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ve always wanted to use that as a title to an article. I love the sound of it. And honestly, I struggled between using AAAARRGGGHHH! and AAAAAAHHHHH! but believe youll agree that I chose the right one. The point of that expression? The fact that it represents an emotion, an outburst of feeling. Say it again, right now. Did our title come flying off your tongue as a good feeling, or one of disgust, possibly despair? We open todays column with a feeling because the understanding of emotions is one of the least understood, and certainly least taught, concepts in selling.

Heres what you want to take away from this article:

You must evoke emotion when you converse with prospects. How best to do this? By crafting your questions so that they create, not simply a logical, but a gut response from your buyers.
48 InsuranceNewsNet Magazine November 2010

How do we know this is important? captivated by the stories, research and How do we know it works? applications from Jonah Lehrers book, The study of neuroeconomics is a How We Decide. combination of research from the fields Corporate America understands this of psychology, economics and neuro- quite well. For example, during the science. It looks at the role of the brain writing of this article, BMW came out when we evaluate decisions, categorize with an automobile commercial that risks and rewards and interact with illustrates this point: each other. BMW: How you make people feel is Almost every study on decision-mak- as important as what you make. ing reveals that when a buyer decides to We dont just make cars, we make joy! buy, she or he is first driven by emotion, It is accompanied with many images, then validates or rationalizes logic. all connected with the word joy, a Therefore, as a sales professional, we powerful emotion. need to understand that evoking emoIts time for sales pros in America to tion during a sales call is key to help- intentionally adapt these practices as well. ing buyers buy. If you neglect to creThe basis of all our questioning stratate an environment where an emo- egies centers on evoking emotion first. tional response occurs, youll end up Which means we need to understand with a clinical, rationa l prospect who decides with their Almost every study on decision-making head vs. their heart. reveals that when a buyer decides to If this fascinates you buy, she or he is first driven by emotion and you want more information, youll be


the emotional component of every ben- experience (much response that spikes emotion efit we offer and every problem solved like Bill Clintons and bonds you with your buyer. by our products and/or services. classic I feel your When prospects make decisions p a i n ), b ut t he they will either choose based on ben- boss question is a efits or good things they get, or they real rough one. Your buyer will most Defining Success, Goals and will be motivated to take action and likely go right back to that place and Problems (That need attention.) buy based on avoiding problems, in time where his manager, executive or Youve had some stressful vendor relathe present or future. This concept owner just went off on the poor per- tionships in the past, whats the best way was covered in the May 2010 issue son for letting this mistake happen in to help you know youve made the right of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine in the first place. choice here? an article titled The 800 Pound Lie  We will never let anything like that Finalizing the Sale of Guerrilla Marketing , where you happen to you again. This might So, I give you a proposal with the numlearned how to use consequences as be your follow-up comment. It gets bers we discussed and the timing that an alternative to feature/benefit sellemotions back on track for the buyer fits and youll be happy to get started? ing in order to motivate buyers. as he or she will begin to experience This means you can develop quesFollow-up with the New Client hope, satisfaction, trust or relief (per tions (examples to follow) that genIs everything good? You happy? Can our list of emotions). erate either positive or negative I do anything differently to make things emotions. So, again, your job is to evoke emo- easier for you? So your job is to match the proper tion and form a bond with the buyer. Your emotional connection is increased emotions to the buyers style, be it ben- Here are some examples that show you by using words that help, plus facial efit-based or problem-oriented. You how you can do this through each step expressions and tone of voice to reinforce can find out how to get a chart with of the sales process. There are liter- your empathy with their current condition. plenty to choose from at the end of the ally dozens of questions for each cateI coach sales pros to feel like they were article, but here are a few for now: gory. I recently designed a sales train- talking to a best friend, to the point where ing program for one financial services they could grab them by the shoulders, Positive emotions firm where we crafted 37 questions to shake em and say, Youve got to have use with prospects, including this crazy this! Your life will be changed forever with - Excitement response below: a simple yes! You get the picture your - Empathy own emotions reveal the depth of your   Were too old to buy an annuity. - Hope belief in your solutions. Not really, we have sea turtles older Heres a quick review before you go put - Calm than you as clients. this all into play. First, the emotional com- Surprise Laughter (and surprise) generates a ponent of questioning cant be underesgut response that spikes emotion and timated. Remember the research data Negative emotions bonds you with your buyer. on how decisions are madetheyre first - Disgust If you dont find your voice in any the based on emotions. You must build emofollowing five, create your own ques- tional word choices in your questions. - Irritation tions and add emotion to increase their Secondly, find your voice make sure - Fear potency in front of those prospects. Ive the questions you use reflect your per- Embarrassment italicized underlined the words that add sonality and personal words and phrases. emotion to the question. Make sure you ask questions with authen- Stress tic interest in the answers and use emotion Qualifying & Disqualifying You can reinforce the power of emoin your voice and face as well. How fast do we want to get this tion when you ask your questions by Let me know how things go when you frustrating selection made and off your directly inserting a bit of feeling. Try make these adjustments to your current plate, so you can get back to your other this one out: questioning practices. responsibilities?  You had customized books ordered For a chart of the 48 emotions, Clarifying Buying Process for your national sales conference and send Dan Seidman an email: (How do they buy, whos the key Dan@SalesAutopsy.com. they arrived at the end of the event? decision-maker?) Oh no! What did your boss say? Do you battle a board that helps make Now you can assume, the oh no! this decision, or will they pretty much shows youre empathetic to the bad rubber-stamp anything you like?
November 2010 InsuranceNewsNet Magazine 49

Laughter generates a gut