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Exponentials and logarithms 1Q The number n, of insects in a colony, is given by n = 3500e 0.

08t Where t is the number of days after observations commence. (a) Sketch the graph of n against t. [2] (b) Find the population of the colony after 50 days. [2] (c) How long does it take the population to double from when observations commenced? [2] 2Q (a) (b) Assuming that x = e ln x where x > 0, show that ln x m = m ln x [3] If 4 (x + 1) = 7 8 (x 2) find x to 3 decimal places


3Q Using the substitution u = 7 x in the equation 7 x = 5 + 24 7 x find the value of x correct to 4 decimal places 4Q (a) (b) Factorise the expression 3x 3 4x 2 5x + 2 Hence, using a suitable substitution, solve the equation 3e 3y 4e 2y 5e y + 2 = 0 giving your values of y correct to 4 decimal places Using the factor theorem, factorise the expression 2u 3 3u 2 8u + 12 By using the substitution u = ex , solve the equation 2e x 8e x + 12e 2x = 3 giving your answers correct to 3 decimal places. Solve the equation 2 ln x = ln 4 + ln(2x + 5) (b) Solve the equation e 2x 3ex = 54, giving your answers correct to 3 decimal places.

[4] [4]


5Q (a) (b)



6Q (a)



7Q After police arrive at the scene of a murder the pathologist has determined that the body is cooling according to the law T T0 = A0 e 0.0503t where T is the temperature of the body, T0 is the temperature of the surroundings (the ambient temperature), t is the time in hours since the time of death and A is a constant to be found. If the temperature of the body at 9.30 p.m. is 35.3C, estimate the time the murder occurred, given that the surrounding temperature is 15C and the normal body temperature is 37C. [4] 8Q Using the substitution u = 4 x , solve the equation 16x = 21 4 x + 1 giving your answer correct to three decimal places 9Q Given that show that 2x 3 + 7x 2 + 2x 3 = 0 Solve this equation using the factor theorem [6]


3 ln (x + 1) = ln (5 + 4x x 2) ln 2

10Q When Emily did a parachute jump for charity the parachute opened shortly after she left the aircraft. Her velocity at time t seconds from when the parachute opened is v ms1 where v = 9 + 29e 0.063t (a) Sketch the graph of v against t. [2] (b) What is Emilys speed at the instant the parachute opened? [1] (c) What is the lowest speed she can possibly attain if she fell from a very great height? [1] (d) If she actually landed after 45 seconds what was her speed on landing? [2] (e) How long did it take her to reach half the speed she had when the parachute opened? [3]