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The mechanics of the game. Teams must have 2 players.

Player One will do the questioning while Player Two should answer only YES, NO or Can Be. The secret word will be posted at the top of the head of Player One. The team will be given 2 minutes to get the correct word. No body language is allowed. The team can be disqualified for this. If Player Two answers with another word other than Yes, No or Can Be, a 3-seconds penalty shall be given to the team. The clock stops when Player One answers correctly the secret word. The Strategy. Often times, only 5 categories are being considered to guess the secret word. These are:

Person Animal Place Food

Thing. The team should use logical questioning to get the secret word. Questions should start from the first level and then to the second level until they have all the clues to guess the secret word. Tip for questioner - be attentive to the answer of your partner. Tip for answerer - modulate your voice if the word guessed by the questioner is already near the secret word.

Below are the level of questions for each category: Person 1.

Name of the person 1. Celebrities 1. Actor - drama, comedy, action, has a new movie or tv show 2. Singer -R&B, Pop, Rock, Ballad, Jazz 3. Host - Evening show, Afternoon show, Morning show 4. Dancer -TV show
2. Politicians - President, Vice President, Senator, Congressman, Mayor, Governor, Cabinet Secretary


Presidents - Still alive / already dead, Gender 4. Heroes - Gender, Name in bills or coins 5. Athletes - Basketball, Boxing, Swimmer, Runner, Billiards 6. Newscasters- Network affiliate, Morning news, Evening news, Afternoon news Parts of the body

Internal 1. From shoulder to head - Inside the head, Inside the mouth 2. From neck to waist 3. All over the body 2. External 1. From shoulder to head 2. From neck to waist 3. From waist to feet 4. From shoulder to hand General questions: Age, gender
1. Animal 1. Living in Land 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. 3. 1. Number of feet - No feet, Two feet, Four feet, More than 4 feet Mammals? Amphibian? Reptiles? Insects? Pet (can be found inside the house?) Living in the wild or forest or zoo or farm With horns, furs Fish - size, can be eaten With shell - crabs, clams Without shell - jelly fish, star fish With tentacles -octopus, squid Birds - size(small, large) 1. 2. 2. Insect as pets? living in the wild, forest or zoo?

Living in water

Living in air

1. 2.


Fruits 1. Color, shape, size, taste (sour, sweet) Vegetables 1. leafy, color, shape, size 2. viand Meat

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Pork, chicken, beef, lamb, goat, fish, seafood 2. Viand 1. prepared in breakfast, lunch or dinner 2. with sauce, soup or fried only or with dip sauce Appetizer Soup Dessert Drinks Condiments


Inside the country Luzon 1. North - central, south, metro manila 1. province, city, landmark, tourist destination 2. Visayas - province, city, landmark, tourist destination 3. Mindanao - province, city, landmark, tourist destination Outside the country 1. Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Africa, Middle east, Europe,
1. 1.


State, city, province, landmark, tourist destination


Inside the house 1. Kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, toilet 1. Made of plastic, metal, wood, paper 2. Electrical appliances 3. Electronics - gadgets, 2. Part of the house 3. Used as decoration

Outside the house 1. Made of plastic, metal, wood or paper 2. Kind of transportation - land, water, air 3. Trees, plants, land formation, water formation 4. Buildings, monuments, offices, malls, Both player should be attentive to the answer of each. And the best tip in this kind of game is --- PRACTICE.