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Overview on usage and attitudes towards condoms

Condoms are necessary only when not involved in a serious relationship , the main method for protection when having multiple partners, a birth control method which is perceived as their main benefit , as Romanians are less worried about STDs . Across the life stages , condoms are a party companion.It`s a constant part of their sex lives , as there are more sensitive to STDs since not having stable partners. Yet , it`s not a enjoyable experience . reducing the pleasure . Starting to experiment not involved in a long term relationships, very open towards talking with others. Romanians have a rather stable sex life , generally with one partner , having intercourse 2-3 times per week.However , condoms are less popular , almost half of the respondents using them only occasionally. Buying condoms can also be a couple experience , not just a personal one , in order to drive engagement and transform condoms into the third partner. Condom usage
never use condoms Sometimes use condoms Always yse condoms




In spite of rather low usage frequency , condoms are largely recognized as the most effective method for having safe sex , across all ages and genders . Besides condomes , younger women are also open towards biths control pills , as an alternative method. As the number of partners increase , Romanians are more likely to be using condoms , especially when talking about 3 or more parners in one year. Main motivation behind this behavior is avoiding unwanted pregnancies , while STD protection is secondary. Once getting to know their partner and having a stable relationship , Romanians do not feel the need for using condoms , moreover considering that some of them start using alternative birth control methods. Only a quarter of all Romanians always use condoms , main reasons for non-usage being related

to trusting their partners or using other protection method , but also the fact that condoms reduce pleasure. Among those using condom , half of them are frequent users ( mainly used as a birth control method ) while the other half are occasional users , their main motivation being relate to protection ( either STDs or HIV/AIDS). Considering the cultural context, Romanians have a private attitude towards sex in general and condoms in particular. They consider that everyone has to make their own choices and one is not entitled to intervene. However , they ten to have a negative attitude towards non-usage , considering that those who do not use condoms will have to face negative consequences in the future. Condom usage is not a closed subject, especially among younger to their males , who are used talking to their friends about condoms. The understand the reasons for not usage , yet are not keen to step up and convince them , rather preferring an outside approach. Condom users are: a. b. c. d. e. f. More likely to be young males , between 16-25 y.o. Having medium and low incomes and medium education , many of them being students Being single or not having a stable relationship Having more than 2 partners in the past year Significantly more from Bucharest Generally spending their time with friend and colleagues , they like online socializing or going on trips

Condom non-users are: a. b. c. d. e. f. Rather more adult females , having more than 26 y.o. Medium and high incomes and educations , white collars and managerial Being married and significantly more also havin children Having only one partner in the past year Rather more from medium and small urban Spending time with their partner , mainly at home , doing household chores, but also playing on the computer