility

Bi-xenon headlamps with cornering lamps and headlamp washers (pop-up type) ● ●

Interior Headlamp auto-levelling ● ●

Leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob ● ● Front fog lamps and rear fog lamp ● ●

Leather wrapped hand brake - ● Front room lamp with delay function and map lamp ● ●

Key cylinder illumination ● - Rear room lamp and cargo room lamp ● ●

High contrast meter panel ● ●

Magnesium shift paddles for Twin-Clutch Sport Shift Transmission (TC-SST) ● ● Performance and Handling

Aluminium sport pedals (throttle, brake, clutch) ● ● Front 350mm ventilated discs, 4-pot (Brembo) ● -

Cooled glove box ● ● Front 350mm ventilated discs, 4-pot, 2-piece (Brembo) - ●

Floor console box with centre armrest ● ● Rear 330mm ventilated drum-in-discs, 2-pot (Brembo) ● ●

Front passenger’s vanity mirror ● ● Eibach high performance springs (front & rear) - ●

Front cup holders with lid x2 ● ● Bilstein high performance suspensions (front & rear) - ●

12V socket in centre console ● ● Active differential switch on steering wheel ● -

Metallic pattern interior decoration panel ● ● Active differential switch in centre console - ●

Air outlet panels with chrome accent ● ● Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) ● ●

● Standard
- Not available

78 79

1 Bi-xenon headlamps with cornering lamps and

headlamp washers (pop-up type) 2 Model Lancer Evolution
1 Engine Type 2.0 litre 16-valve DOHC MIVEC with Intercooler and Turbocharger
Total displacement cc 1998
Emission level Euro-4
Max. output (EEC net) kW (hp) / rpm 217 (295) / 6500
Max. torque (EEC net) Nm / rpm 366 / 3500
Fuel system Fuel supply equipment Electronically controlled direct injection
Fuel type (octane) Premium Unleaded / RON98
Fuel tank capacity lit 55
Transmission Clutch 5-speed manual 6-speed Twin Clutch SST
Gear ratio 1st 2.857 3.655
2nd 1.950 2.368
3rd 1.444 1.754
4th 1.096 1.322
5th 0.761 1.008 935
6th - 0.775
Reverse 2.892 4505 4.011
Final 4.687 140 4.062
3 4 Drive system Full-time 4WD
Performance Acceleration (0-100km/h) sec 5.4 6.3
Max. speed* km/h 240 242
Minimum turning radius m 5.9
Fuel consumption
Urban lit/100km 13.6 13.9
Extra urban lit/100km 8.3 8.5
Combined lit/100km 10.2 10.5
CO2, combined g/km 243 250
Suspensions Front McPherson strut - upside down
Rear Multi-link
Brakes Front 350 mm ventilated discs, 4-pot (Brembo) 350 mm ventilated discs, 4-pot, 2-piece (Brembo)
Rear 330 mm ventilated drum-in-discs, 2-pot (Brembo)
Steering Type Rack-and-pinion (electric power-assisted)
Loads Kerb weight kg 1560 1590 1600
Gross vehicle weight kg 2040
Seating capacity persons 5
5 6 7
* Measured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

920 935



920 935

2 Rockford Fosgate premium audio system with 9 8 9 4505

speakers and 650W amplifier
3 Leather wrapped steering wheel with audio re-
mote control switches and Bluetooth hands-free
car kit with voice control
4 Aluminium bonnet with air inlet and outlets
5 Aluminium rear spoiler

6 Mitsubishi Multi Communication System with
HDD navigation and music server, AM/FM radio
and CD/DVD/MP3 player (30GB, touch screen,
7 Chrome plated large dual exhaust pipes with
black air diffuser
8 18” BBS forged alloy wheels with air outlets
9 Chrome plated entry guards All measurements in millimetres

80 81
PIMP your ride

1 1 Handbrake lever - Alloy/leather wrapped with Lancer 3 Exhaust heat shield kit - Stainless steel decoration plates with
4 5 6 7
Evolution logo Ralliart logo
2 Rear corner extension kit - Reduces aerodynamic drag (CD) 4 Rear spoiler extension - 5kgf downforce (front - 1kgf) at
by 0.3% 100 km/h and 16kgf downforce (front -4kgf) at 180 km/h

2 3

5 Brake air duct - For enhanced front brake cooling 7 Gear shift knob - Alloy/leather wrapped with Lancer Evolution
6 Front airdam - 6kgf downforce (rear -2kgf) at 100 km/h
and 19kgf downforce (rear -7kgf) at 180 km/h

Side airdam shown in main image reduces aerodynamic drag (CD) by 0.8%.
For more accessories available, please see the Accessories catalogue.

82 83

Mitsubishi Motors’ customizable Electronic Total Automobile Control System (ETACS) allows you More than 2500 Mitsubishi Motors Authorised Service Points
to personalize the operation of a wide range of features for added safety, comfort and convenience. in Europe are committed to helping you wherever you are.
Certain ETACS comfort functions can be customized either by yourself or by your Mitsubishi Motors dealer.
Even new cars require regular maintenance and servicing.
Not just to guarantee your mobility, but also for the safety
of you and your passengers. Trained professionals using
specialist diagnostic equipment and original parts at your
Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point are ready to oblige.
You’ll be advised about the cost beforehand, so there will be
no unpleasant surprises when you return to pick up your
The auto-light sensor au­ If any door is still open while vehicle.
tomatically activates the the car is moving, a buzzer will
headlamps as soon as it gets alert you. MITSUBISHI MOTORS GENUINE PARTS

dark. The rain sensor activates Even the smallest technical faults can lead to accidents. breakdown, accident, theft or vandalism – wherever you are,
Therefore, all Mitsubishi Motors genuine parts have been 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – just call the number on your
the windshield wipers auto­
developed and tested to stringent quality standards. It is card and the problem will be fixed on the spot. If it’s more
matically when moisture is
recommended to use Mitsubishi Motors Genuine Parts in serious, your car will be taken to the nearest Mitsubishi
detected on the windshield. order to maintain the safety and integrity of your vehicle and dealer and you’ll be offered services such as a hotel,
that of your passengers. Mitsubishi Motors Genuine Parts continuation of journey, a replacement car and vehicle
are available at all Mitsubishi Authorized Service Points. repatriation. And if you continue to have your vehicle
We are proud to regularly score top in After Sales quality serviced at a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point after the
surveys. first three years, your mobility will be guaranteed for an
additional year or up to the next service interval (whichever
Makes it possible to lock and After you have turned off the COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY – OBVIOUSLY comes first) until your vehicle is 10 years old.
unlock the doors and trunk, ignition and got out of the car, All new Mitsubishi vehicles come standard with a com­
and to close the windows with the headlamps are automati­ prehensive 3-year warranty up to a maximum of 100,000 km DRIVESTYLE

the remote key. cally switched off, prevent­ (61,000 miles), whichever comes first. The anti-corrosion Accessories by Mitsubishi Motors - everything’s got
perforation warranty covers rusting through for the first “Drivestyle”. They are the perfect products for your car’s
ing the battery from being
12 years, depending on the model you purchase. The individuality. It’s the style that goes with the sensation.
reliability statistics for Mitsubishi vehicles are impeccable, Drivestyle is the individual enhancement of your Mitsubishi.
but in the unlikely event that you do need help, we offer MAP. It covers all your car care needs: from Wax Shampoo and
Polish to Wheel Rim Gel, from Cockpit Lotion to Leather
MAP - FREE BREAKDOWN ASSISTANCE Treatment and from Insect Remover to Screen Wash - all
In order to demonstrate our commit-ment to your mobility have been produced using new ingredients designed
and the faith we have in the reliability of our vehicles, you specifically for your new Mitsubishi. They’ll ensure it looks,
will receive a free MAP card valid for three years with your feels and smells brand new for years to come.
The clever keyless entry After taking the key from the new Mitsubishi. MAP stands for Mitsubishi Motors Assist­
and start system allows you ignition, the windows may still ance Package, and with the MAP card in your pocket, your Please ask your Mitsubishi Authorised Sales/Service point
to open the front doors and be opened and closed from mobility is guaranteed in more than 30 countries throughout for the Drivestyle Car Care brochure containing more
trunk, and start the engine, inside for up to 30 seconds. Europe. Should you ever need assistance in the event of detailed information.
without the key leaving your
It is our duty to protect the environment. Mitsubishi Motors designs and produces high quality vehicles and components aiming
to provide its customers with durable motor vehicles, and excellent services to maintain your vehicle in an optimum running
condition. We have the highest respect for the environment and use materials which may be recycled and re-used after your
Mitsubishi Motors vehicle has come to the end of its economical life. After a long working life we will take your vehicle back and
MODE When the front wiper is set to recycle it in an environ mentally friendly manner in accordance with the EU Directive on End-of-Life Vehicles and any applicable
When the indicator lever is intermittent, a speed sensor national statutory provisions.
tapped briefly, the indica­ changes the wiper interval to
tor will flash three times and suit the car’s speed for better All Mitsubishi Motors vehicles (up to 3.5t GVW) sold after 1st July 2002, will be taken back free of charge from the last owner,
at one of the designated take back points, provided the vehicle contains all major components and is free of waste.
then stop - allowing you to visibility.
From 1st January 2007, this applies to all Mitsubishi Motors vehicles irrespective of the sold date. A network of collection points
concentrate on manoeuvring
is available to receive Mitsubishi Motors End-of-Life Vehicles, to ensure your vehicle will be recycled in an environmentally
and therefore making driving friendly manner. At the same time, the possibilities for the recycling of vehicles and vehicle components are continually being
easier and safer. evaluated and improved, aiming to the achievement of even higher recycling percentages in the future.

The European End-of-Life Vehicles Directive and the free take back of End-of-life Vehicles is applicable in all European Union
member states. The transposition of the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive into National law in each member state might not have
been completed at the time of putting this publication to print.

For a complete list of ETACS functions, please consult your Mitsubishi Motors dealer or refer to your owner’s manual. Please refer to www.mitsubishi-motors-europe.com and select the web site of the Mitsubishi Motors service network in your
country of residence, or call the National Mitsubishi Motors Customer Assistance Center for further details.

84 85

1/1 model..........................................................11 East Africa Safari Rally............................... 16, 20 Mitsubishi Multi Communication System..... 68, 80
4B11............................................................ 38, 39 Eibach...............................................................41 MIVEC................................................................39
Accessories................................................. 82, 83 Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD).... 43, 46 Music server............................................... 68, 80
Acropolis Rally............................................ 19, 22 Electronic Total Automobile Control Nakao, Norikazu.......................................... .9, 10
Active Centre Differential (ACD)................. 42, 59 System (ETACS).................................................84 Nakao, Ryugo................................................ 3, 37
Active safety......................................................46 Engine performance curve...............................36 Passive safety...................................................45
Active Stability Control (ASC)...........23, 42, 43, 59 Enkei.................................................................41 Press reviews....................................................73
Active Yaw Control (AYC)..................23, 42, 43, 59 Equipment................................................... 78, 79 Recaro................................................... 70, 71, 75
Airbags..............................................................45 Equipment highlights.......................................80 Recycling...........................................................86
Air duct........................................................ 12, 44 Exterior colours.......................................... 76, 77 Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE).......45
Airflow.............................................................. 47 Galant VR-4.......................................................20 Rockford Fosgate.................................. 68, 69, 80
Aluminium panels . ..........................................44 Glass fibre body................................................12 Shift paddles......................................... 40, 66, 67
BBS............................................................. 41, 80 HDD navigation..................................... 68, 69, 80 Singh, Joginder.................................................20
Bilstein dampers...............................................41 Iwata, Hideyuki..................................................37 Sports ABS.................................................. 43, 59
Bi-xenon headlamps................................... 46, 80 Imaizumi, Tsuyoshi....................................... 9, 12 Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC)......42, 43, 59, 63
Body and chassis..............................................44 Iwasaki, Yataro..................................................18 Suspension........................................................41 Drive alive is our motto
Brembo............................................................ 46 Lancer 1600 GSR.................................. 16, 17, 20 Synchromesh....................................................41
Clay model.................................................. 10, 11 Lancer Evolution I - IX................................ 22, 23 Technical specifications....................................81 It’s the reason our designers and engineers go to work everyday.
Colt 1000F................................................... 18, 20 Lancer EX2000 Turbo.................................. 19, 20 Titanium turbine wheel.................................... 38
Statistics show that you are going to spend ‘years of your life’ in your car.
Colt Galant 1.6L GS...........................................20 Mäkinen, Tommi......................................... 22, 23 Trim levels.........................................................75
Cowan, Andrew.................................................20 Manual gearbox................................................41 Tsukumo Shokai Shipping Company................18 We want those ‘years’ to be as pleasurable and as rewarding for you as
Design proposal............................................ 9, 10 MAP...................................................................85 Twin Clutch Sport Shift
possible. We want to ensure that every time you’re driving and put your
Dimensional views............................................81 Matsuhara, Masaki....................................... 8, 10 Transmission (TC-SST)....................40, 41, 63, 66
Differential settings ................................... 42, 60 Mitsubishi A................................................ 15, 18 Yoshimine, Norihiko...................................... 9, 11 foot down on the accelerator, or catch a glimpse of yourself reflected…
Driving modes............................................. 40, 41 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.......................18
you will want to smile. Smile to really feel alive… to really drive alive.

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