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Using Chart in Teaching Simple Past Tense at the First Grade of SMAN I Jatinunggal B1

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1. Background Globalization era makes us realize about the importance of communication. We use language to interact each other in the world. Language is a medium of communication used by people to interact and express what they want. Language plays an important role in our life. Every country has its own national language. Besides the national language, we also need an international language. English is an international language. Many countries in the world use English for communication. English has played an important role in daily activities. Many people realize that learning English is important for their study and business also for their social life. People are motivated to learn English because it has become the main language for communication, such as in diplomacy, tourism, seafaring communication or trade, air traffic control, correspondence etc. English is also used in many scientific books, such as books of politics, economics, laws, and also many others. In Indonesia, English is a foreign language. It is learned by pupils of elementary school up to university students. Mostly in learning English, students still make some mistakes. It is caused by the different systems between English and Indonesia, such as: pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. According to Plammer as quoted by Alwasilah, (1993 : 17) “some people know grammar of their language, others do not”. It means , some people know grammar of their language, but there are many people who do not know grammar of their language. In addition, many students find difficulties in learning English, especially to understand grammar in using simple past tense until the aim of teaching is not reached well. According to Murphy (1985 : 22) “we use the simple past tense to talk about action or situation in the past”. It means simple past tense is used to explain event or action and situation in the past.

1. The writer apply chart in teaching simple past tense. picture and curve which are used in teaching learning process. According to Quick. using chart can help a teacher to give material easily. Based on the explanation above. a teacher usually uses conventional technique. In this study the writer has formulated research problem statement: ” How high is the student’s achievement in studying simple past tense by using chart?”. the writer uses chart as instructional media in teaching grammar (simple past tense) to make students understand English easily. The media is chart. Problem Statement The purpose of this study is to identify a media that the writer will apply in teaching English as a foreign language in Indonesian. To develop the system of instructional media especially in simple past tense. According to Kreidler (1968 : 4) “Chart can be useful in providing a number of cues for fast faced practice in substitutions drill and other exercise on particular grammatical points”.To decrease students’ mistakes in learning English especially in simple past tense. According to Burden and David (1999 : 141) “instructors should select only instruction media that are consistent with students’ capabilities and learning styles. (1987 : 225). The writer hopes that chart can make easier for students in understanding about the use of simple past tense in daily activity. . teachers must be able to create a favorable condition in teaching and learning process in order to make the students comprehend and use English easily. Using suitable media which is appropriate to main subject. The Reason of Choosing Topic In teaching structure especially in teaching simple past tense. so the students feel interested and pay attention to that subject.” It means. It means. sometimes too closely and without originally. conventional technique is following accepted customs and standards. the writer focuses on students at the first grade of SMAN I Jatinunggal entitled “Using Chart in Teaching Simple Past Tense at the First Grade of SMAN I Jatinunggal”. teachers should select suitable instructional media for teaching and learning process. learning can increase the students’ interest and motivation in studying English. 1. Chart is instructional media in the form of sheet of paper with information.

the media is chart. to teachers. especially English as foreign language. 1.2 Research Benefits The writer hopes this study will give contribution to the teaching English language. students and other researchers. Limitation of the Topic There are a lot of aspects that must be observed in teaching language. especially is simple past tense. Research Objective 3. curriculum. that is to find out the effectiveness of teaching simple past tense through chart. For this purpose. Based on the reason above the writer states that topic in this research is Using Chart in Teaching Simple Past Tense at the First Grade of SMAN I Jatinunggal. 1. To the teaching of the English language . there is another media that can be used in teaching simple past tense. In this research. Specific Objective The specific objectives of this study are: 1. To determine whether the students who are taught English using chart get better scores in learning simple past tense than those who are taught conventionally. Research Objective and Benefits 2. picture and curve which are used in teaching learning process. material taught. To identify how high the students’ performance who learn simple past tense through chart is. 1. In this study the writer has limited the problem as follows :  The writer limits this study only to the teaching simple past tense using chart. The writer thinks. like the textbook used. 2. a general objective has been formulated by the writer. 1. the method of teaching and facilities. 1. the writer wants to know the effectiveness of chart if it is compared with conventional technique.5. General Objective The general objective of this study is meant to know how far chart influences the students’ achievement. Chart is instructional media in form sheet of paper with information.The writer concludes that conventional technique is used in the classroom based on the customs that have been applied for a long time.

1. To students The results of study can make students easy in learning simple past tense by using chart. 2. 1974 : 140 ) 3. To the teacher The results of study can give clear understanding about chart in teaching English. causing to know or understand ( Brown. 2. 5. 4. 1980:195) . 3. providing with knowledge. guiding in the study of something. The writer feels it necessary to explain each terminology used in this study as follows 1. A past adverbial is either expressed or else understood from the contact in which the past tense in used (Wishon. 4. as follows : 1. 2001 : 814) in this case chart as the media of learning. Chart is sheet of paper with information in the form of curve. 1994 : 7 ) 2.8 Research question . Students’ mastery of the simple past tense well can be practised either their spoken or written English. 1. diagram and pictures etc ( Hornby. The Simple Past Tense is a part of English Grammar that should be mastered. Clarification of the Term To avoid misinterpretation concerning the use of terminology of this study. Use is have the disposal of something ( Agrawal & Singh.7 Assumption In this study the writer has assumptions.The results of study are expected to give contribution about the effectiveness of teaching simple past tense using chart. Teaching is showing of helping someone to learn how to the something giving instructions. Simple Past Tense is used to report a stake or activity which can be ascribed to a definite past time. To the researcher The results of study can be used as comparative study.

CHAPTER V CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTION. teaching simple past tense. population and sample. problem statement. Covering the teaching grammar. 1995 : 83) Based on the statement above the writer provides the hypothesis as follows : “Students who are taught Simple Past Tense using chart get better scores than those who are taught conventionally. They are as follows : CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION. Covering the research method. data analysis technique and research procedures. teaching grammar using media. Explaining the hypothesis testing and research result interpretation. CHAPTER III RESEARCH METHODOLOGY. . reason for choosing the topic. research question. CHAPTER IV RESEARCH RESULT DISCUSSION.In this research the writer has formulated the research question as follows : How high is the student’s achievement in mastering simple past tense? 1.” 1.9 Hypothesis What is hypothesis? The word hypothesis is generally used in a more restricted sense in research to refer to connectives that can be used to explain observation (Burns. research report organization.10 Research Report Organization The amount of chapter of this study covers five chapters. definition of terminology. Covering the background. limitation of the problem. teaching simple past tense using the chart. CHAPTER II THEORETICAL FOUNDATION. assumption. the instrument. hypothesis. research objective and benefit.