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1) Last week, Chris offferd to sell her printer to a classmate for $200.

Her offer included these exact words: this offer to be open until noon, February 20. She now has second thoughts and thinks she should give or sell it to her brother who has gone back to school. She wants to end the offer. Which of the following would not end the offer a. A counter-offer by the offeree b. Expiration of the offer at noon February 20 if there has been no acceptance c. Chris Death before acceptance. d. Revocation of the offer by Chris before acceptance e. The sale of the printer to her brother before acceptance 2) Lee a former head of a venture capital firm, sat on the board of directors of Angel Enterprise, a broadly head corporation. During a board meeting, she recommeneded that the corporation invest in a new technology startup. Lee failed to mention that she owned shares in this new tech company. When the prospect of investing awas put to to the board Lee voted to favour it. Choose the true statement. a. Lee must account for any profit made because she failed to disclose her interest and voted on the matter b. Lee does not have to disclose her interest in the contract, as long as her directors agreement relieved her of her fiduciary duties c. Lee must disclose her interest in a contract before the board, but she is entitled to vote for it. d. Lee has breached her fiduciary duty, but she does not need to give up any profits, as long as the.. 3) 4) In which of the following is there not a fiduciary duty owed? a. Officer of a company to a company b. agents to her principal c. partners to each other d. manager to employer e. to shareholders 5) asfasfasfsaf a. asfxxxxxx b. joe would lose because of the rule that past consideration is not consideration c. joe would lose because early repayment constituted consideration to support the new arrangement d. joe would win because they cannot change the original deal. e. joe would lose because of the doctrine of quantum meruit 6) which of the following constitutes a misrepresentation that would NOT allieve the courts to award the equitable remedy of ressession a. the seller concealed the broken drawer of the desk from the ___. He would not be able to see it until he got it home b. the buyer was persuaded to buy the car by a misrepresentation that it had the fewest repairs of any car of its class. After the buyer learned of

the truth, he kept the car for three weeks to get some benefit from it before taking it back c. the seller persuaded the buyer to buy the car bvy misrepresenting it as having just been serviced and passing the aire care test. Neither had been done, but the seller honestly believed both had been done. d. A man who contracted for an insurance policy did not state on the application form that he had been for cancer. He died from the cancer two months later. e. None of the above 7) the owner of a large restaurant wanted fof flowers in front of the . ,a landscaper ____her offer ____with flowers for $800________the __said, allright, Ill accept your offer of $xxx ____with flowers. Laudra didnt answer, she just got into her truck and drove off. On these facts, which of the following is true? a. There is a contract because at one point in the conversation Laura was willing to sell and the owner was willing to buy four smaller pots with flowers for $600. b. There is no contact because Lauras last offer had lapsed after a reasonable time c. There is no contract because there is a presumption in law in these circumstances that the parties did not intend to create a legal relationship. d. There is no contract because Lauras last offer had been rejected by counter-offer, and the owners offers had been rejected or were not accepted. e. There is no contract because Lauras last offer was revoked. 8) Mr. Copperfield, a collector of movie memrobilia. Bid $50,000 on the batmobile. After taking deliver, he discovered the car was not the car actually used in the film, Batman. It