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From a very young age, I had aspirations of becoming a scientist, because I wanted to understand everything in this world.

I achieved this for the first time a few weeks later, by dismantling an old camera just to understand the concept of shutter and aperture;I have found that it has the same concept as our eyes; it wasn't a roaring success, but the fact that it wasn't perfect only increased my desire to learn more about engineering. Soon afterwards, I did not stop there and became a serious motor sport enthusiast, and to understand the sport more, I began assisting my brother and his mechanic in the maintenance of his cars. I quickly learnt and understood the function of every part of the engine and before long, my brother ran out of answers to my questions, like: 'Radiator is works like our blood vessels. It expand and contract to release heat. Why they use steel instead of other material that contract and expand quicker than steel to dissipate heat? He therefore encouraged me to read further about engineering, and a few books later, I knew what I was devoting my life to. The more I learn about mechanical engineering, the more assured I become that a career as a mechanical engineer is suited to me. A few years ago whilst researching for a physics assignment, I asked myself, Why limit mechanical knowledge to automotive? A good knowledge brings happiness to whole universe, not just people. I began to apply my mechanical engineering to photography, to physical oceanography, and it had a big influence on my decision to study mechanical engineering, with my focus being applied knowledge in life through mechanical engineering perspective. In addition, learning subsequently of the rotary engine, dual-clutch gear box (DSG), ergonomics, design of experiment and many other interesting concepts has further strengthened my decision to study mechanical engineering, and it is my belief that I really can make a mark in the various industry. After deciding to become an engineer, I set out to find the qualities necessary for success. In the process, I read about Muslims Scholars such as Ibn Haytham, Ibn Sina, Al Khawarizmi and Al-Razi. Of all the great engineers I have learnt about, the one that inspires me the most is Al Khawarizmi. This is because, he not only was talented as an engineer; he was also a brilliant philosopher. I believe that success, as an engineer in this day and age, requires technical competence and a combination of management, leadership, communication and business skills. Leadership is something that I have naturally and my matriculation recognized this by acknowledge me in an Islamic Leadership Programme, which I believe has further improved my leadership and communication skills. In addition, I recently set up a maths club in my school where sixth-formers who are good at maths help pupils from the junior school with their study and homework. This has improved my communication and presentation skills tremendously.

When I have time outside my curricular and club activities, I am a very enthusiastic sportsperson. My main sporting interests are basketball and go-kart. Previously, I was in my University Basketball Team, playing for inter-varsity sporting event. In addition, I am involved in several internal and external competition related to photography and mechanical engineering. It is my hope that a Master degree from your university would serve as a solid base for a successful career in engineering, where hopefully, I would be involved in the development of new technology that can be understand to our kids, to ensure a brighter future for them.