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Some groups of anagrams include:

abed bade bead alert alter later arches chaser search asp pas sap spa bard brad drab abet beat beta alerted altered related treadle are ear era aspired despair diapers praised bared beard bread debar abets baste betas beast beats ales leas sale seal arm mar ram asps pass saps spas barely barley bleary abut tabu tuba aligned dealing leading arrest rarest raters starer assert asters stares acme came mace allergy gallery largely regally artist strait traits aster rates stare taser tears begin being binge acre care race amen mane mean name arts rats star tars ate eat eta tea below bowel elbow acres cares races scare anew wane wean arcs cars scar actors costar castor angel angle glean ascent secant stance actress casters recasts antler learnt rental ascot coats coast tacos awls laws slaw airmen marine remain apt pat tap asleep elapse please baker brake break

aridest astride auctioned staider cautioned tardies education tirades bleats stable tables carets caters caster crates reacts recast traces dale deal lade lead bluest bluets bustle sublet subtle

bats stab tabs

bores robes sober

brag garb grab

calipers replicas spiracle

caller cellar recall

canter nectar recant trance construe counters recounts trounces dates sated stead desert deters rested

canters nectars recants scanter trances corset escort sector dearth hatred thread detail dilate tailed drapes padres parsed rasped spared spread

capes paces space

caret cater crate trace

catered created reacted

cider cried dicer

claimed decimal declaim medical darters retards starred traders denter rented tender discounter introduces reductions earns nears saner snare

claps clasp scalp dater rated trade tread deltas lasted slated

code coed deco daters trades treads stared demo dome mode

cratered retraced terraced

cruel lucre ulcer

dare dear read deist diets edits sited tides diet edit tide tied earned endear neared

danger gander garden ranged demerit merited mitered direst driest stride

dearths deigns hardest decanter design hatreds cantered signed threads recanted singed trashed detains instead sainted stained drawer redraw reward warder warred detour routed toured diaper paired repaid

does dose odes

doters sorted stored

dowry rowdy wordy

dues sued used

duster rudest rusted

earnest eastern nearest

ears eras sear

earth hater heart

east eats sate seat teas eons nose ones glare lager large regal hoes hose shoe lapse leaps pales peals pleas sepal lisper perils pliers

elan lane lean

emigrants emoter mastering meteor streaming remote

enlarge general gleaner

emit item mite time evil live veil vile gust guts tugs kale lake leak least slate stale steal tales teals loops polos pools sloop spool merit mitre remit timer notes onset stone tones parley pearly player replay

emits items mites smite times filets itself stifle

endive envied veined

enlist inlets listen silent tinsel flow fowl wolf heaps phase shape

enters nester resent tenser forest fortes foster softer heros hoers horse shore

esprit priest sprite stripe gilder girdle glider hops posh shop

esprits persist spriest sprites stripes gnus guns snug sung ideals ladies sailed

ester reset steer terse trees goer gore ogre inks sink skin leap pale peal plea

ether there three

filter lifter trifle hares hears rheas share shear lame male meal limes miles slime smile

gory gyro orgy ires rise sire leapt petal plate pleat

hare hear rhea lair liar rail

lament lameness mantel nameless mantle salesman mental

last salt slat lister liters litres relist tilers mast mats tams naps pans snap span

late tale teal

lemons melons solemn

list silt slit

lips lisp slip

livers silver sliver

loop polo pool

looped poodle pooled mates meats steam tames teams noter toner tenor pares parse pears rapes reaps spare spear parties pastier pirates traipse

lopes poles slope merits mister miters mitres remits timers now own won

lots lost slot

lusters results rustles

manes manse means names naive ravine vainer opts post pots stop tops

marines remains seminar

master stream tamers nets nest sent tens palest pastel petals plates pleats staple parsley parleys players replays sparely

mate meat tame team nope open peon pone

mesa same seam

nails slain snail

nape neap pane

observe obverse verbose

opt pot top

owns snow sown

paled pedal plead

panel penal plane

parroted predator prorated teardrop paste peats septa spate tapes

pars raps rasp spar

parses passer spares sparse spears

paltry partly raptly

parts strap traps

parse pears spare spear

part rapt trap

past pats spat taps

paws swap wasp

pelts slept spelt

pertness presents serpents

pest pets step

piers pries spire

pines snipe spine recused reduces rescued secured retrain terrain trainer

pinto piton point reigns resign signer singer rite tier tire

pintos piston pitons points reins resin rinse risen siren rites tiers tires tries state taste teats

pores poser prose ropes spore

potters protest spotter

present repents serpent

raps rasp spar reset steer terse trees seated sedate teased

rashes shares shears

rattles starlet startle restrain retrains strainer terrains trainers sinew swine wines wisens

realist saltier retails retests setter street tester skate stake steak takes teaks

repaints repaint painters painter pantries pertain pertains rosiest sorties stories steer reset terse trees saint satin stain

rescue recuse secure salve slave vales veals stow tows twos

resort roster sorter serve sever veers verse

skated staked tasked

slates steals tassel

stew wets wets

sway ways yaws

taster tetras treats

thickets thickest thickset

weird wired wider

whiter wither writhe

Circle the collective noun and the group that it is describing in each sentence. Read the work aloud to help your child hear the correct way the sentence should sound. It is also easier to spot mistakes when you hear them outloud. The first one has been done for you. 1) Clouds of butterflies flew towards the lake. 2) Bunches of tulips grew along the road side. 3) Groups of singers rehearsed in the theatre. 4) Crowds of fans cheered for their hockey team. 5) Departments of health and welfare met to discuss the new hospital. 6) A firm of lawyers signed the legal documents. 7) Arrays of cupcakes were displayed in the bakery window. Now use these collect nouns to write your own sentences.
convoys of trucks packs of wolves pods of whales atlas of maps 1) 2) 3) 4) Worksheet 6/7 A Fling of Collective Nouns Circle the collective noun that best fits in the sentence. The first one has been done for you. 1) The ( classroom / herd ) of students read the directions on the whiteboard. 2) Sailing around the ( flock / chain ) of islands, the crew of sailors cheered. 3) Bears fish in the river as the ( clouds / runs ) of salmon swam upstream.

4) Slithering and hissing, the ( pits / brigades ) of snakes settled for sleep. 5) Running late, I ran up ( flights / pods ) of stairs in record time. 6) Looking up at the sky, I had a glimpse of the ( packs / galaxies ) of stars. 7) After the holidays, we had ( colonies / heaps ) of trash. Here are examples using the collective nouns as sentence openers. 1) Classrooms of students followed the directions on the whiteboard. 2) Chains of islands were sailed around as the crew of sailors cheered. 3) Runs of salmon swan upstream as the bears fished in the deep river. 4) Pits of snakes settled down for sleep as they slitherd and hissed. 5) Flights of stairs were taken in record time because I was running late. 6) Galaxies of stars were seen by me as I looked up at the night sky. 7) Heaps of trash filled our garbage can after the holidays.

Worksheet 4/7 A Chain of Collective Nouns Match the collective noun with it's group by writing the letter in the space. The first one has been done for you. Collective Noun
1) An agenda 2) A battery 3) Litters 4) The herd 5) We each picked a bunch 6) The gaggle 7) A band


Group or Unit
A of thieves stole the money. B of kittens meowed for food. C of juicy grapes from the vines. D of elephants stomped through the lush jungle. E of tests is hard work. F of geese squawked loudly. G of tasks was on my desk.

Write the matched pairs in a complete sentence. The first one has been done for you. Writing helps to set the exercise to memory. 1) An agenda of tasks is on my desk. 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Circle all 40 collective noun pharses. The first sentence has been done for you.
Parcels of groceries were dumped by a convoy of trucks like a heap of trash on theflight of stairs leading down to the den of thieves. Planning and scheming, the hungry thieves dove into the bags of fresh food as they shared their wealth of information.They studied atlases of maps and the galaxy of stars in an effort to plan their voyage to a chain of islands that was situated over the range of mountains. Dancing and singing, the thieves were acting like a band of merry men knowing that their fleet of ships would deliver them to their desired treasure. A battery of tests would have to be executed prior to boarding the fleet of ships to ensure that the collection of objects captured would not cause suspicion amongst the crew of sailors. A number of mathematicians were acting like a boisterous class of students at the thought of their haul. Mathematicians were required to count and classify the stolen objects. The den of thieves were jingling their ring of keys in anticipation of the fleet of ships arrival. Rowing to the bow the thieves climbed the rope ladder to the washed deck. The crew of sailors greeted them with indifference. The sailors were like acongregation of worshippers; solomon and orderly. Sailing around the chain of islands,the thieves waited impatiently to drop anchor. Spying litters of warthogs squeeling after their parents, prides of peacocksfluttering their feathers and flights of swans over head, the thieves' heads filled with success. Cheering, "Profit!" like a troupe of performers, the thieves giggled. Thecrew of sailors watched like a crowd of onlookers watching

a mob of vultures.Landing on white sandy beaches, the thieves set their traps and settled in for a long night of waiting for their prey to snap the traps. Tribes of island natives talked to the animals, warning them of the dangers that lie all around. An ambush of tigers stalked the thieves behind the thicket of trees. Packs of rats scurried through the tall grass causciously appoarching the snoring thieves.Plagues of locust filled the night air. A conspiracy of ravens cawed at the glowing moon spreading the word about the enemy. A banner of knights could not have blocked the onslaught of abuse and noise that the animals ensued upon the thieves. No bounty of treasure ever left the chain of islands.

Write CN for Collective Noun for the one sentence that describes its' group best. All collective nouns have been circled. The first one has been done for you. 1.a An ambush of tigers stalked their prey in the tall grass. b An array of tigers stalked their prey in the tall grass. c An atlas of tigers stalked their prey in the tall grass. 2.a Flocks of ants marched through the forest carrying leaves. b Colonies of ants marched through the forest carrying leaves. c Tribes of ants marched through the forest carrying leaves. 3.a Hives of wolves howl at the full moon, calling to their pups. b Flights of wolves howl at the full moon, calling to their pups. c Packs of wolves howl at the full moon, calling to their pups. 4.a Classes in the school were writing tests all day. b Litters in the school were writing tests all day. c Troops in the school were writing tests all day. 5.a Cultures full of busy beavers worked to clean their home. b Lodges full of busy beavers worked to clean their home. c Mobs full of busy beavers worked to clean their home. 6.a Prides in the United States of America meet to discuss the bills.


b Herds in the United States of America meet to discuss the bills. c Congress in the United States of America meet to discuss bills. 7.a Flights of geese migrate South for the winter. b Mobs of geese migrate South for the winter. c Clans of geese migrate South for the winter. -------Page Break------Here is a list of the correct use of the collective nouns from above. ambush of tigers flock of flamingos hive of bees class of students pride of lions flight of finches pack of wolves colony of wasps litter of kittens herd of whales mob of gorillas atlas of maps tribe of natives troop of soliders mob of wallabees congress of politicians clan of hyenas

flight of swallows pack of grouse

culture of bacteria lodge of beavers

Write the collective noun on the line that best fits in the sentence. The first one has been done for you.
family crew students swarms herds team army

1) The volleyball team is trying hard to win the final game. 2) The of airline pilots are boarding the plane. 3) On the last day of school, the have to take all their school books home. 4) Her plans to go to Disneyland during the winter holiday. 5) The was sent to the foreign country for peacekeeping. 6) Roaming the prairies, of buffalo searched for fresh grass. 7) Gathering nector to carry back to the hive, of bees buzzed.

Collective nouns as sentence openers. 1) Teams of volleyball players are trying hard to win the game. 2) Crews of airline pilots are boarding the plane. 3) Students have to take all their school books home on the last day of school. 4) Families plan to go to Disneyland during the winter holiday. 5) Armies of peacekeepers were sent to the foreign country. 6) Herds of buffalo roam the prairies searching for fresh grass. 7) Swarms of bees gather nector to carry back to the hive.

Circle the collective noun in each sentence that is describing the subject or noun. The subject or noun is green and underlined.
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

Pulling with all their might, a team of oxen hauled rocks. Schools of fish swam quickly up the cool, mountain stream. Herds of elephants ate the rain trees bare. Colonies of beavers built the dams to hold back the flowing water. Packs of wolves ran through the pine forest. Pods of dolphins leaped out of the deep ocean. Hives of bees gathered sweet nector.

POSSESSIVE NOUNS WORKSHEET Exercise 1: Singular or Plural? Mark an S next to singular words. Mark a P next to plurals.mice _____dress _____Alexis _____The Johnsons _____the family ______ goose _____women ______artists ______mattress ______babies _____ Exercise 2: Add an apostrophe and "s" ('s) to make the possessives in the followingsentences. Remember: If a noun is singular , you almost always add an apostrophe and s(s), even if the noun ends in s. 1. The boy bike is in the backyard. 2. James car was in the accident yesterday .3. Mr. Jones talk was the best yet. 4. What happened to that horse leg? 5. That woman umbrella is blowing away in the wind. Exercise 3: Add an apostrophes and "s" ('s) to make the possessives in the followingsentences. Remember: A plural noun that does not end in "s" forms the possessive by adding's just like the singular noun. Example: men - men's 1. These women hats are sold in this store. 2. The children party was a great success. 3. The mice tracks were everywhere in the dust. 4. We followed the two deer tracks in the snow. 5. The geese flight was smooth and graceful. Exercise 4: Add the apostrophes to make the possessives in the following sentences. Remember: A plural noun that does end in "s" forms the possessive adding just '. This rule isalways the same for each plural noun that does end in "s." 1. All the pupils seats were taken. 2. Mud had covered all of the girls dresses. 3. The lawyers fees came to a million dollars. 4. The Allens house burned to the ground last night. 5. The sailors parents were very worried by the news

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