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Ben Lambeth reconstructs the exceptional performance of CENTCOMs air component during the first phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom in a way that reminds us of the indispensable role played by airmen in a war that has since been overshadowed by a decade of land-focused counterinsurgency and counterterrorist operations. ADM. VERN CLARK, USN (RET.), Chief of Naval
Operations (20002005)

There is much to be learned about the application of modern air power from that conflict. Ben Lambeth has once again written a comprehensive and thoughtful account of a recent air campaign that should be of interest to any professional student of the third dimension in warfare. ELIOT A. COHEN, Robert E. Osgood Professor of
Strategic Studies, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Ben Lambeth cuts to the heart of the issue, tying policy, strategy, tactics, and technology together as few authors can. The future contribution of air power to the defense of our nation will be among the main beneficiaries of his work. NORM AUGUSTINE, President and
CEO, Lockheed Martin Corporation (19951997)

Ben Lambeth unlocks air powers complexities and fully describes their often subtle but always significant impact on joint and coalition warfare. GEN. JOHN P. JUMPER, USAF (RET.), Chief of Staff,
U. S. Air Force (20012005)

. . . A tour de force survey of air power employment in the early twenty-first century. Ben Lambeths expertise in the field of air warfare and this work are profound gifts to all who care about air powers contribution to modern conflict resolution. GEN. RICHARD B. MYERS, USAF (RET.), Chairman,
Joint Chiefs of Staff (20012005)


he Unseen War offers a comprehensive assessment of the role of allied air power in the three weeks of major combat that ended the rule of Iraqs Saddam Hussein in 2003. Unlike in the earlier Operation Desert Storm in 1991, the contribution of air power in the second war was less readily apparent to most observers, since the land offensive began concurrently with the air offensive and the overwhelming majority of the deployed journalists who reported on the war were embedded with ground units. Lambeths work fills a longstanding gap in the literature on modern warfare by telling, in full, the story of the role of air power for the first time. This book is published in cooperation with the RAND Corporation and sponsored by the commander of U.S. Central Command Air Forces, who was responsible for planning and conducting the 2003 air offensive for Operation Iraqi Freedom. BENJAMIN S. LAMBETH is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a position he assumed in 2011 following a thirty-seven year career at the RAND Corporation. A long-time specialist in international security affairs and air warfare, he has extensive flight experience in more than forty different combat aircraft types worldwide. He is the author of The Transformation of American Air Power and Air Power Against Terror. He lives in Paso Robles, California.

Published in cooperation with the RAND Corporation.

THE UNSEEN WAR: Allied Air Power and the Takedown of Saddam Hussein
by Benjamin S. Lambeth Publication date: 15 October 2013 480 pages, 26 b/w photos, 6 maps, notes, select bibliography, index. Paperback list price: $59.95 38.58 ISBN: 978-1-61251-311-9 eBook available at publication date. History Iraq War
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