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Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Question sheet 3


Session 9
1 Which of these Bibles is a word-forword translation? (a) King James (b) Revised (c) New English (d) Revised English Which of these Bibles is a phrase-forphrase translation? (a) New King James (b) American Standard (c) New International (d) New American Standard 3 3 Messiah means anointed. Anointing was Gods way of showing a person had a special place in his p lan. Which of the following were anointed? (a) David (b) Jesus (c) Abraham (d) Joseph

Session 10
1 The Jews are descended from (a) Cain (b) Moses (c) Abram (d) Nimrod God delivered his people from the land of (a) Canaan (b) Babylon (c) Egypt (d) Greece What is the Law of Moses? (a) c ommandments of God (b) r ules made by Moses (c) t he Proverbs Mercy, g race and t ruth are characteristics of (a) Jesus (b) God (c) Paul (d) David

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Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Question sheet 3

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Session 11
1 Which of the following statements are true (a) d eath comes as a result of sin (b) a ll men sin (c) eternal life is a gift from God (d) g ood men do not die Which verse in the Bible shows that death is complete unconsciousness? (a) Proverbs 9 v 5 (b) Ezekiel 9 v 5 (c) Ecclesiastes 9 v 5 (d) Esther 9 v 5 The Bible teaches (a) there is no hope (b) a resurrection from the dead (c) a life beyond the grave for all (d) immortality in heaven for the righteous The Bible teaches that God formed man from (a) another kind of creature (b) the dust of the ground (c) the water (d) He did not form him

Session 12
1 In the Bible a saint is (a) t he patron of a church (b) one who obeys God (c) someone to pray to (d) there are none Satan in the Bible means (a) an adversary (b) wicked angel (c) a tempter Suffering and death are the result of disobedience to God. Is this true? (a) d ont know (b) m aybe (c) n o (d) y es Suffering is Gods way of helping to form God-like characters. Do you agree? (a) yes (b) no (c) not sure (d) dont know

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