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IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Chapter 1
1Which type of memory is primarily used as cache memory? DRAM RAM ROM SRAM 2Which two considerations would be of the greatest importance when building a workstation that will run multiple virtual machines? (Choose two.) high-end sound card number of CPU cores water cooling powerful video card amount of RAM 3 Which two devices are considered input devices? (Choose two.) digital camera printer speakers biometric authentication device projector

4Which three devices are considered output devices? (Choose three.) headphones

keyboard fingerprint scanner monitor mouse printer 5 A user playing a game on a gaming PC with a standard EIDE 5400 RPM hard drive finds the performance unsatisfactory. Which hard drive upgrade would improve performance while providing more reliability and using less power? a 7200 RPM SATA hard drive a 7200 RPM EIDE hard drive an SSD a 10,000 RPM SATA hard drive

6 Which hardware upgrade would allow the processor in a gaming PC to provide the optimal gaming performance? a fast EIDE drive large amounts of fast RAM liquid cooling high capacity external hard drive 7 Which two storage devices use a magnetic medium for storing data? (Choose two.) tape drive solid state drive hard disk drive compact disk drive blue-ray disk drive 8 Refer to the exhibit. Which type of adapter is shown? network interface sound

video RAID 9 component controls the communications and interactions between the CPU and other components on the motherboard? RAM CMOS chipset BIOS 10 Which two pieces of information are needed before selecting a power supply? (Choose two.) the total wattage of all components the voltage requirements of peripheral devices the form factor of the case the type of CPU the installed operating system 11 Which memory module has a front side bus speed of 200 MHz? DDR3-667 PC100 SDRAM DDR-400 -333 12 What are two factors that must be considered when choosing a computer case? (Choose two.) the number of LED indicators at the front of the case the size of the motherboard and the power supply the vendor that manufactured the motherboar the size of the monitor the number of internal drive locations 13This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item.

14Which unit of measurement is used to indicate the hard drive speed? pages per minute gigabytes revolutions per minute clusters per minute

15 Refer to the exhibit. Which type of video card expansion slot is depicted? PCIe ISA AGP 16What type of connector can be used to connect an eSATA interface to an external SATA drive? 7-pin connector 9-pin connector 15-pin connector 5-pin connector 17 Where can the input voltage selection be changed from 110 volts to 220 volts on a computer system? on the motherboard in the BIOS on the back of the power supply in the operating system control panel 18 Refer to the exhibit. Which type of cable is shown in the graphic? USB parallel FireWire serial

20 Which two activities are normally controlled by the Northbridge part of the chipset? (Choose two.) communication between the CPU and the sound card communication between the CPU and the hard drive access to the RAM communication between the CPU and the I/O ports access to the video card 21 A technician looks at a motherboard and sees a 24-pin connector. What component would connect to the motherboard through the use of this 24-pin connector? power supply SATA drive video card PATA optical drive floppy drive

Chapter 2
1 Which tool in Windows XP gives a technician access to initialize disks and create partitions? Defrag Scandisk Format Disk Management Disk Cleanup 2 Which Windows XP command-line utility scans the critical files of the operating system and replaces any files that have been corrupted? System File Checker Disk Cleanup Scan System Defrag Disk Management

Chkdsk 3 Which two types of tools can help protect a computer from malicious attacks? (Choose two.) Disk Management Spyware Remover Antivirus software Disk Cleanup Scandisk Fdisk 4 A technician wants to limit the chances of ESD affecting the workspace. Which three precautions should be taken? (Choose three.) Ensure antistatic mats are on the workbench and floor. Keep humidity in the environment very low. Ensure that all flooring is carpeted. Wear an antistatic wrist strap. Keep all components in antistatic bags. Store all computer components in clear plastic bags. 5 What are two significant sources of EMI? (Choose two.) infrared mice electrical storms RAM modules power lines LCD monitors 6 Which precaution should be taken when working inside computer system Avoid using magnetized tools. Wear ESD protection to repair monitors in humid environments. Leave the power cord attached to an outlet for grounding. Avoid using ESD wrist straps and ESD mats simultaneously.

7 Which cleaning solution is recommended to clean the contacts of computer components? isopropyl alcohol glass cleaner with ammonia water that is mixed with a small amount of dishwashing liquid rubbing alcohol 8 Why should a pencil never be used as a tool when working inside a computer? Pencil lead is conductive. The lead in a pencil can induce current. A pencil can hold a static charge. Pencil lead is corrosive. 9 The performance of a computer is reduced after using the Internet. Which three tools could be run to try to improve the performance of the computer? (Choose three.) Fdisk a BIOS updater Spyware remover Defrag Disk Cleanup Device Manager 10 Why is documentation of all services and repairs an important organizational tool for a technician? It allows the public sharing of information on the Internet. It increases the cost of services and repairs. It reduces the technical skills required of new technicians. It provides reference material for similar problems when they are encountered in the future. 11 How does an inline UPS protect computer equipment against electrical power brownouts and blackouts?

by stopping the flow of voltage to the computer by grounding excess electrical voltage by switching from main power to a standby power source by using a battery to supply a constant level of voltage 12 Which two actions pose a potential safety hazard to a technician? (Choose two.) standing on an antistatic mat while working on a computer plugging a printer into an UPS using a magnetic screwdriver while working on a hard drive cleaning the inside of the computer while it is turned on wearing a wrist strap while working inside a power supply 13 Which circumstance increases the likelihood of ESD damage to a computer? self grounding against the computer case using a magnetic screwdriver while working on a hard drive plugging a printer into an UPS working in low levels of humidity 14 Which tool is designed to loosen or tighten crosshead screws? torx driver phillips screwdriver flat head screwdriver hex driver 15 Which tool could potentially cause data loss on hard disk or floppy drives? compressed air a magnetic screwdriver a lead pencil a computer vacuum cleaner 16 Which condition refers to a reduced voltage level of AC power that lasts for an extended period of time? sag

spike surge brownout 17 A technician accidentally spills a cleaning solution on the floor of the workshop. Where would the technician find instructions on how to properly clean up and dispose of the product? the local hazardous materials team the insurance policy of the company the material safety data sheet the regulations provided by the local occupational health and safety administration 18 Which two devices commonly affect wireless networks? (Choose two.) microwaves cordless phones external hard drives home theaters Blu-ray players incandescent light bulbs 19 What is a proper directive for using a can of compressed air to clean a PC? Use a long, steady stream of air from the can. Do not spray the compressed air with the can upside down. Do not use compressed air to clean a CPU fan. Spray the CPU cooling fan with the compressed air to verify that the fan blade is spinning freely. 20 Which type of fastener is loosened and tightened with a hex driver? six sided bolt cross head screw slotted screw torx bolt

Chapter 3
1 A technician has just finished assembling a new computer. When the computer is powered up for the first time, the POST discovers a problem. How does the POST indicate the error? It issues a number of short beeps. The LED on the front of the computer case flashes a number of times. It locks the keyboard. It places an error message in the BIOS. 2 A technician is troubleshooting a PC that will not boot. When the PC is powered on, it emits a series of beeps and indicates that the BIOS settings have changed and need to be reconfigured. The technician reconfigures the BIOS settings, saves them, and the computer boots. Later when the PC is powered off and back on again, the same error message appears, and all the BIOS changes are gone. What should the technician do to fix the problem? Reseat the RAM. Replace the motherboard. Upgrade the BIOS firmware. Replace the CMOS battery. 3 What type of connector would be used to supply power to an PATA optical drive? PS/2 AT Berg Molex 4 What is the best way to apply thermal compound when reseating a CPU?

Put a thick layer of thermal compound over the existing thermal compound before reseating the CPU. Clean the CPU and the base of the heat sink with isopropyl alcohol before applying the thermal compound.

Scrape off the old thermal compound on the heat sink with a sharp knife and apply the thermal compound liberally. Change the base of the heat sink before applying the thermal compound. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the base of the heat sink before applying thermal compound. 5 A technician has assembled a new computer and must now configure the BIOS. At which point must a key be pressed to start the BIOS setup program? after the POST, but before Windows starts to load during the Windows load process before the computer is powered on during the POST 6 What is a function of the BIOS? provides graphic capabilities for games and applications enables a computer to connect to a network performs a power-on self test of internal components provides temporary data storage for the CPU 7 A technician has just finished assembling a new computer. When the computer is powered up for the first time, the POST discovers a video subsystem problem. How does the POST indicate the error? by issuing a number of beeps by flashing the LED on the front of the computer case a number of times by locking the keyboard by placing an error message in the BIOS 8 You are monitoring a new technician who is installing a device driver on a Windowsbased PC. The technician asks why the company requires the use of signed drivers. What would be the best response to give?

A signed driver has been approved by the company that created the device driver. A signed driver has passed the lab test of Microsoft for quality and helps prevent a system from being compromised. An unsigned driver can cause files to be fragmented as they are processed. Signed drivers prevent physical damage to devices.

All companies making devices for a Windows computer have to have Microsoft sign off on the new driver before it can be added to the operating system. 9 What is an important step when installing a second PATA hard drive in a computer? Set the drive ID number with the correct jumper. Ensure that pin one of the PATA data cable is correctly aligned with the connector. Configure the BIOS settings to auto-detect the master drive. Set the swap file size on the new drive. 10 What number of disks is the required minimum to implement RAID 0? 2 1 3 4

11 A technician is assembling a new computer. Which two components are often easier to install before mounting the motherboard in the case? (Choose two.) sound card video card CPU NIC

memory 12 A technician is troubleshooting a computer that has a malfunctioning floppy drive. The technician observes that the floppy drive light remains lit constantly. What should the technician do to repair the problem? Connect the data cable making sure that the colored stripe on the cable is aligned with pin 1 on the drive and the motherboard. Remove the floppy drive via Add/Remove Hardware. Change the jumper setting to master for the floppy drive. Replace the floppy drive. 13 A technician is installing additional memory in a computer. How can the technician guarantee that the memory is correctly aligned? The label on the memory module should always face the CPU. The arrows on the memory module should be aligned with the arrows on the motherboard slot. A notch in the memory module should be aligned with a notch in the memory slot. Memory slots are color coded, with one end red and one end blue. 14 What is used to prevent the motherboard from touching metal portions of the computer case? ZIF sockets an I/O shield thermal compound standoffs 15 What is an advantage of using signed drivers? They never need upgrading. They are verified to be compatible with the operating system. They are guaranteed by the manufacturer to work with any hardware.

They are guaranteed to work with all operating systems. They are free of errors. 16 Where is the saved BIOS configuration data stored? hard drive cache CMOS RAM 17 Which statement describes the purpose of an I/O connector plate? It makes the I/O ports of the motherboard available for connection in a variety of computer cases. It provides multiple connections for SATA hard drives to connect to the motherboard. It plugs into the motherboard and expands the number of available slots for adapter cards. It connects the PCIe adapter slots used for video directly to the CPU for faster processing. 18 What are two examples of settings that can be changed in the CMOS settings? (Choose two.) swap file size boot order enabling and disabling devices device drivers drive partition size 19 A technician discovers that the PS/2 mouse port is not working. The technician has several replacement mouse models available. What input port will the technician use to install the replacement mouse? parallel

USB FireWire eSATA 20 What are three important considerations when installing a CPU on a motherboard? (Choose three.) The CPU heat sink and fan assembly are correctly installed. The CPU is correctly aligned and placed in the socket. The CMOS EPROM battery is removed prior to installing the CPU. Antistatic precautions are taken. The CPU contacts are first cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Maximum insertion force is applied to the load lever so the CPU is locked in place.

21 A technician has been asked to install a second optical drive in a computer. The technician will need to configure the drive as slave. How can the technician accomplish this desired configuration? Use jumpers on the drive to configure the drive as slave. Use jumpers on the motherboard to configure the drive as slave. List the drive as slave in the CMOS. Connect the drive after the twist in the PATA cable. chapter 4 1 Which task should be part of a software maintenance routine? Check for and secure any loose cables. Remove dust from the power supply. Defragment the hard drive. Back up the data, reformat the hard drive, and reinstall the data.

2 What is the purpose of documenting the information that is obtained from the customer in the work order? to create a centralized database of possible problems to use the information for marketing purposes to keep track of parts that are ordered to use the information to aid in solving the problem 3 What is a recommended procedure to follow when cleaning computer components? Blow compressed air on cooling fans so that they will spin when dust is being removed. Hold cans of compressed air upright while spraying. Use window cleaner on LCD screens. Remove the CPU before cleaning. 4 After a technician tests a theory of probable causes, what two actions should the technician take if the testing did not identify an exact cause? (Choose two.) Establish a new theory of probable causes. Document each test tried that did not correct the problem. Test all remaining possible causes starting with the most complex. Use a top down approach to isolate the cause of the problem. Randomly replace components one at a time until the problem is solved. 5 Which device is most likely to be affected by an incorrect setting saved in CMOS or an incorrect jumper setting? hard drive printer power supply monitor 6 A technician is performing hardware maintenance of PCs at a construction site. What task should the technician perform as part of a preventive maintenance plan? Develop and install forensic tracking software. Perform an audit of all software that is installed. Remove dust from intake fans.

Back up the data, reformat the hard drive, and reinstall the data. 7 A user has opened a ticket that indicates that the computer clock keeps losing the correct time. What is the most likely cause of the problem? The CPU needs to be overclocked. The operating system needs to be patched. The CMOS battery is loose or failing. The motherboard clocking crystal is damaged. 8 Which two common computer problems could cause a motherboard to short-circuit? (Choose two.) a dusty CPU fan a loose PATA cable loose case screws bent drive cable pins unseated adapter cards 9 An employee reports that each time a workstation is started it locks up after about 5 minutes of use. What is the most likely cause of the problem? The hard disk is failing. The RAM is malfunctioning. The CPU experiences overheating. The power supply fails to provide adequate voltage and current.

10 An employee reports that the antivirus software cannot obtain updates. The support technician notices that the license for the software has expired. The technician adds a new license to the software and completes the update service. What should the technician do next? Record the new license number in the log. Download advanced antivirus software from another vendor.

Run a full virus scan on the computer. Review the Event Viewer for the date and time that the last software update was performed. 11 Which two items could be used to help establish a plan of action when resolving a computer problem? (Choose two.) BIOS diagnostics a multimeter the computer repair history log a loopback plug the computer manual

12 After a new PCIe video card is added, the computer seems to boot successfully but it will not display any video. The computer was working properly before the new video card was installed. What is the most likely cause of the problem? The monitor cable is faulty. The saved CMOS settings are set to use the built-in video adapter. The PC does not have enough RAM to support the new video card. The new video card is not compatible with the CPU in the PC. 13 A scientific expedition team is using laptops for their work. The temperatures where the scientists are working range from -13 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 degree Celsius) to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). The humidity level is around 40 percent. Noise levels are low, but the terrain is rough and winds can reach 45 miles per hour (72 kilometers per hour). When needed, the scientists stop walking and enter the data using the laptop. Which condition is most likely to adversely affect a laptop that is used in this environment? the wind the rough terrain the humidity

the temperature 14 What is part of creating a preventive maintenance plan? performing hardware upgrades performing a forensic audit of security breaches documenting the details and frequency of each maintenance task discarding all replaced parts 15 What is the preferred method to remove a disc from an optical drive that fails to eject the disc? Remove the top of the drive enclosure. Send the drive to an authorized repair depot. Insert a pin into the small hole on the front of the drive. Use a small screwdriver and pry the drive door open. 16 A customer reports that recently several files cannot be accessed. The service technician decides to check the hard disk status and the file system structure. The technician asks the customer if a backup has been performed on the disk and the customer replies that the backup was done a week ago to a different logical partition on the disk. What should the technician do before performing diagnostic procedures on the disk? Install a new hard disk as the primary disk, then make the current disk a slave. Perform file restore from the existing backup copy at the logical partition Run the CHKDSK utility. Back up the user data to a removable drive. 17 During the process of testing a theory of several probable causes to a problem, which should be tested first? the easiest and most obvious those chosen by random selection

the most complex and difficult to diagnose those the customer believes to be the most important 18 During the troubleshooting of a PC that will not boot, it is suspected that the problem is with the RAM modules. The RAM modules are removed and put into another PC, which successfully powers on. The RAM modules are then put back into the original PC and it now successfully powers on as well. What was the most likely cause of the problem? The RAM modules were not seated firmly. The RAM modules were inserted backwards into the DIMM slots. The RAM modules did not match the PC specs. The RAM modules have bad blocks. 19 Which component can be easily damaged by the direct spray of compressed air when cleaning the inside the computer case? cable connectors power supply

fan heat sink CPU 20 Which step of the six-step troubleshooting process is where a technician would ask the computer user to print a document on a newly installed printer? Test the theory to determine the cause. Verify full system functionality and, if applicable, implement preventive measures. Establish a theory of probable cause. Document findings, actions, and outcomes. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution. Identify the problem.

21 Which two types of data should be backed up before troubleshooting a computer for a customer? (Choose two.) Windows operating system files BIOS system file Internet Explorer favorites files driver files for the hard disk documents that are created by the customer 22 A web designer installed the latest video editing software and now notices that when the application loads, it responds slowly. Also the hard disk LED is constantly flashing when the application is in use. What is a solution to solve the performance problem? replacing the hard disk with a faster model upgrading to a faster CPU replacing the video card with a model that has a DVI output adding more RAM chapter5 1 What are two features of the active partition of a hard drive? (Choose two.) The active partition must be a primary partition. Up to four primary partitions can be marked as active. The operating system uses the active partition to boot the system. The active partition may include the manufacturer recovery partition. An active partition must be assigned C: as the drive letter. 2 Which Windows administrative tool displays the usage of a number of computer resources simultaneously and can help a technician decide if an upgrade is needed? Services Performance Monitor

Component Services Event Viewer 3 A Windows computer locks with a stop error during startup then automatically reboots. The rebooting is making it difficult to see any error messages. What can be done so that the error messages can be viewed? Use the Event Log and other diagnostic utilities to research the stop error messages. View the error messages and recover the system using the System Image Recovery tool. In Safe Mode use the Advanced Startup Options menu to disable the auto restart function. Use the Last Known Good Configuration option to restart the operating system. 4 What are two functions of an operating system? (Choose two.) web browsing controlling the BIOS controlling hardware access managing application s flow chart editing program compilation text processing 5 What two terms can be used to describe the Windows Virtual PC? (Choose two.) system resource management server consolidation hypervisor Virtual Machine Manager operating system sharing 6

A technician has loaded an incorrect video driver on a Windows 7 computer. How can the technician revert to a previous driver? Select the video adapter card Properties in Device Manager, select the Driver tab, and click Roll Back Driver. Use the Devices and Printers control panel to right-click on the monitor, and select Properties.Select Roll Back Driver. Select Create a Restore Point from System Tools. Use regedit to remove the information about the graphics driver from the registry. 7 Which two Windows utilities can be used to help maintain hard disks on computers that have had long periods of normal use? (Choose two.) Disk Cleanup Disk Format Disk Maintenance Disk Partition Disk Defragmenter 8 Which command is used from the Windows command prompt to schedule a program to run at a specific time? TASKKILL AT CMD TASKLIST 9 A user notices that some of the programs that are installed before upgrading to Windows 7 no longer function properly after the upgrade. What can the user do to fix this problem? Run the programs in Compatibility Mode. Lower the UAC setting in the Change User Account Control settings dialog box of the User Accounts control. Use the System Restore utility.

Update the driver for the graphics card. 10 A technician notices that a program that is listed in the registry of a Windows computer is not found on that computer. What is a possible solution to the problem? Restore the ntdetect.com file from the installation media. Run fdisk /mbr from the command prompt. Restore the boot.ini file from the installation media. Reinstall the application. Then, run the uninstall program. 11 Which Windows 7 feature allows a user to view the contents of the desktop by moving the mouse to the right edge of the taskbar? thumbnail previews Search jump lists Shake Snap Aero Peek 12 A computer with the Windows 7 operating system fails to boot when the system is powered on. The technician suspects that the operating system has been attacked by a virus that rendered the system inoperable. What measure could be taken to restore system functionality? Run chkdsk on the affected drive to restore system files to their post-installation state. Use an incremental backup to restore the system. Use a system image that was created prior to the failure to restore the system. Use a differential backup to restore the system. 13 After upgrading a computer to Windows 7, a user notices that the UAC (User Account Control) panel appears more frequently. How can the user reduce the frequency with which the UAC appears?

Replace the graphics card with one that meets the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7. In the Performance Options dialog box of the Performance Information and Tools control panel, choose Adjust for Best Performance. Lower the UAC setting in the Change User Account Control settings dialog box of the User Accounts control panel. Reinstall all user programs in Compatibility Mode. 14 How much RAM can theoretically be addressed by a 64-bit operating system? 32 GB maximum 64 GB maximum 16 GB maximum 4 GB maximum 128 GB or more 15 What is the term for the ability of a computer to run multiple applications at the same time? multitasking multiuser multiprocessing multimedia 16 A Windows XP system is unable to boot properly. What is the procedure to use to boot this system into Safe Mode?

Reboot the system and press Del or F2 depending on the system. Reboot the system, press and hold F8 until a menu is displayed, and then choose Safe Mode. From the command prompt run the shutdown -r -s command.

Run the MSCONFIG utility and choose the option Selective Startup. 17 A technician has installed a new video driver on a Windows XP computer and now the monitor shows distorted images. The technician needs to install a different video driver that is available on a network server. What startup mode should the technician use to access the driver on the network? Debugging Mode Safe Mode Safe Mode with Networking Safe mode with Command Prompt 18 A technician needs to upgrade the file system on a Windows XP computer from FAT32 to NTFS without losing user data. Which course of action should be taken to upgrade the file system to NTFS? Use the Disk Management utility to convert the drive from Basic to Dynamic, which changes the file system to NTFS automatically. Reformat all of the existing partitions and use the NTFS file system. Run the CONVERT.EXE utility to convert the file system to NTFS. Reinstall Windows XP and to format the drive choose NTFS when prompted . 19 To which category of hypervisor does the Microsoft Virtual PC belong? Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 20 A college uses virtualization technology to deploy information security courses. Some of the lab exercises involve studying the characteristics of computer viruses and worms. What is an advantage of conducting the lab exercises inside the virtualized environment as opposed to using actual PCs?

The viruses and worms will have limited functionality inside the virtualized environment. Virus and worm attacks are more easily controlled in a virtualized environment, thus helping to protect the college network and its devices from attack. The virtualization environment has better tools to develop mitigation solutions. The lab exercises are performed faster inside of the virtualized environment. 21 What are two advantages of the NTFS file system compared with FAT32? (Choose two.) NTFS is easier to configure. NTFS provides more security features. NTFS supports larger files. NTFS allows faster access to external peripherals such as a USB drive. NTFS allows faster formatting of drives. NTFS allows the automatic detection of bad sectors. 22 Which two statements are true about restore points? (Choose two.) A technician should always create them after updating the operating system. They are useful to restore the computer to an earlier time when the system worked properly. They recover personal files that have been corrupted or deleted. They contain information about the system and registry settings that are used by the Windows operating system. They back up personal data files. 23 A user notices that a PC is running slowly and exhibits a delayed response to keyboard commands. What is a probable cause of this symptom? The video card does not support the resolution that is being used. A recently installed device driver is incompatible with the boot controller.

A process is using most of the CPU resources. One or more program files have been deleted. 24 What would be the result of having a corrupt Master Boot Record? The printer will function incorrectly. The operating system will fail to start. A new application will fail to install. The keyboard will be unresponsive to the user. ITE Chapter 6 - IT Essentials (Version 5.0) 1 Which network device makes forwarding decisions based on the destination MAC address that is contained in the frame? repeater hub switch router 2 A customer is considering a multipurpose device to create a home network. Which three devices are usually integrated into a multipurpose network device? (Choose three.) email server router switch web server wireless access point print server

3 Which technology would be recommended for a business that requires workers to access the Internet while visiting customers at many different locations? ADSL VPN cellular ISDN 4 When is a dial-up connection used to connect to an Internet provider? when a high-speed connection is provided over a cable TV network when a digital connection is provided using ISDN when a regular telephone line is used when a cellular telephone provides the service 5 Which type of connection to the Internet is capable of the fastest transfer rates? ISDN BRI dial-up ISDN PRI cable 6 Which statement describes the logical topology for a LAN? It describes how computers access the LAN medium. It depicts the locations of main routers and switches in a LAN. It lists the number of computers, routers, and switches on the LAN. It defines how computers connect to a LAN. 7

ABC Company requires preventive maintenance for all local network cabling once a year. Which task should be included in the preventive maintenance program? Replace all labeling on the cables. Replace all cable supports to prevent loose attachment points. Disconnect and reconnect all patch cables. Inspect all patch cables for breaks. 8 What is an example of network maintenance? immediately turning off a network device if the network device is making an unusual sound educating users on IT policies and procedures using cable supports to identify the devices to which the cables are connected not doing preventive maintenance regularly if the maintenance interrupts network activity 9 A technician is troubleshooting a problem where the user claims access to the Internet is not working, but there was access to the Internet the day before. Upon investigation, the technician determines that the user cannot access the network printer in the office either. The network printer is on the same network as the computer. The computer has assigned as an IP address. What is the most likely problem? The router that connects this network to other networks is down. The network interface card driver needs to be updated. The IP default gateway on the computer is incorrect. The computer cannot communicate with a DHCP server. 10 Which technology is most often used to connect devices to a PAN? Bluetooth IEEE 802.11n wireless

fiber optic cabling coaxial cabling 11 Which three layers of the OSI model map to the application layer of the TCP/IP model? (Choose three.) data link application network transport physical session presentation 12 A device has an IPv6 address listed as 2001:0DB8:75a3:0214:0607:1234:aa10:ba01. What is the interface ID of the device? ba01 0607:1234:aa10:ba01 2001:0DB8:75a3 2001:0DB8 13 What is a characteristic of the UDP protocol? low overhead error correction guaranteed delivery end-to-end establishment before delivery 14

What would be a disadvantage of configuring a wireless router or access point to operate only in accordance with the 802.11g protocol standard? 802.11a wireless devices will not be able to connect to the wireless network. The 802.11g standard does not support static IP addressing. The 802.11g standard does not support advanced network security features. Using only 802.11g will cause multiple SSIDs to be broadcast. 15 What is the maximum segment length that is specified by the 1000BASE-T standard? 1640 ft (500 m) 984 ft (300 m) 328 ft (100 m) 3280 ft (1000 m) 607 ft (185 m) 16 Which two characteristics describe Ethernet technology? (Choose two.) It is supported by IEEE 802.3 standards. It is supported by IEEE 802.5 standards. It typically uses an average of 16 Mb/s for data transfer rates. It uses a ring topology. It uses the CSMA/CD access control method. 17 Which three factors are reasons for a company to choose a client/server model for a network instead of peer-to-peer? (Choose three.) The company network requires secure access to confidential information. Each user understands how to safely share files across a network.

All employees passed a strict background check as part of the corporate hiring practices. The data gathered by the employees is critical and should be backed up on a regular basis. The network is small with fewer than eight users. The users need a central database to store inventory and sales information. 18 What benefit is provided by a computer data network? increased security decentralized administration resource sharing simplified troubleshooting 19 When would a printer be considered a network host? when it is connected to a workstation when it is connected to a laptop when it is connected to a switch when it is connected to a PC 20 A user can print to a printer that is on the same network, but the traffic of the user cannot reach the Internet. What is a possible cause of the problem? The PC default gateway address is missing or incorrect. The NIC on the PC is faulty. The PC has an incorrect IP address. The network cable connected to the user PC is faulty. 21 What is identified by the 100 in the 100BASE-TX standard?

the maximum cable distance in meters the series number of the standard the maximum number of network nodes the maximum bandwidth in Mb/s 22 A user installs a new gigabit NIC in a PC. The user notices that the data transfer rate is much slower than expected. What should the user do to fix the problem? Change the NIC duplex setting from half duplex to full duplex. Disable sleep mode. Disable hibernation mode. Change the value assigned to the NIC wake-on-LAN setting. 23 A company adds a few refurbished computers to a network. The company finds, however, that the refurbished computers perform significantly worse than the original networked computers do. The original computers performed much faster with applications that required the transfer of data over the network. What should the company technicians do? Check if the refurbished computers are using a VPN. Check if the network interface cards in the refurbished computers are limited to 10 Mb/s. Check if subnet mask is correct. Check if the gateway address is correct. ITE Chapter 7 - IT Essentials (Version 5.0)

1 Which two statements are true of a laptop CPU when compared to a desktop CPU? (Choose two.) The laptops consume more power.

The laptop CPUs are interchangeable with desktop CPUs. The laptops are designed to produce less heat. The laptops operate at higher clock speeds. The laptops use smaller cooling devices. 2 In the power management settings, which two devices can be set to turn off to conserve battery power? (Choose two.) cooling fans memory hard disk drive display CPU 3 What is the first step in the process of troubleshooting a laptop? Verify full functionality. Determine the exact cause. Establish probable causes. Identify the problem. 4 What is the final task for a technician after troubleshooting a laptop? Verify full functionality. Correct the problem. Document the problem and the solution. Implement preventive measures. 5

What can a user do to reconnect a laptop to a functioning wireless network after a laptop has been moved and the connection has been lost? Reboot the operating system. Plug in the power cord to the wall outlet. Recharge the battery. Change the orientation of the laptop. 6 Why are SODIMMs well suited for laptops? They do not produce heat. They have a small form factor. They are interchangeable with desktops. They connect to external ports. 7 An administrator tries to configure Power Options within Windows, but is unable to do so. What is the possible cause? Thermal management has been enabled. ACPI has not been enabled in the BIOS. The administrator does not have user privileges to change the settings. Wake-On-LAN has been enabled. 8 A technician is trying to remove a SODIMM module from a laptop. What is the correct way to do this? Pull outward by holding the center of the SODIMM module. Apply downward force on the SODIMM module. Press outward on the clips that hold the sides of the SODIMM. Desolder the SODIMM module. 9 What should a technician do prior to replacing a keyboard on a laptop?

Remove all sources of power from the laptop. Remove the LCD screen. Remove the outer casing of the laptop. Remove the power inverter. 10 Which two internal expansion slots in laptops are commonly used to install wireless adapter cards? (Choose two.) ISA PCIe Mini-PCIe PCI PCI Express Micro 11 What is the next step in the troubleshooting process after a solution has been implemented on a laptop? Return the device to the customer. Verify the solution. Document the solution. Ask the customer to explain the problem. 12 A technician notices that a laptop display appears stretched and pixelated. What is a probable cause of this? The power inverter is failing. The display properties are incorrectly set. The screen has been burned in. The power management features are incorrectly set. One of the RAM modules is failing. 13

Which statement is true about laptops? Most of the internal components that are designed for laptops cannot be used for desktops. Laptop CPUs do not use cooling devices. Laptops use fewer components than desktops use. Laptop motherboards have standard form factors. 14 What is a definition for CPU throttling? overclocking upgrading the CPU without changing the motherboard the sharing of processing between two or more cores the ability to modify CPU clock speed as needed 15 What is the purpose of the eject button on a laptop docking station? to open the CD/DVD tray to detach the laptop from the docking station to disconnect a USB device to remove the laptop battery 16 Which key sequence may be used to control whether the content of the screen will be presented on a built-in display or on an external display? Fn + <display> Shift + <display> Ctrl + <display> Alt + <display> 17

What would be the most effective preventive maintenance routine for company laptops that are subject to high use? a reactive routine that is performed monthly a proactive routine that is performed monthly and as needed a proactive routine that is performed every six months a reactive routine that is performed only as needed 18 To clean laptops, which two products are recommended? (Choose two.) car wax rubbing alcohol cotton swabs ammonia mild cleaning solution 19 A technician has been asked to decide which laptop components should be cleaned on a monthly basis as part of a maintenance routine. What are two examples of components that should be included? (Choose two.) CPU hard disk platters and heads exterior case keyboard RAM 20 A technician has installed a wireless Ethernet card in a Windows 7 laptop. Where would the technician configure a new wireless connection? Control Panel > Networking and Sharing Center > Set up a new connection or network Control Panel > System > Device Manager Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services Control Panel > Internet Options

21 Which component or components would be interchangeable between a laptop and and a desktop PC? CPU peripheral devices motherboard power supply 22 A user needs to connect a Bluetooth device to a laptop. Which type of cable is needed to accomplish this? USB cable EIA/TIA 232 cable None. Bluetooth connections are wireless. parallel cable VGA cable

ITE Chapter 8 - IT Essentials (Version 5.0)

1 What is a good source for safely downloading Android apps? the Apple App Store iTunes freeware sites Google Play 2 What two functions can be performed with the home button on an iOS mobile device? (Choose two.)

lock the device the same functions as the Android navigation buttons start voice control reset the device to the factory default start the TouchFLO interface 3 What are two potential user benefits of rooting or jailbreaking a mobile device? (Choose two.) A custom OS may reduce sandboxing features. The operating system can be fine-tuned to improve the speed of the device. The operation of the carrier cellular network may be affected. The user interface can be extensively customized. The root directory of the device is blocked. 4 What are two purposes of the passcode lock feature on mobile devices? (Choose two.) to erase all personal data from the device to remotely lock the device if it is stolen to return the device to the default factory state to place the device into a power saving state to restore and re-synchronize the device to help prevent theft of private information 5 What is an advantage of using flash memory to store data in mobile devices? Flash memory has a drive head that moves, reducing the seek time to locate data. Flash memory requires very little power to store and retrieve data.

Flash memory is not affected by ESD. Flash memory is highly resistant to water and cold. 6 What are two touchscreen characteristics that are used by most mobile devices? (Choose two.) an electrical field of the screen that is interrupted when the user touches the screen three layers responsible for conducting electricity with a small air gap between them a glass screen that is coated with a capacitor two transparent layers of material capable of conducting electricity two colored layers of material capable of conducting electricity 7 Which component is field-replaceable in most mobile devices? memory card RAM touchscreen CPU 8 Which mobile device troubleshooting procedure is correct? When a problem appears with a mobile device, the owner should analyze if it is costeffective to fix it. Mobile devices change so rapidly in design and functionality it is always better to replace the device rather than repair it. Mobile device problems always result in sending the device to the manufacturer for troubleshooting. Every time a mobile devices freezes, the owner can reinitialize it by pressing the reset button. 9

A user accidentally drops a mobile device into a pool. What corrective action should be taken? Contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Use a hair dryer to dry the phone. Open the device and replaced damaged components. If the mobile device does not turn on, throw it away and buy a new one. 10 After being left in a car for many hours on a hot day, an iPhone cannot be turned on. What should the user do to fix this problem? Buy a new power button and replace it. Disassemble the phone and look for heat related damage. Return the phone to the manufacturer for repair. Place the phone in a refrigerated space and allow the unit to cool down. 11 After an upgrade to a mobile device, some applications are no longer working, but some work fine. The user can make calls and send and receive email. Which two kinds of problems could be related to these issues? (Choose two.) a software problem a touchscreen problem a cell service problem a circuit board problem a memory problem 12 Which scenario or situation would prevent a user from upgrading the OS on an Android device? The software copyright was not obtained before the installation. The correct patches were not installed.

The hardware does not meet specifications. Permission was not obtained from the manufacturer. 13 Which two conditions must be met for mobile device security measures such as remote lock and remote wipe to function? (Choose two.) The GPS locator must be enabled. The passcode must be disabled. Sandboxing must be enabled. The device must be powered on. The device must be connected to a network. 14 Which two items common to both Android and iOS devices can be remotely backed up? (Choose two.) photos settings contacts calendar messages 15 Which statement is true about wireless connectivity on an Android mobile device? If the network SSID is not being broadcast, the device will not be able to connect to the network. When the device roams out of the range of any Wi-Fi networks, it can connect to the cellular data network if this feature is enabled. The Android OS does not support wireless connectivity that uses WPA2 security. If a Wi-Fi network is secured with a password, the network must be manually configured on the device.

16 This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item. 17 In the context of mobile devices, what does the term tethering involve? connecting a mobile device to a USB port on a computer in order to charge the mobile device connecting a mobile device to a hands-free headset connecting a mobile device to another mobile device or computer to share a network connection connecting a mobile device to a 4G cellular network 18 Which statement is true about industry standards for cellular networks? First generation cellular standards are mostly digital standards. Third generation cellular standards require a maximum of 1 Gb/s for devices moving slowly, such as when a user has a mobile device and is walking. Cellular standards have made it more difficult and expensive to make calls to people that are on a different network. Cell phones that use a single standard can often only be used in specific geographic areas. 19 Which statement about synchronizing a mobile device to a PC is true? To synchronize data on an iOS device, iTunes must be installed on the PC. Motocast USB can be used to synchronize data when using an iOS device. iOS synchronization can only be performed over a USB connection. Data on Android devices cannot be synchronized with a PC. 20 A technician is configuring email on a mobile device. The user wants to be able to keep the original email on the server, organize it into folders, and synchronize the folders between the mobile device and the server. Which email protocol should the technician use?

MIME POP3 SMTP IMAP 21 Which mobile device security feature requires the user to slide a finger over the screen in a specific sequence to unlock the device? simple passcode pattern remote wipe slide 22 Which term describes the ability of a mobile device to recognize when two or more points of contact are made on the screen? large touch many touch multitouch long touch chapter9 1 Which factor affects the speed of an inkjet printer? the desired quality of the image the cost of the inkjet cartridges the size of printer power supply the quality of the paper

2 What are two cables that are used to connect a computer to a printer? (Choose two.) FireWire HDMI serial PS/2 eSATA 3 What is a characteristic of thermal inkjet nozzles? Heat is applied to the ink reservoir of each nozzle. The vibration of the crystal controls the flow of ink. A charge is applied to the printhead. The heat creates a bubble of steam in the chamber. 4 In laser printing, what is the name of the process of applying toner to the latent image on the drum? fusing developing charging transferring 5 What is the purpose of the Additional Drivers button in the Sharing tab of the Printer Properties? to add additional drivers for other operating systems to add additional drivers for duplex printing to add additional drivers for other printers connected to the computer

to add additional drivers for other printers in the network 6 A small LAN uses a shared printer that is connected to a computer. None of the users can print but all of the users can access the shared resources on the computer to which the printer is locally connected. What is a possible cause of this? The cable that connects the printer to the PC is faulty. The printer needs a new ribbon. The printer has the wrong paper loaded. The printer spool is full. 7 How would a user install a new USB printer on a PC that is running Windows 7 Professional? Configure the BIOS to accept the specific model of printer in the USB port. Copy the printer driver to the System32 folder. Click Start > All programs > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes > right-click on the desired printer and choose Add. Connect the printer and power it on. Windows will detect the printer and install the needed drivers. 8 A Windows 7 computer has several printers configured in the Control Panel Devices and Printers window. Which printer will the computer choose to be the first option for printing? the software-based printer that is used to create XPS files a manual selection, which is always needed the printer that is set as the default printer the software-based printer that is used to create PDF files 9 What are two methods to share a printer wirelessly? (Choose two.) infrared

satellite WiMax IEEE 802.11 standards microwave 10 A user discovers that an inkjet color printer is printing different colors from those that are shown on the screen. What can be done to solve this problem? Replace the fuser. Replace the drum. Adjust the printer spool. Calibrate the printer. 11 The users on a LAN are reporting that computers respond slowly whenever high resolution photographs are being printed on the color laser printer. What would be the cause of this problem? The printer is not configured for duplex printing. The printer does not have enough memory to buffer an entire photograph. The paper is not adequate for photograph printing. The printer is not configured for the proper paper orientation. 12 What is a characteristic of global and per-document options in print settings? It is not possible to configure per-document options. Per-document options override global options. Global options take precedence over per-document options. It is not possible to configure global options. 13 What is true about the PostScript language?

It prints faster than other languages do. It handles complex printing jobs. It requires less printer memory than other languages require. It allows the page to be rendered in the local workstation. 14 What are two closed-ended questions that a technician could ask a user while trying to identify the problem with a printer? (Choose two.) Can you print a test page on the printer? What were you doing when the problem occurred? What recent software or hardware changes have been made to your computer? Is the printer powered on? What error messages were displayed when the problem occurred? 15 After applying a solution to a printer problem, a technician restarts the printer and prints a test page. Which step of the troubleshooting process is the technician applying? documenting findings, actions, and outcomes testing a theory to determine the cause of the problem verifying the solution and system functionality identifying the problem 16 A user notices that a job submitted to a printer is displayed in the print queue, but the printer is not printing the document. What is a probable cause of this problem? an incorrect printer driver the wrong paper type a bad cable connection a printer spooler not installed

17 A technician recorded that a new fuser roller unit was installed in a laser printer to solve a printing problem. Which step in the troubleshooting process did the technician just perform? verifying the solution and system functionality testing a theory to determine the cause of the problem identifying the problem documenting findings, actions, and outcomes 18 Where would network printer sharing be configured in a Windows 7 environment? Network and Sharing Center Ease of Access Center Devices and printers Printers and Other Hardware 19 What are two functions of a print server? (Choose two.) ensure that the connected client computers have up-to-date printer drivers store backups of documents sent to the printer provide uninterrupted power to the printer provide print resources to all connected client computers store print jobs in a queue until the printer is ready 20 Which action supports an effective printer preventive maintenance program? Clean inkjet print heads when they stop working. Replace laser printer toner at set predetermined time intervals. Reset the printer page counters if available.

Disconnect the printer from the power source when it is not in use. 21 Which two replacement parts are typically found in a laser printer maintenance kit? (Choose two.) pack of paper toner cartridge replacement print head transfer rollers fuser assembly 22 How can the life of a thermal printer be extended? Clean the inside of the printer with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Wipe the outside of the printer with a damp cloth. Clean the heating element regularly with isopropyl alcohol. Keep the paper dry in a low humidity environment.

ITE Chapter 10 - IT Essentials (Version 5.0) 1 A user receives a phone call from a person who claims to represent IT services and then asks that user for confirmation of username and password for auditing purposes. Which security threat does this phone call represent? social engineering anonymous keylogging spam DDoS 2

Which two security precautions will help protect a workplace against social engineering? (Choose two.) ensuring that each use of an access card allows access to only one user at the time ensuring that all operating system and antivirus software is up to date encrypting all sensitive data stored on the servers performing daily data backups registering and escorting all visitors to the premises 3 What are two typical physical security precautions that a business can take to protect its computers and systems? (Choose two.) Perform daily data backups. Replace any software firewalls with a hardware firewall. Implement biometric authentication. Ensure that all operating system and antivirus software is up to date. Disable the autorun feature in the operating system. 4 Which physical security technology can hold user authentication information, include software license protection, provide encryption, and provide hardware and software authentication that is specific to the host system? biometric authentication Trusted Platform Module (TPM) card key access two-factor security 5 It has been noted that the computers of employees who use removable flash drives are being infected with viruses and other malware. Which two actions can help prevent this problem in the future? (Choose two.) Set virus protection software to scan removable media when data is accessed.

Configure the Windows Firewall to block the ports that are used by viruses. Enable the TPM in the CMOS settings. Repair, delete, or quarantine the infected files. Disable the autorun feature in the operating system. 6 In which situation would a computer technician use the fixmbr command at the command prompt of a Windows XP computer to resolve a security issue? when unauthorized users have changed the CMOS settings and the CMOS password must be reset when a virus has damaged the master boot record of the system disk when a virus has damaged the boot sector of the system disk when the folder permissions for user members of a group are incorrect 7 All users working with a particular Windows 7 computer are able to install unauthorized software. In addition to educating the users about correct security behavior, which action should also be performed to solve this issue? Set the user folder permissions to Deny. Disable the users' accounts. Change the user file permissions to Read Only. Enable UAC on the computer. 8 You want to dispose of a 2.5 terabyte hard drive that contains confidential financial information. What is the recommended procedure to achieve this? Use data wiping. Drill through the HDD. Smash the platters with a hammer. Immerse the HDD in a weak solution of bicarbonate of soda.

9 What is the most effective way of securing wireless traffic? WPA2 SSID hiding WEP wireless MAC filtering 10 Which two items are used in asymmetric encryption? (Choose two.) a token a TPM a private key a DES key a public key 11 Which two characteristics describe a worm? (Choose two.) hides in a dormant state until needed by an attacker infects computers by attaching to software code executes when software is run on a computer is self-replicating travels to new computers without any intervention or knowledge of the user 12 Which type of security threat uses email that appears to be from a legitimate sender and asks the email recipient to visit a website to enter confidential information? worm phishing

adware stealth virus 13 Which three questions should be addressed by organizations developing a security policy? (Choose three.) How should future expansion be done? What are the possible threats to the assets of the organization? What is to be done in the case of a security breach? When do the assets need protecting? What assets require protection? What insurance coverage is required? 14 What does a malware detection program look for when running a scan? a service pack patterns in the programming code of the software on a computer mirror sites patches that prevent a newly discovered virus or worm from making a successful attack 15 Port triggering has been configured on a wireless router. Port 25 has been defined as the trigger port and port 113 as an open port. What effect does this have on network traffic? Any traffic that is using port 25 going out of the internal network will also be allowed to transmit out port 113. All traffic that is sent into port 25 to the internal network will also be allowed to use port 113. All traffic that is sent out port 25 will open port 113 to allow inbound traffic into the internal network through port 113. Any traffic that comes into port 25 allows outgoing port 113 to be used.

16 Which two characteristics of network traffic are being monitored if a network technician configures the company firewall to operate as a packet filter? (Choose two.) packet size physical addresses protocols packet speed ports 17 What is the primary goal of a DoS attack? to facilitate access to external networks to prevent the target server from being able to handle additional requests to scan the data on the target server to obtain all addresses in the address book within the server 18 Which question would be an example of an open-ended question that a technician might ask when troubleshooting a security issue? Have you scanned your computer recently for viruses? What symptoms are you experiencing? Did you open any attachments from a suspicious email message? Is your security software up to date? 19 Which action would help a technician to determine if a denial of service attack is being caused by malware on a host? Install rogue antivirus software on the host. Log on to the host as a different user.

Disable ActiveX and Silverlight on the host. Disconnect the host from the network. 20 A technician is troubleshooting a computer security issue. The computer was compromised by an attacker as a result of the user having a weak password. Which action should the technician take as a preventive measure against this type of attack happening in the future? Ensure the security policy is being enforced. Check the computer for the latest OS patches and updates. Scan the computer with protection software. Verify the physical security of all offices. 21 A user has reported that a computer web browser will not display the correct home page even if the default page is reset. What is the likely cause of this problem? A virus has damaged the boot sector of the system disk. The computer has been infected with spyware. UAC has been disabled on the computer. Folder permissions have been changed from Deny to Allow. 22 What is the name given to the programming-code patterns of viruses? mirrors signatures virus definition tables grayware ITE Chapter 11 - IT Essentials (Version 5.0) 1 Which two actions should a technician take if illegal content, such as child pornography, is discovered on the hard drive of a customer computer? (Choose two.) Contact a first responder. Confront the customer immediately.

Shut down the computer until authorities arrive. Document as much information as possible. Remove and destroy the hard drive. 2 What is the definition of cyber law? a single law defining criminal acts that are committed online a contract that defines expectations between and organization and IT service vendors for an agreed upon level of support the process of collecting and analyzing data from computer systems, networks, wireless communications, and storage devices the collection of international, country, and local laws that affect computer security professionals 3 When performing computer forensics, what can be prevented with a properly and carefully documented chain of custody? identity theft copying of copyrighted materials evidence tampering cyber crime 4 During the process of troubleshooting, a technician gains access to customer private information. What is expected that the technician do with this information? Send this information to the manager of the customer. Back up the information just in case the customer needs it some day. Document all information in a log file. Send this information to the technician manager. Keep it confidential. 5

Refer to the exhibit. During the troubleshooting of software that is installed on a computer system, a level one technician requires help from a level two technician. The file shown in the exhibit must be sent to the level two technician. How should the level one technician deliver this file? Send the file as it is to the level two technician. Deliver the file in printed format only. Replace all passwords in the file with <password omitted> before emailing the file and then supply the passwords by secure means, if required. This file should not be shared with the level two technician. 6 What are two sections that are usually included in an SLA? (Choose two.) supported equipment and software home contact information of the technician service provider part suppliers time of service availability contact information of other clients 7 Which two rules pertain to the general daily activities of employees in a call center environment? (Choose two.) The technician should contact the customer if the technician is going to be late for a follow-up appointment. The technician should adjust the work chair to a height that is high enough so that wrists angle downwards toward the keyboard. The technician should be sure to treat all customers equally. If a customer complains about another technician, the technician who is taking the call should agree with opinion of the customer. If a technician takes a call from a customer the technician does not like, the technician should pass the call to another technician.

8 Which statement describes a best practice related to time management? The technician can take the call of another technician, even without permission to do so. The technician should give better service to a customer for whom the technician feels more sympathy. The technician should take the easier calls first, regardless of the urgency. The technician should make sure to call the customer back as close to the callback time as possible. 9 Which two statements are correct about level one and level two technicians? (Choose two.) Level two technicians usually respond to the "down calls" as they may be able to resolve them faster. Level one technicians usually work on the problems that require opening up the computer case. Level two technicians are often referred to as "incident screeners," and level one technicians are often referred to as "product specialists." Level two technicians are usually more knowledgeable about technology than the level one technicians are. Level two technicians prepare a work order and escalate it to a level one technician if a problem cannot be resolved within ten minutes. 10 What should a level two technician do immediately after receiving an escalated work order from a level one technician? Call the customer back to ask any additional questions and resolve the problem. Call the level one technician and ask questions about the problem. Document suggestions to solve the problem in the work order and return it to the level one technician. Send the work order to a level three technician and ask for support. 11

A customer calls to report a computer problem. Which two actions can the technician take to establish a good rapport with the customer? (Choose two.) Use technical terms to determine the level of knowledge the customer possesses. Allow the customer to speak without interruption. Personalize the call by periodically asking questions unrelated to the computer problem. Refer to the customer by name whenever possible. Ask only closed-ended questions. 12 What is the correct way to conduct a telephone call to troubleshoot a computer problem? Always gather information from the customer and escalate the problem. Ask personal questions to get better acquainted with the customer. Explain each step to help the customer understand the troubleshooting process. Maintain professional behavior at all times. 13 A technician receives a call from a customer who is too talkative. How should the technician handle the call? Politely step in and gain control of the call by asking the customer social questions. Allow the customer to speak without interruption and then try to use closed-ended questions to gather data. Use open-ended questions and repeat all the information back to the customer to politely show that unnecessary information is being given. Talk over the customer and quickly gather the necessary information to be of help. 14 What are two examples of displaying professional communication skills while talking to a customer? (Choose two.) focusing on what you cannot do to give customers an idea of the magnitude of the problem

clarifying what customers say after they have finished their explanations interrupting customers with a question to gather more information asking customers to paraphrase their explanations the use of active listening, with occasional interjections such as "I see" or "I understand" 15 What are three pieces of information a level one technician should gather from a customer? (Choose three.) details of any recent changes to the computer description of the problem output from diagnostic software output from a remote connection to the customer computer current CMOS settings contact information 16 Which situation would require that a support desk call be given the highest priority? A couple of computers have operating system errors. The company cannot operate because of a system failure. Some computers cannot log in to the network. Two users are requesting an application enhancement. A user is requesting a RAM memory upgrade. 17 Which two data storage locations contain persistent data that can be used by computer forensics specialists? (Choose two.) solid state drives CPU registers

RAM hard disk drives cache 18 In a computer forensics investigation, which type of data is considered volatile data and can be lost if power is removed from the computer? data in transit between RAM and the CPU data stored on an internal drive data stored on an external drive data stored on magnetic disks 19 What customer support procedure would likely cause an upset customer to become more upset? Ask the customer to do obvious or unnecessary steps. Reiterate that you want to solve the problem. Follow a step-by-step approach to solving the problem. Apologize for the wait time if there has been no wait time. 20 What name is given to a certain set of general rules that apply to written communication over the Internet? flame wars online interactions Internet slang netiquette 21 When performing computer forensics what is required to prove a chain of custody? an admission of guilt

collected evidence proper documentation procedures expert testimony 22 What is a reason to escalate a problem from a level one technician to a level two technician? when the equipment needs to be rebooted when the screen resolution of a customer PC needs to be adjusted when drivers, applications, or operating systems need to be installed when a peripheral device needs to be replaced ITE Chapter 12 - IT Essentials (Version 5.0)

1 A technician arrives and asks a customer, "Can you describe the problem?" The customer replies, "All email messages that I send have the wrong date. I have restarted the computer several times, but this does not seem to help." What could be the problem? The MBR is corrupted. The CPU voltage is set too low. The CMOS battery has failed. The hard drive is beginning to fail. 2 A customer using a Windows XP computer is complaining that a new card reader is not working. A technician tests the card reader on a Windows 7 computer and does not detect any problems. What are two possible solutions to the problem with the XP computer? (Choose two.) Install additional RAM. Modify the options in the BIOS.

Install the driver from the CD provided with the card reader. Download and install the driver from the manufacturer of the card reader. Update the CMOS firmware. 3 A technician is replacing an internal hard drive used as a secondary drive on a PC. After connecting the new hardware and powering up the computer, an "OS not found" error message is displayed. What is the most probable cause for that error message? The power supply is faulty. The hard drive jumper is set incorrectly. The motherboard needs replacing to be able to support the new hard drive. The USB port has too many attached devices to supply adequate power. The BIOS needs updating. 4 A technician is upgrading an older PC with a dual core CPU. When the PC restarts, it is slower than it was before the upgrade. The Performance tab from the Task Manager displays only one CPU graph. What is the most probable solution to this problem? Replace the HDD with a higher capacity hard drive. Overclock the CPU. Increase the amount of RAM available. Update the BIOS firmware to support the dual core CPU. 5 A laptop that is running Windows XP displays "Missing NTLDR" after the POST. What are the two most probable reasons for this problem? (Choose two.) Boot.ini is missing or damaged. There is a conflict with a newly installed device. BOOTMGR has been corrupted. The boot order is not set correctly in the BIOS.

The index service is not indexing in the correct locations. 6 Several times during the last few days, a user has experienced the Blue Screen of Death when plugging an external hard drive into a laptop via USB. What is a possible solution for this problem? Reinstall the operating system. Upgrade the operating system. Research the STOP error and the name of the module that produced the error. Research the boot error beep code to identify the source of the error. 7 A computer repeatedly locks without any error message. Which two conditions may be the cause of the problem? (Choose two.)

The UAC has been turned off. The user has breached the user security policy. The computer has a virus. The index service is not running. The CPU needs to be upgraded. An update has corrupted the operating system. 8 What are two possible solutions to any Windows computer restarting continuously and never displaying the desktop? (Choose two.) Upgrade the processor. Upgrade the video card. Press F8 to open the Advanced Options menu and choose Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure. Reset the hard drive jumpers. Run chkdsk /F /R from the recovery console.

Access the BIOS and change the boot order options. 9 A PC is not able to connect to a wired network. Pinging the loopback address is successful, but the gateway cannot be reached. On the network switch all the interface lights are on, except for the interface connected to the PC. The LED on the network card is off. What is the most likely cause of this problem? The network switch is faulty. The gateway needs to be fixed. The network cable is faulty. The PC has an incorrect IP address for the DNS server. 10 Users in a recently installed wireless network are complaining of slow data transfer and frequent loss of connectivity. The technician checks that the wireless security is correctly implemented, and there is no evidence of unauthorized users on the network. Which two problems might the technician suspect? (Choose two.) The wireless signal is too weak. The DHCP server is faulty. There is interference from outside sources. The antenna on the access point is too powerful. The network passwords need to be reissued to the users. 11 A group of users is unable to connect to the network. When testing several of the PCs and issuing the command ipconfig, the technician notices that all of them have an IP address in the 169.254.x.x range. What is the most likely cause of this problem? The DNS server is not operational. The Internet connectiion is down. The gateway address is incorrect. The DHCP server is not operational.

12 A technician is working on a laptop that has a dark display. After attaching an external display and verifying that it works, the technician now has a better idea as to the problem. What could be the problem? The display driver is incorrect. The motherboard has failed. The CPU has failed. The power inverter of the LCD screen or backlight lamp has failed. 13 A technician replaces a laptop keyboard that was no longer functioning, and has verified that the newly replaced keyboard functions properly. What is the final step the technician should take as part of the troubleshooting process? Ask a list of closed-ended questions. Research the problem. Document all findings, actions, and outcomes. Implement preventive measures. 14 A user complains that when a page is printed on a laser printer, the page smears when touched. What is a possible cause of this issue? The laser assembly is faulty. The EP drum is damaged. The pickup rollers are defective. The fuser has failed. 15 A technician finds that occasionally when a network printer is restarted, clients are unable to print to it, receiving a "Document failed to print" message. What is a probable cause of this? The drum is damaged. The printer does not have enough memory.

The toner level in the EP cartridge is low. The power supply on the printer is failing. The printer is configured to get an IP address using DHCP. 16 A user complains that a printer is outputting random characters instead of the desired document. What is a probable cause of this? There is dirt or debris in the printer. The printer does not have enough memory. The pickup rollers are defective. An incorrect print driver is installed. 17 A freshly installed Windows 7 laptop is plugged into the network and configured with an IP address. The technician then attempts to ping the laptop from another computer. While the laptop is able to connect to other devices, the ping requests fail. What is the likely cause? The network drivers for the NIC are out of date. The port speed for the NIC is incorrect. TPM must be enabled. The Windows Firewall is blocking ping requests. 18 A computer displays this message when the computer boots: "MBR has been changed or modified." What could cause this problem? The CMOS battery has failed. A RAM module is not fully inserted into the memory slot. A virus has altered the Windows kernel. A boot sector virus has altered the master boot record. 19

Users are complaining that they are receiving spam from the email account that belongs to a co-worker. What could cause this problem? A virus has damaged the master boot record on the system that is used by the coworker. The network adapter on the computer that is used by the co-worker is malfunctioning. The email account belonging to the co-worker was hijacked because of malware. The email client belonging to the co-worker is not configured properly. 20 A technician is troubleshooting a laptop that has the power light on and the hard drive spinning. However, the laptop only displays vertical lines that change color. What is the problem? The BIOS is corrupt. The LCD screen has failed. The backlight lamp has failed. The LCD screen inverter has failed. 21 A technician is troubleshooting a laser printer that outputs blank paper for all print jobs including printer test pages. What is a probable cause? The laser printer does not have adequate memory. The drum is failing to hold a charge. The drum wiper blade is worn. The fuser has failed. 22 A technician is troubleshooting a Windows 7 laptop infected with a virus that has damaged the master boot record. The technician has booted the laptop using the installation media and is attempting to repair the laptop from the command line interface. Which two commands can the technician use to repair the corrupt master boot record? (Choose two.) regedit

chkdsk regedt32 bootrec /fixboot bootrec /fixmbr ITE Practice Final - IT Essentials (Version 5.0)

1 Which two elements should typically be included in a computer security policy? (Choose two.) technical details of the biometric systems used a list of acceptable user passwords an acceptable computer usage statement for the organization details of the data file access procedures requirements necessary for data to remain confidential on a network 2 Which type of power connector is used to connect devices such as optical drives and hard drives? 24-pin Molex P8 P9 20-pin Berg 3 A network administrator has been informed about a problem with the network printer. What is the most reliable way to prevent print jobs from being added to the queue while the printer is being repaired?

Stop the print spooler. Unplug the printer from the print server. Send a network message to all users telling them to stop sending any print jobs to the printer. Send an email to all users telling them to stop sending any print jobs to the printer. 4 A client has provided a 4 GB SODIMM module to a technician to perform a memory upgrade on a workstation, but the technician is having problems installing it. What is a probable cause for this? The workstation requires flash memory. The module is incompatible with the workstation. The workstation lacks an available slot. The workstation requires solid state memory. 5 How should a hard drive be partitioned to support a Windows 7 installation over a network? An NTFS partition of at least 2 GB must be created. A FAT32 partition of at least 5 GB must be created. An NTFS partition of at least 3 GB must be created. A FAT16 partition of at least 2 GB must be created. 6 A new technician has joined the IT team and is about to service a heavy printer. What advice would you give this technician to avoid any injury when transporting the heavy printer to the service area? Bend your back to pick the printer up. Use your arms and back to lift the printer. Bend your knees to use the strength in your legs to lift the printer. Avoid bending your knees when lifting the printer.

7 A customer used the Convert utility to take advantage of NTFS security features. The customer later discovered that the applications on the computer can only read FAT32 files. After the hard drive was formatted back to FAT32, the customer noticed all of the data files were missing. What should the customer do next? Run convertfat32. Restart the computer after updating the hard drive to FAT32. Restore the data files that were backed up in preparation for the conversion. Reset the file attribute to show hidden files. 8 A technician is trying to determine where a network cable terminates in the wiring closet. Which tool is best suited for this task? toner probe POST card multimeter loopback adaptor 9 Which component uses the greatest amount of power on most mobile devices? camera media player CPU LCD screen 10 A technician is troubleshooting a printer that prints unknown characters instead of the correct document. What are two probable causes for this? (Choose two.) The printer service is stopped. The computer has an incorrect driver installed.

The paper is old, and moist from humidity. The printer has a loose data cable. The paper tray is empty. 11 Which two memory types are installed using DIMM slots? (Choose two.) SDRAM cache memory FPM DRAM SRAM DDR SDRAM 12 Employees in the financial department have reported that an unknown technician has been asking questions about the network. Which type of attack might the employees be observing? spamming spoofing phishing social engineering 13 A customer reports that after booting a Windows Vista computer with a CD and running antivirus software to remove a boot sector virus, the computer still fails to boot from the hard disk. What should the technician do to try to solve this problem? Enter the hard drive password to unlock the hard drive. Boot the computer from the Vista installation media, select R - Recovery Console and then issue the fixmbr command. Enter the BIOS settings when the computer starts up and enable Boot Recovery. Boot the computer from the Vista installation media and select Repair your computer from the Install Windows screen.

14 A technician needs to add a new wireless device to a small WLAN. The WLAN is a mixture of old and newer 802.11b and 802.11g devices. What choice for the new device would provide the most interoperability for present and future growth? Add a new 802.11g device. Add a new 802.11a device. Add a new 802.11n device. Add a new 802.11b device. 15 A user notices that some of the programs that are installed before upgrading to Windows 7 no longer function properly. What can the user do to fix this problem? Update the driver for the graphics card. Reinstall the programs in Compatibility Mode. Lower the UAC setting in the Change User Account Control settings dialog box of the User Accounts control. Change the file system to FAT16. 16 A technician installed a network adapter in a computer and wants to test network connectivity. The ping command can only receive a response from local workstations. What could be causing the problem? The NIC driver is out of date. The default gateway is not set. The operating system is not compatible with the remote sites. The TCP/IP protocol stack is not loaded. 17 A technician has repaired a failing laser printer that was not able to pull the paper from the input tray. After installing the replacement parts, the technician tested the printer with a test page and everything worked as expected. Which would be a possible next step to complete the troubleshooting process?

Search for information on how to configure the printer. Document any components that were used in the repair. Roll back the last device driver. Ask the customer to describe the problem. 18 Which wireless security mode supports government grade security and offers both personal and enterprise authentication? LEAP WPA WEP WPA2 19 What are three benefits of computer preventive maintenance? (Choose three.) improvement in RAM access time time savings for technicians making repairs extension of the life of components improvement in data protection elimination of the need for repairs reduction in the number of equipment failures 20 Which type of security threat can be transferred through email and is used to gain sensitive information by recording the keystrokes of the email recipient? grayware virus adware Trojan

worm 21 A technician is troubleshooting a network where it is suspected that a defective node in the network path is causing packets to be dropped. The technician only has the IP address of the end point device and does not have any details of the intermediate devices. What command can the technician use to identify the faulty node? ipconfig /flushdns ping tracert ipconfig /displaydns 22 Hard drives in a grocery warehouse keep failing because of the adverse warehouse environment. What would be a possible solution for this high failure rate? Install a more powerful power supply in each computer. Install an SSD drive in each computer. Install an antistatic mat under each computer. Install each computer in a specialized high airflow case. 23 A technician is asked to configure the time that the system must be idle before the hard disk spins down on all the Windows-based laptops in the company. The technician configured the power options in Windows but it appears to have no effect. Where should the technician look to enable power management? Administrative Tools Command Prompt BIOS Safe mode System Registry 24 What are three common input devices found on laptops? (Choose three.)

AC power connector external monitor PS/2 keyboard touchpad fingerprint reader web camera 25 On which two occasions is it most likely that a technician will have to perform a clean operating system installation if a backup has not been performed? (Choose two.) A user requires access to a new printer. A new replacement hard drive is installed in a computer. The existing security software requires upgrading. The existing operating system is corrupted. The computer is being moved to a different network. 26 A customer reports poor telephone communications when using a copper telephone line that also has a DSL service. What is the most likely cause of the problem? The telephone does not comply with the IEEE 802.15.1 standard. The HSDPA (High Speed Data Packet Access) is interfering with the telephone operation. The DSL modem is incorrectly configured. The DSL filter is faulty or not connected. 27 Which statement correctly describes the cancellation effect? The signals in the wires in each twisted-pair circuit generate magnetic fields which cancel each other out. Fiber optic cables use light-emitting diodes to cancel noise on the cable.

Twisted-pair cabling pairs two positively-charged wires or two negatively-charged wires, which doubles the signal strength and cancels noise. Coaxial cables have a positively-charged end and a negatively-charged end, which cancel each other's magnetic fields. 28 Which is a characteristic of the Android operating system? It allows for the user to change the source code. Programmers cannot modify the source code. Android is one example of the iOS mobile operating system. A royalty must be paid to change the source code. 29 A technician is asked to wire a network that supports CSMA/CD. Which architecture and physical topology should the technician use for supporting this access control method? Token Ring and Double Ring Wireless and Ring Ethernet and Star FDDI and Ring 30 What is an accurate description of asymmetric encryption technology? It is an encryption protocol that is used to encrypt data as the data is sent over the VPN. It is an encryption process that uses identical keys on both ends to establish the VPN. It is an encryption process that uses a public and private key pair to encrypt/decrypt data. Asymmetric encryption is an encryption process that compares traffic on both ends to make sure the traffic has not been altered. 31 Which software installation method is used when a customer runs Google play from a mobile device?

synchronize pull push load 32 When a Windows XP computer has completed the POST for each adapter card that has a BIOS, what is the next step during the boot sequence? BIOS reads the MBR. NTDLR reads the registry files. NTDETECT.COM is used to detect any installed hardware. The WINLOGON.EXE program is started. 33 A technician wants to allow users to backup and restore all the files on their computers, but does not want the users to be able to make changes to the system. How should the technician give users this functionality? Make the users members of a group called Backup Operators. Check the Folder is Ready for Archiving box in the properties of each folder. Give the users administrator rights on their computers. Grant the users read permissions on all files. 34 A technician recently implemented security on a new computer used by a web-based program developer. Initially the computer was allowed to access a number of programs over the network, but now the developer has found that new programs cannot be accessed. Which firewall setting should the technician apply to allow new programs while also keeping the computer secure? Notify the user when Windows Firewall blocks a program. Enable authentication between computers. Block all incoming programs.

Turn on Windows Firewall. 35 Which technology allows a user to securely access a company LAN across a public network? MD5 VPN SHA TCP 36 A technician is troubleshooting a 4-year-old computer that takes a long time to boot, and identifies that the BIOS rediscovers all the hardware at every boot. The technician thinks that the CMOS battery is losing the charge. What would be the next step in the troubleshooting process? Test the theory to determine the cause. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem. Identify the problem. Establish a theory of probable cause. 37 A computer technician has decided that a problem with a laptop can be solved by repairing a hardware component. What should be done first before attempting to repair a hardware component on a laptop? Ask a fellow technician for advice. Consult the service manual for the laptop. Remove the keyboard. Backup the BIOS settings. 38 A business is concerned that computers are susceptible to malware infection. Which two actions will help solve this problem? (Choose two.)

Configure a hard drive password. Configure antimalware software to run whenever the computer is experiencing heavy usage. Enable real-time virus and spyware scanning. Enable automatic antivirus and antispyware software updates. Encrypt the hard drive contents. 39 A support desk trainer is teaching a new support desk technician some basic rules about starting a conversation with a customer. Which statement describes the rules the trainer should be teaching? Start by asking close-ended questions about what the customer understands of the problem and then direct the customer through the correction process. Learn the name of the customer and create a connection with the customer. Next ask questions that assess the knowledge level of the customer. Ask the customer what the problem is and then introduce yourself. Assess what the customer knows of the support desk process and then use closeended questions to guide the customer through the correction process. 40 Which three components are typically found in laser printer maintenance kits? (Choose three.) paper trays primary corona fuser assembly pickup rollers transfer rollers secondary corona 41

A supervisor received a complaint that one of the technicians was rude and disrespectful. Which action by the technician most likely caused the customer to complain? The technician interrupted a number of times to ask questions. The technician ended the call without saying 'Have a nice day'. The technician occasionally confirmed an understanding of the problem. The customer was escalated to a level-two technician. 42 What precaution should a technician take when checking a thermal printer that suddenly stops functioning? Avoid the corona wire, which can retain a high voltage. Avoid the platen, which can retain a high voltage. Avoid the thermal head, which can become hot. Avoid the fuser unit, which can become hot. 43 A technician wishes to secure the network authentication for all remote users. Which security technology uses radio communication with a computer before accepting a username and password? security dongles smart digital cards biometrics key fobs 44 Which two actions must be performed before installing RAM into a laptop? (Choose two.) Disconnect AC power. Disconnect the display from the bottom of the laptop. Remove the battery.

Use thermal compound to attach the memory to the motherboard. Before installing the RAM, update the saved CMOS settings to the newly configured amount of RAM. Remove the memory module retaining clips from the slots where the new RAM will insert. 45 A call center technician is on a call with a customer when a colleague indicates that there is something to discuss. What should the technician do? Tell the customer that the call will be put on hold for a few minutes. Signal to the colleague to wait. Mute the line to the customer while discussing the issue with the colleague. Interrupt the customer and ask whether the customer would mind going on hold for a few minutes. 46 What category of technician uses remote access software to update a computer belonging to a customer? level one technicians bench technicians level two technicians field technicians 47 What determines to which device the computer searches first to locate boot files? partition size BIOS boot sequence option type of partition the order in which the operating system or operating systems were installed 48

Which port is used only for input? parallel PS/2 network DVI speaker 49 When a dual core CPU with Hyper-Threading features is installed on a motherboard, how many instructions can the CPU simultaneously process? 2 4 6 8 50 Which two pieces of software are included with most new printers and are installed by the user? (Choose two.) operating system configuration software word processor printer patches printer driver BIOS update 51 Which measure can help control RFI effects on wireless networks? Ensure the humidity and temperature levels are set as low as possible. Ensure the wireless network is on a different frequency than the offending source.

Ensure the number of wireless NICs exceeds the number of wireless phones. Ensure each wireless NIC is configured to operate at different frequencies from all other wireless NICs. 52 What are two reasons why static IP addressing would be configured instead of DHCP when setting up a wireless network? (Choose two.) The network has relatively few wireless devices. DHCP limits the number of IP addresses that can be assigned. Specific security policies can be applied to static IP addresses. Static IP addresses enable large networks to be managed easily. DHCP is not reliable when used with wireless networks. 53 At which TCP/IP model layer would a MAC address be found? internet transport application network access 54 A technician is attempting to install an application that is not supported by the Windows XP operating system on the PC. How can the technician make this application run on the PC? Install the application with elevated permissions as administrator. Install the application in safe mode. Create a virtual machine with an operating system that supports the application. Use the Windows Compatibility mode. 55 Which factor should be considered when selecting cooling fans for a PC case?

the type of CPU that is installed the number of installed adapter cards the amount of installed RAM the current BIOS version 56 A technician is replacing a failing keyboard on a laptop computer. After the installation, the technician finds that none of the keys on the keyboard are working. What should the technician do next? Check if the cable is properly connected. Enable the keyboard in the BIOS. Open Device Manager then use the option Scan for New Hardware. Install new drivers. 57 A network administrator has a user that is changing the rights to files in a folder for other users. What rights does the administrator need to remove from the user? Full Control Modify Read and Write Read and Execute 58 Which two wireless configuration features make it harder for a hacker to see and attach to a wireless network? (Choose two.) enabling the proxy firewall configuring MAC address filtering disabling the DHCP configuration disabling SSID broadcasts

disabling port forwarding 59 A user installs a new sound card driver in a computer that is working properly. After the installation of the drivers for the new sound card, the computer fails to boot. Which quick fix can the user implement to return to the previous working state? Boot to Start Windows Normally. Boot to Last Known Good Configuration. Boot to Emergency Recovery State. Boot to Recovery Console. 60 A technician is tasked with connecting a printer directly to the network and making it accessible to all staff in the general vicinity. What type of network cable is most likely used to connect the printer? coaxial RJ-11 fiber-optic twisted-pair

ITE 5.0 A+ Cert Practice Exam 1 - IT Essentials (Version 5.0) 1 This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item. 2 Which three PC desktop functions are typically provided on the front panel and must be connected to the motherboard? (Choose three.) PC power button CPU temperature indicator audio power button

network activity light drive activity light USB connectors 3 This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item.

4 What wireless networking standard has a range of 250 meters (820 feet)? 802.11a 802.11g 802.11b 802.11n 5 A customer asks for a solution to a printer problem that is beyond the knowledge level of the technician. What should the technician do? Gather as much informatio n as possible and escalate the problem. Ask the customer to call again when another technician can provide a solution to the problem. Tell the customer to call the printer manufacturer to fix the problem. Try to fix the problem anyway. 6 What is the expected behavior of an ADSL service? The download and upload rates are the same. The upload rate is faster than the download rate.

The user can select the upload and download rates based on need. The download rate is faster than the upload rate. 7 This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item. 8 A technician attempts to increase the brightness of a laptop screen by using the function keys but the attempt fails. What could be the problem? The LCD screen has failed. The video display driver is corrupt. The inverter has failed. The laptop battery is bad. 9 A user is reporting that an inkjet printer is printing colors different from what the printer should be printing. The printer has separate cartridges for each color and the user changed the cyan cartridge recently. What is the action that could fix the problem? Use a different type of paper. Purchase a maintenance kit. Check for loose printer cables. Perform a printer head cleaning. 10 Which two statements are correct about the inverter and backlight display components in a laptop? (Choose two.) LED monitors require the use of an inverter. DC power is required by the backlight in some types of screens. The inverter converts DC power to AC power. The inverter converts AC power to DC power.

AC power is required by the backlight in some types of screens. 11 A technician is required to replace a faulty power supply in a desktop PC. The PC motherboard has a 24-pin ATX socket but the only available replacement power supply is one with a 20-pin connector. Delivery of new power supplies with 24-pin connectors is not expected until the next day, but the user requires the PC to be operational as soon as possible. What can the technician do in these circumstances? The technician can install the power supply and insert the 20-pin connector into the 24-pin socket on the motherboard. The technician can recover the 24-pin connector from the faulty power supply and attach it to the replacement power supply for connection to the motherboard. The technician can use a 20-pin-to-24-pin adaptor to connect the power supply to the motherboard. Power supplies with 20-pin connectors are not compatible with motherboards with 24pin sockets, so the technician can do nothing until the new power supplies arrive. 12 A computer technician has recommended a data storage system that combines data striping and parity. The user has a limited budget and is prepared to forego performance to implement this system. Which RAID system would meet these requirements? RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 5 RAID 0+1 13 A technician is troubleshooting a PC unable to connect to the network. What command should be issued to check the IP address of the device? nslookup ipconfig tracert ping 14 This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item.

15 Which feature will assign a computer an IP address even if there is no working DHCP server in the network? WINS APIPA ARP DNS 16 Which two motherboard components connect to the Northbridge chipset? (Choose two.) USB 3.0 devices RAM video card USB 2.0 devices FireWire devices NIC 17 What are the two widths of internal hard drives in laptops? (Choose two.) 3.5 inches 5.25 inches 1.8 inches 2.5 inches 3.8 inches

18 A user has a computer with a single hard drive and a RAID adapter installed. Which additional component is necessary to complete the RAID installation?

a DVD drive one or more additional hard drives a USB connection a floppy disk drive 19 What are two examples of component information that can usually be displayed when using the BIOS utility of a computer? (Choose two.) power LED status motherboard form factor RAM capacity CPU manufacturer and speed POST results 20 A user has just upgraded a gaming system with 8GB of DDR3 800 MHz RAM and still finds that the system lags during gameplay. The system has a high end graphics card, liquid cooling, and a 7,200 rpm EIDE drive. What can the user do to improve system performance? Add two more case fans. Replace the EIDE drive with an SSD. Replace the liquid cooling system with a high speed ball bearing fan cooling system. Change the voltage setting for the RAM. 21 A PC has one floppy drive, two EIDE drives, and one EIDE DVD drive. Which two connector types would have to exist on the power supply unit to power on all these devices? (Choose two.) PS2 FireWire

SATA Berg Molex 22 A user wants to purchase a monitor that will be light, consume the least amount of power, and provide deep dark levels in the display. Which display type would best meet these requirements? plasma LED OLED LCD 23 A user has connected a USB 3.0 device to a computer using a 3 ft (1m) USB 3.0 cable. However, instead of an expected data transfer rate of up to 5 Gb/s, the user notes a data transfer rate of no more than 450 Mb/s. What is the most probable reason for this lower than expected data transfer rate? The cable used exceeds the maximum length that allows USB 3.0 to transfer data at 5Gb/s. The USB 3.0 cable is faulty. The device was connected to a USB 1.1 port on the computer. The device was connected to a USB 2.0 port on the computer. 24 What is a characteristic of DDR SDRAM? DDR SDRAM modules have double the number of pins of SDRAM memory modules. It operates at double the voltage of SDRAM memory. It is dynamic memory whereas SDRAM is static memory. It transfers data twice per clock cycle compared to once per clock cycle for SDRAM. 25

Where is the integrated Wi-Fi antenna typically located in a laptop? on the system board on the keyboard integrated into the wireless card above the screen 26 Because of limited space on a laptop keyboard, some keys have a dual-purpose. What are these keys called? special purpose keys function keys alternate keys control keys 27 Which setting must be turned on in order to share a printer in Windows 7? Windows Firewall File and Printer Sharing Sharing Share this Printer 28 A technician working on a computer discovers what is suspected to be illegal activity. Which three pieces of information should be immediately documented? (Choose three.) evidence of the suspected illegal activity location of the computer details of all past users of the computer technical specifications of the computer duration of the suspected illegal activity why the computer was accessed by the technician

29 Which two PC settings can be configured using the BIOS setup utility? (Choose two.) POST allocation of memory to applications boot sequence enabling device drivers virtualization support 30 A technician wants to allow many computers to print to the same printer, but does not want to affect the performance of the computers. What will the technician do to achieve this? Install a second printer. Use a software print server. Use a computer-shared printer. Use a hardware print server. 31 What memory type is also known as PC3-10600? DDR2-800 DDR3-1333 DDR2-1600 DDR3-1600 32 Which protocol automates assignment of IP addresses on a network, and which port number does it use? (Choose two.) DHCP DNS

SMB 53 67 80 33 Which two motherboard components are directly managed by the Southbridge chipset? (Choose two.) video card RAM USB 3.0 devices FireWire devices CPU 34 Which laptop component is required to be replaced or upgraded by a technician rather than by a computer user? inverter RAM battery hard drive 35 Which two field replaceable units could be found in a laser printer maintenance kit? (Choose two.) fuser assembly toner cartridge drum pickup rollers paper trays

power supply 36 What is a feature that can be used by an administrator to prevent unauthorized users from connecting to a wireless access point? MAC filtering software firewall WPA encryption proxy server 37 What technology is an IP based 4G broadband technology that offers high speed Internet access for distances up to 30 miles (48 km)? Wi-Fi fiber broadband WiMAX satellite 38 Which design specification criterion is most important when designing a computer that will be a thin client whose applications are accessed from a remote virtual server? number of processor cores amount of RAM amount of local hard drive storage speed of network card 39 Which adapter would a technician install in a desktop computer to enable a video signal to be recorded from a video recorder to the computer hard drive? video adapter video capture card

TV tuner card network interface card 40 A support desk technician is dealing with an angry customer. Which two approaches should the technician take in dealing with the customer? (Choose two.) Immediately transfer the customer to a higher level technician. Ask socially related questions to direct the customer away from the problem. Work to redirect the conversation to solving the problem. Reply to the customer with the same level of anger. Let the customer explain the problem without interrupting. 41 Which type of network consists of several geographically dispersed networks that cover a large area? LAN WAN PAN SAN 42 Which three components would a technician use in building a CAD workstation? (Choose three.) multicore processors Windows 7 Home edition TV Tuner card maximum RAM high-end sound card specialized graphics card

43 How should a technician dispose of an empty inkjet printer cartridge? Follow local regulations for disposal. Give it back to the customer. Refill it. Throw it away. 44 Which display type uses the most power? LED OLED plasma LCD 45 What are plenum rated cables used for? for cables that are used between buildings for cables that are used to connect workstations to wall sockets for cables that are installed inside the floors and ceilings of buildings for cables that are used to connect computers back-to-back 46 A technician opens up a PC to work on it, and finds that it is very dusty inside. What should the technician do? Use a can of compressed air to remove excess dust. Use a moistened cotton swab to remove excess dust. Use a lint-free cloth sprayed with a cleaning solution to remove excess dust. Ignore the dust, as it does not affect the computer. 47

This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item. 48 A technician is building a workstation that will be used for virtualization. Which two components would the technician use? (Choose two.) dual monitors multicore processors liquid cooling high-end graphics card maximum amount of RAM 49 A technician is troubleshooting a PC in a workplace environment and finds many pirated movies on the hard drive. What should the technician do? Make a copy of all the pirated content and send it to the law enforcement authorities. Remove the pirated content and document all work done. Report the findings through the proper channels. Advise the user that downloading pirated content is illegal and that the user should refrain from doing so. 50 Which two adapter card slots are used by video adapter cards installed in desktop PCs? (Choose two.) DIMM AGP ISA MCA PCIe 51

Which device provides a consistent quality of power when brownouts and blackouts occur, and may enable a computer to safely shut down after saving data when a power outage occurs? EMI shield generator uninterruptible power supply surge suppressor 52 Which two hardware features would a technician monitor within the BIOS if a computer was suspected of overheating? (Choose two.) motherboard voltage Trusted Platform Module hard drive speed CPU fan speed CPU clock speed 53 This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item. 54 Why should a technician avoid opening the casing of a power supply? Only the power supply manufacturer can open the casing of a power supply. Hazardous levels of electricity may be present inside the power supply. Power supplies must always be replaced, not repaired. Power supplies are very fragile, expensive, and easy to damage. 55

Which three features can be configured in the BIOS settings to secure a computer? (Choose three.) file encryption passwords TPM TKIP key drive encryption MAC filtering 56 What process takes place in a laser printer after the drum is conditioned for the new latent image? exposing developing transferring charging fusing 57 Which two items are expansion options for a laptop? (Choose two.) PCI Card ExpressCard PCI-e Card ISA Card PC Card 58 Which security mode supports robust encryption, and can be enabled with password authentication (personal) or server authentication (enterprise)?

TKIP WEP WPA2 WPA 59 A technician is configuring a PC for maximum performance and the highest level of data protection. Which RAID configuration would the technician use? 0 1 3 5 0+1 60 A technician is performing a memory upgrade. What would be the result of attempting to install a DDR2-800 module in a computer that already has a DDR2-667 module installed? The computer will run at the slower memory speed. The module will not fit. It will be necessary to configure the BIOS to recognize the different memory speeds. The computer will not boot. 61 Which type of storage would be best in a tablet computer that belongs to a small child? SATA PATA eSATA SSD

62 A user needs to connect a cable to the PC to deliver digital video signals only. Which type of cable should be used? Mini-HDMI composite VGA HDMI DVI-D 63 Which two types of connector are used for fiber optic cable? (Choose two.) SC ST BNC RJ-11 RCA RJ-45 64 Which solid-state storage technology allows a computer BIOS to be upgraded by flashing? SDRAM EEPROM ROM SODIMM 65 Which topology type describes the process that hosts use to access and communicate on a network? physical

star bus logical 66 Which resolution would provide the best visual quality on a plasma monitor? XGA VGA native SVGA 67 This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item. 68 Which three connection technologies allow a user to connect a printer to a computer using a wired connection? (Choose three.) Bluetooth infrared Ethernet USB 802.11x parallel 69 A customer who travels frequently wants to know which technology is the most suitable for being connected to the corporate network at all times at low cost. Which network technology would a network administrator recommend? ISDN

cellular satellite microwave 70 A user is configuring a wireless access point and wants to prevent any neighbors from discovering the network. What action does the user need to take? Configure DMZ settings. Enable WPA encryption. Disable SSID broadcast. Configure a DNS server. 71 A technician is building a thick client workstation that would be used to run a database and wants to ensure the best protection against errors. What type of memory would be best suited for this? ECC DDR3 RDRAM DDR2 72 In which situation would it be appropriate for a technician to back up personal and confidential data from a computer belonging to a customer? if the customer permits it if the technician feels it necessary to back it up if the customer forgets to sign the work order if illegal content is discovered on the customer computer 73 On a laptop keyboard, which three functions can typically be accessed through the use of special function keys? (Choose three.)

wireless functionality display brightness Task Manager Control Panels Windows Start menu volume settings 74 Which device converts digital signals to analog signals and vice versa? modem switch router hub 75 Which fire protection system would be best for a university computer/electronics lab? a nonwater based fire extinguisher fire suppressing hazmat blankets and supressors an overhead sprinkler system an electronic ion spreader 76 What is the first step a technician should take when preparing to work on the inside of a computer? Disconnect the computer from power. Remove the power supply. Remove external devices such as a mouse. Disconnect the computer from the network.

77 What is an advantage of using a printer that is connected to a hardware print server compared with a computer-shared printer? A hardware print server is always available to all users. A hardware print server will have more memory to store the print job than a computer will have that shares a printer. A computer that shares a printer always prioritizes the printing tasks. A computer that shares a printer always allows for faster printing of documents. 78 Which connector would be used for a laptop external hard drive? DVI eSATA SATA PATA S/PDIF 79 A technician is setting up a network in a new room. What is the best device to use to connect the PCs to each other and to the rest of the LAN? switch router firewall gateway 80 A user is connecting a home entertainment system and wants to use one cable to carry all the digital video and audio signals from the source device to the LCD TV. What type of cable should the user use? DVI-D

VGA S-Video HDMI 81 Which RAID level allows for extension of a dynamic volume without any redundancy? 0 1 2 3 4 5 82 What type of printer requires the ribbon to be changed when producing faded and light characters? laser thermal inkjet impact

What wireless networking standard has a maximum available bandwidth of 11 Mb/s? 802.11b ITE 5.0 A+ Cert Practice Exam 2 - IT Essentials (Version 5.0) 1 Refer to the exhibit. In what situation would a technician use this tab? When the device will not be using the Internet.

When a device is behind a firewall and software is being used that needs access to a remote network. When the computer will be using a VPN connection and accessing the Internet while connected through the VPN. When a laptop is used both at work with DHCP and at home with a static IP address. 2 A technician is attempting to repair a Windows 7 laptop that has a missing or corrupt OS file that prevents Windows 7 from starting up. The technician reboots the laptop and accesses the WinRE via the F8 key. Which option must the technician choose in the System Recovery menu to locate and fix the missing or corrupt system files? System Restore Windows Memory Diagnostic Startup Repair System Image Recovery 3 After complaints from users, a technician identifies that the college web server is running very slowly. A check of the server reveals that there are an unusually large number of TCP requests coming from multiple locations on the Internet. What is the source of the problem? The server is infected with a virus. There is insufficient bandwidth to connect to the server. There is a replay attack in progress. A DDoS attack is in progress. 4 A user reports that a laser printer is printing shadow images and letters. Which part should the technician replace to correct this problem? pick up roller fuser drum

network cable 5 A user has determined that the computer hard drive is failing. Before the failure, the user implemented a backup scheme running a normal backup every end of the month and then incremental backups every other day. What is the correct sequence that the user has to follow in order to restore the backup? Restore the last incremental backups in inverse order, and then restore the last normal backup. Restore the last normal backup first, then restore the incremental backups in order. Restore the last incremental backup and then restore the last normal backup. Restore the last normal backup first, then restore the last incremental backup. 6 What are two possible causes of a computer running slowly? (Choose two.) The RAM is not compatible with the motherboard. The hard drive has been partitioned. Not enough RAM is installed in the system. The hard drive is full. The CPU has been overclocked. 7 A technician connects a new LCD monitor for the first time and finds the display very pixilated. What is a possible solution to this problem? Set the screen to native resolution. Change the monitor video connector from DVI to HDMI. Power cycle the monitor. Set the screen resolution to VGA. 8 Which statement that is related to running 64-bit software is correct? 64-bit software requires a 64-bit processor but can run on a 32-bit operating system.

64-bit software can run on a 32-bit processor but requires a 64-bit operating system. 64-bit software requires a 64-bit processor and a 64-bit operating system. 64-bit software can run on a 32-bit processor using a 32-bit operating system but the software performance will be slower. 9 Which user account should be used only to perform system management and not as the account for regular use? standard user administrator guest power user 10 A technician is troubleshooting a network connectivity problem. Pings to the local wireless router are successful but pings to a server on the Internet are unsuccessful. Which CLI command could assist the technician to find the location of the networking problem? msconfig ipconfig ipconfig/renew tracert 11 What are two features of the Android operating system? (Choose two.) Android has been implemented on devices such as cameras, smart TVs, and e-book readers. Each implementation of Android requires a royalty to be paid to Google. All available Android applications have been tested and approved by Google to run on the open source operating system. Android applications can only be downloaded from Google Play.

Android is open source and allows anyone to contribute to its development and evolution. 12 Which two guidelines are appropriate for creating strong passwords? (Choose two.) Use only upper case and numeric values in passwords. Include letters, numbers, and symbols. Use at least eight characters. Change the password once each year. Passwords should contain symbols only. 13 A technician is about to install and configure a wireless network at a small branch office. What is the first security measure the technician should apply immediately upon powering up the wireless router? Disable the wireless network SSID broadcast. Configure encryption on the wireless router and the connected wireless devices. Enable MAC address filtering on the wireless router. Change the default user-name and password of the wireless router. 14 A technician is troubleshooting a Windows 7 laptop that takes significantly longer than expected when performing a file search. What is the possible cause? The file permissions are not set. The disk type is dynamic. The disk type is basic. The file system is corrupt. The index service is not running. 15

Which two methods are used to directly connect mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to a data network? (Choose two.) wired Ethernet Bluetooth Wi-Fi WiMax cellular communications 16 A user is viewing the Disk Management utility on a PC that is running Windows XP and notices that one of the disks is marked as Foreign. What does this mean? This is a dynamic disk whose partition has been deleted. This is a dynamic disk from another PC running Windows XP. This is a basic disk that has just been converted to a dynamic disk. This is a disk that does not contain a valid signature. 17 What action should a technician take before upgrading computers from Vista to Windows 7? Uninstall all programs. Run Vista Upgrade Analyzer. Run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. Upgrade the video card. 18 What are two file attributes? (Choose two.) details general archive

read-only security 19 Which type of malware is disguised as a legitimate program? worm Trojan spyware adware 20 A technician has successfully removed malware from a PC and finds that when the system is rebooted error messages are displayed about missing and corrupt system files. What utility can the technician use to replace or fix any corrupted system files? Regedit ASR ?Fixboot SFC Fixmbr 21 An "OS not found" error message is displayed when a computer is started. The technician determines that the single hard drive is configured as a slave. What needs to be done to correctly configure the hard drive as a master? Change the master/slave setting in System Tools. Replace the hard drive. Change the master/slave setting in BIOS. Change the jumper settings on the hard drive. 22 A technician is troubleshooting a server and wants to see all open shared files on it. What command could the technician use to do this?

net accounts net file nbtstat net group ntstat 23 A technician is troubleshooting a problem where many websites return a "certificate not valid" error. The technician notices that the date and time are not current and resets these to the correct settings. The previously inaccessible websites are now accessible. However, when the computer is restarted the same problem reoccurs. What can the technician do to prevent the date and time from resetting? Replace the CMOS battery. Reinstall the OS. Upgrade the BIOS. Change the power settings in the BIOS. 24 Which two issues are likely to cause BSOD errors? (Choose two.) RAM failing power supply failure out-of-date browser lack of antivirus software device driver errors 25 A technician wants to use Remote Desktop to configure another PC. Which firewall port on the remote PC should be open in order for Remote Desktop to work? 23 20 and 21

80 115 389 3389 26 A technician needs to permanently destroy data on some drives before disposing of them. What is the best way to do this? Shatter the drive platters with a hammer. Overwrite the drives Partition the hard drives. Perform a full format. 27 What kind of tool or substance is better to use to remove spilled toner on a laser printer? compressed air mild detergent solution regular vacuum cleaner special vacuum cleaner 28 On a PC that is running Windows 7 Ultimate, a user sets up a home entertainment system and creates a homegroup. The user then joins two other PCs to the workgroup, one PC running Windows 7 Starter and the other running Windows 7 Home Basic. What else must the user do in order to have the user accounts on the Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter PCs access the shares on the home entertainment system? Users have to be added to the user accounts on the home entertainment PC. Users on the PC that is running Windows Home Basic will have to be manually added to the homegroup.

Nothing has to be done. All users accounts on all the PCs will automatically be added to the homegroup. User accounts on all three PCs have to be added to the homegroup. Users on the PC that is running Windows Starter cannot join the homegroup. 29 A user wants to extend a primary partition formatted with the NTFS file system with the unallocated space on the hard disk. What must the user do after the primary partition is extended to make it usable? Format the disk with the FAT64 file system. Convert the disk type to dynamic. Ensure that the disk type is basic. Partition the new space as a basic disk. 30 A user has detected that one of the virtual machines in a computer is infected with a virus. Which statement about the situation is likely to be true? The host machine antivirus program requires an update. The host operating system is not necessarily infected with a virus. All of the virtual machines running on the host are infected with a virus. The host machine operating system has a bug. 31 What type of file system allows the use of files larger than 5 GB and is mostly used on internal hard drives? exFAT FAT64 CDFS FAT32 NTFS

32 A user purchases a new 802.11n wireless router and sets it up at home. The user notices that 802.11n devices can connect to the wireless router but 802.11g devices cannot connect. What is the problem? The wireless router is set to use the wrong channel. The wireless router has not been set for mixed mode. The wireless router is faulty. The wireless router is using the wrong SSID. 33 Which two possible errors may be displayed when a laser printer does not have enough memory to handle the type of printing jobs that the users are trying to print? (Choose two.) incorrect type of memory memory overload incorrect slot of memory used print job incomplete out of memory buffer overflow 34 What is true about restore points? Restore points should always be created before making changes to a system. Once System Restore is used to restore a system, the change is irreversible. Restore points back up personal data files. Restore points recover corrupted or deleted data files. 35 A technician has created a customized image of Windows 7 and wants to deploy it to 30 PCs. Which utility can the technician use to do this? Chkdsk

Sfc Regedit Sysprep 36 A user reports that a computer is unable to print on an inkjet printer. The technician has determined that there is no paper in the paper bin. What is the next step in the troubleshooting process? Determine the exact cause. Establish a plan of action. Document the findings. Verify system functionality. 37 A user wants to map a network drive on a PC that is named "WORK2" and runs Windows 7. The name of the shared resource the user wishes to map to is called "installs" and is located on a workstation called "WORK1". What would be the correct path for mapping the network drive? \WORK2|installs \\work1\installs \\username\password/WORK1/installs \\ username\WORK2\\installs \\username\Work2\installs // WORK2/installs 38 What are two functions of hypervisors? (Choose two.) to allocate physical system resources to virtual machines to manage virtual machines to partition the hard drive to run virtual machines

to protect the host from malware infection from the virtual machines to share the antivirus software across the virtual machines 39 What is a possible situation when it might be necessary to boot Windows 7 from a USB device, a CD, or a DVD? to repair the system to disable background services to delete registry keys to partition the hard drive 40 What is required in order to connect a Wi-Fi enabled laptop to a WPA secured wireless network? an updated wireless driver a security encryption key a username and password a MAC address 41 Which security threat hides the resources that it uses from antivirus programs? rootkit worm Trojan spyware 42 A technician is troubleshooting a workstation in a domain that has been infected with a virus. What is the first step the technician should take to clean the infected workstation? Run the antivirus software.

Update the antivirus software. Turn off system restore. Disconnect the workstation from the network. 43 Which feature of a mobile device uses sensors to detect the orientation of the screen and changes the display to landscape or portrait as required? synchronization GPS screen calibration accelerometer 44 A Windows XP PC that was formatted with the NTFS file system displays a missing or corrupt DLL error message when a certain program is run. What is the cause of this? The OS must be 64 bit in order to support the DLL. The NTFS file system does not support DLLs. The DLL file was not installed with the program. The DLL file was not registered during installation of the program. 45 A user has a computer that is infected with spyware. What should be performed before removing the spyware? Run Windows Update. Disable System Restore. Create a full backup. Run a disk defragmentation. 46 This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item.

47 Which expansion card can assist in troubleshooting a computer problem when no video is available? BIOS card USB expansion card POST card advanced graphics card 48 A wired network is undergoing several changes that could leave it vulnerable to connection by unauthorized devices while the work is in progress. Which two temporary measures would enable the authorized devices to continue to have network access but prevent unauthorized devices from connecting? (Choose two.) Subnet the network. Disable DHCP. Disable SSID broadcast. Disable DNS. Assign static IP addresses to the authorized devices. 49 A technician successfully removes malware from an infected PC. When the PC is rebooted it displays error messages about missing system files. How can the technician fix this problem? Disable unknown services using Msconfig. Write a new boot record with Fixboot. Run Chkdsk. Run Sfc. 50 A user has shared a directory on the network. The files in the directory can be modified, created, and deleted when accessed from the local computer, but when accessed from

another computer, the files can only be viewed. What can the user do to gain all the permissions when the files are accessed over the network? Update to the NTFS file system. Adjust firewall settings. Run a full antivirus scan. Adjust share permissions. 51 A technician is trying to troubleshoot a Windows 7 PC remotely and finds that pings to the target machine fail and that telnetting into it fails as well. What changes should the technician make on the Windows 7 firewall in order to telnet into the target PC remotely? Open ports 20 and 21 on the target machine. Open port 23 on the target machine. Open port 80 on the target machine. Allow ICMP messages on the target machine. 52 Which statement is correct about installing a 32-bit operating system on a x64 architecture? The OS will run correctly. This combination will provide better security. The OS will always make use of all the RAM available. The OS can address more than 128 GB of memory. 53 What tool can be used to find and attempt to fix file structural errors on a hard disk in Windows 7? Fixmbr Scandisk Chkdsk

Format 54 What type of partition has the ability to create volumes spanning across more than one disk? dynamic primary active extended 55 A user needs to frequently access data from a shared folder on a remote computer. Which command would be used to map a network drive to the remote share? net use nbtstat tasklist ipconfig 56 A user reports that a PC is losing files, not opening some files, and is performing slowly. The technician suspects problems with the hard drive. What should be done to protect the data that is on the PC and to determine the source of the problem, without risking total drive failure? Run CHKDSK, then back up all important files. Run CHKDSK, then run FDISK. Run FDISK, then replace the hard drive. Back up all important files, then replace the hard drive. Back up all important files, then run CHKDSK. 57 Which Windows utility can be used to schedule a regular backup for preventive maintenance?

Windows Task Manager System Restore Windows Task Scheduler Disk Cleanup 58 Which two mobile device components are field replaceable? (Choose two.) internal SSD battery Subscriber Identity Module card touch screen accelerometer sensors 59 Which two common connection types are used to synchronize mobile devices with a PC or laptop? (Choose two.) GPS Bluetooth Wi-Fi USB SSD 60 A business organization is configuring security on the mobile devices that are used in the organization. The security policy states that business data on mobile devices should only ever be accessed by employees. Which mobile device security feature can be used to best ensure that business data is rendered completely inaccessible if the device is lost or stolen? sandbox remote wipe

passcode lock remote lock 61 For mobile devices, what are two advantages of using flash memory storage technology that is the equivalent of solid state drives? (Choose two.) light weight components high capacity flash memory storage is field-serviceable power efficiency ease of upgrading 62 A technician troubleshooting a network problem has used CLI commands to determine that a computer has not been allocated a correct IP address from the DHCP server. Which command can the technician use to solve this problem? ping tracert ipconfig/release ipconfig/renew 63 A computer technician has successfully returned a laptop to full operation and verified system functionality. Actions the technician performed included modifying the registry and applying patches to the operating systems. What is the next step in the troubleshooting process that the technician should do? Consult manufacturer manuals and repair logs. Reboot the computer. Re-attach and test all peripherals. Document the solution.

64 This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item.

65 How can a user prevent specific applications from accessing a Windows computer over a network? Enable MAC address filtering. Disable automatic IP address assignment. Block specific TCP or UDP ports in Windows Firewall. Change default usernames and passwords. 66 When a Windows XP computer starts, a "Missing NTLDR" message is displayed after the POST. What are two possible solutions to this problem? (Choose two.) Use the last known good configuration to boot the computer. Run fdisk/mbr from the command prompt. Run the bootrec/fixmbr command from the System Recovery console. Restore the BOOTMGR file from the Windows installation media. Restore ntdetect.com from the Windows installation media. 67 A computer locks up frequently, and no error message can be seen on screen. The problem occurs every time the user attempts to restart the computer. What is the most likely reason for this problem? The power supply has failed. The computer is overheating. The index service is not running. A startup file has become corrupted 68

A technician has replaced the power supply unit of a PC, but notices that when the PC boots up the RAID array cannot be found. The technician verifies that the wattage of the replaced power supply unit matches the original one and that the RAID controller is receiving adequate power. What is the problem? The RAID controller requires a higher voltage setting. The CMOS settings have not been saved. The power cables were incorrectly reconnected to the array of drives. The power supply unit is not supplying the correct voltage. 69 A user notices that there is intermittent wireless connectivity on a laptop that is running a wireless PCI Express Micro card using the wireless 802.11n standard. What should the user do to fix the problem? Replace the OS on the laptop. Move the laptop to a new location. Replace the PCI Express Micro card with a Mini-PCIe card. Replace the PCI Express Micro card with a Mini-PCI card. 70 Which type of user account is created automatically during a Windows XP installation? Administrator Guest Standard user Power user 71 A cleaner attempts to enter a computer lab but is denied entry by the receptionist because there is no scheduled cleaning for that day. What type of attack was just prevented? shoulder surfing social engineering

war driving Trojan phishing 72 After consulting the manufacturer manuals, a technician applies a series of recommended solutions that resolve a problem with a workstation computer. What is the next step in the troubleshooting process that the technician should perform? Determine the next steps to resolve the problem. Test the theory of probable cause. Document the findings, actions, and outcomes. Verify the solution and confirm full system functionality. 73 A user is able to only access files required to perform a specific task. What type of security practice is being applied? principle of least privilege principle of necessary privilege principle of most privilege principle of privileges 74 A user replaced a PC CPU with a faster one, but now the PC displays a BSOD on bootup. What is the problem? The CMOS settings have not been saved on bootup. The CPU multiplier has not been set. The front side bus is set too low. The CPU voltage is set too high. 75 A user receives an email requesting verification of the password that is used to access bank files. What type of security threat is this?

malware social engineering virus phishing 76 A company has replaced five desktop computers in the accounting and finance department with new computers. The plan is to donate the recovered computers in a fully functional state to a not-for-profit community organization. How can the company ensure that sensitive financial data cannot be accessed once the computers are donated? Perform a high-level format on the hard drives. Drill holes through the hard drive platters. Data wipe the hard drives by using specialized software. Delete all the files and directories on the hard drives. 77 Which ping command option would be used to resolve the hostname when testing connectivity to a specific IP address? ping -a ping -t ping -s ping -n 78 Which two precautions can help prevent social engineering? (Choose two.) Always require a user name and password to be configured. Keep your password securely under your keyboard. Escort all visitors. Do not allow any customers into the workplace.

Always ask for the ID of unknown persons. 79 A company has a guest wireless network available for visitors while on the company premises. A technician has noted that unauthorized users are connecting to this wireless network from outside the premises. Which action can be taken to reduce unauthorized connections to the guest wireless network while enabling visitors to still connect quickly and easily without assistance while on the company premises? Disable SSID broadcast. Configure WPA encryption. Reduce the radio power level. Enable MAC address filtering. 80 Which three items are biometric security devices? (Choose three.) voice recognition fingerprint reader retina scanner smart card password key fob 81 Which statement is correct about applying firmware updates? Firmware updates should not be included as part of the preventive maintenance program. It is possible to use the Roll Back feature to reverse the change. Firmware updates are sometimes irreversible. The firmware updates can be installed automatically using the Windows Service Pack utility.

82 When a user tries to run a program a missing or corrupt DLL message is displayed. What are two possible solutions to this problem? (Choose two.) Run sfc/scannow in Safe Mode. Run Windows Startup Repair. Use the msconfig command to adjust the startup settings for the program. Register the DLL file using the regsvr32 command. Reinstall the correct drivers. Posted by asdfjkl at 2:15 PM No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook

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