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Andhra Bank

(A Govt. of India Undertaking)

Dept. of Information Technology, D Block, III Floor, "Cyber Gateway", Hitec City, Madhapur, HYDERABAD - 500 081 ___________________________________________________________ CBS Doc. No. 222 Dated: 08.12.2010


1. What is LAPS Ans: LAPS is Lending Automation Processing System designed and developed for processing Loan Applications. 2. What is the Utility of LAPS Ans: LAPS is a centralized web based solution for Loan processing. It has three modules Retail, Corporate and Agriculture. The main advantages of the LAPS system are Appraisal of Loan Proposals by adopting uniform guidelines across the Bank and Facility for electronic work flow, thereby avoiding delays attributable to exchange of correspondence between Branch and Zonal Offices. User has to just key in information available in loan application. System picks up Rate of Interest, Margin, product guidelines for a specific product selected by the user, checks the discretionary powers while sanctioning. User can generate reports like, Credit Score Sheet, Process note, Sanction letter, Communication of Sanction to borrower, worksheet for assessment etc from the system. 3. How to Install LAPS package in the Branch/ZO Ans. No separate software installation is required for accessing LAPS package. LAPS package can be accessed through the following URL address. Click Internet Explorer and type in address bar and click go button. Once the login page is displayed, Click favorites, click Add to favorites and type LAPS in the space provided for and say OK. Once again click favorites, Select LAPS , right click and select send to desk top to create an Icon on desk top. 4. Is Separate User ID required for using LAPS Ans: Yes, Separate user ID is required to access LAPS package. 5. How to get the User IDs created in LAPS Ans: User has to fill the LAPS user creation form and send the duly filled in and signed hard copy to LAPS team at Data centre through courier or through fax to 040-23122261 6. Are there any special guidelines for LAPS Password Ans : Guidelines applicable for Finacle Passwords are also applicable to LAPS password. There are no separate guidelines for maintaining LAPS passwords

7. How to change Password Ans: Go to laps Home page, click Change Password button available below User ID and password. Give user ID, old password, new password and confirm. 8. What to do when user forgets his/her password Ans: Whenever User forgets his password, send a mail to cbslaps@andhrabank.co.in for resetting the same.

9. Whether LAPS is an Independent package or integrated with Finacle Ans: LAPS is integrated with Finacle through Interface module. Interface module facilitates automatic creation of customer ID and opening of Loan account in Finacle through LAPS and downloading of Customer Details available in Finacle into LAPS. 10.Is there SOD & EOD concept for LAPS?.Can the Branches use LAPS after CSOLOP of Finacle is over Ans: There is no SOD and EOD concepts for LAPS. Branches can use LAPS package even after completion of Finacle EOD. There is no need to complete data entry of entire proposal in one go. Saving of data after completion of data entry in one screen is required. Rest can be continued afterwards. 11.What are the major steps involved in LAPS for processing a loan Application Ans: There are mainly two steps i.e 1) Creation of Customer Profile 2) Linking Customer ID to a required product in Application. 12. Whether Maker & Checker concept is there in Finacle Ans: There is no such concept like Maker & Checker in LAPS. One officer has to appraise the loan proposal and Sanctioning authority has to sanction the loan. 13.How to send the application from appraising officer to Branch Manager for sanction Ans: Go to Workflow Action select Radio button Branch sanction, Click Select Recipient, select Branch managers ID, write remarks and click send. Check History to know the status. 14.How to send the application from Branch to Zonal Office Ans: Go to Workflow Action select Radio button Zonal office appraisal , select Zonal office in select Organisation button, select the respective user in Zonal office under select recipient window, to whom you want to send the same. Give remarks and click SEND button. Check History to know the status 15.How the ZO can send back the sanctioned / rejected application to the respective branch. Ans: Once the Loan is approved at Zonal Office, Go to Workflow Action select Radio button Sanction letter Generation , select branch

in select Organisation button select the respective user in Branch to whom ZO want to send the same. Give remarks and click SEND button. Check History to know the status 16. Whether Branch/Zonal office can deviate the product guidelines for which confirmation is obtained from competent authority. Ans: Only Sanctioning authority can deviate the product guidelines like interest rate, Margin, tenor etc after obtaining required permission. Go to Application Deviation, click Deviation and do necessary modification and say ok. The same will be updated in the process note. 17.Whether Hard copies of application, process note are required to be sent to ZO even after submitting the proposal to ZO through LAPS package? Ans: Yes, Proposal should be sent to ZO electronically through LAPS and Hard copies like application, signed proposal and other required documents to be sent as usual. Sending of Hard copies from Branch to Zonal office and from zonal office to branch is not dispensed with. 18.Whether Zonal office can send back the proposal to Branch with queries if any Ans: Yes, Zonal Office can send back the proposal to branch with queries duly writing the requirement in remarks column available in Workflow Action 19.What is the difference between Recommendations & Remarks Ans: Recommendations are available under the tab Appraisal. Recommendations given in this tab by every user during the process of appraisal and approval of loan will be recorded in the system and also will be shown in the proposal. Whereas Remarks column available in Workflow Action can be used for interaction between the users for raising queries and getting replies for that. 20.Where to & How to enter Securities in LAPS Ans: Securities can be entered in Assess & Liabilities tab. Various types securities can be entered here. User can specify type of security i.e Primary, Collateral, None under the option Security type and he can also specify the security belongs to whom i.e security belongs to Applicant/Co-applicant/Co-Obligant/Guarantor. Mortgage of House / Flat in case of Housing Loans, Vehicle in case of vehicle loans etc. entered under Proposed Asset tab will be automatically taken as primary security by the system. 21. How to generate Reports like Loan proposal, Sanction letter, Communication of sanction to Borrower, Credit Score Sheet, Worksheet of assessment Ans: Once the entry of the application is over , Credit Score Sheet and Proposal can be generated by any user from Workflow Action screen. Once the loan is approved by sanctioning authority, either the sanctioning authority or any other user can generate the Sanction Letter and Communication of sanction to borrower.

22.What are the other important reports available in LAPS Ans: There are various useful reports like Interest Rate Report, Discretionary powers report, Product wise sanction, pending and rejected loan report etc. A separate option Reports is available under main option Retail - Agriculture 23.How to use LAPS - Interface Module (automatic opening of Customer Master and / or Loan Account in Finacle) Ans: An exhaustive Job Card is available on LAPS interface module Please read the job card for thorough understanding on this subject. 24. How to contact LAPS Team Ans: Branches can contact LAPS telephone Numbers





Direct Tel No.040-23122298 IP Phone No. 06663524 PABX extn. No. 603 Email address: cbs-laps@andhrabank.co.in

25. Is there any Head office Circular available on LAPS package Ans: Yes, the following are the various circulars issued by our Head office from time to time on LAPS package 1.H O Cir No.330/53/07 Dt.09.01.2010 on Retail Module 2.H O Cir No.105/19/05 Dt.28.06.2010 on Agriculture Module 3. H O Cir No.155/01/01 Dt.31.07.2010 on Corporate Module //End of Document//