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Disciplina: Lngua Inglesa Professor (a): Dbora Aparecida Colussi Srie/ ano: 8 Srie / 9 Ano Aluno (a): Trimestre: 1

Ensino Fundamental II 1 avaliao Data: 13/03/2012


1) Pessoas que falam a mesma lngua podem pronunciar algumas palavras de formas diferentes. s vezes, eles podem at usar palavras diferentes para dizerem a mesma coisa. Observe a tirinha ao lado e escreva se estas afirmaes so FACTS ou MYTHS em relao ao portugus falado no Brasil: (1,2) a) The Portuguese spoken in Brazil is the same everywhere in the country. ________ b) Knowing the standard Portuguese form is an instrument for moving up the social ladder. _____________________________ c) Standard Portuguese is the only correct Portuguese.. ____________________________ d) In Santa Catarina, people speak better Portuguese than people from Rio Grande do Sul. ____________________________ 2) Responda a pergunta abaixo com base no que foi estudado em nossa apostila e no trabalho que voc desenvolveu. D sua resposta em portugus. (0,6) a) Can we say that the Portuguese spoken by Chico Bento is better than the Portuguese spoken by the teacher? Why do you say so? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Abaixo, voc encontrar um texto sobre os fatos e mitos sobre a lngua inglesa. Leia-o com ateno e resolva o prximo exerccio: ENGLAND: FACTS AND MYTHS ABOUT THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE
THE ENGLISH SPOKEN IN ENGLAND IS NOT THE SAME EVERYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY: FACT Every language allows different kinds of variations of its standard form, that is, the form of the language taught at school and used in the media. This way, one cannot say British English is homogeneous.

These variations can be generated by differences in geographical areas, style, registers or genres, just to mention a few possibilities. This means that varieties of a language can simply be regional variants of the standard form of the language, or a variation in the degree of formality. Just think of Brazil: do all Brazilians speak Portuguese exactly the same way? IN ENGLAND, PEOPLE FROM LONDON SPEAK BETTER ENGLISH THAN PEOPLE FROM YORKSHIRE: MYTH Some variations of the language may be associated with social groups that have more prestigeous. That doesnt mean that one variety is better than the other. They are just different! STANDARD ENGLISH IS THE ONLY CORRECT ENGLISH: MYTH There should not be such a concept of right or wrong varieties of English. As it was already mentioned, there are certain varieties that may be of higher prestige, which does not necessarily indicate that all the other varieties are wrong or inferior. There was a time when the Queens English was considered the reference for the colonies of the English empire. What one must understand is that the standard form, that is considered good English by some people, may be more privileged than the other forms, which should not be judged as the wrong variety. KNOWING THE STANDARD FORM OF ENGLISH IS AS INSTRUMENT FOR MOVING UP THE SOCIAL LADDER: MYTH Knowing the standard form is of no use if the person does not have access to basic needs, technology, or well-paid jobs. According to Marcos Bagno (1999, p. 69), a linguistic and professor at Universidade de Braslia, if knowing the standard form is a tool for having the best opportunities in life, language teachers would be the richest and most influential people in the country. Now is that true?
Fontes de pesquisa: ASK Oxford. Is the British English better than the other kinds?Disponvel em: www.askoxford.com

3) Segundo o texto lido, podemos afirmar que: (H mais de uma alternativa correta)


01. Somente a lngua inglesa permite variaes diferentes da lngua padro. 02. A escola e os meios de comunicao usam a lngua padro. 04. Nenhuma lngua falada homognea. 08. Nenhuma variedade lingstica melhor do que a outra, elas so somente diferentes. 16. O ingls falado pelos sul africano era inferior do ingls falado pela rainha. 32. Saber a lngua padro uma tima oportunidade para subir na escala social. TOTAL: _______________________________ 4) Complete as frases com as palavras ou expresses dadas: (1,8)


a) The ___________________________ form of Portuguese is the one used in the press. b) Students from a _______________________ background usually have no problems being accepted at a public university in Brazil. c) Queen Elizabeth ______________________________________________ in England. d) Veja is considered a very _____________________________ magazine in our country. e) It is very simple once you understand the ____________________________________. f) Becoming a doctor was Johns first step _____________________________________.

5) Associe as palavras com as suas definies: (1) Midlands (2) regions (3) Country (4) Speak (5) Language (6) Differences (7) England (8) East (9) London ( ) The direction from which the sun rises. ( ) Capital of both England and United kingdom. ( ) To talk to someone. ( ) Nation. ( ) The opposite of similarities. ( ) System of communication. ( ) Areas. ( ) The country of Queen Elizabeth. ( ) The central part of England.


6) Passe as seguintes frases para a forma negativa e a interrogativa:


a) They are studying History now. N - _____________________________________________________________________ I - ______________________________________________________________________ b) She studies every day. N - _____________________________________________________________________ I - ______________________________________________________________________ c) She studied French last year. N - _____________________________________________________________________ I - _____________________________________________________________________ 7) Complete as frases com o verbo que est entre parnteses fazendo a conjugao necessria: (1,0) a) The boy ____________________________________ (GO) to school on foot yesterday. b) I _________________________________________________ (WRITE) at the moment. c) She ____________________________________________ (WATCH) tv every day. d) Peter ________________________________________________ (FIX) cars every day. e) They __________________________________________ (PLAY) volleyball last week.