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I RAD Series Rapid Assembly Dwellings I RAD Rapid Assembly Dwellings are the first high quality, affordable

and ecologically sound self assembly shelters designed for temporary housing and disaster relief: Scandinavian inspired flat pack self assembly kit keeps transportation and construction costs to a minimum Straightforward assembly requires no previous construction experience I RAD 131 16' x 8' Transitional Home At least 30% less environmental impact and lower cost than similar alternatives Each kit, ready to customize includes: foundation plates; I WOODTM framing, OSB siding and roofing; optional OSB flooring; drip edge; door and window fittings; tool kit. Unit can be fitted with utilities such as electrical, lighting and plumbing I RAD Series specifications Universal I WOOD components Pressure treated foundation plates 1/2 OSB siding suitable to paint / stucco Ridge construction with clear span cathedral-style ceiling or optional hip roof for high wind locations 1/2 OSB roof sheathing Optional 3/4 OSB flooring Optional anti-mold, anti-termite and fire resistant finish for tropical regions All screws, tools and hardware provided Kit packaged for off-loading by hand 5 year limited warranty on manufactured parts Framing can be fitted with alternative roofing, siding, electrical, plumbing etc. according to specific needs and local availability of materials I WOOD is an alphabet of universal building components sharing common profile shapes from which any round, rectangular or angular structure can be built. Some of the most popular shapes are shown here. Our 2, 4, 6 and 8 components are available in any length to allow complete freedom of design. Tel: +1.760.402.1696 e-mail: info@icologygroup.com Icology Group, Inc. La Jolla, CA, USA 3C4 A R2A4 R3A4 R4A4 C

D H I L M N O P U 2" 4" 6" 8" 3/12 6/12 12/12 Y 3C4 I RAD Series footprints: Featured Unit: The MiShell Kits available in 4 ft increments from 4' x 4' (latrine shell) to 12' x 16' (transitional house). Larger units available from our I Home series. Example I RAD footprints shown below: An 8' x 12' ultra affordable self assembly shelter (I RAD 101) Uses of I WOOD include: Emergency shelters Transitional housing Latrines Clinics & community rooms Class rooms Garden rooms Child's playrooms Storage units Permanent homes Call for price & availability on standard and custom structures Important Notes: Units under 100 sq ft may not require planning permission. Where necessary, planning permission is the responsibility of the purchaser. Warranty and terms & conditions of sale for all Icology Group product is available at www.icologygroup.com/warrantyandterms Call for your quote today Tel: +1.760.402.1696 e-mail: info@icologygroup.com Icology Group, Inc. is a social enterprise. All profits are used to provide affordable housing and emergency shelter to those most in need. Visit us now at www.icologygroup.com Print version 2: 03/25/10 95.00" 144.00" 96" 95" 96" 47" 47" 48" I RAD 61 8ft x 8ft I RAD 21 4ft x 4ft I RAD 31 4ft x 8ft

I RAD 101 8ft x 12ft