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TUESDAY, 9/11/01

8:45 Confirmed hijacking; AALA #1 1 Boeing 767

Depart BOS to LAX 8:00 am (1200Z)
Headed south into Eastern Region

9:00 AALA #1 1 off radar; crashed into World Trade Center

9:05 UALA #175 Boeing 767 off radar; crashed into World Trade Center; UALA #175; depart

9:10 Air Traffic stopped all traffic ANE & AEA

9:20 ACO-1 Flight, Manifest and CP info

9:30 Military aircraft in AEA no fly zone

9:40 AALA #77 Depart Dulles to LAX reported screaming

9:46 UALA #93 Depart Newark to SF Report Bomb Threat 9:46

10:01 No radio contact

News Report - SW courtyard of Pentagon hit - fire reported SW side of White House

10:05 Trade Center Collapsing

9:55 DALA #1989 Depart BOS to Cleveland - Boeing 767 - Possible Hijacking - NOT

10:05 DALA Fit. 1989 landed safely Cleveland

10:05 Evacuating White House, Treasury, State Dept., and Capital

10:06 Military & Police requesting to ACC to release aircraft

10:12 All inbound flights being diverted to Canada - no flights departing 1 *

10:15 AF1 airborne -requested fighter escort - reports of unidentified targets in Washington (L
area '

10:30 Boston Tracon swept for Bombs - Clean r


10:30 Attorney General requested to land at Washington National - Denied 10:32

10:40 Military and Law Enforcement OPS released to go

10:43 News reported Federal Bldgs., in Massachusetts CLOSED

9:46 UAL A #93 Depart Newark to San Fran.

10:07 Headed to Cleveland - no radio contact - report bomb threat - PAX called 911
- reported armed (knives) hijackers and bomb threat

10:20 20minsoutofDC

10:00 Sikorsky helicopter - call 7601S departed Poquippsee airport 1203z headed south 160/mph

10:20 Sikorsky helicopter reportedly flew into Trade Center - hit #3

10:55 Ray German (OPS Ctr) AT called confirming Bomb Threats at CASFO and Day Care
Center in Nashua, NH

11:00 News - All aircraft (except 1) have been accounted for

11:05 Negative on Bomb Threat at CASFO

11:23 Gate 2, three (3) Arabs refusing to disembark per JFK FSM (Airline terminated unknown)

11:25 No update DALA 1989 - requesting update

11:00 UAL A #93 reported possibly down near Sommerset, PA

UALA #93 secondary report - Camp David

11:15 Confirmed # 1989 was under hijack conditions (landed safely Cleveland - Flaps Up)

UALA #93 unconfirmed - down at Camp David

11:23 JFK FSM - Gate 2, three (3) individuals refusing to disembark

11:30 UALA #23 British Terminal #1 (JFK)

11:45 FBI on scene (JFK)

12:00 Unfounded - no event (JFK)

11:35 News Channel 5 - AALA # 11 - 164 PAX people killed

11:38 UALA Flight 175 BOS to LAX missing (TV reporter)

11:40 CASFO report AALAA and UALA computers locked down - unable to obtain cargo and
manifest info. Requesting PSI assistance

11:43 Net - Negative for any military shooting down any targets

11:46 Reported large aircraft flying low Martha's Vineyard with no transponder on

11:55 Intercepted by military and let go

11:45 Crash into Oil Refinerary

11:50 Unidentified aircraft squawking 1200 over Garden City

11:55 Identified as Military 3

12:00 Unfounded - non event

12:00 News reports AALA #11 and AALA #77 flew into WTC Towers and UALA #175 missing


1:06 UALA #175 56 PAX and 9 crew crash site unknown (News 5)

1:07 AALA #77 Target WTC, 2nd to Hit (News 5)

1:18 Presidential Statement

1:37 Korean Airline possible hijack inbound to USA Anchorage - unconfirmed

1:40 Korean Flight coming into Anchorage - in contact w/Anchorage - flight plan
miscommunication landing in White Horse

1:42 Followers of Bin Laden reported 3 weeks ago in a newspaper that there would be an
unprecedented attack upon U.S.

UALA #185 Unruly manifest PAX

6:05P Kabul, Afghanistan - Under Attack - Possible Missiles

6:10P Explosion - VA Hospital, Dayton OH - No aircraft

6:10P reported AAL Flight #77 co-shared w/Quantus 3058, Aircraft N29051

6:45P 700s informed to re-establish on a different net.

6:55P 700s advised to re-establish back on original net 425 227 1578.
7:45P Reports that TWA flight # from NY heading west deviated from path to avoid
collision with flight 175.

Pilot had the plane in sight

Ordered to land in Dayton, OH

9:30P CIA believes that Osama bin Laden is the source of the attacks

10:55P Approx. 266 PAX & CREW killed in today's attack


= Approx. 266 (PAX on Aircraft) = Approx. 800 to 1000


= Approx. 300 of 600 NY firefighters

11:45P TACT NET will go down @ 12:00 eastern time

usel I or I Ifor sensitive or emergencies

Go to PRIMARY NET after 12:00 I |

'9/11 Closed by Statute

WEDNESDAY, 09/12/01

12:10A US Marshalls @ the Massport Fire Station. Here to help the agents.
Per Mary Carol.

3:OOA Reported that the knives were introduced via shaving kits.

FBI - 3-5 Terrorists on each plane.

4:00 A Footage of the first plane going into tower.

6:OOA Reports that the Terrorists entered via Canada.

7:51A Net reported SD'S and EA's signed and sent electronically to all 700's, 701's, 720's, FSM,
PSI (HQ's and CASLO's)

8:45A The White House PEOC reported to HQ's from Canadian Controllers that there are 3
Canadian aircraft en route to US

8:50 PSI contact Air Carriers contact air carriers to confirm receipt of SD and time received

8:54 SD- 1-108

2 Int'l SD this afternoon will be released this afternoon

HQ's TELECON: 202-493-4180 Passcode 7500

10:30eastern For all regions and all field offices

11:00 For all air carriers ONLY

Notify all FSM's

Comments for Telecon must be short and to the point. Telecon will be short.

9:21A Fax all SD notifications to 202-267-3505, top of fax: SD RECEIPT CONFIRMATION IN


9:45A Eastern Region reported Canadian aircraft resolved will stay in Canadian air space

Eastern Region reported Canadian domestic operation have been resumed for 11:00
11:40A Briefing Channel 7 - Exec. Dir. Massport Authority - Virginia Buckingham

1. Continue to assist law enforcement

2. Work w/airlines family and aid family members
3. Begin to focus on re-opening airport to be in full compliance w/FAA regulations

Director of Aviation - Tom Kinton - reiterated parts of SD req'ts.

• evacuation of all terminals and sweeping of K-9 teams

• increased presence of uniformed personnel
• increase random ID checks
• secure quick response
• reducing operational access points
• discontinue curbside check-in and remove any vehicle within 300 feet
• guns and knives will be removed
• A/P operators review and evaluate?
• not estimated to re-open airport domestic flights until we have good handle on these
requirements being filled
• employees need to go thru screening and ID check

FBI spokesperson -

• FBI taking lead

• FBI command post setup fully manned around the clock until investigation are
completed. FBI Websitej |

2:07P Per Charlotte Bryant all 129 foreign air carriers from Canada will be allowed to fly into
airports prior to airports meeting provisions. 4 h"st of these flights will be put together and
sent out. !

2:09 All 129 cargo carriers from un-extraordinary locations - no plan to do EA. (to include
Transport Canada Flights) \1 8 individuals names will be provided from

distribution to air carriers. (MP). Per net list ha$been e-mailed urgent to 700's and FSM's

2:50 SD will change, new copies to be sent out \5 News Channel 7 reported there were app

and in some cases making bomb threats i

White House was intended to be targeted j

9/11 Law Enforcement
9/11 Closed by Statute

4:00 CASFO reported at 1400hrs. 9/12/01, K-9 Teams were secured after all aircraft were done.
2 Teams will remain at Logan, Griffen & Famam. Alternating calls at Midnight all teams
will return and along the above will sweep all terminals for a possible "6am opening".

4:40 Per net BOS Logan isn't estimated to open until 4pm 9/13.

5:10 All ferrying flights MUST be approved by PSI. PSI should reach put to carriers for
information and contact the ACC at I I They can take place
prior to airports being certified but can not go until the ACC is notified and then they will

6:29 General Canavan concerned we are not getting the airports certified. We must talk to
700's and FSM to help certify these airports.

6:40 No reverse screening req'd of Canadian Flights arriving in U.S.

6:43 Per Lee Longmire if previous SEA-3 is being submitted and still looks good certify airport.
If not or if questionable needs to be discussed with ACO.

6:50 There will be an 8:00 pm Telecon for 700's and FSM's.

6:56 Per Lee Longmire -Air Carriers can use butter knives but not steak knives, (can use any
type of knife without a point)

10:45P Empire State Building - K-9 had a positive reaction to a package found on the 42nd floor.

FBI has cleared Penn Station and the Empire State building.

11:05P CASFO Staffing for 09/12/01 PM (2000 - 0800)

Pam = Com Center
Tracy = ? possibly ah*
Denise = all night
Matt = all night
Davis = in at 12am

11:18P Reports of aircraft flying near a Nuclear Power Plant in Missouri

reported by ATCT to Security.

AT received call from Trooper! I who observed a general AV


9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

THURSDAY, 09/13/01
12:09A HQ requesting regions to identify what measures need to be implemented to have
the remaining airports certified. Request made on behalf of Administrator.

BOS - K-9 teams are re-convening to conduct search of terminals.

WHITAKER-GRAY is in contact with Massport to inquire of search status.
Airport will NOT open until the sweep is complete.
No additional help is requested of the Administrator at this time.
WHITAKER-GRAY will provide an update via TURANO ASAP.

12:31A Per TURANO -

K-9 Teams are sweeping the terminals one at a time.
5 K-9 Teams are in use.
Terminal B is currently being swept. Terminal A is next.
Pkg. Garage - 2500 cars were in the garage. 600 cars are left to be towed.
Garage is expected to be cleared by noon.
Also coordinating the 300 ft rule and placement of Jersey barriers.
Expected to be completed at 4:OOA or 5:OOA.

1:00 Reports that United has implement SD 106

1:10 NWM received report of a plane crash of the Yucatan Peninsula.

An FAA employee is believed to have been on board.
Believed to have been a Mexican Aircraft.

1:25 Administrator departed for the evening.

If any assistance is needed to certify the airports, regions are instructed to contact
GARVEY and she will phone the airport.

1:29 HQ requesting more info on the plane crash near Mexico.

Is the employee on the flight? If so, an Executive Order needs to be implemented.

1:30 Reports that FAA employee (Marcee ) was not on board the flight.
Per State Department.

1:40 HQ inquiring if BED is certified. Affirmative per RO.

1:56 Terminal B cleared by the State Police.

Terminal C is now being processed. Per TURANO.

2:01 Confirmation that FAA employee was not on the plane.

2:25 All GA aircraft authorized to fly within Alaska only.

2:35 Terminal C, completed. PerTURANO.
Terminal D is half done. Terminal C K-9 team is now moving to Terminal E.

3:00 Negative on explosion at the Minneapolis CTR.

Reportedly, it was a sonic boom heard.
Initial report was received from NORAD.

3:10 FBI requesting PAX manifest of a AALA Flight #1 Ideparting on Sept. 8th.

3:45 BOS Terminal D completed. 3rd Floor Terminal E is now being swept.

6:29 Reported to CANAVAN by HQ (Charlotte) that BOS's aim is to open by 8:OOA.

7:45 Boston unsure of when it will indicate it is certified. FSM (CASFO) and Massport are all
working on certification. Per FSM estimate may be 4PM hopefully sooner. Airport wants
to ensure its opening up in a safe operation. Logan would like to certify that the air
carriers are ready.

8:50 Net request status report on what airports are not certified and why at 0900.

9:15 PSI contact carriers and advise that procedures are not ready for foreign carriers to enter
U.S. at this time.


10:05 General Aviation will be approved to fly at 11:00

10:15 FSM/700 TELECON at 10:15

Per Lee Longmire we need to work our best to get these airports certified. They will
continue to reach the regions for updated status of airports that weren't certified hourly if
not sooner. '


,,-d I
Military forced down an unidentified aircraft Washington. Bomb Threat.

Boston CASFO asked are Non 107 private aircraft allowed to fly? A:will get back

Bostpn CASFO also asked for a document to come out regarding knives.

..---"" Net reported a| jmade a reservation Flight? Had no baggage called in hijack
he was located and canceled flight. FBI. on there way.

_...--•" 9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

9/11 Closed by Statute

1:25 Boston CASFO reported to net that BOS will not be opening at 3:00 we do not have an
estimated time yet.

1:26 129 departed for USA that have not reached point of no return are being turned back.

1:35 Status of Airports are being posted on www.faa.gov web site on accreditation status

1:40 General aviation still down till further notice

2:15 No ferry or 129 flights allowed unless diverted

2:24 Per Bob Dyer to net evidence/photographs of knives are being transported by MA cruiser
and will be cc:mailed to Mike Wykert, AGO along w/other sensitive info.

2:40 Passengers are not aloud to bring knives beyond check point. Workers at airports is o.k to
take knives beyond checkpoint.

3:40 Contact number for Air Traffic NE RO Command Post is x7570.

5:10 Logan will not open today 9/13/01.

5:30 TELECON (PSI's regarding Int'l Flights) 202-493-4180 pc 7333

8:20 UPS air carrier departing Mather, just outside of San Diego possible hijack conditions.

8:35 FBI confirms that American flight #133, JFK to LAX was NOT under hijack
conditions. They are removing 2-3 individuals from the flight.

Northwest flight attendant & Pilot got through the screening check point w/
pocket knives.

8:40 UPS flight incident cleared.

10:00 HQ request ANE to phone the Wash Net @ 202-493-5108.

10:24 Bomb Threat in Charleston, SC.

FRIDAY, 09/14/01
12:02A 10 NY Police Officers found alive under the rubble - PER AGO.

12:21 A VT - Reports of an aircraft flying over the Vermont Yankee power plant.
A private aircraft. F-16's sent to chase away. Reportedly f-16 never made visual
contact with the plane. Thought the plane had landed. VT ATCT notified.

2:20A VT - ATCT did a scramble on the plane. However, police were not able to locate
the plane. Therefore, a NON EVENT.

Flight #133, 10 individuals removed from the flight. Found fake Ids, knives, and
open ended tickets..

6:45A BOS - WASH NET inquiring about status of the airport.

Per WHITAKER-GRAY - BOS is ready. However, waiting for the Air Carriers
to establish that they are certified.


SD's EA's - No Change

108-01-03C 107-01-01
108-01-04A 107-01-02
108-01-06B EA applies to Freighter Fits.


129-01-01 129-01-04
129-01-02 129-01-05A WHICH WILL CHANGE TO 05B -


Net reported Combination Flights are not possible right now because Cargo is not allowed
on flights yet. Its either all cargo flights or passenger flights.

Urgent message went out to PSI's/.700's, information where to send cert, of carriers : 9-

TELECON FOR ALL 700's at 9:30 (standard Thr. Telecon #)

/9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy


When request is received contact: |

Art Roderick, US Marshall Service I Ifphonell I (fax) and advise

net when request comes into RO.


Ferry Flights do not need io be a certified, International Flights can come or not. If 129
flights want to ferry into U-S. its o.k.

COMBINATION FLIGriTS: not possible right now because cargo is not allowed on fits
either it will be an all cajgo flight or a passenger flight.

10:15 JFK is open for arrival and departures.

12:20 SD108-01-03D/129-01-03-C

12:40 All flights out of Great Britain and Canada are approved. Verbal communications are o.k.
for carriers to PSI.

12:30 FBI requests security agent to assist investigation of possible suspects at PVD for a 1700
hr flight. I \l checked out o.k 5:35



4:20 Boston Certified, expected to start carrier service at 0500 9/15/01.

FAM INFO: Any calls for F.A.M. coordination issues contact Dick Downey by phone or
Nextel. Dick is off duty until 0400 9/15/01. j .

Per Kate a shipment of Epicel (skin) is going out or| Sunday from MHT/USAA. It's o.k. if
you have any questions contact Kate. ;

6:00 Non P.T.I, threat called into Hartford between 8:00pm - 12:00noon at
American Reservation desk. I

6:40 State police have flight manifest of the above flight and is checking flights.

6:45 2nd Sweep of Logan ATCT and Radar facility usijig K-9 is under way.

10:30 BOS to NET. Request the latest guidance on knives.

9/11 Personal Privacy

1:05A BOS - All terminals have been swept, again. Logan will be ready to open at 5:OOAM.

1:06 CHICAGO - 2 of the individuals on the SD list have been detained on an AALA
flight and arrested by the Chicago PD. FBI are on the scene.

1:20 MIAMI - Report of PAX on flight claiming to have a bomb.

Boeing 767, FLT #911, Miami to San Tiago, Chile.
FLT is currently 110 miles out of Miami. Military is scrambling FLT. Plane has
doubled back to Miami.

1:30 MAUI - Confirmation that Maui airport is currently being evacuated due to
bomb threat All aircraft being backed away from gate.

1:34 UPDATE MIAMI - PAX in seat #19. Reported to be just kidding.

F-l 6s are currently 7 l/2 minutes out to intercept.

1:35 UPDATE MAUI - CTX alarmed on military explosive. Unable to locate the
owner of the bag. Therefore, elected to evacuate the airport. Evacuation is
complete at this time.

2:25 UPDATE MIAMI - FLT #911 has landed. Holding in the hot spot.
Dade County Police, FBI, K-9, and Bomb squads are on the scene.
PAX are deplaning now.

3:50 Individual named I lof Pakistan requested to fly jump seat on United flight #
890. Denied by pilot.

Believed that individual will try to board flight #838 (Noreda to San Fransico)

3:55 UPDATE MAUI - Airport has re-opened. Bag was removed and destroyed.

5:55 Flight #838 - Being called back to the gate. Individual (1 Don
board is believed to be a relative of possible hi jacker;^_ [on flight #11.

6:40 BOS - First flight into BOS at 7:00a. First Flight oui at 10:00.

9:18 WRH- BOMB THREAT first officer on Delta connection flight 4581 found
service door right side A/C ajar. Aircraft which wa$ at gate all night was towed
to runway 15, State Police advised ,awaiting K-9 for search of aircraft.

9/11 Personal Privacy

9/1:L First Responder/Family Privacy /9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

10:18 BOS - questionable passenger on Delta 1069, paid ticket with cash moved to several
different seats. Suspect removed From aircraft, luggage removed also.
Suspect cleared by Mass. SP

10:19 WHRx Worcester Airport closed due to bomb scare

11:40 BOS - TWAr 192 on ground with questionable suspect pn board, aircraft met by
Mass SP and FBI / \0 WHR - Worcester Airport ope

1300 RO- A UaWma SAT TPl Imothfer of crash A ALA flight #11
crash victim Rahma Salie, stating difficulty with family members getting jinto the US from
Japan, London, and Sri Lanka; She wanted assistance from the FAA. SAI ~\d the Salie family a

He informed PERRY of the following:

1. A| Ifrom AALA legal in Texas contacted Afkham Salie (brother of victim) and
informed him thit his sister was a terrorist on AALA Fit. 11 and that he wpuld not be allowed to
travel on AALA t0 his sisters religious service. | jfurther informed bjm that his sister's name
was all over the Internet stating that she was a terrorist.! \. A Nilam Alawdeen Brother p

removed from the aircraft and was not allowed fly to SFO. We do not have any information as to
who removed him or why he was removed from the flight

A gents I freviewed SD-108-01-06B aid could not find the above-mentioned

names on the watch list. This information was passed on to the AALA PSI.

1515 Event number 501, Bomb threat on American Eagle flight Flight 3363 from Bakersfield to
LAX. A "sophisticated device" was found abjbut Seat 12 C. Later confirmed as 3 pipes, a
spark plug, power source, timing device, and toggle switch.

1600 JohnMichaudl I - 2years ago wjorked for Huntley. Informed Supervisor

Doug Morris on 9/11 flight 1729 UALA, BDt to ORD, he witnessed 4 Middleastern
individuals got off plane and fled the area. Occurred following event and when flight
returned to gate. FBI & State .police are responding to airport to investigate. S/AI ]is
on the scene. Information was passed on to ACI. Michard 's address isl ~l
I [State Police areinvestigation.

1645 Jim Peters called regarding Mat Breylis, a reporter with the Boston Globe, reporting the
incident that occurred on Saturday September 8,2001 at BQS Tower.

1700 NW flight 725 from BOS to MSP der%ting Terminal E, two Middleastern passengers
were pulled from aircraft and questioned fof "multiple reasons", possible bomb threat.
At 1805 resolved and clear. Scheduled tip depart at 1850.

9/il Personal Privacy

1740 LAX evacuated Terminal 2, due to suspicious package.

1810 Delta Flight 2477, a 737, BOS to MCO, diverted to PHL do to a suspicious package.
Something was written in a magazine, brought a halt, passengers deplaned. K-9 were
brought into position and hit on a bag, which was a different problem than the reason the
plane initially diverted. 2010, Flight clear.

11:40 LAX-Possible Hi Jacking on Flight #1716. LAX to Austin, TX. LAPD and the LAX
ATCT have no info on the incident.

11:42 UPDATE LAX - Flight 1716 over Austin, TX.

11:55 UDPATE - South Carolina - Helicopter reported to be flying over a power plant.
Report made by the power plant and local authorities. F-16s sent to intercept.

11:56 UPDATE - # 1716 - Hi Jacking is a NEGATIVE. Pilot was cycling through over the
numbers and may have squawked 7500.

SUNDAY, 09/16/01
12:35 UPDATE - Barry from upstairs phoned to inform that the following power plants are
having scrambles run on them. Rock Hill, Cooney, and Savannah.

FBI requesting updates on the power plants.

1:30 UPDATE — Conney — AWAX confirms 3 targets. F-16s are following w/tanker for
refueling. Targets are currently between Savannah and O'Connely.

1:35 NET - Who requested the original scramble on the above helicopters? FBI reports that
they did not.

2:07 FBI request FAM NET to obtain the layouts of American's 756s and 767s.

3:40 LAX - Non-specific threat phoned to 911 via cell phone. AALA #889 would suffer dire
consequences upon reaching speed of MACH .75.

5:30 Per Southern Region — The incident with the 3 targets over the power plants still not

5:35 UPDATE - AALA - #889 cleared to depart.

6:30 BOS - Bomb threat received against MASSPORT for the ships at the Black Falcon


• AIRCRAFT: Boeing 767

• TARGET: WTC HIT#1 North Tower
• PAX: 92
• CREW: 9 Flight Attendants / 2 Pilots
• 9:00ish off radar
• 164 PAX reported by News Channel 5 then reported 92 PAX (81 PAX, 9 Flight Attendants, 2
• 7:05 p Reports that a flight attendant phoned the Airline OPS CTR to report that 2 flight crew
members were stabbed & that the hijackers were storming the cabin.
• PAX in 1 OB Satam Al Suqami shot (?) and killed PAX in 9B Daniel Lewin
• PAX's were forced to the rear of plane
• The cargo consisted of 2 ULD's believed to contain shipments from known shippers.
• Aircraft also was transporting mail and baggage.

UALA #175

• AIRCRAFT: Boeing 767

• TARGET: WTC HIT #2 South Tower
PAX: 56
• CREW: 9
• Reported off radar, over Indiana
• 11:38 reported missing per News Channel 5

AALA #77

• AIRCRAFT: Boeing 767

• ORIG/DEST: Dulles to LAX
• TARGET: Pentagon
PAX: 58
• CREW: 11 (9 Flight Attendants, 2 Pilots)
• Reported screaming
• Co-shared w/Quantus 3058

No cargo on board only mail and baggage.
UALA #93

• AIRCRAFT: Boeing 757

• ORIG/DEST: Newark to San Fran
• TARGET: Crashed SE of Pittsburg (Shanksville)
• PAX: 38
• CREW: 7 (5 Flight Attendants, 2 Pilots)
• 3 armed indiv. w/knives bomb threats
• 9:46 (pax reported via cell 911 call)
• No radio contact
• Turn around to Cleveland
• 10:10 Reported 21 miles east of Johnstown, PA @ 8000'
• 10:14 Reported 20 minutes outside of DC
• Possibly down near Somerset, PA
• Pilot refused to divert plane to WASH, and instead went down to PA

DALA #1989

• AIRCRAFT: Boeing 767

• ORIG/DEST: Landed Safely in Cleveland
• Was under hi-jack condition
• 11:25 No update
• 11:34 Conducting controlled debarkation
• Not under stress - taxiing to gate

UALA #23

• ORIG/DEST: JFK - Gate 2
• 11:23 A incident reported
• 3 Arab individuals refusing to disembark
• Reported by FSM
• Unconfirmed British Terminal
• Unconfirmed Terminal 7, Gate 2
• Terminal evacuated
• 11:45 FBI on scene
• 12:00 Unfounded Non-Event
I:******************************************************* ********************
HELICOPTER (Sikorsky) #1

• AIRCRAFT: Sierra 760 IS

• ORIG/DEST: Pequippsee Airport to ?
• DEPART TIME: 12:03zulu
• Headed south @ 160 mph


World Trade Center - Both Towers



Nashua Day Care Center - received by Heather a Day Care Employee

Target: Oil Refinery 11:45A
Kentucky? Reported NON EVENT by Kentucky State Police

General AV Military E-3

Target: MVY

Flying low Target: Garden

City, NJ
Intercepted by military squawking 1200 open

"""" """"

6: 1 Opm - Explosion, No Aircraft Involved

..... EMPIRE'
• 10:40P Reports that a K-9 had a positive reaction to a package found on the 42nd floor of the
Empire State Building.

• Package discovered at 2222 hours.

• Empire State Building & Perm Station cleared at 2224 hours.

12:39 Reports that a Middle Eastern Woman & Baby would be aboard the flight
with a bomb on their person.

Report received info from the ATCT via LAX PD

Eastern Region received report from Western Pacific.

Notified of non specific bomb threat at 2147 local time

/9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

FBI was notified.

LOGAN UPDATE - 1040 9/12/01

1. 2 missing Globe screeners

FBI search underway
- CASFO S/A's looking at Globe Security hiring/employment/training records
2. CASFO S/A's are re-testing AAL/UAL screening equipment
3. S/AJ Ko FBI HQ Boston for classified briefing
4. MPA towing all? Vehicles out of central parking to meet setback requirement


1. Tri-State SNO SMO (closed probably till 9/13 essential personnel reassigned to ZBW)
2. Child Care Center

EA STATUS REPORT - CASFO MUST report to the RO and assure they are in compliance
not AT. AT can report it but CASFO must approve that they met provisions and then the RO
has to notify ACO.




ACK 9/12/01 7:30 PM YES YES

AUG 9/13/01 10:00 AM YES YES

BED 9/12/01 7:30 PM YES YES

BDL 9/13/01 6:45 AM YES YES

BHB 9/13/01 7:32 AM YES YES

BGR 9/12/01 7:30 PM YES YES

BOS 9/14/01 4:20 YES YES

BTV 9/13/01 11:00 AM YES YES

CEF 9/1 3/01 10:00 AM YES YES

GON 9/13/01 10:10AM YES YES

HVN 9/13/01 8:24 AM YES YES

HYA 9/13/01 7:15 AM YES YES

LEB 9/13/01 10:00 AM YES YES

MHT 9/12/01 7:30 PM YES YES

MVY 9/13/01 7:10 AM YES YES

ORH 9/12/01 7:50 PM YES YES

PQI 9/13/01 12:45 PM YES YES

PSM 9/12/01 7:50 PM YES YES

PVD 9/12/01 7:30 PM YES YES

PWM 9/12/01 7:30 PM YES YES

RKD 9/13/01 10:00 AM YES YES

RUT 9/13/01 1:50 PM YES YES